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See the groundbreaking videos and interviews since this was published on including leaked OTO training videos where they admit they drink blood & semen and include children in their child sex magic rituals. 1000 views in 2 weeks!


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Laymans/Image Board reader's version of WTF is going on:
1) My mate got a letter in the mail and some emails from the self-professed whore of Babalon Diana K Knight of the ACT Human Rights Commission stating he's going to be dragged off to court in a different state or jail for contempt for not complying with it or the sentence of 2 year jail for "religious vilification" crimes against what ALEX JONES INFOWHORES confirmed was a "Child Sex Sacrifice Cult" : the
2) So I DOXed her. Why is she a whore? Well Alistair Crowley "founder" of the OTO according to the Australian Kingpin who's doing the suing of my mate, on a very official OTO blog is quoted as saying "Why do women resist being praised for their fucking? What else are they good for". Now the ACT Human Rights Commission is a bunch of lesbian feminists, and now they a prosecuting people for not respecting the man and his satanic pedo cult who says they are all whores because they bleed for 3 days and don't die.
3) Some people have already been jailed for religious vilification of satanic pedophile cults in Australia without appearing in court in Victoria in 2006, but this scandal is the first Religious Vilification thought crime case for the ACT. NSW where my mate lives has no such laws. NSW highest court on the 3rd of March 2017 in another case ( vs boylover @garryburnsblog) ruled that out of state tribunals can't find prosecute NSW citizens and visa versa. This has made a sticky mess for the OTO and the State of NSW/VIC who have been throwing people in jail who didn't appear in court for not loving the religion of gay baby fucking and boy murder. The "Legg Devine" case you can search for on case law database.
4) The poor brain damaged sod being sued by David Bottrill CEO of the OTO satanists lives in NSW where there is no law for religious vilification, and the highest court in that state ruled ruled that dyke/bisexual satanic whores working for out of state agencies can't sue us in NSW. When challenged on the phone with these fact and relevant case law Diana W Knight says on tape ACT Tribunals never ever accept what Supreme Court of Appeals or higher courts in different states rule. However if you actually read ACT tribunal case law cases from different states are being cited in cases EVERY SINGLE DAY. And to think that stupid Asian self-professed whore of Babylon (like the OTO's Crowley called his own wife) used to work as a judge in QCAT tribunal in Queensland. This proves a woman will never make it in the Australian law profession these days unless, firstly she is stupid and seconldy spreads her legs in OTO sex magick orgies for whores witches "initiation". That Asian-American woman is as stupid as it gets - and is even more stupid than you can imagine for thinking she as a foreigner can tell Australians in their own country they will go to jail for not respecting satanic pedophile cults.
Take this to the anti-feminists, anti-satanists.
Video: Dumb Women Like Diana W Knight Spreading their legs in OTO Sex Magick Orgies


YES, Corrupt judges are violating people's human rights for not respecting Satanic Pedophile cults.
Now It's happening again in 2017!

HERE ARE THE SECRET RIGHTS  OF THE MASTER OF HOMOSEXUAL & CHILD SEX - MASTER OF THE HERMIT TRIAD XI giving away what normally cost fully paying OTO members half a million dollars can be found on the next link. It even includes pictures Aliens being given birth to from a gay man's arse, even founded transgender-ism Toth Tarrot cards and other crazy shit OTO initiates in their "religion" pay good money to learn.  XI or the 11th Level of the OTO Crowley created forced his satanic gang of bi/homosexuals forced to have anal sex with him in order to get the the highest (now 2nd highest) level in the OTO, thereby keeping him and his faggot overlords in charge of this satanic cult.

L Ron Hubbard Praises Crowley who set up his similar levelled scam you all know and love as Scientology. The Author of the occult link below Peter-Robert-Koening (who covered the 2008 jailing of detractors against the child sex cult) worked with the man who wrote the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 - '93 Clover Moore Homosexual Vilification Amendment Bill  #2 Mr OTO Satanist Dr Gregory John Tillet who did is PhD thesis CW and first OTO Book (The Elder Brother - see Amazon reviews to confirm the book is on an OTO boyrapist) into historical cases of NSW Police covering up satanic little mass boy rapist's dirty deeds #2Dr Gregory Tillet worked as a ~100K consultant for the Australian Human Rights Commission who's connection to a number of men now sitting in jail for little boy child sex porn and grooming their own students is well documented - and now lives in retirement on the royalties off his text books used by high-school students blogging about the Occult all day. He had to retire in Perth instead of where he lived most of his life in Sydney because the Sydney faction of the The Theosophical Society knows CW his idol being a hard core child rapist, so he moved to where the WA faction stores his library of black sex magick secrets passed down by Crowley, and defends his historical departed boy rapist brethren's honor from attacks from other occultist to his last breath.
Gregory John Tillett was the spokesperson in the newspapers for the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and and is a member of a number of satanic organizations including  but not limited to the OTO where he placed regular personals in the papers for those wanting to learn about the occult to recruit like-minded gay members who knew his name & the he was in precursor to the Thule Society. This explains when he founded the NSW GLLO Special Gay Anal Sex Police he got them to wear the NAZI Waffen SS designed badge designed to designate filthy homosexuals who are marked for death camp slaughter. Yes the homocops ignorantly wear with Nazi badges with pride that symbolize they are marked for execution as an occult joke for the initiated (Gay NAZI George Soros funded types), a claim you must believe if you are not a holohoax denier like myself and fellow thought criminal Fredrick TobenHomoNazi pedophile loving NSW homocops who wear SS NAZI regalia with pride and their androgenic transvestite deputy commissioner commander is covered on another post. Or Just go to where they are talking in the last week (2rd week of April 2017) alone about exposed on and in the Australian Federal Parliament as a pedophile cult, Justice Kirby and transgender children and see how wonderful they are for yourself. 


XI° – Rocket to Uranus: Anal Intercourse and the O.T.O.

Michael Bertiaux, William Wallace Webb, William C. Conway, Roland Merritt Shreves, Cecil Frederic Russell, Aleister Crowley, Theodor Reuss, Marc-Antoine Lullyanov, Oscar Schlag, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Kenneth Grant, Choronzon Club, Victor B. Neuburg, Patrick King, James Graeb, William Breeze, Llee Heflin, Hermann Joseph Metzger, Louis T. Culling

By Peter-Robert Koenig

Interesting chat from top OTO pedo hunter:

[10:35:13 SA] Steve: Hey heres something relevant for you 
[10:35:18 SA] Steve: look for Greg TIllet
[10:35:37 SA] Steve: why did he do the history of the OTO for Peter Koenig of Parareligion
[10:35:38 SA] Steve: ?
[10:35:42 SA] Steve: He started the AIDS Council
[10:35:46 SA] Steve: was on the Board of ACON
[10:35:52 SA] Steve: and the first Police-Gay liason
[10:35:58 SA] Steve: he is good friends with Michael Kirby
[10:37:50 SA] Steve: why did Kirby attend the University of Sydney Freemasonic Lodge dinner in 1985?

Also included at the end of this post is a copy of some of Crowley's poetry about sex with young boys.





Please give this judge a call (add +61 3.....) and ask her or her hubby why she thinks all women are whores and why we must respect the man who says that or face her wrath and be sent to jail without even appearing in person in her court:
 Judges  /  Judicial RegistrarsAssociateTelephone
Her Honour Judge HarbisonDavid Harbison8636 6666
9628 9064 (VCAT
WOW SHE CHOSE THE VANITY EXTENSION 66666 at  That's nothing compared to her car being involved in an rural NSW OTO sacrifice victim being shot dead after stealing it trying to escape, but that's another story best left for another time.

NB: The Case law link below was updated in 2008 after judicial corruption was exposed by various legal blogs. Legg & Devine weren't present in court to receive sentence when Harbison BROKE THE VICTORIAN CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. In her judgement she lied and said they were present in court i.e. judicial corruption & fraud. That lie they were in attendance on the case law is debunked by mainstream newscorp stories and even the OTO themselves)


Rights in criminal proceedings
    (1)     A person charged with a criminal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.
    (2)     A person charged with a criminal offence is entitled without discrimination to the following minimum guarantees—
        (a)     to be informed promptly and in detail of the nature and reason for the charge in a language or, if necessary, a type of communication that he or she speaks or understands; and
        (b)     to have adequate time and facilities to prepare his or her defence and to communicate with a lawyer or advisor chosen by him or her; and
        (c)     to be tried without unreasonable delay; and
        (d)     to be tried in person, and to defend himself or herself personally or through legal assistance chosen by him or her or, if eligible, through legal aid provided by Victoria Legal Aid under the Legal Aid Act 1978 ; and <- The people suing/Jailing Legg & Devine they get paid $330 for half day seminars on the charter THEY THEMSELVES BROKE FOR SATAN to other Government agencies. +VEOHRC DisputeResolution are so proud of it they put it in the only press release redacted from their website justifying Section 18C of the Racial and Religious Vilification Act to the Federal Government - because they said in their submission satanic pedophile cults need it's protection. One links shows they censored their own report to the Federal Government because of my activism - the second link shows what they tried to Censor -& the fact they are dykes at @VEOHRC are proud they jail husbands and wives for not respecting Alister Crowley and his satanic pedophile cult crap. See their handiwork here (diverts to their own site use if you are paranoid) vs

But Miss vanity VCAT phone extension 66 666 Judge Harbison says Human Rights go out the window when you disrespect SATAN. GO TO JAIL WITHOUT BEING IN MY COURT-ROOM SHE PROUNOUNCED HERE:

Ordo Templi Orientis Inc & Anor v Devine & Anor (Anti-Discrimination) [2007] VCAT 2470 (28 November 2007)

Last Updated: 25 January 2008

APPLICANT:Ordo Templi Orientis Inc & Anor
WHERE HELD:Melbourne
BEFORE:Her Honour Judge Harbison
DATE OF HEARING:27 & 28 November 2007
DATE OF SENTENCE:28 November 2007
CITATION:Ordo Templi Orientis Inc & Anor v Devine & Anor (Anti-Discrimination) [2007] VCAT 2470
  1. That a warrant be issued for imprisonment of each Respondent for a period of nine months.
  2. That liberty to apply be reserved to the Respondents in the event that they wish to make application under section 137(7) for remittal of the whole or part of the sentence imposed today.
  3. That the Respondents pay the Applicants’ costs of this contempt proceeding on a solicitor client basis and to be taxed on the Supreme Court scale. 
Her Honour Judge Harbison
Vice President

For Applicants:Ms Ellyard of Counsel, instructed by DLA Phillips Fox
For First Respondent:In person. (LIE)
For Second Respondent: In person. (LIE)

Taken from the full judgement here:

Herald Sun Newspaper
Child rights crusader faces lawsuit
by Kate Uebergang, tribunal reporter
A SECRETIVE international society linked to the occult is
using Victoria's religious tolerance laws to sue a Melbourne
anti-child abuse activist.
Ordo Templi Orientis has started a suit against psychologist
Reina Michaelson over internet claims it is a pedophile cult.
Documents submitted to the Victorian Civil and
Administrative Tribunal claim Dr Michaelson wrote an
internet article linking the society to pedophilia, satanic
rituals, and animal and child sacrifices.
Ordo Templi Orientis national officer David Bottrill and
member Brent Gray claim Dr Michaelson has vilified and
misrepresented the society, which has a base in Gardenvale.
"What is contained on the website could incite hatred and
lead to violence against members of the OTO," they said.
Dr Michaelson, who won a Young Australian of the Year award
in 1997 for founding the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Program, said she was not the author but could attest to the
article's truth.
"The document . . . that is the subject of the complaint
describes the illegal ritual abuse of a young man," she said
in a letter to the Equal Opportunity Commission, which
referred the society's complaint to the tribunal.
Dr Michaelson, who also runs Bravehearts Victoria, said the
society's text, The Book of the Law, advocated illegal
"Verses talk of blood rituals using children, eating flesh,
the sacrifice of a child, the killing and torture of others
and uninhibited 'love' without restraint," she said.
"I contend that the beliefs of the OTO are not lawful
religious beliefs."
Dr Michaelson, who is overseas, said she would contest the
claim when she returned in July.
Ordo Templi Orientis, founded in Germany in 1902, does not
actively recruit or advertise. (<- Debunked - Just look at 
Members follow the religion of Thelema, as taught by
occultist and mystic Aleister Crowley.
Their Australian website says it is dedicated to securing
the liberty of the individual, taught through a series of
initiation rites.
Mr Bottrill declined to comment on the case.
Ordo Templi Orientis has also filed a religious vilification
claim against NSW man Dyson Devine, alleging the article was
published on his website.
Dan Clore


Daily Law List
All hearings are at 55 KING STREET, MELBOURNE unless otherwise indicated. Room numbers show floor, then room number (e.g. "5.2" is 5th floor, room 2).

For Guardianship and Residential Tenancies law lists please select from the drop-down menu to the left of this page.



Direction Hearings

Room 6.3 - Vice President Judge Davis
10:00 AM Ordo Templi Orientis on behalf of Brent Gray v CSAPP Inc., Dr Reina Michaelson (by phone)


I'm surprised the dyke pedophile (aka as Garry's friend's call it "The Little Girl Project") Diana Knight ACT Human Rights Commission Officer Loves Alistair Crowley so much when he says this about women:

       January 3rd 1931 - Crowley, "Practically all women ought to be chloroformed at 35."

February 11, 1938 - Crowley, "Never run after a woman. You many possibly catch her.” 

November 19th 1938 - Crowley, "The day was curiously peaceful. One must not have women about."

December 22nd 1938 - Crowley, "Why do women resent being praised for their fucking? What else is there to praise?"

"Love is the law, love under will. - AL I:57
                                         Frater A.O.583 "




Dear Mr McKee

Thank you for contacting the Commission in relation to a matter being considered by the ACT Discrimination Commissioner.

Please be advised that as you are not a party to the complaint, we are not able to discuss the complaint or the Commission’s handling of the complaint with you.

Further correspondence from the Commission about the matter will be directed to the respondent.

Kind regards

Diana Knight
Senior Conciliator & Review Officer
ACT Human Rights Commission

From: Luke McKee []
Sent: Tuesday, 14 March 2017 1:58 PM
To: John Christopher sunol
Cc: Knight, DianaW;; Geoffrey McKee
Subject: Re: FW: Correspondence from the ACT Human Rights Commission (160809972) [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED, DLM=Sensitive: Personal]

Diana was meant to take my call at 1.30pm today according to the gay receptionist who said she was in a meeting.

Then she like magic hadn't even come in today according to the next person I spoke to at 1:40pm

. at the end of every post says

" Posted by Hojuruku at 20:13 "
The hojuurku links to my google account proving I Luke McKee posted it. If David Bottrill can't find any posts that have "John Christopher Sunol" as the poster - then John can't be sued for what I WRITE OUTSIDE AUSTRALIAN JURISDICTION IN VIETNAM and upload to servers in the USA protected by the US 1st amendment to the constitution of the united states of America.

Say again GOOGLE inc ALWAYS identifies the google account used to post the content. John Sunol and I are JOINT contributors on this blog. He is liable for what he publishes and does a public act with. ONLY I AM LIABLE for content published by the hojuruku account I.e. Luke McKee


·         Hojuruku
·         John Christopher sunol


I promise that the whole blog is unmoderated

I will endevour as soon as I see any adverse comments to take them down.

Any Troll who is only attacking me and put any adverse or unacceptable information on my blog, as soon as I see this I will endevour to take this down

Thanking you all

john Christopher Sunol

Diana needs to know the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board was found to have acted UNLAWFULLY by the NSW Supreme Court for suing people outside of their jurisdiction (State) and therefore is LIABLE TO LEAGAL prosecution. And Bernard Gaynor has promised to sue the shit of of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board here:
Does the ACT Human Rights Commission want to be thrown in to the same vat of boiling hot water?  I think not.....
So watch the video of him promising to sue your counterparts into oblivion. Do you want to be next all whilst doing it for a satanic pedophile cult? Have you not watched the videos on this link yet?

On 14 March 2017 at 09:15, John Christopher sunol <> wrote:
Dear Dianna: I did not put this information on my blog, Please let David Bostell that I am not willing to take responsibility for this and can say no more. If you or he needs to speak to anyone speak to Luke McKee the Author of the material and he will discuss with you. 

outside that there is nothing i can do to help you.

Thanking you very much



On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 12:39 PM, Luke McKee <> wrote:
I am Luke McKee.

I wrote the content on John Sunol's blog using my google account to directly publish without his approval on the john sunol blog which is JOINTLY controlled by me using my vietnamese internet connection publishing on a server in USA you do not have jurisdiction over.

I hear You want to do the bidding of a satanic pedophile cult that even wikipedia says worships Baphomet the devil as your first ever religious vilification case?

I also hear that ACT tribunal has no jurisdiction in NSW under the highest law in the land. 

And the last person to try this stunt lost with costs.

I also hear that nobody answers the phones at your human rights comission or the ACT tribunal.

Is John Sunol a resident of the ACT? No. Do you have jurisdiction NO?

Then there is also the case of "legg devine" in where a husband and wife were sent to jail without a day in court for this unconstitutional persecution from a religious cult that believes in child sex magic.
They were kidnapped from NSW for an unconstituional illegal extradition and jailed without a day in court for David Botrill a resident of Canberra using a court in Victoria where he didn't have standing to lodge a complaint.

I understand the state of Victoria and NSW will have to pay out millions for unlawful kidnapping all for this satanic pedophile cult to these victims of injustice in due course, and yet you want the ACT to pay out and make John Sunol rich for unconstitutional court action?

Then we have your previous cases of David Bottril testifying that Aliser Crowley is the founder of the OTO not Theodore Reuss. That's like a Christian mixing up Moses and Jesus because he likes mass murder and how Moses killed all those who worshiped the sacred gold cow. - Here is proof that the OTO's higest level is master of the Hermit Traid XI in gay anal sex blask magick made by the overtly pro-gay channel 4 UK.

Then we have David Bottrill stalking me abroad contacting my employer, and his links to Garry "Boylover" Burns, and sending a physical stalker to my workplace the week later (Heidi Hendry).

Then we have the fact his religion is into gay anal sex black magick to open the gates of hell and it's "founder" brags in the margins of it's most holy book that he raped 150 little boys. 
Anyone who says the religion of gay child sex and boy murder must be respected is no better than the sick pedophiles themselves.

Recently NCAT ruled Mark Netwon and Peter Truong mass baby rapists must not be vilified by internet users in Vietnam (my dad) and that is creating an international incident involving the Russian embassy making a complaint against Australia in the UN for prosecuting it's own citizens discent of David Bottril's immigration department doing human trafficking of Russian children giving Gay dads passports without a DNA test as per the law to facilitate that little boy (Drake Newton's) gay dads baby rape gay marriage activist child sex tourism in 20 countries.

It is your funeral if proceed with this case. If you have been compromised by David Bottrill threatening to rape your kids, then I suggest you go to the proper authorities..

I'll be in touch shortly if you get paid enough there to pick up your phones.


P.S. We have found out that David Bottril's previous impartial witnesses in the last case writes books with confirmed OTO members published by OTO Equinox press and offers courses in witchcraft and OTO magick for students to put on their HECS...

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, Knight, DianaW <> wrote:
Dear Mr Sunol

I refer to my previous correspondence to you below about a complaint received by the ACT Discrimination Commissioner.
We have not received communication from you about the complaint.

Please respond within 7 days of this email. If we do not hear from you by 16 March 2017, we will take no further actiothisn and close the complaint.

Once the complaint is closed, Mr Bottrill may request a referral of the complaint to be heard by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) for determination.

Please feel free to contact me via email or on 02  6205 2030 to discuss further handling of the complaint.

Kind regards

Diana Knight
Senior Conciliator & Review Officer

ACT Human Rights Commission
Level 2, 11 Moore St, Canberra City ACT 2601

From: Knight, DianaW
Sent: Tuesday, 24 January 2017 6:35 PM
Subject: Correspondence from the ACT Human Rights Commission (160809972) [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED, DLM=Sensitive: Personal]
Sensitivity: Confidential

Dear Mr Sunol

Please see attached correspondence in relation to a complaint received by the ACT Discrimination Commissioner.

Kind regards

Diana Knight
Senior Conciliator & Review Officer

ACT Human Rights Commission
Level 2, 11 Moore St, Canberra City ACT 2601

This email, and any attachments, may be confidential and also privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender and delete all copies of this transmission along with any attachments immediately. You should not copy or use it for any purpose, nor disclose its contents to any other person.

DIANA KNIGHT ACT HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER LOVES ALISTAIR CROLWEY SO MUCH SHE PROSECUTES PEOPLE FOR NOT RESPECTING HIM AND HIS RELIGION. ALISTER CROWLEY SAYS SHES ONLY GOOD FOR FUCKING. THEREFORE DIANA KNIGHT ACCEPTS SHE IS A WHORE - SHE'S ONLY GOOD FOR A FUCKING. THE FUCKING COMING HER WAY (NON SEXUAL) I'M SURE SHE WONT LIKE. GET OUT OF AUSTRALIA YOU GAY VISA PARTNER MIGRATION  SELF-PROFESSED WHORE. P.S. Read On How Alistair Crowley called his wife the Whore of Babalyon. Diana Knight you were born and the wrong time in History. I feel sorry for you you couldn't be his whore. How's that for religious vilification of you and the OTO at the same time eh? How much do you like the sex magick orgies with David and all the other bi-sexual pedophiles at the OTO?

