Monday, 15 May 2017

Interview recorded with Jim Fetzer PhD Feb 2nd 2017, a day before the filthy NSW GLLO Gay Child Sexxer Protector Police raid on John Sunol and Bernard Gaynor's victory against the ADB in Supreme Court of Appeals

I have been very busy, so before I do edit this I thought I'd just get this video out there for the first time today seeing I predicted so much that has come to pass.

Be sure to check out the impressive sequel interview on new OTO Satanic Pedophile cult lawsuit against John Sunol & others (Legg & Devine case):
I did this first interview with James Fetzer ( on Feb 2nd 2017, and I'm planning to use footage from it to make a documentary, "Don't hate gayby rape, how the boylovers won in Australia".
I accurately predicted in this interview and on the internet that the NSW Government would have to appeal Bernard Gaynor's supreme court of appeals case, as it would leave the government liable for kidnapping for satanic pedophile cults: (saved 6 feb before High Court appeal announced).
(censored 6 times by pedophiles who don't like to see government letterhead being used to defend their child sex club - who admit in their own training videos at they drink blood and include children in their sex magick orgies)

E&OE: Any details you think I forgot to link to, just ask me in the comments or better yet on GAB.AI the replacement for twitter without Censorship of people like Robert Stacy McCain aka #FreeStacy who writes stories about the Australian Gay Lobby putting infant rapists on (Unhappy ending for the Peak Gay Lobby lead by former disgraced leader of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board Chris Pooplicker AM - showing they ask gay marriage supporters to give money to infant sex lovers on the RUN from the FBI - proving that "Marriage Equality" is a platform to normalize and financially support pedophiles). They can't say sorry for asking for donations to help infant rapists on the Run sue the Australian government.