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This is very serious and evil:a homosexual activist attack upon all Christians

This is an attack upon all Christians and we must prepare for this and be ready to face the consquences of fighting this evil. God will protect us from this evil. Just remember that. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 

This is what OTO represents and this is what now is attacking me

This is what is attacking me now, 
OTO (Ordus Templis Orientis) - 
Ordo Templis Orientis - OTO

This is what is attacking me now and it is very evil.

I will just say this at the present moment, its symbolism represents the Illuminati and senior Freemasonary with it symbolising: 

The New world order is Nazi to the extreme (Occultism as the main driving factor) - This is Ordo Templis Orientis

 I will say no more just at the present moment 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Part A

Part B

This is the probability of CHILD Phedophelia among the LGBT groups

These statistics are facts on the huge potential of child Phedophelia ammoong the LGBT groups. These statistics are facts which comes from the deviant lifestles that some members of the LGBT GROUPS and communities live. 

Even though you do get hetrosexual pwdophiles and that is a proven fact. These groups have a much higher probability in engaging in this kind of illegal actvity than the Heterosexual groups.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

All need to read the last post by Luke McKee as it gives statistics and facts on very ????

I would like this to go virul online, it is full of statistics  (Stats and FACTS)

It might be hidden facts but it is all real and truth. 
Read and take note, then share with as many others as possible online
For the good of all humanity. 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Breaking:Swiss Gay man rapes 80 boys in Thailand - proof that those who do homosexual (same-sex) sex acts with little boys are the most prolific pedophiles on Earth

The Identification of this man has been hidden to protect the guilty. 
A man who has sex with young boys is a homosexual pedophile. Only 1% of pedophiles are real pedophiles (children only - bisexual little boys and and girls ONLY). 35% of child abuse victims were molested by homosexual pedophiles (androphiles - those males who have sex with adult gay men AND little boys), and the rest by heterosexual pedophiles (gynophiles - males  rape who women AND little girls). Female pedophiles are rare but make about 2% of the percentage of all those who have pedophilia disorders. 
If a gay men make 10% of the population like the +Australian Human Rights Commission says then every mother needs to be 3.5 times more concerned then they would normally be about the safety of their child under the care of a heterosexual teacher or child care employee. If the US CDC is right and it's 1.7% after their more detailed research then a homosexual teacher is 20-30 times more likely to rape your child than a heterosexual teacher or child care giver. +NCATNSW more often approves homosexual pedophiles to get working with children clearance certificates in children's guardian cases than for heterosexual pedophiles who are "reformed", if you believe that is even possible. 
It is a homosexual sex act to have sex with a little boy if you are a male. Therefore this pedophile is a homosexual. The dictionary defines a homosexual as someone who does same sex sex acts - without any language limiting the age of the sex partner. Without a proper definition of a homosexual in NSW Law the dictionary definition must suffice - and by NSW LAW This mass 80 boy gay child rapist must not be vilified and MUST BE respected by NSW Law. Recently the great boylover got a court ruling in Australia that all Vietnamese internet users must respect ABC radio confirmed gay men and published gay marriage activists who not be "vilified" regardless of how loud the Russian infant (Drake Newton) they raped screamed, as shown by this Russia insider documentary with 200,000 views - that premiered in the Kremlin before Putin himself.

Vietnamese resources are being tasked to deal with this outrageous threat to Vietnamese society and sovereignty from foreign pro-pedophile boylover/OTO linked child sex loving Australian Government Gay Judge & Law Enforement interests. (NCATNSW/ADB/NSW GLLO Pedo protector police)

This incident of +NCATNSW declaring it's love of infant sex, and those who partake in infant sex must be respected by all internet users in the whole world is causing an international diplomatic incident, all caused by the great boylover who is a close friend of NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Judith Burns who is responsible for persecuting John Sunol with the NSW GLLO Gay pedophile protector police in Paddington NSW. Mark Newton and Peter Truong human trafficked an Russian infant with Australian travelsdocuments that were provided illegally (no DNA test as per the law). The Australian government is using Homosexual vilification laws to say if a gay does human trafficking of infants (moving children across international borders for gay dads son sharing child sex with illegally obtained travel documents) you must not disapprove of the human trafficking, as it's a crime to not love state sponsored child rape if the perpetrator is a gay man, or in this case two government ABC radio confirmed "gay dads".
All it says in the dictionary is if you do same sex sex acts or want to romantically (regardless of age) with a member of the same sex you are a homosexual. Does a boy have a sex of male? YES. Does a man have a sex of male? If they have sex is it a same-sex or homosexual sex act? YES, By the definition of the dictionary it is. 

The NCAT definition of a homosexual is....

"homosexual" means male or female homosexual
So we must default back to the dictionary as NCATNSW gay judges have falled back to in previous case law examples i can cite.