Because this Asian American self-professed whore of Babylon and Crowley decided to take down the link above (her resume) I will rehost it here, and then send this page to - the same institution that Australian Gay judges at said was telling lies - instead believing the word of a pedophile suspect in the case of "MCKEE BURNS". I don't think they will censor this justified hate speech against an organized pedophilic religion that says all women are whores and their government minions. And if you think I'm bad, wait until Alex Jones and other activists around the world hear that she says the teachings of Alistair Crowley and the "Religion" OF the the OTO must be respected. I'm surprised she isn't packing her bags to leave Australia for her own safety. With 50 million people watching the Alex Jones show I'm not sure there is a safe place anywhere for a acolyte of the OTO who says they are the only official religion of Australia. The fact remains the only religion that anyone in Australia has been jailed for not respecting is the O.T.O. (Legg Devine case on

It's also worth knowing as a side note with the PIZZAGATE REVELATIONS, She's a HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTER. I wonder if the self-professed whore of Babylon's training course in helping mentally handicapped people prepared her to frame up and jail John Sunol with not respecting the religion of the great beast 666 Alistair Crowley. John Sunol is suffering from Acquired Brain Injury - and she threatens him jail. And just like every letter and in every court apperence from the ADB, and at NCAT where they deliberately mispronounce his name to ridicule him because he reacts, they do it again on their first contact. What disgusting federal government agents who work for satanic pedophile cults. What a dirty dyke bully who picks on disabled people!






Raba said, We also learned a similar Baraitha:8  A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by cohabitation; if a levir cohabited with her, he has thereby acquired her;  one incurs through her the guilt of intercourse with a married woman; she10  defiles her cohabitor in respect of his imparting defilement to the lower, as well as to the upper couch;11  if she was married to a priest she may eat terumah, and anyone ineligible12  who cohabited with her causes her ineligibility.13  Thus only a girl of the age of three years and one day, who is rendered ineligible by cohabitation, is also rendered ineligible through the bridal chamber; but a girl younger than three years and one day, who is not rendered ineligible by cohabitation, is not rendered ineligible through the bridal chamber either.14  This proves it.
It was taught: R. Simeon b. Yohai stated: A proselyte who is under the age of three years and one day is permitted to marry a priest,13  for it is said, But all the women children that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves,14  and Phinehas15  surely was with them. And the Rabbis?16 
Kethuboth 11b: When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this,6   it is as if one puts the finger into the eye.

Sanhedrin 54b footnote 26:  Lev. XVIII, 22. Thus the point of comparison is the sexual matureness of woman, which is reached at the age of three.

Sanhedrin 69a: A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband's brother cohabited with her, she becomes his.

Yebamoth 12b: From the age of eleven years and one day until the age of twelve years and one day. One who is under,16  or over this age17  must carry on her marital intercourse in the usual manner.

Just so I'm not faking this - here is a link to a site where you will find links to the Jewish Holy Book worshiped by the OTO - The Talmud - scanned copies of their holy saying how child marriages and sex with boys under nine are WONDERFUL!

Christians also borrowed from the Talmud that GAYS MUST BE STONED TO DEATH
as wrote by a Jew trying to debunk the claims above:
Which is exactly word for word the same as the bible:
I'm sure a magistrate would like to rule it's a crime to cite bible verses. Here's your chance to make history fag judges!

The Talmud section in its entirety:

GEMARA. Whence do I know that pederasty is punished by stoning? — Our Rabbis taught : [If a man lieth also with mankind, as the lyings of a woman,29 both of them have committed on abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them,]30 A man — excludes a minor; [that] lieth also with mankind — denotes whether an adult or a minor; as the lyings of a woman — this teaches that there are two modes of intimacy,31 both of which are punished when committed incestuously. R. Ishmael said: This verse comes to throw light [upon pederasty] but receives illumination itself.32 They shall surely be put to death: by stoning. You say, by stoning: but perhaps some other death decreed in the Torah is meant? — Their blood shall be upon them is stated here, and also in the case of one who has a familiar spirit or is a wizard:33 just as there the reference is to stoning, so it is here too.

(29) Lit. rendering of rfz hcfan translated ‘as he lieth with a woman’.
(30) Ibid. XX, 13.
(31) Natural and unnatural.
(32) For the phrase, the lyings of a woman, is redundant in so far as it teaches that even unnatural pederasty is punishable, since all pederasty is such. Hence its teaching is thrown back upon itself, viz., that unnatural cohabitation is punishable when committed incestuously.
(33) Ibid. XX, 27.

Hosting of the IMAGES of the Holy Jewish / OTO book of the Talmud that proving beyond reasonable doubt sex with 3 year old girls is condoned is thanks to Australian Sponsors Smerff Electrical Queensland. 

The girls are lucky, they tend not to be sacrificed as much as the little boys.

THAT IS RIGHT - SEE THE OTO DOING THE BIDDING OF THE AUSTRALIAN EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE AUSTRALIAN BOARD OF JEWRY IN WRITING DEMANDING THE SAME THINGS THAT THE JEWS THEMSELVES AND THE JEWS ON THE BOARD OF THE NSW ANTI-DISCRIMINATION BOARD ASKED DIRECTLY ASKED FROM LOVEFORLIFE.COM.AU. Why IS DAVID BOTTRIL ORDERING LOVEFORLIFE.COM.AU to take down content that doesn't criticize the OTO, instead organized Zionist Jewery as "part of his ACT Tribunal Settlement" - that has just been ruled invalid by the NSW Supreme Court of Appeals??? Maybe David Bottrill can clarify if he also represents the Australian Council of Executive Jewry as he tried to collect on behalf the Australian Council of Executive Jewry demands exposed below.




And there are many more Victims of David Bottrill who get sued for not loving his prophet and mass child rapist Alistair Crowley. When and even all it's Facebook administrators were scooped up by a NSW Police Eyewatch Data collection order for the OTO child sex cult some people who David sued didn't even know who the OTO was before the Satanists tried to steal their house to make another secret church location of child sex sacrifice out of it.

A small section from the Transcript where the PIAC.ASN.AU funded lawyer (the same outfit that funds the Great Boysexlover Garry Burns against John Sunol) says that Alistair Crowley is the Great Prophet of the OTO who was found to be someone Australian's must respect as a religious icon and not vilify - regardless of the fact he bragged about raping and killing over 150 children by VCAT pedo judges who are really into that. It's nice to see the child raping satanist sue themselves for a change instead of using their proxy Gary Burns.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  And what words are in Exhibit A?
MS SION:  Those words refer as a whole to what's annexed - marked A, annexed to the particulars of claim and there's 23 pages here.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, where in (indistinct) 23 pages of the offending words?
MS SION:  I will take the Tribunal through that.  On page - if we start on p.4 it says, midway through the page, 21 February 2005, "Equal opportunity in Victoria, Australia, for cults who torture and kill children."  A few lines down from that it's in brackets saying - and there's a few inverted commas, "Sacrifice a child.  Have no pity.  Kill and torture.  I will give you their flesh to eat,"  and it says from the Ordo Templi Orientis, Book of the Law written by Prophet of Thelema, Aleister Crowley.  Then it says, "This tax exempt religious organisation who the Victoria Police refuse to investigate has approached the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria because of the way "Gaiaguys", your web authors, coverage of their activities adversely affects or has the potential to adversely affect the interests of the OTO.  Please read about how the criminally corrupt free Masonic Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal conspires to protect Satanist paedophiles." 
           That continues and I'll move down to the next most relevant part where the OTO is specifically mentioned.  On p.10 there's a box half way down the page and it says, "Below is the openly stated philosophy of this protected paedophile group which is operating in Victoria, Australia.  And, sorry - the below symbol was originally downloaded by "Gaiaguys" from the  Ordo Templi Orientis website.  Now that website has been remodelled and this symbol seems to be no longer there.  Similarly, the library seems to have disappeared, however, you can still follow the links to find Crowley's Book of the Law from which the below quote was taken."  And the quote is, "Man has the right to eat what he will, to drink what he will, man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights, the slaves shall serve." 
           Moving onto the next reference, on p.12 it says, "In 2003," I am reading from halfway down the page, "a former Young Australian of the Year, Dr Reina Michaelson bravely exposed on this website an untouchable paedophile, pornography and ritual abuse network operating in Australia involving high government officials, leading politicians, television executives, top TV presenters and police.  This child sex abuse extends to ritual torture, murder and more."  This is referring to the practises of the OTO even though they are not formally named in that particular paragraph. 
           Moving down, p.13, moving onto s.(b), I'm instructed, p.13, s.B which continues directly behind s.B.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Where's s.B?  What's s.B?
MS SION:  It's Attachment B to the particulars of complaint, so after p.23 of Annexure A begins Annexure B.  The introduction to B, I should say, on the first page of p.1 of Annexure B, the introduction reads, "A brave and committed young woman exposes on this website an untouchable paedophile and a satanic network operating in Australia involving high government officials, leading politicians, television executives, top TV presenters and the police." 
           Moving down to p.13 we have what's entitled "Mixed experiences" and it says, among other things, "Mick was introduced to the satanic cult as a very young child by an extended relative.  He informed me of many experiences he was subjected to as a child in this cult.  Everything I have been told by Mick the cult appears to be the Ordo Templi Orientis operating in Australia.  Mick now suffers from MPG/DID but has survived his experiences remarkably well considering the traumas he has been through.  As a child Mick was forced to attend blood rituals where animals and small children were sacrificed and their blood and organs consumed.  Mick was required to clean up the blood after these rituals.  The children and babies were street children or were taken from orphanages so that they could not be traced and no-one would know or care if they went missing.  The rituals are spoken in Latin and are clearly satanic.  The rituals took place at various locations, including Goldtown. 


 Who was Aleister Crowley? 

What do you call a man who shows signs of psychotic behavior, defecates on hotel carpets because he thinks his feces are "sacred", writes poetry about molesting his own children, identifies with the Anti-Christ, and dies a penniless junkie in a flophouse? If you're a Thelemite, you declare him a god and hang on every letter of his writings of course!

    Believing he was the Anti-Christ of the Apocolypse (Revelations), he set out to replace Christianity with a religion where he would become a Demigod of a religion with only one commandment: "Do What Thou Will". With Crowley's new religion (called "Thelema"), a person would be able to perform magic spells that work, become invisble (or at least Crowley thought he could become invisible anyway), take any drug, hashish, heroin, cocaine, etc., without fear of addiction, and indulge in every form of sexual gratification.

     Crowley died a drug addict, never attaining this supposed mastery over drugs. I personally new a girl into Wicca and Crowley. She died a drug addict, just like Crowley. She spent some time in and out of rehab before she did. She left behind a husband and two kids...she was only 26. There is no telling how many people that have died from drug overdoses in the last 50 years have done so trying to achieve an unattainable goal of Thelemic mastery of the will.

     Dying a drug addict is not some kind of magical power! Drugs can cause hallucinations, and no doubt many occultists really believe their hallucinations are spirits, gods, or demons. They aren't, they're hallucinations. [ Note: If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol or know someone who does,you may want to try oceanfront drug rehab centers.]

    Crowley was born Edward Alexander Crowley in 1875. He was born into a rich family, an heir to Crowley Ale. His family belonged to a strict church called The Plymouth Brethren. Crowley was very close to his father, who was a minister for the sect. At age 10, young Aleister's world was shattered when his father died. It seems Crowley's later homosexuality was born out of the need of a father figure, in the classic Freudian idea.

    Some people have believed Crowley's departure from Christianity into the occult and black magic was due to a repressive childhood, but by Crowley's own admission, he was a "rather spoiled little boy", and apparently his life wasn't as "repressed" as many would have us believe. There is an incident that occurred young Crowley's life that changed him which is usually overlooked by all but a few people doing research on Crowley. I feel it was this incident that started poor Crowley on his path to ruin.

    When he was 14 years old, he was knocked unconscious after a mishap with a homemade firework on Guy Fawkes night, 1891. The homemade "roman candle" consisted of a large glass jar with almost two pounds of gun powder. The explosion shattered nearby windows, left Crowley with pieces of gravel embedded in his face, and knocked Crowley unconscious. He remained in a coma for four days , and had to wear ablindfold for two weeks for fear he would go blind from the flash.

    After he came out of the coma, or so it is said, Crowley had a marked change in his personality and behavior. Some of his followers believe that this accident opened up what Colin Wilson might call "faculty X", giving Crowley "mystical powers". In reality, what it probably did was give him minor brain damage. People who suffer head injuries involving brain damage often exhibit a change in personality and psychotic behavior, and any trained psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you this is so.

     Psychotic behavior can include extreme impulsiveness, aggressiveness and a disregard for the law and the rights of others. There is no one more important in the world of the psychotic than himself. Crowley exhibited these behaviors after his mishap. It was on that Guy Fawkes Night that Edward Alexander Crowley ended and Aleister Crowleybegan.

    Crowley suffered from sexual deviations, which he wrote about extensively. He was bisexual, and a pedophile. In fact all throughout Crowley's writings is an obsession with sex. He was obsessed with sex to the point he might be described as a pansexual; a person who see sex in everything. He often paid prostitutes to have sex with him, from which he contracted V.D. He seemed to be willing to try anything sexually.

    Crowley developed an interest for the occult at an early age. He started reading books on occultism such as Mather's Kabbalah Unveiled, and the infamous Book of Black Magic and of Pacts by A.E. Waite, and claimed at age 14 he even made a pact with the devil. He attended Cambridge University after he finished public school, but dropped out before graduating. He fancied himself a painter, a poet, and above all a "magickian".

    There is probably little of what Crowley turned out that could be considered art or poetry in the traditional sense...or magic for that matter. A good portion of his poetry amounted to little more than dirty limericks. His "art" was one dimensional, and often pornographic. His magic could only be called magical in the minds of the most desperate.

    At age 21 Crowley opened a "Temple of Satan" in a studio flat on Fulham Road , London. Crowley continued to study the occult and blowing his share of the family fortune on drugs and prostitutes and working to be "the wickedest man in the world" during the years along the way.

In 1909 Crowley started an occult religion he hoped would replace Christianity (it didn't) called "Thelema", which is the Greek word for "will". An example of Crowley's utter hate for Christians and Christianity can be seen in this comment,

"With the cross of Jesus trampled on the floor...Christians necks our footstool, Heaven itself Our throne."

Well, obviously Crowley had issues with Christians.


The development of the will is stressed in Crowley's writings, although he himself seemed to exhibit little will power when one examines his life, squandering his fortune and winding up an alcoholic and drug addict. Crowley seems to have gotten the idea for Thelema from the novel byrenegade Roman Catholic monk Francois Rabelais (c.1495-1553) called Gargantua and Pantagruel, written circa 1542 A.D. This tome attacked clerical education, medieval asceticism and monastic orders and gave a thumbs up to worldly pleasure. Along with dirty poems, Gargantua and Pantagruel contains a description of life at an imaginary monastery, the "Abbey of Theleme", whose rules are obviously quite different from those of the medieval monastery.

"All their life was regulated not by laws, statutes, or rules, but according to their free will and pleasure. Theyrose from bed when they pleased, and drank, ate, worked, and slept when the fancy seized them. Nobody woke them; nobody compelled them to either eat or to drink, or to do anything else whatsoever. So it was that Gargantua had established it. In their rules there was only one clause: DO WHAT YOU WILL!"

    This is an embarrassing bit of information for Thelemites who believe Crowley's claim that he really received a revelation to start a religion called "Thelema" from a demon called "Aiwazz", which also coincidentally has the motto "Do What Thou Will". This novel seems to have made an incredible impression on Crowley. Crowley would eventually even try to create his own "Abbey of Thelema" in Sicily in the 1920's, which we will read about a little later.

    Crowley's sexual appetites are well documented by Crowley himself. In his semi-autobiographical novel Moonchild Crowley reveals he often had to pay for sex, indicating he wasn't quite the sorcerer his followers paint him to be (i.e, his love spells didn’t work). Crowley was a bisexual, but he might be best described as a in, he'd try anything with anybody. Crowley had many affairs, with both men and women, andsupported himself after his inheritance ran out by sponging off his lovers. In other words, he was a gigolo.

     Crowley commenting on his debauched life once wrote, "'To me, every dirty act was simply a sacrament of sin, a passionately religious protest against Christianity, which was for me the symbol of all vileness, meanness, treachery, falsehood and oppression.' [ from 'Satanic Extracts' by Aleister Crowley, edited by Cosmo Trelawney, Holmes Pub Group; (October 1995) ASIN: 1558182675 ] If people were told up front being an advanced magician involves being a drug addict, gigolo and sponging off people, no doubt many people would opt out of this career.

    Crowley developed a taste for mountain climbing while at Cambridge, and tried to climb Mount Everest a few times, but always failed to reach the top. Crowley likened the pursuit of the occult to mountain climbing. A person had to work hard at it and not stop to rest. If the occultist failed in his task, he would fall off the "mountain" into "the Abyss".

     Crowley was known to abuse his porters, and gave racist excuses to a British newspaper when interviewed as to why this was OK. On such an expedition in 1905, Crowley was deposed as leader of the group because of such behavior. During this climb, there was an avalanche later that killed several people. Crowley heard the cries for help, but did not even bother to look outside his tent, and this incident is hard to excuse, even by his followers. But this incident is far from being atypical of Crowley. 

    Crowley was described, by friend and foe alike, as an egotistical, self centered, arrogant individual. He took much and gave little in return. He cared nothing about other people, except what he could get out of them and could be downright cruel to his disciples and friends. Crowley's life seems to have reflected his motto of "Do What Thou Will". Such a motto is the motto of a sociopath, if not a criminal, and it doesn’t make people better. Influenced by Nietzsche, He believed he was "beyond good and evil", and thought conventional morality did not apply to him. When looking at Crowley’s behavior throughout his life, it is hard to see any benefits of practicing Thelema.

    Crowley's system of occultism, like the Golden Dawn and the Theosophical Society before it, attempted to unite all forms of occultism into one system. Thelema was sort of a like a chop suey of the occult. Crowley's system included European ceremonial magic (from grimories like The Greater Key of Solomon, The Legementon, The Sacred magic of Abramelin the Mage, etc.) Gnosticism, Egyptian mythology, Buddhist meditation, Taoism, Tantric sex yoga, and drugs. 

     There was also a strong and undeniable influence from Satanism. Crowley once said in his writings he rejected the idea of the Devil because "such a being would have to be a god", but this doesn't mean he didn't believe in Satan, he just rejected the Christian concept of him. 

     Crowley said this about Satan, the Devil: "I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him, in the ordinary sense of the word. I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff."



    Crowley was very fond of demons and sought them out on many occasions. One technique Crowley used to accomplish this was to sodomize a fellow magician, either man or woman, and then eat the semen or feces after the act took place. Crowley believed that sodomy attracted demons, and by eating these vile things (in a sort of mock communion) he could bring the demons inside himself and gain their powers and knowledge.

    Thank you for not throwing up when you read that Whatever Crowley thought he learned from these experiences is unknown, and you’d be an idiot to want to try these techniques. While Crowley never became the "Devil's Chief of Staff" he did, according to his followers, become possessed by a demon on at least one occasion. During a ritual in the desert, along with two of his disciples, he attempted to invoke a demon called "Chronozon". It is said Crowley did all the things you're supposed to do, drawing his cute little circle in the sand with all the names of the God that he so despised inside to protect him (hmmm...I see a conflict there).
    But, so the story goes, the demon simply kicked sand on the circle, walked right in, and possessed Crowley. It was said after this incident, Crowley appeared to have aged 20 years overnight. Many of his followers believe Crowley was possessed by this demon for the rest of his life! I would think these are things one must consider when deciding to follow the teachings of this man. After all, what good are his books on "Magick", if even he wound up "demon possessed?"


     While Crowley hated Christianity, he embraced Gnosticism. He certainly seemed to be Gnostic in his thinking, rejecting Christ to be a self styled Anti-Christ. He joined the Universal Gnostic Church and quickly became an "Arch-Bishop". No doubt Crowley at least considered Satan a "dark side of nature" like Blavatsky and Anton LaVey.

    Since Satan governed things like every sexual depravity, drunkenness, violence, and sorcery, Crowley only saw good in the idea of Satan. Apologists claim Crowley was merely a "literary Satanist", like Milton or Idres Shaw. Some feel his fascination for Satan came stemmed from his rebellion against his childhood, and this may be partly true.

    They claim his references to Satan are done with irony, not to be taken seriously. However, when we read Crowley's works and look at his life, it becomes painfully obvious he took more than a passing fancy to Satanism. He wrote an "Invocation to Satan" in Liber Samekh, and constantly referred to himself as "The Great Beast, 666", which certainly makes it hard to say he wasn't involved or influenced by Satanism. He kept up this identity until he died at age 75, which is more than just rebelling against a strict upbringing.

    Crowley did many strange things throughout his life (like most psychotics), including defecating on carpets while staying at a posh hotel, claiming his feces was sacred like the Dalia Lama's. He traveled to America during World War I and wrote propaganda in support of Germany. Crowley would later claim he did it to detract from the German's, due to the propaganda's lack of quality.

    He claimed many things, like being a Scottish :Laird, even though he didn't have any Scottish blood. He even rented a house on Loch Ness, no doubt because of the monster sightings that had gone on for centuries. He later claimed to be an Egyptian prince after a trip to Egypt and called himself "Prince Chioa Khan", and returned mail if it wasn't addressed to him by his ridiculous made up title.

    In 1910 he knighted himself and shaved his big head. He would claim to be a medical doctor with a Doctorate from the University of London which was news to the University when followers inquired in the 1980's. He never even attended one class there! He once opened a "magickal restaurant" featuring pills made with his own semen as an ingredient (yuck!).

    In an attempt to imitate the powers of Christ, he tried to reanimate a skeleton by reciting spells and placing "blood small birds and the like" on it every day, which of coursed failed since he had no powers (so why buy his books?). This "magick" experiment only resulted in a horrible sight and an unimaginable stench.  from this lesson, we can qucikly learn 1) Crowley's  "Magick" doesn't actually work, and  2) He was a lunatic.

     If you had a relative like Crowley, you would have him committed! The reason Crowley wasn’t was because of his wealth and social standing. When reading passages like the above, his modern day followers gloss over them, r dismiss it as part of his offbeat sense of humor.

    He married a woman named Rose Kelly in 1903. Crowley called her "The Whore of Babylon" to compliment his self-proclaimed Anti-Christ title. The poor woman was mentally unstable (what other kind of woman would hook up with Crowley?), and eventually went completely insane. She spent the remainder of her life in an insane asylum.

     This was said to be a pattern throughout Crowley's career. Followers, servants, and lovers of both sexes went insane, perhaps because they were mentally unstable to begin with, or perhaps driven insane deliberately by Crowley somehow, or perhaps both factors. Several disciples were said to have committed suicide after Crowley had no further use for them.

     Most people would expect a religious figure does good things for people. But what about a religious figure that drives people insane and even to suicide?


Never Ask Aleister Crowley To Babysit For You!

     Crowley also seemed to have engaged in pedophilia...if not, he certainly did little to discourage the idea. He frequently liked to compare himself to child rapist
 and murderer Giles "Bluebeard"de Rias, and one of his friends was occult historian Montague Summers, another man dogged by rumors of pedifry. While in Italy, Collin Wilson mentions Crowley had a young black male child for a sex partner in his book The Occult: A History. Exactly how many children Crowley sired is not known, but it is known he had several out of wedlock.

   He did have two legitimate children with Rose. He cast a horoscope for his 4 year old daughter, whom he predicted would "grow up to be an ordinary little whore ". Certainly this is a terrible thing for any man to wish upon his child, and this is a hard statement for any of his readers to defend. The most disturbing clue to Crowley's inclinations is recorded in his diary in a strange third person style of writing.

 "[Rose Kelly] hath given Her two year old bastard boy to her lover’s whim of sodomy...She hath tounged Her five-month old girl, and asked its father to deflower it."

    Yikes! The above is a very shocking and graphic account. It truly sums up all the things that people fear most about the occult.  Psychotics sometimes molest their own children, so if Crowley was psychotic, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

    With Thelema and it's hedonistic "Do What Thou Will" creed, it's Pagan gods and goddesses, it's rituals that incorporate Pagan phallus worship, it's sex magic, it's style of borrowing from many cultures, it's sub-textual references to Satanism...Thelema in a way almost looks like a proto-Wicca. Not surprisingly, two of Crowley's followers, Gerald Gardner and Jack Parsons, were both working on witch-cults. See Wicca: The Old Religion? page for more details.

    Since Crowley had a religion that said a person could do basically whatever a person wanted to do, he decided he would practice sorcery and use drugs. Crowley was obsessed with the development of the will. In fact the name of his occult religion, "Thelema", is the Greek word meaning "will".

    Crowley believed a person could take strong narcotics like heroine and hashish and not become addicted by use of willpower developed through his Thelemic magic. Another experiment in developing the will would be to cut himself with a razor on his forearm every time he thought, said or did something that he was supposed to avoid as part of exercise (for instance, such as not saying the word "the").(L) Some occultists have wound up in the hospital attempting this. Some have also wound up dead.

    This is idea of "worship of will" is reflected in his Magnum Opus, Liber Al Vel Legis, which is Latin for "The Book of the Law." which he wrote in 1903 The book as mentioned was supposedly given to him by a demon named "Aiwazz". The book is divided into three parts, and deals with various Egyptian gods like Horus and Isis. The book gives, in a very cloaked language, the instructions for sex magic and other secrets. It also gives some very blatant anti-Christian barbs. Here are some excerpts of the book. LAVL 2:23 I am alone: there is no God where I am.

    Of that, there can be little doubt! Many Satanic groups like the Temple of Set consider the being communicating to Crowley in Liber Al vel Legis to be Satan himself. The fact "God" is capitalized indicates Crowley was talking about the Judeo-Christian God.

3:12 Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.

    This verse was later interpreted to concern Crowley's daughter who died at the age of four. Crowley was devastated by the loss, and it seems to be one of the few times in his life he had compassion for another human being. Crowley wanted his daughter to be worshiped by his followers like a god, and make sacrifices of cattle to her. Some people feel that the alleged cattle mutilations of the 70's and 80's may have been inspired by this verse.

Liber Al Vel Legis II:22 "I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all. It is a lie, this is folly against self. The exposure of innocence is a lie. Be strong, o man! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this."

So in other words, have spiritual enlightenment, have any kinds and all kinds of sex, take any kind of drug, and never worry about the consequences! Sounds like the Buddha if he were Tommy Chong and Hugh Hefner all rolled into one. Have your cake and it too, right?

But as the old adage says, if it sounds too good to be true... 


       Drugs and sex were the key ingredients in Thelema. Crowley wrote a fictionalized account of this process in the novel Diary of a Drug Fiend in 1922. In the novel, a young man and woman fall in love and go on a dope spree throughout Europe. But the fun ends when the couple's supply of cocaine and heroine is cut off, and misery replaces fun. Through the magic of a "King Lamus" (Crowley), a sorcerer they meet, they free themselves of addition with Crowley's Thelemic magic, and they live happily ever after.

       The problem is, it doesn't work like that in real life, nor did it work that way for Aleister Crowley. Throughout the years Crowley would become addicted to drugs like alcohol, heroine, morhpine and cocaine. Crowley would sometimes try to kick his habit by going "cold turkey", only to become addicted again and again Crowley developed a serious drug habit by the 1930's and was taking enough heroin to kill several people everyday. Drug addicts often develop habits involving amounts that can kill non addicts. Ironically, Crowley's followers cite his ability to take large amounts of drugs as somehow "proof" his "magic" worked, failing to realize medical science has documented drug addicts can become tolerant of doses of drugs that would be lethal to non-addicts.

L.A.V.L: 3: 22-23 For perfume mix meal & honey & thick leavings of red wine: then oil of Abramelin and olive oil, and afterward soften & smooth down with rich fresh blood. The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh blood of a child, or dropping from the host of heaven: then of enemies; then of the priest or of the worshipers: last of some beast, no matter what.

    Animal sacrifices are a big part of Crowley's Thelema magick. This verse says the blood of any animal can be used...this would also include presumably someone's pet dog or cat. Notice the above verse also mentions "the blood of a child" or even "enemies". Who are the enemies of Thelema? Christians! Put that in your Funk and Wagnal! I’m not saying Thelemites sacrifice Christians, but it is not impossible some misguided follower would not do this someday. The Charles Manson Family had contact with an O.:T.:O.: lodge, and the two had many beliefs in common including racism, drug use, and torture.

    As mentioned, Crowley took great interest in old grimories (spell books) like Grimorium Verum and The Book of Abramelin. In fact he later re-wrote Grimorium Verum and retitled it "The Lesser Key of Solomon", which went on to become a very popular occult book. Wiccan author Paul Huson uses the inscriptions of Legementon in Mastering Witchcraft, by the way. Crowley believed that by contacting the demons in these books and allowing himself to become possessed by them he could gain knowledge and power from them. This may sound like a crazy idea, but one has to remember that to an occultist, there is no good or evil, and that they believe demons are spiritual beings that can benefit mankind. In fact, I've heard occultniks refer to demons as "angels with an attitude".

    Crowley Joined many occult groups and lodges over the years. He became a 33rd degree Freemason on a trip to Mexico. He joined the Ordero Templi Orentis (which is Latin for "The Order of the Oriental Temple"). The group was founded in Germany, and dedicated to sex magick rituals. The O.:T.:O:. claimed it had all the secrets of Rosicrucian, Freemasonry, the Templars, and Alchemy. Crowley rapidly ascended up the ranks of the order and eventually had complete control over it. When he became the head of the O.:T.:O:., he added an 11th grade dedicated to homosexual sex. This ensured Crowley had complete control of the groups members, because they would have to have sex with Crowley to attain it's highest grade. Crowley's name in this order was "To Mega Therion" which is Greek for "The Great Beast", clearly a reference to the Beast of the Book of Revelation of the Christian Bible. Throughout his life, Crowley often referred to himself as "The Great Beast, 666". It was within the ranks of this group that he met Gerald Gardner.

    Crowley became a bishop in the Universal Gnostic Church, which became "Crowleyized", with Thelema replacing whatever small semblance to Christianity there might have been. Now the Universal Gnostic Church is little more than extension of the O.:T.:O.:. Crowley joined the Golden Dawn and led to it's downfall. Crowley later started his own version of the Golden Dawn which he called the Argentium Astrium (Latin for Silver Star)A.:A:..He also helped H. Spence Lewis start the A.M.O.R.C. in America, initiating him during a ritual behind closed doors that lasted 3 days, and may have possibly involved gay sex magic. (Crowley added an 11th degree to the O.T.O. which required i
initiates to have sex with Crowley, thus ensuring he had absolute control and trust of a follower at that level. Of course, most initiates never attained that level, and thus were never faced with it.)  


  Never ask Aleister Crowley to take care of your goat while your away, either.

After Rose Kelly went  insane, Crowley found a  new lover while in New  York named Leah Hirsig.  In the 1920's, Crowley  finally was able to  fulfil his lifelong  dream of creating a real  life "Abbey of Thelema"  in a village called  Cefalu, on the island of  Sicily in Italy. Of  course, life in the  Abbey was not the Utopia  Crowley had dreamed it  would be. He tried to  have a polygamous  relationship with two  women, but the Leah and  the other gal quickly  grew to dislike each  other and had constant  arguments.

 Also Crowley had no way  to support himself, and  at times the trio nearly starved--and would have--had it not been for the sympathy of local peasants. For three years, Crowley and the pathetic assortment of followers that came and went (leaving money and some of their sanity behind) made the Abbey home, which visitors described as about as clean as an outhouse, and it literally smelled of feces.

    One of the most disgusting of all Crowley's "magical" acts was the night  Leah defecated on a plate which Crowley, a man who’s blasphemy knew no end, then consecrated her feces as a "Eucharist". She then demanded that Crowley should eat her excrement. Under Hirsig's stern gaze, Crowley cleaned his plate of feces. Later, he wrote of this "magickal"experience: "My mouth burned; my throat choked; my belly retched, my blood fled whither who knows, and my skin sweated. She stood above me, hideous in contempt."

    Crowley adorned the walls with crudely painted pictures of people in every sexual position, as well as murals of demons. Several witnesses described the sacrifice of animals in the "magick" rituals. One such ritual is described as having a female follower copulate with a goat, and then Crowley would slash the goat's throat at the moment of climax. The blood was then collected and drank by the followers. In some rituals, Crowley baptized frogs and then crucified them as part of his "Gnostic Mass". Another sacrifice by a disciple named Loveday involving a cat went like this:

 "The cat was placed on the altar; incense was burnt; magical invocations went on for two hours. At the end of this time, Loveday slashed the cat's throat with a knife; but the blow was too light, and the cat rushed around the room howling. It was caught again, etherized, and Loveday was made to gulp down a cup of the cat's blood."

    Loveday contracted distemper after drinking blood from this poor cat and died a few days later. This incident and stories about animal and infant sacrifices the local papers ran made Mussolini's Italy give Crowley and company the boot (Italy...boot...that's a joke son, you missed it!). Throughout Crowley's career there were stories of infant sacrifice, but there never seemed to be much evidence for it. However, Crowley's own writings at first glance would seem to confirm this.

 "For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim."

But apparently when Crowley makes statements of infant sacrifice, he is jokingly referring to masturbation. Still, while Crowley lived in London, one of his maids quit and went to the police, complaining Crowley was killing children and dumping the cremated remains in the river Thames. The police didn't take her seriously and never bothered to invistigate.

More From Crowley’s "Bible" the Liber Al Vel Legis

     To say Crowley wasn't a Satanist just isn't completely accurate. From everything we read so far, it certainly would seem that he was. Here's another gem from Crowley's Liber Al Vel Legis, the Bible of the Thelemites:

3:50 I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men.

3:51 Curse them! Curse them! Curse them!

3:52 With my Hawk's head I peck at the eyes of Jesus as he hangs upon the cross.

3:53 I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed & blind him.

3:54 With my claws I tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din.

3:55 Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous creeds.

3:56 Let Mary inviolate be torn upon the wheels: for her sake let all chaste women be utterly despised among you!

    This clearly shows intolerance for not only Christianity, but all other religions as well. Since religions have commandments concerning moral conduct, Crowley had little use for them, except what he could plagiarize for his own religion. It would be hard to describe the last passages as anything else but blasphemous.

    So before occultists shake their finger at "xtians" and give them the stink eye for what they perceive to be " intolerance", let them look at what's sitting on their own bookshelves! The above verse quoted doesn't really sound much different from the rantings of a teenage Satanist might post in a newsgroup online. 


  Crowley as "Demi-God"???

"Ummm...OK then." 

In his commentary on his Liber Al-Vel Legis, Crowley once commented that he was chosen to be a "Demigod", meaning a half-man, half god, for his new religion.

    So we would have to ask people who follow Crowley, how is Crowley such an enlightened being as to be a "Demigod"? Is it his hatred for all other religions other than his own? Maybe it's the goat blood drinking, the feces eating, or the toad crucifying? Maybe the head of the O.T.O. can mail me the answer to that one some day. (Actually I already know the answer, so he can save a stamp.)

    There also many references to serpent worship, which could be a reference to sex magic, but might also be a reference to the Ophite serpent of Gnosticism. Let's review this verse again:

II:22 "I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge & Delight and bright glory……"

This is definitely a reference to the Ophite serpent (Lucifer). We have to also remember Crowley's involvement in the Universal Gnostic Church. Gnostic sects both ancient and modern often could be considered devil worshipers.

A final curious verse to consider:

3:75 There is a splendour in my name hidden and glorious, as the sun of midnight is ever the son.

   From the 17th -18th centuries (and possibly even as late as the 19th century) in London, there supposedly existed a cult of Satanists called the "Sons of Midnight". This could be a reference to them. In occult literature Lucifer is sometimes called "the Sun at midnight", or the invisible sun. So it seems the secret name of the god of the Book of the Law is indeed Lucifer. Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set seems to think so, because Crowley's Liber Al Vel Legis plus a detailed commentary are included in the Crystal Tablet of Set, the group’s primary book.

    Then there is this prayer from Aleister Crowley's The Book of Lies (I think that should be the title of all his books). It clearly contains a parody of the Lord's Prayer.



Hoor hath a secret fourfold name: it is

Do What Thou Wilt

Four Words: Naught-One-Many-All.


Thy Name is holy.

Thy Kingdom is come.

Thy Will is done.

Here is the Bread.

Here is the Blood.

Bring us through Temptation!

Deliver us from Good and Evil!

That Mine as Thine be the Crown of the Kingdom,

even now.


These ten words are four, the Name of the One

    Like many of Crowley’s material, this one seems inspired by Satanism as well. Since it is the opposite of Christianity, parodies of Christian prayers, ceremonies, and rituals are a major feature of Satanism. For instance, The Satanic Rituals by Anton LaVey includes the ritual of The Black Mass, which is a parody of the Roman Catholic Mass, and also features a parody of the Lord's Prayer. Satanists sometimes pronounce Christian prayers backwards (i.e., "Our Father", becomes "Rehtaf Ruo",etc., or Pater Noster", becomes "Retson Retap", etc.etc.,, in the Latin version) Likewise, Crowley felt that becoming an expert in reading, writing, speaking and understanding words backwards was essential to becoming an occultist.

     So while this prayer by itself is not prima facie evidence of Crowley being a Satanist, it is certainly very suggestive, especially when considered together with the very obvious Satanism noted in Crowley's Liber Al Vel Legis. In fact, all through out Crowley's writings there is an undercurrent of Satanism and references to Satan in them.

    With these kind of things in the works and beliefs of Crowley, it is not surprising that Anton LaVey's Church of Satan cites Crowley as one of its sources. As mentioned, the Temple of Set (the other leading brand of Satanism in the USA) considers Crowley a prophet, and its founder Michael Aquino, as his successor.



    Crowley could have easily been a success in his lifetime. He was born to a wealthy family. He attended public school and had some college. While he wasn’t the poet or artist his enormous ego led him to believe, but he did show some talent as a writer and perhaps could have been one had he be able to channel his talents toward it. Instead he became something of a sociopath, seemingly to care less about the people around him. He could be charming and ingratiating to his disciples so he could get what he wanted out of them, and then treated them like garbage when he was done. He drove many of them to ruin or suicide.

     Even his modern day followers admit he was not a kind person. He lived a life
 of scandal and seemed proud of it, and because of his social standing and money he got away with it while he was young. When the money ran out in his middle age, he sponged off his handful of followers and students. He needed this charity to keep up his enormous drug and alcohol addictions. Had Crowley’s obsession with the occult never came into his life, he may have very well lived a fairly normal life, even if he was psychotic. It’s a documented fact some CEO’s of major corporations have been psychotic. It was belief that like Nietzsche's "superman" he could lay aside conventional morality and do as he pleased that created his long, steady downfall. No one is beyond good or evil.

    There is one more thing that happened in Crowley’s life that most Thelemites don't want to think about. Toward the end of his life, Crowley performed a ritual with his illegitimate son MacAlister in a Paris hotel. During the ritual, a tremendous commotion was heard outside the door, and the two men could be heard screaming.

     Crowley's friends figured it was part of the ritual apparently, and didn't bother to check what was going on. When the two failed to show up for breakfast the next morning, friends called the hotel detective who broke down the door to Crowley's room.

     Inside they found MacAlister dead. His robe was torn to shreds and he had scratches on his body. He had a look of extreme fright on his face. It was later determined he died of heart failure, brought about from fright. He had been literally scared to death. Aleister sat huddled in a corner of the room, babbling incoherently. He too had scratches and his robe was torn. Crowley spent four months in an insane asylum, and was released. [America Bewitched by Daniel Logan pgs 64-65]

    After this incident, he was described as  "harmless", and so began his downward spiral of sponging of friends and former students, and spending his final days in a flophouse in Hastings, England.

     No one knows what happened inside that locked room that killed MacAlister and made Crowley have a nervous breakdown. Did Crowley finally  conjure up a demon for real?  All religions teach that demons are not beings that want to help us or give us knowledge, but rather are creatures of pure evil, and there goal is to hurt humanity and cause us as much harm as they can. Not only Christianity teaches this, but every major religion has some kind of concept of evil spirits.

     Being a skeptic, I'm more inclined to think Crowley finally snapped and killed his son.  The last thing a psychotic like Crowley needed was a life of drugs and occultism. Had he lived in a modern time where people understood the symptoms of head injuries and had anti-psychotic drugs available, Thelema probably never would have ever been born (not to mention the AMORC, The A.A. Wicca, Scientology, The Temple of Set, et al)!

    There is a story gleefully being promoted by his followers that the doctor attending Crowley on his deathbed died from a curse placed on him when he refused to give Crowley all the morphine he wanted. The story didn't come out until decades later when it was learned that Crowley's aged doctor died from a heart attack a few days after he did. The story of course, is a pathetic attempt to make it sound like Crowley had some kind...any kind... of magic powers. I've seen other occultists try to pull the same trick of claiming someone they knew who died did so from magic.

     The real demise of Crowley is much less dramatic. According to a fellow flophouse resident, he heard a thump in Crowley's room, and found the poor old man dead laying face down on the floor. No last words, no curses. This story, being the least dramatic, is probably the real truth.

    Crowley infrequently published a magazine called The Equinox when funds would allow. All the editions of The Equinox were later republished as a hardbound 10 volume set that runs about $500 for the truly magically desperate...and no, even I wasn't dumb enough to buy one. In fact, after an initial investigation of Crowley while I was an occultist, I pretty much wrote him of as a looser. This later became a big reason I left Wicca, because Crowley's fingerprints were all over it, and I realized Wicca was a sham!

   He was a man that exhibited psychotic behavior, and people who follow his philosophy will emulate psychotic behavior. He was man who literally thought he was the Anti-Christ. He was a drug addict, an alcoholic, a misogynist, a sexual deviant, and a pedophile. All his "sex magic" did was give him V.D., including syphilis. He worked hard at being evil and even bragged about it.

       Gerald Gardner knew Crowley and was a member of the O.:T.:O.: He stole much of the material from Crowley to create his "ancient" Book of Shadows". Sybil Leek claimed she knew Crowely...which turned out later to be false. She never even met him. Never the less, Leek makes mention of her fictitious friendship with Crowley, claiming he was a family friend and even told her family Leek would be his successor. Alex Sanders claims Crowley "babysat" him when he was a child and gave him a ring. There’s no evidence Crowley knew him either, since Crowley never mentions Sander's family in his writings, and Sander's parents were both Christians.


     (I should probably mention some Crowley-bots claim the boarding house where Crowley stayed wasn't really a flophouse and show me pictures of the outside of how it looks today some 70 years later as somehow proof. And they also claim he had several hundred dollars of O.T.O. money under his bed proving he wasn't penniless...also an unlikely story for many reasons) .

    There is a bright note to this story. Supposedly a grandson of Aleister Crowley turned up in California in the 1990's. It turns out he is a Christian, and even works at a church as a groundskeeper. He said he is sorry for the terrible things his grandfather did and wants no part of them.

    At this stage of the game, I'm an agnostic now. Some will say "Well, Crowley wasn't perfect, but show me someone who was. Every religion had to start somewhere." True, every religion starts somewhere, and always has tons of legend and lore. But a religion that teaches people to be amoral and turns them into drug addicts...? There really doesn't seem to be anything  redeeming about Crowley's religion.

I remain skeptical (and by skeptical, I mean I  think Crowley was a lunatic).


The Occult: A History by Colin Wilson

Legacy of The Beast by Colin Wilson

Do What Thou Wilt by Lawrence Sutin

The Equinox Volumes 1-10, PDF Version

Liber Al Vel Legis by A. Crowley

The Law Is For All by A. Crowley

Triumph of The Moon by Ronald Hutton

The Crystal Tablet of Set by M. Aquino

America Bewitched by Daniel Logan

Gargantua and Pentagruel by Rabalais

Lucifer: Tempter or Benefactor? by Max Hiendel

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MS A. COGHLAN, Deputy President


MS R. SION appeared on behalf of the Complainant.



MS SION:  If the Tribunal pleases I appear on behalf of the complainant in this matter.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  And, sorry, your name is?
MS SION:  Renee Sion.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Thank you.  And is there any appearance for the respondent?  Do you want to go outside and call or have you done that already?
CLERK:  I'll do that.
CLERK:  No appearance.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  No appearance.
MS SION:  Perhaps if the Tribunal would be assisted by some information we have in relation to why the respondents aren't present today.  This matter was filed in September 2005, a year and a half ago.  Since that time there have been a number of directions hearings, orders made by the Tribunal and mediations and other orders made, none of which have been complied with by the respondents.  The respondents have made it clear they wish to take no part in this proceeding and they have accordingly taken no part whatsoever.  They have not entered a defence to the particulars of complaint, they have not appeared - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Why do you keep saying "they"?  I've got one respondent called Dyson Devine.
MS SION:  Sorry, there are two respondents, Dyson Devine and Vivian Legge. 
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Why in all the orders then that are made is there no reference to that?
MS SION:  There should be.  It was approximately a year ago or so where all the proceedings were consolidated.  Initially there were approximately - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I'm just having a look through this file.
MS SION:  I'm instructed that Vice President Judge Harbison's order of 19 March 2007 to Proceeding No. 132 of 2005 consolidates all the other proceedings that have been referred to and she's made a note of that on the second page of her order.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, maybe it's just a matter of form but it might - - -
MS SION:  It maybe a matter of form that she hasn't actually listed the two respondents' names, but the respondents are relevantly Dyson Devine and Vivian Legge.  Would it assist the Tribunal if I took the Tribunal through the way in which the proceedings were initially filed?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I'll just go back and look at what was referred.  See, the referral for this one was only against Dyson Devine.
MS SION:  There were initially six files that were consolidated.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  OK, yes, right.  Well, we've got - I'm going back to the very first document.  There's a statement of claim, the complainants Ordo Templi Orientis on behalf of Brent Gray and the respondent in this one is named as Dyson Devine.
MS SION:  That was the very first complaint.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  That's the complaint.  Then that's - - -
MS SION:  That was one of - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  That is, what, A13205.
MS SION:  Yes.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  It has been referred to VCAT.
MS SION:  That's correct.  At the same time that that complaint was filed there were nine other ones that were also filed. 
MS SION:  From that point in time initially the nine files were being run and separate matters heard together and it was approximately a year ago that they were consolidated into two groups, one group had six proceedings in it and the other had the other three.  That was by order made on
28 November 2005 by Vice President Judge Davis.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Just a minute.
MS SION:  Would it assist the Tribunal if I handed up a copy of the order made on 28 November 05?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Just one minute, I'm getting to it.  Yes, I've got to that.
MS SION:  You've got the 28 November 05 order?
MS SION:  After the matters were consolidated into two separate groups, I believe it was before the Tribunal on
6 February 2006 before yourself at which time orders were made, whilst it was anticipated that the two consolidated matters would be heard together, one was set down for a hearing and the other was set down for an administrative mention, which meant that the two matters stopped going in a combined fashion and were dealt with separately from that point onwards. 
           I'm instructed there were some administrative issues in the Tribunal collating the different documents for the consolidation and that's why when it was before the Tribunal on 6 February 2006 the consolidation appeared not to have happened as it was intended to.  The matters were somewhat separate in that one of the consolidated proceedings was against Dr Reina Michaelson and the CSAPP and that one was run actively.  There was particulars of defence filed in the proceeding and it was run as the Tribunal had expected, whereas these consolidated proceedings were run without any involvement from the respondents whatsoever and hence was listed for an administrative mention.
           So, accordingly, the first lot of consolidated proceedings were listed for a hearing in November 2006 and that matter resolved, and it is this matter, which is the consolidation of six of them, which is before the Tribunal today.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I've got one file.  And has the other party been notified of this hearing?
MS SION:  Yes, absolutely.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, I've got - can I just say I've only - what address for service do you have for them?
MS SION:  They live together, Vivian Legge and Dyson Devine, and the address for service that we have is 775 Upper Coldstream, Tindale, New South Wales, 2460.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  We've got 775 Upper Coldstream Road.
MS SION:  I'm instructed that it should be Upper Coldstream Road.  This form simply didn't have "Road" written on it.  We submit that there's no issue as to whether or not the respondents have been served with all the material and are quite aware of this proceeding.  The respondents are responsible for a website which is the issue in dispute in these proceedings and that website has a copy of every single document filed in these proceedings and a statement that they're aware that this matter is listed for hearing today in the Tribunal.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Have you got a printout?
MS SION:  Yes, I do, I'll hand that up now.  The copy that I've handed up to the Tribunal now is folded over onto the page where it says that they will not be at the hearing today and tomorrow.  You'll notice it also has a President of Her Honour Judge Harbison who was the judge of the directions hearing which set the matter down for trial.  She has been personally attacked by this website and by the respondents and that's possibly the reason why she's not hearing the matter today.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right.  So what application have you got to make?
MS SION:  This is an application against both of their respondents under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001, specifically under s.8(1) of that Act.   The application is in respect of the website.  The Tribunal will note under the particulars of complaint that there are two attachments to that documents.  They are essentially what were contained on the website back when the proceedings were issued in September 05.  That website has simply been added to and added to over the past year and a half and the Tribunal has before it the home page of the website as of today's date.  There are on that website at least 50 different links to other pages that continue the racial vilification, the subject of our complaint.
           In broad terms, the OTO became aware of these internet postings in around about the end of 2004.  They generally accuse the OTO of being a satanic cult which frequently partakes in blood rituals, including the sacrifice of animals and small children after which the blood and organs are consumed by OTO members.  It's further claimed that children attempting to escape these rituals are killed.
           Dr Reina Michaelson is the author of this material and, as indicated to the Tribunal, proceedings were issued against her separately.  Those proceedings were settled in November 2006 and those terms of settlement were made public and I propose to hand up a copy of those terms of settlement to the Tribunal. 
           Essentially Dr Michaelson acknowledges that she is the author of that material.  She acknowledges that she hasn't produced any proof that the OTO members are or have been involved in the practises written about.  She also - the issue was the fact that she wasn't actually responsible for the CSAPP website and undertook to ensure that the CSAPP created and made public an official website that did not contain any links to this sort of material.  I'll allow the Tribunal a minute or two to review that.
           Thank you.  Those proceedings are now concluded and it is these ones that we are pursuing.  We have encountered significant difficulty by the fact that the respondents simply refuse to proceed.  We submit today that the hearing should proceed on the basis of the written material already before the Tribunal, namely, the particulars of complaint, dated 30 September 2005, and the witness statements of Stephen King, the CEO of the OTO, Brent Gray, a member of the OTO and David Bottrell, a member of the OTO.  Stephen King, the CEO of the OTO is in court today.  Mr Gray and Mr Bottrell are not, neither of them are in the state or the country. 
           When the matter was before Judge Harbison in March 2007 my instructing solicitor indicated that we would be seeking default judgment against the respondents for the complete lack of interest or compliance with the Tribunal's orders.  It was Judge Harbison who suggested that the matter be listed for hearing, rather than my instructing solicitor making application for default judgment so that an award of damages could be sought upon determination of the matter, rather than just an award for injunctive relief.  Accordingly, we appear before the Tribunal today seeking injunctive relief as set out in the particulars to complaint of 30 September 05, we seek a damages award and we seek costs.
           It may be appropriate to allow the Tribunal some time to read through the particulars of complaint and witness statements.  They're not overly voluminous, however, they do accurately set out the position of the applicants - of the complainants and we suggest it would be a wise point for the Tribunal to familiarise itself with that information and then raise any queries on - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right.  There were particulars of complaint that were filed in September.
MS SION:  Correct.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  What else do I have to look at?
MS SION:  Pardon?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  What else do I have to look at?
MS SION:  Three witness statements.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Where are they?
MS SION:  They should be on the Tribunal's file.  Sorry.  One is the witness statement of Stephen King dated 30 March 2007.
MS SION:  A witness statement of Brent Gray dated 30 March 07.
MS SION:  And a witness statement of David Bottrell, also dated 30 March 07.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Just a minute.  That's going to take me hours to read all that.
MS SION:  Sorry, one moment.  I'm instructed that the witness statement of Stephen King is 13 pages and sets out quite comprehensively the claim against the respondents.  The reason the other witness statements are so long is because we have the attachments of the offending words attached to those witness statements, but everything is set out in the witness statement of Stephen King and he is here in court in the event that the Tribunal would us to seek further information on any of the matters raised.
           I should add that my instructing solicitors was instructed that given the likely non-appearance of the respondents at the hearing today that the best way to proceed was to make sure that the witness statements were comprehensive so that the matter could be decided on the basis of the written material.  There is some information, for example, the structure of the OTO and it's classification as a religion, matters like that are included in the witness statements in the event that they were to be challenged, however, there is no challenge to any of these matters.  The main - the sole complaint is that of racial vilification pursuant to s.8 of the Act.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  What vilification?
MS SION:  Sorry, religious vilification by essentially referring to members of the OTO as essentially murderers/paedophiles, among other things.  The allegations as they stood - so the material as it stood in September 05 claimed that the OTO is not a religion but rather it's a child pornography and paedophile ring operating in Australia.  There was indications that the members of the OTO are paedophiles and producers of child pornography, that they practise trauma based mind control, sexual abuse and satanic rituals for the purpose of preventing or discouraging children reporting child abuse by members of OTO to the authorities, that the OTO is a satanic cult which practises blood rituals where animals and small children are sacrificed and their blood and organs consumed, etcetera, etcetera.  This is set out in our particulars of complaint when we refer to the words "in a natural and ordinary meaning". 
           These words have caused much distress to the members of the OTO.  There are approximately 60 members in Australia and these websites and the various links on them have members names, members details and continue to be added to daily.  This application is one to have this material removed and to ensure that it is not put back up onto the website.
           The website is based out of the United States, it's a United States server which hosts the website, however, the respondents are the people responsible for putting this information on the internet.  They reside in New South Wales and the Act specifically allows for them to be required to refrain from this sort of behaviour, despite the fact they do not live in Victoria. 
           To illustrate to the Tribunal the extreme nature of the material in the big bundle that we've handed up to the Tribunal, my instructing solicitor Kathryn Proust from Phillips Fox, her name has been published on the website as "Kathryn, the paedophile cult's solicitor," with her direct telephone number, her direct email address and a scanned copy of her signature.  The partner from Phillips Fox responsible for this matter, Helen O'Brien, has had the same actions taken for her.  Most counsel who have appeared in this matter through the various directions hearings or given advice have had their names published on the website and anyone, including Judge Harbison, who's had any involvement with this matter at all has been the subject of attack, and we appeal to the Tribunal to have these respondents stopped from continuing to publish this material and to ensure this material is removed.
           Would it assist the Tribunal to have the matter stood down so that - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes.  What orders are you seeking?
MS SION:  We seek orders that, and I refer to p.6 of the particulars of complaint, there's five orders set in that, however, I seek to vary Order 8.  Order 8 is an order that, "The respondents not make, publish or distribute in Victoria, including on the internet, whether in writing or orally and whether directly or indirectly, including by the internet or by inserting any hyperlink on the internet, any statements, information, suggestions or implications to the same or similar effect as those set out in Paragraphs 11 and 18 of these particulars of complaint."  I should say Paragraphs 11 and 18 are what we have set out as the natural and ordinary meanings of the material on the respondents' website.  I seek to order - sorry, I seek to amend Order 8 to include the word "remove".  The Tribunal will note that that order says that, "The respondents not make, publish or distribute," we also need that material removed and it was an error that that was not included.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  So where does "remove" go in?
MS SION:  An order that, "The respondents remove from" - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  "And refrain from making."
MS SION:  Correct.  That's right, "To remove" - - -
MS SION:  Sorry, one moment.  An order that "The respondents remove and refrain from making, publishing or distributing in Victoria," etcetera.
MS SION:  Order B is an order that the respondents publish a statement - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, how could I do that?
MS SION:  Well, I do see there's some issues with the way that has been drafted but perhaps the Tribunal could order that a copy of the decision in this matter be posted on their website for a - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I'm only going to do an order - - -
MS SION:  Pardon?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  - - - (indistinct) reasons.  I would only do an order - - -
MS SION:  Perhaps - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I'm not going to - yes, I mean - - -
MS SION:  My instructing solicitor suggests some sort of note that says, "There was material on this website, it has been removed after a hearing in the" - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, but that becomes much more problematic about future action and our control over that and what I can and can't do.  I'd be happy to contemplate A but I would see considerable difficulties with making orders under B in terms of what I can control in the future.
MS SION:  Sorry, one moment.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  You see - - -
MS SION:  We did anticipate some sort of acknowledgment or apology to be published on the website that acknowledges that there was material that lacked any substance and has been directed to be removed from the website.  We appreciate the difficulties in ensuring that is complied with, in fact even Order A will be difficult and I'm sure we will have issues - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, but that's sort of far more concrete, right, and with that removing and it's a far more concrete sort of order, yes.  So A, I don't have a particular problem with, the B and C I might - they I see would present difficulties.  Now, how are you proposing to - when you get to D, what do you contemplate for that?
MS SION:  This is, I suppose, the million dollar question, the calculation of damages. 
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  What material do you rely on for that in here, because if you haven't all I would be doing would be reserving that.
MS SION:  That might be the best way to proceed.  The only material we have at this point is the witness statements and they don't overly - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  If they haven't set it out and particularised it all and all the rest of it you can appreciate the difficulties I would have.
MS SION:  That's right and particularly because this sort of damages award is unprecedented under this Act.
MS SION:  I would suppose that defamation principles could be used in order to come to an ideal payout.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  That might be but if it hasn't all been articulated and set out and put there the - I can't - I wouldn't be able to do it.
MS SION:  Perhaps it could be heard at another date, the damages question, based on written submissions put forward on behalf of the complainants.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  And then costs.
MS SION:  Costs, my instructing solicitor has a printout of all the costs incurred by Phillips Fox in the action, however, it might be best to have an order for costs to be assessed by the Tribunal on the basis - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, I'm happy to make an order for costs which is - that's if I've got an amount and the rest of it that's much easier to make the actual order, rather than have it as, you know, on a scale and to be assessed as, you know.
MS SION:  My instructing solicitor has a printout here of all the costs incurred but it's not according to the scale.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Very well, well, you will need to - if you spend the time - well, I'll have to go and read all of this stuff and it's going to take me some time.  I've got a meeting at two. 
MS SION:  My instructing solicitor and myself could spend some time today preparing a - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, you'll have to prepare a bill of - you know, something that is more concrete.  You'd be better off - we'd be better off in terms of how we proceed to actually have an amount ordered.
MS SION:  Yes.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  So why don't you come back at about three, 3.15 and we'll see how we're going, all right?
MS SION:  Thank you.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  You can be excused till then.  You're welcome to use the room.
MS SION:  Thank you.



MS SION:  If the Tribunal pleases, my instructing solicitor has prepared a schedule of costs incurred during this proceeding.  I'll hand that up to the Tribunal.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right, now, I've looked at the files.  My understanding is that there are six files under consideration, is that correct?
MS SION:  Yes, it is.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  A132 and 137 are applications on behalf of a Mr Brent Gray and the one against - allegations about a Mr Dyson Devine and the other about a Ms Legge, is that right?
MS SION:  There should also be one of them by David Bottrell.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  No, I'm referring to A132 and 137.  A132 is Ordo Templi Orientis complained on behalf of Brent
Gray - - -
MS SION:  Against Devine, that's correct.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, and A137, the same, of Ms Legge.
MS SION:  Correct.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  A139 and A133 concern Mr Bottrell, complaints against Mr Devine, and A133 a complaint of victimisation against Mr Devine.
MS SION:  Yes, that's correct.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Then the third group, A135 and A134, again Mr Bottrell, alleging complaints against Ms Legge and, secondly, a complaint of victimisation about
Ms Legge.
MS SION:  Yes, that's right.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  So they're the six matters that I'm dealing with, is that right?
MS SION:  Yes, it is.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Now, what material is it that you're relying on to establish the complaints?
MS SION:  The particulars of complaint (indistinct) in respect of all six of those matters.
MS SION:  And the three witness statements.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Now, none of the witness statements I've got - they're only witness statements, they're unsigned and unsworn, so what are you going to do about that?
MS SION:  I'll just confer with my instructing solicitor about that.  We can have Mr King swear his witness statement immediately.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  He's not even one of the complainants.
MS SION:  Sorry, pardon?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  He's not even one of the complainants.
MS SION:  No, he's not.  In terms of the other two, it was, I expect, overlooked that they were not signed.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, and they're only witness statements, they're not in affidavit form?
MS SION:  No, they're not.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, what am I supposed to do?
MS SION:  There was orders for witness statements, not affidavits.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, that's right, but this has
been - - -
MS SION:  However, that - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  You've asked, as I understand it, this matter's not to be run as a default proceeding.
MS SION:  No, I appreciate the Tribunal's difficulty and they certainly would have been more useful if they were signed.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, in the form of affidavit in the circumstances of how this has been heard and they're not.
MS SION:  Perhaps Mr King can sign - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, is he here?
MS SION:  Yes, he is.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, he can get in the witness box and give evidence but he's not one of the complainants.
MS SION:  No.  Although he could attach the witness statements to his own witness statement.  Is that drawing too far a bow?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, I'm not running your case.  I'll stand it down while you get some instructions but you see the difficulty I've got.  If you're wanting me to make findings rather than just, you know, orders by default, it's rather different.
MS SION:  Certainly.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  So I can't tell you how to run your case but since it's stood down this morning I've had a look at all the material.  They are witness statements, I appreciate they're of course not going to be cross-examined because the respondents haven't turned up, but how do you expect me to have regard to unsigned, draft witness statements?
MS SION:  Is it possible for Mr King to sign these witness statements as he is the CEO of the OTO?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I have no difficulty with Mr King signing and adopting his statement.  Are you suggesting that he's going to sign Mr Gray's and the other gentleman's?
MS SION:  If we can contact Mr Bottrell and Mr Gray perhaps we can have Mr King sign them on their behalf.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I've never heard of that happening before, so I'll stand it down while you get some directions but you really - I can't tell you how to run your case.

      (Short adjournment.)

MS SION:  Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this with my instructing solicitor.  If the Tribunal pleases, I'll first hand up a signed copy of Stephen King's witness statement and negate the issue with regards to his witness statement.  So far as the other statements are concerned, that of David Bottrell and Brent Gray, in the complainants' submission VCAT is not bound by the rules of evidence pursuant to s.98(1)(b) of the    VCAT Act and pursuant to sub-s.1(c) can inform itself as it sees fit.
           These witness statements were prepared on the basis that each of these witnesses would give evidence on oath and be cross-examined, what, during the course of this hearing.  It's purely as a result of the respondents' failure to attend today that that hasn't been the case and the witness statements were prepared along that basis. 
           We say that VCAT is not bound by the rules of evidence, can inform itself by reason of these witness statements because they are relevant to the issues at hand and, furthermore, they are not unfair to the respondents.  The respondents have published - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right, who took the instructions for them?  Is the solicitor here?
MS SION:  Yes, they did, Ms Proust took instructions.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right, well, maybe we'll do it a different way.  Mr King, would you step into the witness box, please.
<STEPHEN JOACHIM KING, sworn and examined:


MS SION:  Would the Tribunal like Mr King to give evidence in the form of his statement or just simply affirm the matters in his statement?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, take him to the statement, all right, and ask him in the usual way.  Take him to it in the usual way.
MS SION:  Mr King - first I'll hand up to the witness a copy of his witness statement.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I've given him a copy of the one that's here.
MS SION:  Mr King, you have a copy of the witness statement in front of you?---Yes.
Have you seen this document before?---Yes, I have.
Can you tell the Tribunal what the document is, please?---That is my witness statement in regards this case.
Mr King, is it a true and accurate statement prepared by you for the purposes of this hearing?---Yes, it is.
When did you sign this witness statement, Mr King?---I signed it today.
I'd like to officially tender a copy of the witness statement.

#EXHIBIT A -     Witness statement of Stephen King dated 28/05/07.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right, you can be excused, Mr King?
---Thank you.
MS SION:  Thank you, Mr King?---Thank you.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Just one other matter.  Yes, just while we're there, what's this - do you live interstate, do you?---I live in Sydney.
Just that they've been claims for witness fees in this for six hours and travel and accommodation fees in this for this witness, when if we'd known he could have just signed it


      on affidavit.  (To witness) You can be excused, Mr King.
      (Witness excused.)
MS SION:  The OTO was keen to have somebody appear at this proceeding, rather than simply have the solicitors and barristers attend.  This matter has been a very emotional one for all the members of the OTO and they were quite keen to have representation here representing the OTO.
MS SION:  We have calculated the six hours fees and it's the lowest rate in the scale.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right.  Now, would you call the witness who took the instructions from - - -
MS SION:  Certainly.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  - - - Mr Bottrell and Mr Gray, please.
MS SION:  Certainly.  Call Ms Kathryn Proust to the stand.
<KATHRYN PATRICIA PROUST, sworn and examined:
MS SION:  Ms Proust, can you tell the Tribunal where you work, please?---I'm a solicitor at DLA Phillips Fox, 140 William Street, Melbourne.
When did you first have contact with any of the complainants in this case?---I believe it was early 2005.
Can you tell the Tribunal what happened?---The OTO approached us for some assistance on a matter that had been referred from the Equal Opportunity Commission relating to religious vilification.
Who did you speak to from the OTO?---I first spoke to David Bottrell.
Do you recall his position within the OTO?---I think he's the national head of the OTO, that's my belief.
If I could hand up to the witness a copy of Brent Gray and David Bottrell's witness statements, please.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Why hasn't Mr Gray come?
MS SION:  Mr Gray resides in Melbourne but he, as part of his employment, travels around the country.  He's involved with an A-list celebrity band and travels with them on tour throughout the country and he's not in Victoria at the moment.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I just find it astounding when you've got a case that you want the Tribunal to hear and you haven't got your witnesses present at the hearing to give their own evidence.  I mean, it puts me in a very difficult position about making any - any assessment of any damages when today's the day.
MS SION:  However, we so submit that we're prepared to come back on another occasion to - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, I know you might be but today's the day.  What did you think would have happened if I hadn't allowed that?
MS SION:  That we would have perhaps run into some difficulty on making some oral submissions.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, but I don't know that I, in the circumstances, whether I should let you do that. 
MS SION:  It has been - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I'm just astounded.
MS SION:  It has been a little difficult to know how to proceed in this matter with the lack of compliance by the respondents and to ensure that we do cover all bases.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Who was it who asked for this just to go through and have a hearing on it rather than just having an order by default?
MS SION:  It was Judge Harbison who suggested that to my instructing solicitor.
VOICE:  I actually requested default judgment and
Judge Harbison - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, well, are you still pursuing it?  Do you still want anything but a default judgment?
MS SION:  If I could answer that on behalf of the complainants, unless the Tribunal is not prepared to make orders on the merits in circumstances where Mr Bottrell and Mr Gray are not present, we would like to have judgment on the merits because it does provide the complainants with a stronger basis to ensure that the decision is not overturned because it's not simply a procedural issue that they haven't - that the respondents haven't met.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, if you want that then I'm - we've set the day aside for this, you were coming her for default but you're not in a position to provide me with matters about any damages and things, you know, you've got to make a decision about how you really do want this to proceed.
MS SION:  We would like to proceed with a full hearing on the basis that an award be given - an order be given that the material, as we've discussed previously, be removed from the website and that they not be - refrain from posting further material on the website, an order for costs in a specified amount and an order for damages to be assessed at a later date.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, that then is going to involve us in further hearing, further paperwork and all the rest of it in circumstances where in fact you were not prepared today to fully set out what the damages should be and how they should be assessed. 
MS SION:  We do submit that we can provide the Tribunal with written submissions in relation to the damages Award.  It is obviously a difficult issue to know how those damages should be calculated, whether to link it with similar legislation handled by this Tribunal or to look at defamation principles generally used in the County and Supreme Courts.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, yes, I'm very reluctant to try and go down that track in circumstances where they've come here today, when they should have been ready to run the case and been in a position to argue all of that and they're not.  So I'd be happy to proceed today on the basis of looking at proceeding and concluding the matter in circumstances where I look at orders under the first category and costs, but I'm reluctant to go down the path of looking at damages if that can't be dealt with today.  So what do you want me to do?
MS SION:  Could I ask a question from the Tribunal, in terms of dealing with - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Look, the reason that I've sort of been - had to stand it down and go through all of these files and read all of that is probably not your fault but it certainly wasn't clear when I was handed a file - I was only handed the one file, not realising that in fact there were really six files involved.  Sorry, what did you want to say?
MS SION:  Certainly.  What did I want to say?  In terms of a damages award does the Tribunal have views as to how we should be guided in terms of our submissions in that regard?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, what have you got in your material that would assist me?
MS SION:  Well, it is somewhat unprecedented in pursuing a matter under this Act in the first place.  We've done some research on other defamation matters in which people have been called paedophiles, murderers and other such defamatory remarks but, as you'd be aware, the award of damages in other courts is very varied and can reach anywhere up to 250,000, which is the new cap on damages.  I think to provide the Tribunal with meaningful information on that would probably require some considerable work in terms of written submissions.  In the event that the Tribunal is minded - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, you might consider it mightn't be worth it, I don't know.
MS SION:  In the event the Tribunal is minded to make a nominal award of damages perhaps that might be a path that we can take.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, where's my power?
MS SION:  Pardon?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Where's my power.
MS SION:  Your par?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Power to do that.
MS SION:  You've got the power under the VCAT Act to make an award of damages - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  It isn't under the VCAT Act.
MS SION:  - - - and also under the - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  It isn't under the VCAT Act.
MS SION:  Sorry, under the Racial - s.136(ii) of the Equal Opportunity Act 1995 was introduced into the Racial and Religious Tolerance context by s.23 of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001.  It empowers the Tribunal to make an order that, "The respondent pay to the complainant within a specified period an amount the Tribunal thinks fit to compensate the complainant of loss, damage or injury suffered in consequence of the contravention."  It's clear from that power the Tribunal has the power to award damages but precisely how they are to be quantified is unclear. 
           We understand that this is only the second case brought under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act at VCAT and that the first case, which we refer to as the "Catch the Fire case" did not cover the issue of damages.  There is little case though on this topic, however, analysis of the defamation principles could be provided to the Tribunal if the Tribunal requires that.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Anyway, just put that to one side for a minute.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Now, would you take your witness through the statement of Mr Gray.
MS SION:  Yes.  (To witness) Ms Proust, can you please identify the two documents in front of you?---I have a witness statement of Brent Gray dated 30 March 2007 and a witness statement of David Bottrell dated 30 March 2007.
Who are the authors of these documents?---David Bottrell is the author of one and Brent Gray is the author of another.  Brent Gray is a member of the OTO and David Bottrell is the national member, I believe, national head of the OTO.
What involvement, if any, did you have in preparing those statements?---I had extensive consultations via telephone with both Brent Gray and David Bottrell and then taking David's separately, he is currently located in Turkey and so there have been extensive emails, document drafting and telephone conferences.  I've also met him in person in mid-2005.  Brent Gray travels around Australia and the world on tour and I've also had a number of telephone conversations and email correspondence with him in preparing these documents.
How and when were these documents finalised?---These documents are a derivative of another set of witness statements in a different proceeding and these were prepared in late March 2007, both of them.
On what authority were they filed with the Tribunal?---I was provided with email instructions that they were acceptable to the complainants and they desired for them to be filed with the Tribunal.
Do you have a copy of that email at the Tribunal today?---No, I don't.
Are you aware of any objection that the respondents might have to these documents being on the court file?---None whatsoever.  They're almost identical copies of these witness statements in Proceeding A131, which have already been filed, and David Bottrell and Brent Gray gave oral evidence in relation to those in those matters.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  When did they do that?---November 2006.
What did they give - what was that at?---Where?
Yes?---That was a proceeding against Reina Michaelson and the Sexual Child Abuse Prevention Program that was initiated by the Ordo Templi Orientis with David Bottrell and Brent Gray.  It was heard before Senior Member Davis.  It was heard for about a week and the matter settled out of court.
Have they tendered statements?---They were tendered.
Did they tender statements?---Yes, that's - yes, that's my belief.
Do you have a copy of their statements tendered in that proceeding?---No, I don't, not with the exhibit markings on them but I do have copies of the witness statements which were filed with the Tribunal or will have a copy of them in there.
MS SION:  How do they differ from these ones?---They're slightly shorter to assist the Tribunal but they would be in substance very similar.  I might also say that the focus of these witness statements relate purely to the "Gaiaguys" website, whereas on the other witness statements they related to Reina Michaelson's website which was the CSAPP net website and so a couple of the references had been changed, but by and large they're very similar.
Would you have any objection to the Tribunal reviewing the statements in the other proceeding?---No, I wouldn't.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Sorry, have you got copies of those statements?  Now, A131?---It was from memory A131, 140 and there may have been a 138.
Sorry, both of these, Mr Gray and Mr Bottrell both gave evidence them?---That's correct.
Were they cross-examined?---I think Mr King might be in a better position to answer that, he was at the hearing that they (indistinct).
MR KING:  David was cross-examined.
WITNESS:  Cross-examined.
MR KING:  And Brent was - he was (indistinct).
WITNESS:  Reina Michaelson was represented by Adam Paskoski of Khor & Burr who was playing a very active part in the Tribunal was not letting anyone go uncross-examined, so my assumption would be he was cross-examined.
MS SION:  Thank you.  If I could hand up to the witness these two statements.  Mr Proust, if you could identify the two statements I've just handed up to you.  One of them is unstapled?---I have one witness statement of Brent Gray dated 20 September 2006 between the Ordo Templi Orientis, David Bottrell and Brent Gray v. CSAPP Inc and Dr Reina Michaelson.  The second document I have is a witness statement of Stephen King, I think I - - -
MR KING:  I beg your pardon.
MS SION:  It looks like we don't have the other one, so I'll just take you to the Brent Gray one?---The Brent Gray one is actually in identical form to the Brent Gray statement dated 30 March 2007.  They were - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Identical to this but just a different header is it?---A different header, that's correct, and obviously a reference to the particulars of complaint in this current proceeding as opposed to the Michaelson and CSAPP proceeding.
MS SION:  Are you able to say whether Mr Gray and Mr Bottrell would have any objection to their statements being used interchangeably to assist in this proceeding?---No, I think that any objection would be unlikely.  I'm very confident in their witness statements there were minimal changes made between the two proceedings.  It was intended that the first set of witness statements go in as part of both of the proceedings but we had to change the header and decided to change a couple of other minor points as well.
And, finally, to assist the Tribunal, it might be appropriate


      if you could explain why Mr Gray and Mr Bottrell are not present today?---My understanding is that Mr Gray is currently in Perth, due to arrive back in Melbourne late tonight or early tomorrow and David Bottrell is in Turkey with his family on secondment for work for a couple of years and we thought it was a bit much to ask him to attend again before the Tribunal having regard to the fact the proceeding would go uncontested.
Is there anything further you want to add to any of that?  Thank you.  I've got no further questions for Ms Proust.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right.  Thank you, Ms Proust, you can sit down.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right, now in terms of the complaints, and in a sense they're all sort of the same, it refers to the website referring to the OTO as various things, can you show me in any of the statements where that is, where that's set out, where the material is?
MS SION:  Sorry, (indistinct).
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, the complaints refer to offending material on the site, now can you point me to what that is.
MS SION:  To the offending material on the site?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, where is it?  Yes, in the witness statements, presumably the witness statements refer to it.  So where is it in the witness statements?
MS SION:  In Bottrell's statement on p.8.
MS SION:  There's the heading "The offending websites", and the following page is "The effect of the offending words". 
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, where are the offending words set out?
MS SION:  They are set out in the Act.  Well, the true and ordinary meaning of the words is set out in the particulars of complaint.  The words in itself haven't been reproduced in the witness statements because they are so voluminous in the annexed - in the material that's annexed to the statement.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right, now I've got that, so point me to where it is.  I'm looking at Mr Bottrell's statement.
MS SION:  The way the witness statements have been drafted is that Paragraph 44, for example, of Bottrell's statement, he refers to the words as referring to Paragraph 8 and 15 in the particulars of complaint.  If we look at Paragraphs 8 and 15 of the particulars of complaint the words are not set out because it's not a case where there's simply one article that has one statement against the OTO, it's a whole - a whole website against the OTO and the website as it was in September 05 is therefore annexed and the "first words" refer to the website as a whole.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  You've lost me.
MS SION:  Sorry.  The offending words are not set out anywhere in the witness statements or in the particulars of claim.  The most (indistinct) way to explain it is that the particulars of claim refers to the words in Paragraphs 8 and 15.  They've defined them the "first words" and the "second words", and that's on p.2 and p.4 of the particulars of complaint.  Paragraph 8 says, "On or before 8 December 2004 Devine and Legge published the words annexed hereto and marked A on the website" and they are referred to as the "first words".
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  And what words are in Exhibit A?
MS SION:  Those words refer as a whole to what's annexed - marked A, annexed to the particulars of claim and there's 23 pages here.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, where in (indistinct) 23 pages of the offending words?
MS SION:  I will take the Tribunal through that.  On page - if we start on p.4 it says, midway through the page, 21 February 2005, "Equal opportunity in Victoria, Australia, for cults who torture and kill children."  A few lines down from that it's in brackets saying - and there's a few inverted commas, "Sacrifice a child.  Have no pity.  Kill and torture.  I will give you their flesh to eat,"  and it says from the Ordo Templi Orientis, Book of the Law written by Prophet of Thelema, Aleister Crowley.  Then it says, "This tax exempt religious organisation who the Victoria Police refuse to investigate has approached the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria because of the way "Gaiaguys", your web authors, coverage of their activities adversely affects or has the potential to adversely affect the interests of the OTO.  Please read about how the criminally corrupt free Masonic Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal conspires to protect Satanist paedophiles." 
           That continues and I'll move down to the next most relevant part where the OTO is specifically mentioned.  On p.10 there's a box half way down the page and it says, "Below is the openly stated philosophy of this protected paedophile group which is operating in Victoria, Australia.  And, sorry - the below symbol was originally downloaded by "Gaiaguys" from the  Ordo Templi Orientis website.  Now that website has been remodelled and this symbol seems to be no longer there.  Similarly, the library seems to have disappeared, however, you can still follow the links to find Crowley's Book of the Law from which the below quote was taken."  And the quote is, "Man has the right to eat what he will, to drink what he will, man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights, the slaves shall serve." 
           Moving onto the next reference, on p.12 it says, "In 2003," I am reading from halfway down the page, "a former Young Australian of the Year, Dr Reina Michaelson bravely exposed on this website an untouchable paedophile, pornography and ritual abuse network operating in Australia involving high government officials, leading politicians, television executives, top TV presenters and police.  This child sex abuse extends to ritual torture, murder and more."  This is referring to the practises of the OTO even though they are not formally named in that particular paragraph. 
           Moving down, p.13, moving onto s.(b), I'm instructed, p.13, s.B which continues directly behind s.B.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Where's s.B?  What's s.B?
MS SION:  It's Attachment B to the particulars of complaint, so after p.23 of Annexure A begins Annexure B.  The introduction to B, I should say, on the first page of p.1 of Annexure B, the introduction reads, "A brave and committed young woman exposes on this website an untouchable paedophile and a satanic network operating in Australia involving high government officials, leading politicians, television executives, top TV presenters and the police." 
           Moving down to p.13 we have what's entitled "Mixed experiences" and it says, among other things, "Mick was introduced to the satanic cult as a very young child by an extended relative.  He informed me of many experiences he was subjected to as a child in this cult.  Everything I have been told by Mick the cult appears to be the Ordo Templi Orientis operating in Australia.  Mick now suffers from MPG/DID but has survived his experiences remarkably well considering the traumas he has been through.  As a child Mick was forced to attend blood rituals where animals and small children were sacrificed and their blood and organs consumed.  Mick was required to clean up the blood after these rituals.  The children and babies were street children or were taken from orphanages so that they could not be traced and no-one would know or care if they went missing.  The rituals are spoken in Latin and are clearly satanic.  The rituals took place at various locations, including Goldtown. 
           Mick and other children would be driven to the rituals in the boots of cars.  The members of the cult were extremely powerful members of society.  There were numerous politicians, mainly from the conservative party.  These people would often speak of important events before they would actually occur.  Mick was also sexually abused by Gerald Oanasis, the famous television personality and professional partner of Ernie Old.  Mick was one of the many children who were used to host parties of the cult's members.  At these parties the children acted as waiters and were naked.  Many of the adults, but not all, would wear masks at these parties.  After the food was served the adults would have sex with the children.  The children who tried to escape were killed, often in front of the other children in order to control the children through fear.  Once Mick and another child had tried to escape but were caught.  The other child was murdered by having her head smashed open with a rock.  Her body was then dumped in a nearby mine shaft.  Mick was spared the same fate as he was told he was the chosen one selected to carry on the traditions of the group.  Mick was forced to participate in the production of child pornography, including movies as well as still photographs.  This involved sexual activity with other children as well as adults.  He would get paid a small amount for his sexual services while the relative who brought him to the events would get paid a large amount of money.  As he got older Mick was no longer used for sexual purposes by the group but was required to recruit new, younger children.  When he was old enough, in his 20s, Mick was able to escape the group but they continued to contact him with threats."
           The next paragraphs begins, "Bob Sisterly's religion," it's apparently also relevant, it says, "During my association with Bob Sisterly I got to know him in some ways quite well.  One day he informed me of his religious beliefs.  These were the opposite of mine as I am a Christian.  I was also informed by one of the colleagues in the media industry that Bob's religion is weird s--t.  At the time I had not heard of the Illuminate and it is only now that I realise that Bob Sisterly is an active and dedicated member of the Australian Illuminati.  The symbolism used in Network X commercial material is totally consistent with that of the Illuminati Ordo Templi Orientis such as the key colours blue and gold and key imagery involving flames."
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Who's allegedly the author of this then?
MS SION:  The author of this is Dr Reina Michaelson.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Right, so this document starts when?
MS SION:  Annexure B.
MS SION:  Page 1. 
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Right, so 1 to 28 is authored by
Ms Michaelson, is that right?
MS SION:  Correct, yes.  There's also a number of links to these websites, for example, on the first page of Annexure A, p.1 of 23 of Annexure A, there's a link which says, "Read the explosive expose."  And now of course we have handed up to the Tribunal the website as it stands today and you could spend a good few hours trying to read all the material on the website and be directed to the various links.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  So where's the link on - I'm looking at p.1 of 23.  Is it Annexure A?
MS SION:  You click on that and it takes you to Annexure B.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Click on what?
MS SION:  You click on "Read the explosive expose".  That's the hyperlink, I think it's called in internet terms, and that takes you straight to Annexure B.
MS SION:  That's the extent of the offending words in the first - in those two annexures.  We can take the Tribunal through the website as it currently stands if that's required.  It's simply more of the same.  The whole website appears to be dedicated to vilifying the OTO
and - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Take me to - there's complaints of victimisation, so where's the material in support of that?
MS SION:  The claims of victimisation are against the OTO as a religion and the members who are part of that religion, so we would say that all of the offending material victimises the OTO.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I don't think that's the complaint of victimisation.  A133 is a complaint of victimisation by Mr Devine himself - Mr Bottrell himself, so I want to know where it is in the material - - -
MS SION:  Where he himself - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, and then again his,
Mr Bottrell's, complaint of victimisation by Ms Legge is his own claim, so where's the material in support of that?
MS SION:  I'm instructed that the way that the Act is set up is that the complaint has been brought by the OTO and that the victimisation is against the OTO.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  No, that's not the complaint.  If you read the complaint of victimisation - let us look at this one now.  One's A133, this is Mr Bottrell whose complaint of victimisation - Mr Bottrell believes that Devine's statements contained in the site constitutes victimisation as defined by the Act and may subject him to detriment because he has made a complaint against the respondent.  Where's his particular - where's he referred to then and he says he's - "Since the lodgement of the complaint the respondent has posted on the website claims which mention the complainant by name and claim or infer that he engages in criminal actions."  So where's that?
MS SION:  OK, I'll just get instructions. 
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  The complaint says it refers to him by name and claim or infer that he engages in criminal actions.
MS SION:  Firstly, I should say that the particulars of complaint were filed, prepared and filed with the Tribunal before his name was actually posted onto the website and that's why the particulars of complaint don't refer to that.  The proceeding was brought - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  The particulars of complaint were
filed - - -
MS SION:  September 05.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, well, this was a complaint of 21 March 2005.
MS SION:  Yes.  Since then there's been more material added to the website and, for example, some of the attached - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Ms Sion, this is a complaint that's been to the commission and it's been referred to VCAT, right, you can't add things that happen later.  I'm asking you this complaint of victimisation was filed with the commission on 21 March 2005 alleging that Mr Bottrell had been victimised by Mr Devine in that the respondent had posted on the website "Gaiaguys" claims which mention the complainant by name and claim or infer that he engages in criminal actions.  All I'm asking is point to where that is for me, please.
MS SION:  If I could just ask, are you reading from his affidavit?
MS SION:  His statement.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I'm reading from his statement of complaint.
MS SION:  Sorry, we've just lost that particular document.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Statement of complaint in Matter A133 2005.
MS SION:  Do you mean the particulars of complaint for the consolidated proceedings for all of them?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  No, I'm - well, I'm looking at the original statement of complaint, the - - -
MS SION:  I'm instructed there wasn't an initial statement of complaint for just that matter alone.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  A133.  A133 is his victimisation complaint and I'm asking where's the material that supports the complaint or are you not pursuing the victimisation complaints?
MS SION:  OK, I'm instructed that that document was used for the purpose of the Equal Opportunity Commission.  When the matter was referred to VCAT back in 2005 we were directed to put in particulars of complaint for the six proceedings as one consolidated proceeding.  Accordingly, we don't have a copy even of that document in our files and we were told not to rely on it and to put everything that we relied on on the particulars of complaint, hence the claim by Bottrell is brought simply on his behalf by the OTO.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  You've really lost me.  I'm looking at - is there anything in your particulars of complaint where you are complaining of victimisation or do I put all of that to one side?
MS SION:  No.  I'm instructed that we can put that aside, we are simply talking about religious vilification and that the only - - -
MS SION:  - - - the only material that is before the Tribunal is - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  I will take out from here - I will make an order then that you want to withdraw the victimisation complaints, is that right, so - - -
MS SION:  No, if I - sorry, if I could clarify that with you - I'm sorry if I'm sounding confused on this.  The only material that should be before the Tribunal at this point in time is the particulars of complaint filed on 30 September 2005 - - -
MS SION:  - - - and the three witness statements, that's it.
MS SION:  The other documents do not form part of this proceeding whatsoever.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right, so A132 represented those six files.
MS SION:  Correct.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  So, if you are not pursuing A133, the victimisation complaint of Mr Bottrell against
Mr Devine, I will make an order then - - -
MS SION:  I don't think that order even needs to be made since that wasn't pursued in this court.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Well, the only thing that you've got - I don't understand, you see there was an order made that A132 was the proceeding that included all six, they were all consolidated.
MS SION:  That's right, and that document - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Can you just tell me - - -
MS SION:  The particulars of complaint is the document setting out the complaint for all six of those proceedings.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right.  Well, I think I then should strike out your other ones for the avoidance of doubt if you're not pursuing your victimisation ones.
MS SION:  I think that's already been done in that all the matters - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  When?  It hasn't bee done.
MS SION:  They were all consolidated into the one proceeding
by - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, so I am left with the six of them.  They're in the one proceeding, they're all being heard together.
MS SION:  That's right.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  You've got particulars of complaint listing all six.
MS SION:  That's right.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  A133 is a complaint of victimisation by
Mr Bottrell, is that to proceed or not?
MS SION:  I might just ask my instructing solicitor to explain how this (indistinct) worked.
VOICE:  My understanding is that when the matter was referred from the Equal Opportunity Commission there were six complaints.  Upon referral to VCAT they were randomly allocated separate numbers and there was nine in total in fact with the CSAPP and Michaelson ones.  Then we received a notice for a directions hearing in relation to these six before us today and we were required to attend at the Tribunal.  There was no indication from the Tribunal as to whether any of those complaint numbers related to particular - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  But they do.  We have nine files opened. 
VOICE:  We only received notification of the file numbers - - -
VOICE:  - - - and the fact that it had been upon referral from the Equal Opportunity Commission that we were required to attend before the Tribunal for fresh particulars of complaint to be filed which was later done, but - yes, on behalf of all of them but no victimisation and that was dropped quite some time ago.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:   All right, well - - -
VOICE:  And we did try - we had Peter Vickery QC try to attempt to put them altogether into one because essentially we only wanted to run one hearing and we were
instructed - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All I'm asking then are you pursuing the victimisation complaint as set out in the original complaint or not?  My difficulty is I've got jurisdiction with matters that have been referred to VCAT.  At the moment I essentially have six files still alive, two of those files are complaints of victimisation.  If your clients don't want to pursue it I'll make an order then to striking those out.
VOICE:  Those matters have not been pursued in the consolidated particulars of complaint.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Fine, for the avoidance of doubt then I will - do you want them withdrawn or do you want them - - -
VOICE:  We'll have them withdrawn, so that brings it down to four, is that your understanding?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, OK, I'll get rid of A133 and A134.  So A133 and A13 - I'll just make those orders now then.  So the complainant - there'll be a separate order in each one.  The complainant - you don't need leave in this jurisdiction, do you, so the complaint of victimisation is withdrawn.  OK, so you can see why I'm asking the questions because I get the - there have been six files, essentially two respondents, Mr Gray has only brought complaints in relation to what's in that material you've already drawn my attention to, however, Mr Bottrell separately made complaints of victimisation and if you're not relying on that there's no evidence of those - of what I was asking about, you can't point me to any instances where that happened and whatever it is, I'm happy to make the orders then we're just withdrawing those, all right.  So that brings us back to the other four. 
           Now, let me collect my thoughts and see where we are.  So when he's referring in his things to the "second words" he's referring to Dr Michaelson's.
MS SION:  That's right.  Both the "first words" and the "second words" are authored by Dr Michaelson.  The second one is simply accessible through the - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Through the website.
MS SION:  Correct.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right.  And what are you saying, are you saying that they're still there, Ms Proust, on the website?  Are they still accessible?  What about
the - - -
MS PROUST: I accessed the "Gaiaguys" website on a regular basis for the purpose of this proceeding.  The offending words in both categories, it's more accurate to say the second set of words is still intact on the website, however, the first set of words is quite a long list of incoherent ramblings, if I may, which is updated up to three times a day with further information.  So in its identical form it's not present today, however, in it's extended and furthered form it is certainly present and the copy of the document that we handed up to you earlier today is just a small sample of their works.  That's just the home page.  Everything that has an underline on it you can click on for a further listing of 65 pages or so.
MS SION:  And I should add that one of those links takes us to the page where it says "Index of documents in the VCAT proceeding" and it has each of the respondents - sorry, each of the complainants' witness statements online and accessible.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  So where's that in the - where's that?
MS SION:  On p.2 of 71 there is an updated - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  No, I've got 65 pages.
MS SION:  We must have printed them at different times of day.  Number 65, we'll just grab the right reference.  On p.2 of 65 it says "Updated.  Please click here for our index to our main items about "Gaiaguys" versus the Ordo Templi Orientis Freemasons."  When you click onto that - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, where is it on the page?
MS SION:  The second paragraph.
MS SION:  There's a little sort of highlighted star around "updated" at the top.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  "Please click on here for our index to our main items about so and so," is that it?
MS SION:  Yes, that's right.
MS SION:  And that's when you get the index of documents in this proceeding, which includes - - -
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  And have you got a copy of the attachment or the link or the material?
MS SION:  Yes, I'll hand that up now.  As I say, there's a copy of each of the three witness statements that we rely on in this proceeding.  There's also an expert report there.  That was the expert report that we obtained.  It hasn't been filed with the Tribunal because there was no issues - there was no issue as to whether or not the OTO was a religion.  We obtained the report because in the - in anticipation that there might be some issue but there hadn't been.  In any event, it is also on this website and we're unaware as to how they actually got a copy of that report.
              I should also point out what my instructing solicitors says which is that in the document you've got of 65 pages, as she's mentioned that every single underlined part is another link and it's just horrendous how much material has been published and, as you can imagine, has caused the complainants significant amount of distress and it is updated, as I said, up to three times daily.  As soon as any action in this proceeding occurs it is uploaded almost immediately afterwards and hence why they really need to put a stop to it.
           There's also cartoons that are derogatory towards the OTO of them advocating torture and child sacrifice and gratification of sexual proclivities.  Throughout the whole document there's cartoons at different places.  There's lots of material that we could hand up, all the different cartoons, all the different links, all the different attachments.  We haven't printed out all of them obviously.  There is a cartoon here, if the Tribunal would like to have a look at it.  It's simply more of the same of what the Tribunal has already been provided with.
           Are there any other further issues?
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes.  The terms of settlement, what standing have they got?
MS SION:  No standing in this proceeding other than to assist the Tribunal.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  So they're public.
MS SION:  Yes, they are.  They're the last line of the terms of settlement so they are public.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  Yes, OK.  All right.  Now, really then the only issue then is the question of damages, if I'm satisfied of the - yes, I think maybe the better thing to do at the moment is just leave that with me because I think I'll have to give some consideration to how I might proceed on that depending on what my findings are. 
           With the costs, we would normally not award costs on scale, do you, in this jurisdiction?  We'd be looking more at the Scale A costs.  I'll just make that comment.  Just depending on what I then think about the issue about damages, we'll let you know if there's anything more the Tribunal needs to know.
MS SION:  That would be appreciated.  We are in the Tribunal's hands in relation to damages and we are prepared to undertake to (indistinct) and provide submissions based on the Tribunal's comments.  I understand that will require us returning on another date, however, if it could be done by written submissions we would be cooperative in that respect.
DEPUTY PRESIDENT:  All right.  We'll certainly send out the orders withdrawing A133 and 134 just to finalise those two files and you'll hear in due course.
- - -

From: "gaiaguys" < >
To: < >; < >; < >; < >; <>
Subject: Top level investigation required in relation to Ordo Templis Orientis
Date: Thursday, 2 June 2005 10:21 AM

Re: Top level investigation required.

Ordo Templi Orientis rites of Babalon for Queens Birthday weekend

Dear Police Minister, Police Commissioner, Premier Bracks, Mr Overland and Mr Cecchin,

We are writing to you now because it has come to our attention that there may be one or more murders and/or suicides planned for Melbourne for the Queens Birthday weekend and we hope Victoria Police will recognise the need to investigate the Ordo Templi Orientis in light of this. It constitutes, at least, further evidence that they may be actually responsible for the crimes that have been reported to you by victims and victim advocates to date. We understand that you have received information about this network before and have not taken steps to investigate, although a logical analysis of the information provided on the websites of the Ordo Templi Orientis demonstrates that they endorse violent crimes. Because of our obligation to report crime and attempt to protect defenceless members of our community in the astonishing inaction to date from the authorities we are forced to publish this notice on our webpage at

Please acknowledge receipt of this important message.

Yours sincerely,

Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine

(Details of aforementioned event follow)


In February the New Zealand Ordo Templi Orientis announced its performance, or video performance of a (bloody) rite of Babalon for the Australian National O.T.O. meeting to be held in Melbourne on the June 10th - 13th, Queen's Birthday weekend.

Following are details which can be confirmed by searching or following the provided internet locations.

The notice of the performance of this rite is in the Feb 2005 New Zealand OTO newsletter which can be viewed here. The Australian OTO webpage does not mention this event at all.

Regarding the June 10-13th Australian National meeting (The Rites of Babalon - ANA, Melbourne), the Kantharos (New Zealand) OTO newsletter says,

"This years' Australian National meeting will be held in Melbourne during the June long weekend - June 10th to 13th. The theme will be BABALON in her many aspects, appropriate for the Queens' Birthday holiday. Each local body, as well as Kantharos Lodge, will perform an original Rite of BABALON based upon one of Her many aspects. There will be seven rites. Our Lodge has chosen Liber 156 as the basis of its elucidation of Babalon Minerval initiations will also be performed on the Friday night, if you would like to make use of this opportunity. An AGM is scheduled for Saturday morning and a Gnostic Mass will take place on the Monday. Rather than a performance, we have an idea to produce a flash video of the ilk of the short film to be found at this web address - "

Liber 156 states:.".2. Thou shalt drain out thy blood that is thy life into the golden cup of her fornication. 3. Thou shalt mingle thy life with the universal life. Thou shalt keep not back one drop. 4. Then shall thy brain be dumb, and thy heart beat no more, and all thy life shall go from thee. ... 9. Thou hast health; slay thyself in the fervour of thine abandonment unto Our Lady. Let thy flesh hang loose upon thy bones, and thine eyes glare with thy quenchless lust unto the Infinite, with thy passion for the Unknown, for Her that is beyond Knowledge the accursed one. 10. Thou hast love; tear thy mother from thine heart, and spit in the face of thy father. Let thy foot trample the belly of thy wife, and let the babe at her breast be the prey of dogs and vultures. 11. For if thou dost not this with thy will, then shall We do this despite thy will. So that thou attain to the Sacrament of the Graal in the Chapel of Abominations"....SEE COMPLETE RITUAL BELOW ]

Judging by the OTO's own religious texts and statements and by evidence provided to police of the activities of ritual abusers operating in Victoria it is wise to assume that when they say "perform a rite" they could mean just that, and not "perform a theatrical performance based on a rite".

Where might this take place?

In the May 2005 Kantharos OTO Newsletter they refer again to the ANA Festival Melbourne, referring to a likely workshop by Sr OSIS on the Latihan, (which is "a collective form of transcendence" according to a Berkely California website). They indicate the venue for that by providing its website which describes a venue on the Great Ocean Road complete with directions. Is this the same place where local OTO bodies will perform the original Rites of BABALON? There is no mention of the June 10th -13th event on the opeia web page but the place certainly is geared up to festivals of fire and such, (e.g.. "If you do subscribe, remember, not every event is necessarily to your taste"..)

So, to reiterate. According to the above the New Zealand group, the Kantharos Lodge, will perform an original Rite of Babalon, Liber 156 which sounds like someone being forced to kill him or herself, at the least.

Important context.
The OTO Australian National Officer David Botrill, explained in a February 4th document to the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria that ,

"The Book of the Law is the primary religious text of Thelema." "The OTO is an international body of men and women dedicated to the promotion of Thelema and securing the liberty of the individual, and his or her advancement in light, life and love. These principles are taught through a graded series of degrees, or initiations, and understood through practical engagement with these mysteries in the initiate's own life. "

The book of the Law clearly advocates torture, violent rape, child sacrifice, the right for members to do as they will, and much more. "Do what thy wilt is the whole of the law". Other Thelemic texts contain the statement that that man has the right to kill those who would thwart him.

Further point.
The prophet of Thelema , Aleister Crowley, was clearly not being "poetic" when he wrote the following during World War II, published in an OTO California newsletter,. Baphomet Breeze, Volume III - Number 3, Autumnal Equinox, 1988 .

"We live in a time of insane excitement; we count that day lost when less than 50,000 harmless people have met with death in its most horrible forms, and even that is rather homely fare; plentiful sauce of rape, torture, and cold-blooded murders on the largest scale must be poured over the dish to make is truly piquant, and send us to bed, patting our stomachs, with the reflection that life need not be dull and monotonous, after all. "

This excerpt is immediately followed in the OTO California newsletter by the below, presumably from the newsletter editor.

"P.S. Note the vehemence of the spirit of Liber AL; [Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law] even its calmest passages throb with fierce energy. You must capture this savage, elemental rapture and communicate it to every one you meet!"

Since the OTO, David Botrill, OTO Treasurer Steven King and another Victorian member, Brent Grey have a court cases against us with the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria, and the Victorian Council Administrative and Appeals Tribunal wherein we are accused of religious vilification and victimisation, and with the Australian Capital Territory Magistrates Court for defamation (intriguingly, closely preceding the National Meeting by days) their details can be accessed via those bodies.

More details of Australian OTO local bodies can be found at the bottom of this page.

Following is the complete Liber 156, numerous copies of which can be found on occult-related websites, including OTO websites.

A.'. A.'.
Publication in Class A.
N. Fra A.'. A.'.

1. This is the secret of the Holy Graal, that is the sacred vessel of our Lady the Scarlet Woman, Babalon the Mother of Abominations, the bride of Chaos, that rideth upon our Lord the Beast.
2. Thou shalt drain out thy blood that is thy life into the golden cup of her fornication.

3. Thou shalt mingle thy life with the universal life. Thou shalt keep not back one drop.

4. Then shall thy brain be dumb, and thy heart beat no more, and all thy life shall go from thee; and thou shalt be cast out upon the midden, and the birds of the air shall feast upon thy flesh, and thy bones shall whiten in the sun.

5. Then shall the winds gather themselves together, and bear thee up as it were a little heap of dust in a sheet that hath four corners, and they shall give it unto the guardians of the abyss.

6. And because there is no life therein, the guardians of the abyss shall bid the angels of the winds pass by. And the angels shall lay thy dust in the City of the Pyramids, and the name thereof shall be no more. {25}

7. Now therefore that thou mayest achieve this ritual of the Holy Graal, do thou divest thyself of all thy goods.

8. Thou hast wealth; give it unto them that have need thereof, yet no desire toward it.

9. Thou hast health; slay thyself in the fervour of thine abandonment unto Our Lady. Let thy flesh hang loose upon thy bones, and thine eyes glare with thy quenchless lust unto the Infinite, with thy passion for the Unknown, for Her that is beyond Knowledge the accursed one.

10. Thou hast love; tear thy mother from thine heart, and spit in the face of thy father. Let thy foot trample the belly of thy wife, and let the babe at her breast be the prey of dogs and vultures.

11. For if thou dost not this with thy will, then shall We do this despite thy will. So that thou attain to the Sacrament of the Graal in the Chapel of Abominations.

12. And behold! if by stealth thou keep unto thyself one thought of thine, then shalt thou be cast out into the abyss for ever; and thou shalt be the lonely one, the eater of dung, the afflicted in the Day of Be-with-Us.

13. Yea! verily this is the Truth, this is the Truth, this is the Truth. Unto thee shall be granted joy and health and wealth and wisdom when thou art no longer thou.

14. Then shall every gain be a new sacrament, and it shall not defile thee; thou shalt revel with the wanton in the market-place, and the virgins shall fling roses upon thee, and the merchants bend their knees and bring thee gold and spices. Also young boys shall pour wonderful wines for thee, and the singers and the dancers shall sing and dance for thee. {26}

15. Yet shalt thou not be therein, for thou shalt be forgotten, dust lost in dust.

16. Nor shall the aeon itself avail thee in this; for from the dust shall a white ash be prepared by Hermes the Invisible.

17. And this is the wrath of God, that these things should be thus.

18. And this is the grace of God, that these things should be thus.

19. Wherefore I charge you that ye come unto me in the Beginning; for if ye take but one step in this Path, ye must arrive inevitably at the end thereof.

20. This Path is beyond Life and Death; it is also beyond Love; but that ye know not, for ye know not Love.

21. And the end thereof is known not even unto Our Lady or to the Beast whereon She rideth; nor unto the Virgin her daughter nor unto Chaos her lawful Lord; but unto the Crowned Child is it known? It is not known if it be known.

22. Therefore unto Hadit and unto Nuit be the glory in the End and the Beginning; yea, in the End and the Beginning.
Here are the details of the New Zealand OTO -Kantharos Lodge Ordo Templi Orientis, PO Box 6722, Wellesley Sty,Auckland,

The OTO New Zealand group links to

Here are a list of Australian local bodies, as provided on the OTO Australia web site
OTO Australia Inc
ABN 40 062 646 155
PO Box 2093
Strawberry Hills NSW 2011

email -


email -


Darkwood Oasis O.T.O.
P.O. Box 347
Bellingen, NSW 2454

email -

Oceania Lodge O.T.O
The Secretary
Oceania Lodge O.T.O.
PO Box 269
Enmore, NSW 2042

email -


Company of Heaven Oasis O.T.O.
PO Box 7163
Gardenvale, VIC 3185

email -


Parsifal Encampment O.T.O
PO Box 2030
Redcliffe North, QLD 4020

email -


Alpha and Omega Lodge O.T.O.
PO Box 8178, Station Arcade
Adelaide SA 5000

email -
forum -


Southern Cross Oasis O.T.O.
PO Box 59
Lake Grace, WA 6353

email -


Burley Griffin Oasis O.T.O.
PO Box 6193 Lanyon LPO

email -

From: "DP&C" <dp&>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, 16 June 2005 3:41 PM


Ms Vivienne Legg and Mr Dyson Devine

Dear Ms Legg and Mr Devine


Thank you for providing the Premier with a copy 
[sic] of your email of 2 June
2005 concerning Ordo Templi Orientis Australia.

I note that you have also written to the Department of Justice,
[sic] which will
take your concerns into consideration.

Thank you for again for writing.

Yours sincerely

Ministerial Correspondence UnitThis Department, in accordance with the
Public Records Act 1973, will collect and store the information you have
provided. Should you have any queries regarding access to your personal
information held by this Department please contact the Privacy Officer,
Department of Premier & Cabinet, Level 2, 1 Treasury Place, East Melbourne


Diana K.

Senior Conciliator & Review Officer at ACT Human Rights Commission
March 14, 2016, Diana and Han were students together
I have had the pleasure of being classmates, friends and industry colleagues with Han Nguyen since 2009.