Therefore the NSW LAW says these mass little boy rapists are homosexual's who must not be vilified, until such time as the definition of homosexual is changed in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act to be once you have raped one child, you may never call yourself gay as long as you live. This definition change of homosexual in the Anti-Discrimination Act has the added benefit of stopping pedophiles and pedophile suspects arguing in court their pedophile mates must not be vilified, as is what is already happening in the many cases of the GREAT BABY BOY SEX LOVER and INFANT SEX NORMALIZATION ACTIVIST who says Mark Netwon and Peter Truong gay dads baby rapists must not be vilified in at least 3 cases so far.....
The great boy-lover has filed lawsuits for even suggesting online that it would be wise to define what a homosexual is further, because clearly a homosexual pedophile is also protected by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977.
Therefore it is without any doubt, we know the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and NCAT says this mass gay little boy rapist described below must not be vilified. 

He is not the villain? If you rape 80 boys and you are not a villain what are you then? A gay hero?

A Swiss man will go on trial on allegations he sexually abused more than 80 boys - some as young as nine years old - in Thailand, authorities in Switzerland said on Friday.
The unnamed man has admitted to taking thousands of pornographic pictures of the boys, but denied allegations that he molested some of them and pushed some into prostitution, according to prosecutors in the western Swiss canton of Fribourg.
The abuse is alleged to have taken place since 2001.
The man had previously been convicted of sexually abusing children in Switzerland: in Fribourg in 1980 and in the southern canton of Valais in 1991.
He had moved to Thailand that same year and only returned to Switzerland in 2014.

Victims as young as nine

The man will go before the Gruyere criminal court later in March on charges of human trafficking, encouraging prostitution, sexual acts with children and child pornography, prosecutors said.
Most of the victims were young adolescents, but some were as young as nine years old, they said, adding that a number of the boys had been abused over the course of several years.
The suspected abuse happened in Pattaya in southern Thailand, where the man ran a bar frequented by European nationals, and in Nong Hoi in the north, where he lived, according to prosecutors.
Discovering that he was under investigation in Thailand over paedophilia-linked charges, authorities in Fribourg opened their own probe in early 2015 and quickly detained the man, who had been planning to head back to Asia.
Investigators travelled to France and Thailand during the course of the investigation, and also stumbled on elements casting suspicion on a German citizen that they passed on to prosecutors in Cologne, Germany, the statement said.
In January, a 70-year-old British paedophile, Mark Frost, was jailed for life after admitting to 45 sex offences against children in the UK and Asia, including at least nine children in Thailand from 2008 to 2012. 
ECPAT, the anti-child exploitation, pornography and trafficking organisation, said in a 2015 report: "While Thailand's laws are generally strong when it comes to protection for children against sexual exploitation, there are still gaps that remain in regard to legislation that affects the prosecution of travelling child sex offenders."
Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies

Swiss pedophile accused of sexually abusing 80 boys in Thailand & pushing some into prostitution

Swiss pedophile accused of sexually abusing 80 boys in Thailand & pushing some into prostitution

A Swiss man has been accused of abusing more than 80 boys in Thailand, some of whom were as young as nine, authorities said, adding that he had recruited the children to make pornographic photos, while molesting and pushing some into prostitution.
The man from Bulle municipality in the canton of Fribourg is “suspected of having sexually abused more than eighty boys in Thailand, some of them for several years, by recruiting them for making child pornographic photos,” Fribourg authorities said, as cited by La Gruyere magazine. 
He is also suspected of having sexually assaulted several of these children, as well as pushing some into prostitution.
“Some of the children who were allegedly abused were nine or ten years old, most of them were young adolescents,” prosecutor Yvonne Gendre said on Friday.
The accused left Switzerland in 1991 to settle in Thailand, but returned to Switzerland in November of 2014.
The crimes reportedly took place in the Thai resort city of Pattaya, where the suspect was running a go-go bar frequented by European men, as well as the Nong Hoi subdistrict of Chiang Mai Province, where he was living.
He was able to commit these crimes for a long time because he provided financial support to the alleged victims and their families, the authorities added.
The suspect had already been convicted of pedophilia in Fribourg canton back in 1980 and in Valais canton in 1991.
He came to the attention of police after it emerged that he was still under investigation in Thailand for committing acts of pedophilia, magazine reports.
“The investigation was opened in January 2015. It showed that the accused was in contact from Switzerland with two alleged victims through social networks, and that he was about to return to Thailand. The decision was then taken to arrest him and place him in pre-trial detention,” Swiss police said.
The pedophile will now stand before the Gruyere criminal court on charges of committing sexual acts with children, engaging in child pornography, and encouraging prostitution and human trafficking, according to prosecutors.
Thousands of sexually explicit pictures of the boys were found on the suspect’s computer during the course of the investigation. While the accused admitted to taking these pictures, he has denied the other charges.
Swiss investigators also contacted authorities in France, as a French citizen was reportedly involved in the case involving pornographic photos. A German citizen is under suspicion of being connected as well, and Swiss police have contacted prosecutors in the city of Cologne.