Han is bright, motivated, confident and enthusiastic in all that she does. She has a passion for work that promotes well-being in humanity. I first met Han as a fellow student at Bond University and as a student, she was committed to the scholarship of law, always keen to learn more and increase her knowledge of various subject areas, and in particular, social justice areas. She was a leader in student government and organisations, often motivating others like me with her passion for change.

As an industry colleague, Han and I became legal practitioners in separate jurisdictions - Han in Singapore and I in Australia. Although our paths diverged, we remained supportive friends and industry peers for each other and often reflected on our paths and our roles in the legal system. For Han, her work with the Subordinate Courts in Singapore provided invaluable insight into the complexities of justice systems and social policies. She remained an active researcher, ensuring her practices and the Court's practices reflected innovative ideas and approaches that demonstrated success. She has a strong working understanding of policy and I am confident that she would deliver high-quality outcomes in roles that require a skilled appreciation of legal and judicial policy and practice, in Singapore, Australia and abroad.

In recent times, I have encouraged Han to explore her interest in alternative dispute resolution through mediation. I am of the view that Han would be a dedicated and skilled ADR practitioner who has demonstrated strengths in active listening, the ability to reframe conflict into issues for mutual gain, and her natural focus on problem-solving for positive outcomes and ongoing relationships. Without fail, Han is personable, pleasant and optimistic in her work and in all of her interpersonal relationships.

I would have no hesitation highly recommending Han. She has and will continue to achieve great things.

What's Beyond Freemasonry?

Book Review:

Blood on the Altar

    Reviewed by Cornelia R. Ferreira

Reprinted without permission from Catholic Family News, August 2005
As Vatican II commenced, a little-known secret society, the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO), conducted a ceremony to celebrate the opening of the Council.  The OTO's occult icon, the "Stele of Revealing," was carried across Germany from Hamburg to Zurich, then onwards to Stein, where it was borne into the OTO's chapel, with bells ringing, for a Gnostic ritual. (p. 103)  Just what is this Ordo Templis Orientis, and what advance knowledge did it have of the Council's designs that caused it to celebrate?  These questions are answered in Blood on the Altar as Craig Heimbichner unravels the history and workings of what he calls the world's most dangerous secret society, the power behind the Invisible Government or Cryptocracy.
The Cryptocracy is involved in the transformation or "alchemical processing" of mass consciousness by psychological mind manipulation.  With the help of the secret societies, tests are set up and responses measured, to "shape" world events. (pp. 5-6, 15, 137)  The goal is to have the masses live as controlled puppets in the Masonic New World Order.     Established a century ago, the OTO is the "graduate school" of Freemasonry, and is self-titled the "Masonic Academy."  It contains all the degrees of Masonry and Illuminism and is the highest secret society for elite Freemasons.  An international organization, the OTO is a tax-exempt organized religion in the United States. (pp. 13-14, 25, 76, 87, 91-92).  The writings of its long-time head, British Intelligence agent and satanist Aleister Crowley (d. 1947), who called himself the Great Beast 666, reveal the OTO is grounded in satanism.
Crowley called Satan "my Lord" and said, with regards to the OTO, "We have no scruple in restoring 'devil worship.'" (p. 28)   However, in the OTO, the devil worship is not openly done under the name of Satan, but surreptitiously under the name of the goat-headed satanic idol Baphomet.  Also termed Lion and Serpent, Baphomet is worshipped as God in the Gnostic Mass, the OTO's central liturgy (pp. 29-30).
Composed by Crowley, the Gnostic Mass is not a Black Mass, i.e., a reversed Catholic Mass, but a blasphemous parody of the Catholic Mass. (p. 15)     It is very important to understand that the roots of Freemasonry intertwine with Judaism, as it helps us to see the hand of Masonry behind the Judaizers in the Catholic Church. 
All Masonry, says Mr. Heimbichner, is subordinate to Judaism.  A "key operative" in the establishment of the OTO was a member of the B'nai B'rith, which is Jewish Freemasonry. (p. 89)    The essence of Freemasonry, Mr. Heimbichner says (pp. 8-9), can be traced to the Sumerian worship of Satan ("Shaitan") that passed into ancient Egypt and Babylon.  The ancient forms of devil worship were then preserved and passed down through the oral teaching of the Jewish rabbis as the "traditions of the ancients or elders," strongly condemned by Jesus Christ (Mk. 7:1-13; Mt. 15:1-9).
After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D., the oral teaching was gradually written down in what became the Talmud and the Kabbalah.  The Talmud and Kabbalah, the latter being completely gnostic and black-magical, form the basis of Judaism, a religion "utterly distinct" from the Old Testament religion of the Israelites.  Judaism is "a sect top-heavy with unscriptural, man-made tradition and pagan superstition." Mr. Heimbichner cites Jewish authorities on the Kabbalah and experts on occult symbolism to expose the fact that certain Kabbalist rites correspond to the occult Hindu Tantric yoga techniques of sex magick.  These depraved rituals are a continuation of the temple magic of the Canaanites, Babylonians and other nations, which drew down the wrath of God.  Their purpose in Judaism is to fuse the male and female aspects of divinity to produce the androgynous, balanced, "completed male" Jew, the "body of God," called Adam Kadmon.
"The duty of pious Jews," says a Kabbalah authority quoted by Mr. Heimbichner, is to recite a Kabbalist formula daily to mystically promote this unity. (pp. 77-78, 86, 136) The Jewish Encyclopedia admits, says Mr. Heimbichner, that Jewish gnosticism includes occult magick and it inspired Christian Gnosticism. (p. 88)  This occultism was also transmitted through the Manichaeans, Cathars and other groups, eventually corrupting the twelfth-century Knights Templar, transforming it into an occult Order.  The Order was condemned and closed down by the Church for worshipping Baphomet and practising sodomy - which occultists consider "advanced" sex magick (pp. 9, 80).
The Templar tradition made its way into Freemasonry, and sex magick "lies at the heart of top-level Freemasonry such as exists in the OTO."  It is the "supreme secret" of Masonry, known only to high Masons. (pp. 77, 81, 95)  There is sex magick in the eighth and ninth degrees of the OTO and homosexuality in the eleventh, its highest degree (pp. 88, 113).  And even the lowest levels of Masonry, the Blue Lodge, teach the gnostic denial of God and the affirmation of man as God, ruler of himself, a "risen" divinity - i.e., a type of Antichrist. (pp. 81-82)
The Double Mind
Craig Heimbichner reveals that this teaching is a typical OTO/Masonic deception.  Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Masonry, confessed in his 1871 book  Morals and Dogma, which is "the defining dogmatic statement of Masonic belief," that Blue Lodge members are deliberately deceived as to the meanings of Masonic symbols.  Only the "Adepts," or "Elect" get to know the occult secrets.  It is the purpose of Masonry, said Pike, "to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from [low-level Masons]." (pp. 56-58)  As Mr. Heimbichner notes, "the illusion of self-rulership and divinity is used as an intoxicating drug to inoculate dupes both in the lodges and outside into believing themselves omnipotent and omniscient," above possible enslavement or deception. (p. 82)     
The actual "light" that Masons pledge to seek, and which is found in the highest levels of Masonry, Pike taught, must be received from Lucifer, the "Light-Bearer."  He said the search for Light leads back to the Kabbalah, and Crowley affirms this, also asserting that the Kabbalah is the "whole basis" of the OTO.  Thus, concludes Mr. Heimbichner, "Freemasonry is a nursery of Luciferianism from which promising candidates are selected [for higher degrees], while others are left forever in the dark, content to exploit their good-old-boy connections and play their charity charade." (pp. 58, 116-17)   
Satan being the father of lies, Masonic "charity" is a veneer hiding the true purpose of Freemasonry, which is the totalitarian control of the world according to Kabbalistic principles.  Mr. Heimbichner notes that "the Masonic identification with Lucifer is an attempt to invoke the supernatural force that energizes tyrannical rule," and he cites Scriptural passages that compare tyrannical kings with Satan.  In modern times, we have the French Revolution and Communism, both "imposed in the name of lofty masonic ideals of fraternity and equality, and Judeo-Bolshevik promises of paradise for workers and peasants." (pp. 59-60)    
Mr. Heimbichner makes the important observation that the Kabbalistic attempt to merge a male and female divinity, as well as combine two opposing pillars of Mercy and Severity in its Tree of Life, indicates its inherently contradictory - indeed, dialectical - nature.  It produces a "Double Mind," which, as practised by its Masonic/OTO disciples, generates "a hypnosis of confusing but convincing double-talk." (p. 61)  Readers will undoubtedly recall George Orwell's portrayal in 1984 of the insanity-producing double-think that characterizes a totalitarian society.  Control over a person's mind is complete when you can get him to simultaneously hold two contradictory ideas as equally valid.    
The androgynous Baphomet, worshipped by the OTO, symbolizes the Double Mind, i.e., two-faced duplicity.  This accounts for the deception practised on Masons themselves.  But seeking total world control, the OTO has also been spreading double-think through society and the Church, attempting to control both the Left pillar of libertarianism and radical hedonism, and the Right pillar of preference for authoritarian, aristocratic rule and classical culture.  Mr. Heimbichner has tracked the infiltration of OTO members into the US government and military, NASA, Hollywood, the FBI, Right-wing "patriot" groups and the New Age Movement.  He provides examples of how its wide-ranging influence on the elite has allowed it to transform the masses, "spreading the 'energy of Satan' across the planet." (pp. 17, 119-29)  He uses the example of OTO leader James Wasserman to illustrate how the OTO infiltrates the Right Wing, and states that he and other investigators have compiled evidence of occult agents in the Traditional Mass movement. (pp. 35-40, 44)   
Certainly this reviewer has encountered double-minded Traditionalists who promote a "Catholic" occultism, even suggesting that the Black Mass could be licit.  Other Traditionalists delve into the trance-induced "prophecies" of Nostradamus or constantly seek out modern, unapproved seers.  And Traditionalists who wonder if St. John in "The Last Supper" painting is actually Mary Magdalene have been alchemically processed by the blasphemous libel against Jesus Christ and His Church in "The Da Vinci Code. " Outside the Traditionalist movement, transformation is a splendid success. The clearest indications are the refusal of neo-conservatives to criticize Pope John Paul's syncretism and sacrilege-laden Masses, though knowing these actions to be wrong; and the bid to canonize him as a martyr although he died peacefully in bed and loved by the world.
The Law of Thelema
    Attempting to destroy Christian morality, OTO head Aleister Crowley preached the Law of Thelema: "Do as you will," or, as it is known in popular jargon, "Do your own thing."  He highly influenced the hippie movement and the use of psychedelic drugs.  Crowley was popularized by the Beatles and other rock stars, Hollywood and major bookstores. (pp. 48-50, 130)  His engagement in animal sacrifice, and his call for human sacrifice, may have been a factor in the Manson murders. (pp. 18-22)
With disciple Gerald Gardner, he created the modern system of Wicca or "white witchcraft," which is not traditional witchcraft, but the "witchcraft" and goddess-worship practised by feminists and modernist Catholic nuns.  The Harry Potter films and books, which promote the notion of the "good witch," have been credited by the Pagan Federation of England for interesting thousands of teenagers in witchcraft.
Disney films, TV shows and pop stars also pitch Wicca to the young, observes Mr. Heimbichner. (pp. 16, 52-54)  Aleister Crowley Tarot cards not only introduce youth to the OTO, but also are the basis of role-playing computer games that increasingly feature dark themes, bloodletting and OTO demons. (pp. 24-27)     Given his own use of sexual magick, the bisexual Crowley preached that all perversions should be practised openly, and that "all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act."  Mr. Heimbichner comments that "his advice has been taken to heart by the Hollywood entertainment industry and the New York publishing houses," whilst some OTO members have promoted "man/boy love."
Further, he says, the notorious 'sexologist' Alfred Kinsey (d. 1956), whose influence on sex education helped to erode American morality, was a friend of Crowley, whom he cited as a "major inspiration."  Kinsey "was a pederast who used hundreds of children in sex acts connected with his famed 'medical research,'" but was glorified in a 2004 Hollywood movie from Fox studio. (pp. 16-17, 117)     
Mr. Heimbichner makes two important points here.  First, his research shows that the roots of this spreading cancer of pedophilia, that has even tarnished the Catholic priesthood, actually lie not in Crowley or the OTO, but in the Talmud. (p. 114)  Second, given its own promotion of immorality, media outrage regarding clerical homosexuality betrays its Double Mind and its part in mass hypnosis.  Media double-think in any context "tests the trance-state of the populace," i.e., what the masses will accept as official news or explanations.  The programming or transforming of minds is then adjusted depending on the response. (p. 112)   
Mr. Heimbichner provides double-speak examples from the Talmud and Jewish man-made laws of "rabbinical sanctions of child molestation," even against girls younger than three years old.  Not surprisingly, "sodomy in the synagogue," says Mr. Heimbichner, "is a well-kept secret."  He cites a recent report in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, "that decades of sodomizing of [male Talmud school] students was permitted and covered up by 'the greatest of the ultra-Orthodox rabbis.'"  There is, of course, no outcry in the controlled Western media. (pp. 114-16)  Meanwhile, our formerly Christian societies have been "transformed" to accept sexual perversity as a human right, and the institutionalization of perverse liasons as "marriage."  It is only a matter of time and further re-education before pedophilia is sanctioned because "Crowley regarded any separation between homosexuality and pederasty as artificial and absurd and refused to restrict himself."  Restriction, he taught, is Sin.  Mr. Heimbichner observes, "The 'Sin of Restriction'" is now viewed by influential American educators, journalists and judges precisely as Crowley viewed it."  (pp. 117-18)   
Now, it is quite obvious today's world is completely youth-oriented.  Laws ensure that youth are not disciplined.  Education is "child-centered."  Fashions, music and entertainment are geared towards the young consumer. Political parties have youth wings, the age of voting is being lowered, and governments and the United Nations seek the input of youth.  Even the Catholic Church has got in on the act, preaching Crowley's  Law of Thelema - do as you will - to the young. There are youth or children's "Masses," highly corrupted to appeal to them. Youth are encouraged to discuss - criticize - traditional beliefs and practices of the Church.  Instead of teaching them to follow the Commandments of God and the Church, they are taught to discover their own values and devise their own spirituality.  This Thelemic pandering culminates in the wild extravaganzas called World Youth Days.     
It just so happens that Aleister Crowley predicted (pp. 50-51) that the advance of "Crowleyanity" in mainstream culture would engender the "'Aeon of Horus,' the age of the Crowned and Conquering Child," which would overthrow the "Aeon of Osiris," the age of the "Dying God."  In other words, says Mr. Heimbichner, Crowley's New Age is one in which "God the Father is thrown off by Horus the Child," as a rebellious youth culture emerges.  (As Pope Leo XIII explained in his indictment of Freemasonry, Humanum Genus, Masonry controls the masses, especially youth, through the "gospel of pleasure.")  Crowley further planned that both the " Left-wing" rebellion and the "Right-wing" reaction would be controlled by the OTO.  So, for instance, we have both society and the diocesan-level Church, through programs for parents of allegedly homosexual youth, brainwashing parents to accept their children's sinful "lifestyle" (the battle for getting them to accept cohabitation has already been won).
Blood on the Altar
In the early twentieth century, the OTO nearly succeeded in placing one of its Satanist members on the Papal throne.  Mariano Cardinal Rampolla, Secretary of State under Leo XIII, was elected to the papacy after Leo's death.  Only the exercising by Emperor Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary of the emperor's long-standing privilege of vetoing a papal election, led to the removal of Rampolla and the election of Pope St. Pius X instead.  But through Rampolla, who "influenced key men," "the OTO had the opportunity to give counsel, plant seeds and ultimately shape policy within the Vatican" in the following decades, notes Mr. Heimbichner.  He follows the trail of influence down to Freemason Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, architect of the destruction of the Tridentine Mass. (pp. 100-102)
It is noteworthy that besides including Rampolla in its list of members in its 1917 Manifesto, the Judaic OTO also claimed the Chiefs of several Catholic Orders of Knights as "initiates of the highest rank."  These included the Knights of St. John, Malta and the Holy Sepulchre. (pp. 91-92)   
Which brings us back to why the OTO celebrated the opening of Vatican II.  It obviously had advance knowledge of the Judaization, occultization and Thelemization of the Church that would now take place openly.  The breaking down of the true Church and erection of a false, anti-Catholic Counterchurch, hardly noticed by the gradually hypnotized Catholic grassroots, shows the OTO's faith in Vatican II was not misplaced.  Indeed, in 1970, narrates Mr. Heimbichner, a portrait painted by a German Lutheran depicted a "repellent, evil" Paul VI, clutching a dagger and destroying St. Peter's Basilica, whilst surrounded by Illuminati and Satanic symbols.
The pontiff cooly commented that the portrait was "a mirror of the situation in the Church today," and that "one almost needs a new philosophy to grasp the meaning of this in its context."  This new philosophy is the philosophy of Thelema or self-will, explains Mr. Heimbichner, whilst the context of the Church's destruction is the Aeon of Horus, in which the satanic Masonic New Age replaces Christianity. (pp. 106-7, 136)   
The final Aeon proclaimed by Crowley will be the Aeon of Maat, the era of the Antichrist or the false Jewish Messiah.  At that time, says Mr. Heimbichner, "Freemasonic leaders hope to finally fulfill their Third Degree ritual by rebuilding Solomon's Temple so that blood may again flow upon Jerusalem's altar, defiantly reversing and nullifying, in the Talmudic and occult mind, the blood of Christ."
As Crowley exclaimed to a Jewish rabbi: "Let Anti-Christ arise, let Him announce to Israel its integrity."  The OTO is paving the way for the "hoped-for Judeo-Masonic dream of rebuilding the Temple of Solomon so that the blood of animals may once again be present at the rabbinical altar."  How close are we to this event?  Well, Mr. Heimbichner cites a rabbi who says Jewish tradition calls for the re-establishment of the Jewish Sanhedrin as "a necessary condition for the rebuilding of the Temple."
He then quotes an Israeli news report of October 14, 2004, that announced, "After secretive preparations that lasted for over a year, the Sanhedrin ... will resume its operation after 1,500 years." (pp. 125-26, 129-30)   
Craig Heimbichner ends his book warning that we must sacrifice our time and energy in the pursuit of truth. We must reject the Double Mind, cast off the Thelemic trance and reverse the alchemical-hypnotic process so that we are not sacrificed on the OTO's altar, for our damnation. (p. 135)    Of course, as Catholics, the way to avoid having a Double Mind is to stick firmly to Tradition, shun all novelty, and reject the fantastick.
Cornelia Ferreira is co-author, with John Vennari, of World Youth Day: From Catholicism to Counterchurch, which analyzes occult infiltration of Catholicism and offers a devastating portrait of the shipwreck that was the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.

(Dr) Reina Michaelson
Executive Director
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program Inc.
P. O. Box 80
Briar Hill 3088



3 March 2004

Dear Chief Commissioner Nixon, Assistant Commissioner Underwood and Inspector Kurd,

It is with great disappointment that I write to you all. Whilst you have each earnestly assured me that the current investigation into my allegations of an organised child pornography network and police corruption within Victoria would be both rigorous and genuine, my experiences of this investigation to date serve only to confirm my concerns that this case is being mishandled, at best, and at worst, actively covered up.

I would like to cite a number of examples of recent events that have significantly undermined my faith in the current investigation.


Last year I drew your attention to the fact that there have been other reports of the organised child pornography network which were the subject of my own allegations. I highlighted this issue due to the fact that representatives of Victoria Police had reacted to my own allegations as if such reports had never been made before.

Inspector Kurd responded to my assertion that Victoria Police has received other reports of this criminal network with a denial that any reports have been made, or at least, in his thorough search of the data base he found no such reports.

My request that he ask Jim Neel (police officer) if he has ever received any information concerning this network resulted in Jim Neel's statement that he has never received any such information. A similar request to ask Noreen Maccabie (police officer) resulted in her response that she "can't recall". Finally, my request that Graham Hardy (police officer) also be asked resulted in his admission that he had been involved in the investigation of a previous complaint concerning this criminal network.

All of these police officers have been identified by witnesses as having received information concerning this criminal network, and being involved in the subsequent investigation.

The fact that there are numerous witnesses to attest to the involvement of Jim Neel and Noreen Maccabie, in spite of their denial and "can't recall" responses, suggests that there is something seriously amiss in this case. Furthermore, the fact that Inspector Kurd is prepared to accept responses of "can't recall" (Noreen Maccabie) and "don't recall" (by Graham Hardy, when asked which other police officers were in receipt of the information and involved in the subsequent investigation) is, quite simply, unacceptable. 

I simply cannot believe that Noreen Maccabie "can't recall" receiving allegations of child sex offences perpetrated by (arguably) Australia's most famous celebrity PLUS a former Minister of Police. I find it equally impossible to believe that Graham Hardy "does not recall" who assisted him in the investigation into these most extraordinary matters.

The issue of why this file could not (initially) be located within Victoria Police records is similarly disturbing. Inspector Kurd has reported that he could not find any reports of a criminal pedophile/child pornography network as described by me.

It must be highlighted here that Inspector Kurd was in possession of significant information pertaining to this criminal group, including the detailed dossier I presented to the Chief Commissioner in 2001.

The information provided by me and now in Inspector Kurd's possession highlighted the following components of the criminal network and its activities:

1. The criminal network involved high profile celebrities as offenders.

2. The criminal network involved politicians as offenders.

3. The offences included the production of child pornography.

4. The crimes committed included human sacrifice.

5. The criminal network engaged in activities that can be described as satanic-ritual-abuse.

Inspector Kurd previously stated that he was unable to locate one record of a complaint that matched my own allegations. (He later referred to an anonymous telephone call that had been made to Crimestoppers by me).

However, he has now conceded that a complaint was made to Victoria Police. He has stated that he did not believe the cases were the same, despite the fact that this complaint, made independently of my own, also includes the
following components:

1. The criminal network involved high profile celebrities as offenders.

2. The criminal network involved politicians as offenders.

3. The offences included the production of child pornography.

4. The crimes committed included human sacrifice.

5. The criminal network engaged in activities that can be described as satanic-ritual-abuse.

It is impossible to accept that Inspector Kurd could not recognise the overwhelming similarities between these two independently-made complaints to Victoria Police. 

The situation is made worse when Inspector Kurd conceded that Ernie Old and Rick Marks were identified as offenders by both myself as well as the original complainant, and yet, in his recent email, he stated

"To be quite honest Reina I am not even certain that the matter that Graham has told me about is the same matter as you have alleged." (2 March 2004)

It is outrageous that despite all of the overlaps described above (1 - 5), and in addition to these, the naming of two very prominent offenders (Ernie Old and Rick Marks) Inspector Kurd is suggesting that the reports
may not be referring to the same criminal network!

I am sure that every member of our community would be as dumbfounded by these events as I am.


I am concerned about the way in which the interview was conducted to obtain my (witness/complainant) statement concerning the threat to kill by Bob Sisterly I informed Inspector Kurd of my (witness/complainant) ill-health and specifically asked that he conduct his interview with appropriate sensitivity.

At the beginning of the interview Inspector Kurd explained to my (witness/complainant) the potential processes involved once a statement is made. I understand that this is necessary. However, Inspector Kurd spent a great deal of time emphasizing the fact that my (witness/complainant) may have to go to court and testify against Bob Sisterly. My (witness/complainant) became visibly distressed by this topic, but Inspector Kurd continued to emphasize this issue, despite my (witness/complainant) clear distress. I asked him to desist from going on about this issue as it was clearly distressing my (witness/complainant). In fact, my (witness/complainant) and I had to leave the room and go for a walk because she was so distressed. When we returned my (witness/complainant) stated that she wanted to proceed with the statement. Soon after this Inspector Kurd again repeated that she might have to face Bob Sisterly at court. At this point I expressed my dissatisfaction at Inspector Kurd's repeated emphasis of this issue despite my (witness/complainant) obvious distress. 

Inspector Kurd later apologised for this and stated that he would have been negligent if he did not explain the processes that occur after a statement is made. However, there is a difference between outlining possible processes in the future (which I accept) and continuing to refer to possible events that clearly result in the distress of the complainant.

My (witness/complainant), (witness) and I all perceived Inspector's Kurd's repeated references to court and my (witness/complainant) having to face Bob Sisterly to be a discouragement from making her statement. Thankfully, my (witness/complainant) was not totally put off and did proceed with the statement.

I remain concerned that Bob Sisterly is yet to be charged, despite witnesses to the events leading up to the threat (whom Inspector Kurd said it was unnecessary to interview) as well as Bob Sisterly's letter of admission. 


At the meeting attended by Inspector Kurd, Assistant Commissioner Underwood, Jane McLaurel and myself (24 November 2003) Inspector Kurd promised that neither Nick Flanagan, Jim Neel nor any of the other officers under investigation would have any influence over this investigation. This promise has been breached. It has come to my attention that Nick Flanagan, who is one of the subjects of this investigation, is taking an active part in this investigation and that Inspector Kurd has been complicit in this.

Specifically, it has come to my attention that Nick Flanagan informed Ms. Bridgitte McCarthy (a close colleague of Nick Flanagan) that I have made particular allegations. Nick Flanagan then informed Ms. McCarthy that Inspector Kurd is conducting an investigation and is seeking to obtain information about me, the complainant. Nick Flanagan then asked Ms. McCarthy to contact Inspector Kurd and she agreed to do so. Ms. McCarthy subsequently telephoned Inspector Kurd and Inspector Kurd indicated that he did not want to discuss the matter over the telephone and an appointment was arranged.

I find it immensely disconcerting that Inspector Kurd is conducting an investigation into me, the complainant. Inspector Lawrence Smythington has indicated that Victoria Police has already conducted an assessment of my credibility,
and that it is intact.

"It should be very re-assuring to you that your credibility has been questioned but has been found to be intact." (25 November 2003)

As such, there should be no need for an investigation into me. Why then is Inspector Kurd now conducting an investigation into me? If all is transparent and open, why have I not been informed of this "new" aspect to the investigation and why have I not been asked to provide my referees, while Inspector Kurd has allowed Nick Flanagan to play an active role in this "new" component of the investigation by informing him of what he is doing and then accepting his 'referrals'?

I find it THOROUGHLY and COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that Nick Flanagan, who is one of the subjects of the investigation, is directing his close colleagues to contact Inspector Kurd to provide information about me. And I find it intolerable that Inspector Kurd has been complicit in these unethical activities.

I have repeatedly asked that any meetings I have with Victoria Police investigators on this case (including Darren Underwood and Tony Kurd) be taped. However, I have repeatedly been met with the response such as

"In relation to your request to tape record the meeting, Darren has indicated reservations in relation to this course of action as it may suppress open dialogue and not be conducive to developing a trusting work relationship." (20 November 2003).

I have been encouraged not to tape such meetings, which has been to the detriment of my cause on a number of occasions, and yet the rationale for not taping such meetings has been centered on the issue of "trust". The fact
is, representatives of Victoria Police have repeatedly breached my trust and faith throughout this entire case, including this most recent investigation.

As I have stated so often in the past, I have always had great faith in Chief Commissioner Nixon. I have proceeded with the investigation by the Crime Department to demonstrate my goodwill and hope that Victoria Police will at last conduct an honest, competent and genuine investigation into the issues I have raised. However, the events that have occurred throughout this most recent investigation, from the denial of past complaints, to the handling of the case against Bob Sisterly, to the active involvement of Nick Flanagan in this investigation, have steadfastly eroded my faith and goodwill. 

The victims of organised child pornography and organised pedophilia deserve so much better than the appalling situation that exists in Victoria. I am sickened and saddened by Victoria Police's obvious decision not to conduct
an honest, competent and ethical investigation, and I am deeply disappointed in the Chief Commissioner's decision to allow such a deplorable situation to continue. 

I repeat my call for a Parliamentary Inquiry into this whole case.

Yours sincerely,

(Dr) Reina Michaelson
Executive Director

(Dr) Reina Michaelson
Executive Director
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program inc.

12 April 2004

Dear Chief Commissioner Nixon APM,

I am writing in response to the replies that have come from your office concerning requests for a Royal Commission into organised pedophilia, child pornography and police corruption in Victoria.

In your letter to Ms. (name withheld) and Ms. (name withheld) (31 March 2004), two professionals with expertise in the area of ritual abuse and torture of children and related criminal activity such as the production and distribution of child pornography, you stated

"Victoria Police will thoroughly investigate any allegations of this nature (pedophilia and child pornography)".

Unfortunately, your response failed to address the very point of why Ms. (name withheld) and Ms. (name withheld), along with so many others, are calling for a Royal Commission:

Victoria Police has consistently FAILED to conduct genuine and thorough investigations into organised pedophilia and child pornography in this state.

Similarly, when given the responsibility to investigate its own mis-handling of such complaints, Victoria Police has been shown to have failed in this task, with serious problems extending even to the Ethical Standards Department.

Here is a summary which I hope will illustrate to you why so many people are immensely concerned by this case and why so many people are appealing to you personally to instigate a Royal Commission.

1. A Department of Human Services inquiry concluded that the owners of a child care centre in the Mornington Peninsula region had allowed and possibly participated in the sexual abuse of children in their care.

2. The owner of the child care centre was never charged with a single offence and nor were any of the other alleged offenders.

3. The child-victims in this case independently reported being sexually abused by policemen.

4. The child-victims in this case independently identified a house where they were taken to and sexually abused. The house later turned out to be a police-officer's home.

5. A video-tape depicting police officers involved in the ritual abuse of children in this case was handed over to a detective and subsequently "lost" while in the possession of Victoria Police.

6. Members of Victoria Police (Crimestoppers) passed confidential information regarding child pornography and police corruption on to the unit at the centre of the corruption reports after having promised that the information would go straight to the Ethical Standards Division. Furthermore, the information was never passed on to ESD.

7. ESD appointed the close friend and colleague of the officers at the centre of the corruption reports to conduct the investigation, representing a major conflict of interest.

8. The ESD officer seconded to the Ombudsman's investigation failed to pass on significant information regarding the alleged active participation of police members in child pornography and ritual abuse of children and then lied about it.

9. Despite a promise being made that the police officers at the centre of corruption reports would not even know about the investigation, let alone have any involvement in it, it was revealed that at least one officer was shown to have both knowledge of and involvement in the investigation.

10. Previous complaints and investigations concerning this criminal network are legally most significant. However, the existence of previous complaints and/or investigations were initially DENIED by Victoria Police but later ADMITTED to.

11. Police officers involved in receiving previous information concerning this criminal network and/or participating in the investigation/s either outright denied having ever received such information, or stated they "cannot recall". One officer then admitted to the fact that previous report/s have been made and that he was involved in the investigation of one such complaint. When asked which other officers assisted in the investigation or were privy to the information he stated he "does not recall".

Many people have come forward with evidence concerning organised pedophilia, child pornography and police corruption in this state and Victoria Police has CONSISTENTLY let these people down.

Your current stance on this case has led many people to wonder whether or not you are complicit in what is so obviously a cover-up.

Please give the members of our community, especially the victims of these unspeakable crimes, a reason to believe in you and your integrity. I implore you to take courage in hand and instigate a Royal Commission.

I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,

(Dr) Reina Michaelson
Executive Director
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program inc.

From: "VCAT" <>
To: <>
Subject: Auto Reply
Date: Friday, 22 July 2005 4:57 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your e-mail has been received at the Victorian Civil and Administrative
Tribunal and will be forwarded to the appropriate area for attention.

Please note this is an automated response.

Internet Site Administrator

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Subject: Tribunal Reference Numbers: A132/2005, A133/2005 , A134/2005, A137/2005 & A139/2005
Date: Friday, 22 July 2005 11:23 AM

A signed .jpg copy of the below letter is attached hereto.


Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

775 Upper Coldstream Rd

Tyndale 2460

New South Wales

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Tribunal Reference Numbers: A132/2005, A133/2005 , A134/2005, A137/2005 & A139/2005,

Dear Senior Registrar,

We are writing to you now to again explain why, for the first of several ostensibly independent reasons, we are not in attendance at your hearing. In short, it is evident that you lack legal jurisdiction, as you have not directed us otherwise, as we repeatedly respectfully demanded of you and the EOCV over the last six months.

It has come to our attention that you still require further reiteration regarding the simple statements made to you by us in the correspondence that we had with you on last March 10th, 2005, of which you acknowledged receipt but did not further address during our exchange of five emails. Senior Registrar, please refer to the aforementioned correspondence in full at

Among several other places, our unanswered correspondence is very prominently referred to near the top of the opening page on our popular whistleblowers website on a hypertext link entitled, "Please read our (unanswered) letters to VCAT (who are pretending they have not heard from us repeatedly) and much more."

For your convenience, we direct you to its location immediately below our large headline, "The OTO proceeds with separate religious vilification and victimization action against us in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal, with whom we will NOT co-operate!"

Again, for your convenience, I excerpt and quote the gist of our abovementioned evidently ignored March 10th correspondence to you (and the EOCV):

12:18 PM Kate, could you please inform us how many religious vilification cases against non-Victorian residents the VCAT has prosecuted?

3:02PM: Would you please be so kind as to answer the question we just asked you about Victorian legal jurisdiction too?

..We are very puzzled why this has come to us here in NSW, regarding material published overseas, as common sense dictates that Victorian state law that do not apply outside of the state of Victoria, in spite of the strange statement in the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act Victoria 2001 that it also applies out of Victoria.

Until we get a straight answer to the question of jurisdiction, which we've been asking the EOCV since February 19th, with no replies, we see no reason to continue to waste everybody's time with this nonsense. Did anyone even read the email correspondence we've sent you that has been acknowledged as being received by you?

I quote from yesterday's email to (EOCV Complaints and Conciliation Investigation Officer) Rory (Jolley), "Setting aside for now the issue of David Bottrill's obvious bad faith in focusing his complaints solely on New South Wales while ignoring all the many other sources of the published material to which he objects outside of Victoria, until we can get some plausible information to the contrary, common sense demands that once this Act gets north of the Murray River, it's not worth the paper its written on. Please correct us if we're wrong. In spite of the indications that this is just one of several independent reasons why David Bottrill will be disappointed, it seems prudent to resolve this one before we start downloading and filling out forms for the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals tribunal. Would you agree?"

We were then informed by you that this correspondence had to be conducted by telephone, to which we politely declined, insisting on having it in print. There was neither reply, nor subsequent replies from either the VCAT, or the EOCV.

We trust this is sufficient to finally resolve this important matter.

Thank you,

(signed, 22 July, 2005)

Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: Ordo Templi Orientis

 Re: Ordo Templi Orientis

 Please be advised the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)
 has received two cds in relation to the above matter. There is currently no
 complaint at VCAT involving this party.

 Please let me know if you would like the cds returned to you at 775 Upper
 Coldstream Rd, Tryndale [sic] or if you would like me to forward them to the
 Equal Opportunity Commission.


 Kate Day
 Anti-Discrimination List
 T:  9628 9958
 F:  9628 9988

From: "gaiaguys" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Re: Ordo Templi Orientis
Date: Thursday, 10 March 2005 12:18 PM

Thank you, Kate.

Please keep them somewhere safe for now, as we may be contacting you again.
The EOCV has copies their own already.

We were told recently by the EOCV that you are not recognising our appeals
and our legal advice suggests that the VCAT pretending that our appeals (on
line) of February 21st & 22nd are somehow invalid (according to the EOCV) is
"Rubbish!" Please advise.

I take it that you didn't receive our snailmailed signed hard copies of the
emails the VCAT did automatically acknowledge getting from us.

Kate, could you please inform us how many religious vilification cases
against non-Victorian residents the VCAT has prosecuted?

You can read about the current status of the rapidly escalating
EOCV/VCAT/Freemason scandal on our whistleblowers website.

Thank you.
Dyson (Currently enjoying several million hits a day)

Copy to Rory Jolley, EOCV

From: <>
To: "gaiaguys" <>
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 1:00 PM
Subject: Re: Ordo Templi Orientis

 Dear Dyson,

 If you would like to pursue a strike out application under s.109 of the
 Equal Opportunity Act you must use Form 2 in the VCAT Rules 1998 for the
 application. This can be accessed at the VCAT website at You must attach a copy of the complaint to your
 application. If you do not have a copy of the complaint, you must attach to
 the application details of the nature of the complaint and the identity of
 the Complainant and Respondent. You must serve a copy of the application on
 the Complainant within 5 days after filing it with VCAT.

 Please note you may make this application while the complaint is with the
 Equal Opportunity Commission, but not while it is in conciliation (s109
 Equal Opportunity Act 1995) or you can make the application at any time
 after the complaint has been referred to VCAT under s75 of the VCAT Act.


 Kate Day
 Anti-Discrimination List
 T: 9628 9958
 F: 9628 9988

From: "gaiaguys" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Re: Ordo Templi Orientis
Date: Thursday, 10 March 2005 3:02 PM

Dear Kate,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Can you please at least confirm receipt of our letters?

I just wrote to you: "I take it that you didn't receive our snailmailed signed hard copies of the emails the VCAT did automatically acknowledge getting from us."

Would you please be so kind as to answer the question we just asked you about Victorian legal jurisdiction too?

"Kate, could you please inform us how many religious vilification cases against non-Victorian residents the VCAT has prosecuted?"

We are very puzzled why this has come to us here in NSW, regarding material published overseas, as common sense dictates that Victorian state law that do not apply outside of the state of Victoria, in spite of the strange statement in the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act Victoria 2001 that it also applies out of Victoria.

Until we get a straight answer to the question of jurisdiction, which we've been asking the EOCV since February 19th, with no replies, we see no reason to continue to waste everybody's time with this nonsense. Did anyone even read the email correspondence we've sent you that has been acknowledged as being received by you?

I quote from yesterday's email to Rory, "Setting aside for now the issue of David Bottrill's obvious bad faith in focusing his complaints solely on New South Wales while ignoring all the many other sources of the published material to which he objects outside of Victoria, until we can get some plausible information to the contrary, common sense demands that once this Act gets north of the Murray River, it's not worth the paper its written on. Please correct us if we're wrong. In spite of the indications that this is just one of several independent reasons why David Bottrill will be disappointed, it seems prudent to resolve this one before we start downloading and filling out forms for the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals tribunal. Would you agree?"

Thank you very much for your time, and in anticipation of answers to these simple questions..


From: <>
To: "gaiaguys" <>
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 3:09 PM
Subject: Re: Ordo Templi Orientis

Hi Dyson,

Could you please provide a telephone number I can contact you on so I can
discuss these matters with you.



From: "gaiaguys" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Re: Ordo Templi Orientis
Date: Thursday, 10 March 2005 10:14 PM

I'm sorry, Kate, it has to be in print.


As legend holds, Aleister Crowley was “The Wickedest Man in the World.” Born in 1875, Crowley was a British occultist, writer, mountaineer, philosopher, poet, yogi, and opium addict. He figured prominently in several occult organizations including: the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the A∴A∴, and Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.).
In 1898, Crowley published a work of poetry entitled White Stains. The topics in this work included homosexuality, pederasty, bestiality, corprophilia, and necrophilia. Printed in Amsterdam, “White Stains” had an initial run of only 100 copies, most of them were seized and burned by British customs. I have excerpted several of the poems for your reading pleasure.
Boys tempt my lips to wanton use,
And show their tongues, and smile awry,
And wonder why I should refuse
To feel their buttocks on the sly,
And kiss their genitals, and cry:
‘Ah! Ganymede, grant me one night!’
This is the one sweet mystery:
A strong man’s love is my delight!
To feel him clamber on me, laid
Prone on the couch of lust and shame,
To feel him force me like a maid
And his great sword within me flame,
His breath as hot and quick as fame;
To kiss him and to clasp him tight;
This is my joy without a name,
A strong man’s love is my delight.
To feel again his love grow grand
Touched by the langour of my kiss;
To suck the hot blood from my gland
Mingled with fierce spunk that doth hiss,
And boils in sudden spurted bliss;
Ah! God! the long-drawn lusty fight!
Grant me eternity of this!
A strong man’s love is my delight!
Let my fond lips but drink thy golden wine,
My bright-eyed Arab, only let me eat
The rich brown globes of sacramental meat
Steaming and firm, hot from their home divine,
And let me linger with thy hands in mine,
And lick the sweat from dainty dirty feet
Fresh with the losse aroma of the street,
And then anon I’ll glue my mouth to thine.
The month of thirst is ended. From the lips
That hide their blushes in the golden wood
A fervent fountain amorously slips,
The dainty rivers of thy luscious blood;
Red streams of sweet nepenthe that eclipse
The milder nectar that the gods hold good–
How my dry throat, held hard between thy hips,
Shall drain the moon-wrought flow of womanhood!
Her other hand is mischievous
To bid the monster Dane grow mad,
His red-haw gaze grows mutinous,
Her eyes have lost the calm they had,
My body grows all amorous.
I yield him place: his ravening teeth
Cling hard to her — he buries him
Insane and furious in the sheath
She opens for him — wide and dim
My mouth is amorous beneath.
Nor move, though now essays the Dane
To cool his weapon in my mouth;
Her lust bestrides me, and is fain
To quench in his sweet sweat her drouth
Her finger probes my bowel again.
All three enjoy once more, and I
Am ready ever to renew
These bestial orgie-nights, whereby
Loose woman’s love is spiced, as dew
On tender spray of spring doth lie.
My nostrils sniff the luxury
Of flesh decaying, bowels torn
Of festive worms, like Venus, born
Of entrails foaming like the sea.
Yea, thou art dead. Thy buttocks now
Are swan-soft, and thou sweatest not;
And hast a strange desire begot
In me, to lick thy bloody brow;
To gnaw thy hollow cheeks, and pull
Thy lustful tongue from out it’s sheath;
To wallow in the bowels of death,
And rip thy belly, and fill full
My hands with all putridities;
To chew thy dainty testicles;
To revel with the worms in Hell’s
Delight in such obscenities;
To pour within thine heart the seed
Mingled with poisonous discharge
From a swollen gland, inflamed and large
With gonorrhoea’s delicious breed;
To probe thy belly, and to drink
The godless fluids, and the pool
Of rank putrescence from the stool
Thy hanged corpse gave, whose luscious stink
Excites these songs sublime. The rod
Gains new desire; dive, howl, cling, suck,
Rave, shreik, and chew; excite the fuck,
Hold me, I come! I’m dead! My God!
“Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales” ~ Aleister Crowley