A man of Swiss nationality will be sent to the Tribunal de la Gruyère for serious charges of pedophilia. Already convicted in the canton in 1980 and in Valais in 1991, he had lived in Thailand since then, where he was suspected of having abused more than eighty children. The man was arrested in Bulle in February 2015.
The alleged acts reach the paroxysm of the sordid. A man of Swiss nationality, living in Bulle in 2014, is "suspected of having sexually abused more than eighty boys in Thailand, some of them for several years, by recruiting them for making child pornographic photos," yesterday the Ministry The Friborg public. He is also suspected of having sexually assaulted several of them and pushed some to prostitution. "The children who were allegedly abused were sometimes between 9 and 10 years old, most of them were young adolescents," says prosecutor Yvonne Gendre.
The allegations were alleged to have taken place in Pattaya, Thailand, where the defendant operated a gogo bar frequented by European men, and at Nonghoï, where he lived. "He is suspected of having been able to act for so long, and to such an extent, thanks to the financial aid provided to the alleged victims and their families."
Already condemned
The accused was already convicted in 1980 in the canton of Friborg and in 1991 in Valais for sexual abuse of children and young adolescents. He left Switzerland in 1991 to settle in Thailand. But the man returned to Switzerland in November 2014. Upon his arrival, he said he had to "leave Thailand hurriedly," said the Public Prosecutor.
However, this information was passed on to the Friborg police, who made inquiries with the Federal Police. "He has come to our knowledge that the defendant was still under investigation in Thailand for acts of pedophilia, although he was acquitted on 7 May 2014 by a court in Pattaya for alleged suspicions Sexual abuse. "In the meantime, a French national, under investigation in his country, questioned the accused for possession of child pornography. Computer files seized at his Thai home were handed over to the Friborg police.
In pre-trial detention
"The investigation was opened in January 2015. The investigation showed that the accused was in contact from Switzerland with two alleged victims, through social networks, and that he was about to return to Thailand. The decision was then taken to arrest him and place him in pre-trial detention. "
Investigators then deploy significant resources. The decryption of the files is entrusted to a computer expert. At the same time, the Friborg policemen travel to France and Thailand to collect testimonies and evidence, some of which, involving a German national (who has been identified), were handed over to the Cologne Public Prosecutor's Office, which opened investigation.
The accused will be referred to the Tribunal de la Gruyère in March, mainly for "trafficking in human beings, encouragement of prostitution, sexual acts with children and pornography, for events between 2001 and 2012, In 2015 ". In accordance with the Penal Code, persons who have committed serious offenses against the sexual integrity of minors abroad may be prosecuted in Switzerland without regard to foreign law. The nationality of the accused does not play any role, the fact that he is domiciled in Switzerland suffices for the initiation of criminal proceedings.
Partially admitted facts
"Confronted with the elements of the investigation, the man admitted to having taken the thousands of child pornography seized in his computers. He, on the other hand, disputed the other facts alleged against him. "According to the legislation, the principle of presumption of innocence is applicable.

High school students in Sydney bullied into attending classes in the Koran

This is the start of the Islmization of Australian youth and we must not let it happen. Dictatorial state's start off in a small ways like this and build into the monsters, they are to become

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol

Homosexual Totalitarian dictatorship coming

This will be like a nightmare. I beleive that both  Adolf Hitler and the Hallaucast, or Joseph Staliin and the Gulags

This will be worst and be known as the Apocalypse (Reign of the Anti Christ)

I beleive that homophobia will become a criminal offence, Gay Marriage combined with Gay Rights will be the accepted norm and to speak against this will be outlawed and forbidden and all churches and religeous groups who do not accept this will be  fined, taxed and eventually shut down. 

I beleive that his main push will be for Gay Rights and anyone of group that does not accept Gay Rights will be classified a homophobe and a criminal and loose all rights. Thus a very bad persecution will come allwho do not accept this 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Community awareness policing - homosexual Totalitarian State coming

I do not believe this to be the best sort of policing. This is putting the community in the position of a trained police officdr. Plain clothes police and trained detectives should do this job, not untraied people. This is heading down the track towards a police state (Such as George Orwells big brother 1984)

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

South China Sea: Australia in firing line if US and China go to war,

South China Sea: Australia in firing line if US and China go to war, experts warn


United States attack on North Korea could spark a war with China - more likely to.

A war with China and the United States is highly undesirable and would have disastrous consequences for staunch United States Allies like Australia, This would happen both economically and also Military which is highly undesirable. 

But with the Advent of North Korea being such feisty towards the United States and Japan (two of our staunchest allies in the region) then Australia could become involved. 

This looking as though it could happen at any time and could spark off a South East Asian scenario of world war 3 and could be very devastating for all in our region. 

We will have to wait and see what happens but it is not looking to good at the present moment

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

all security leaks need to be taken very seriously

all security leaks "no matter what" need to be taken with uttermost seriousness. If you do a security leak you can put your country, your comparatives and personal friends in danger and to leak to the media does not say the truth always will get out into the public. Sometimes a security leak can be propaganda and worked on by those who promulgate lies for their own purpose (what ever that be) so we should take this with the uttermost seriousness. 

Those who do security leaks are traitors to their cause and out to create damage so this must be handled with the most seriousness consequences it can have. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol