Saturday, 4 March 2017

This is not realy equality:it is wickedness in Gods eyes

And wickedness comes with consequences

None which we want to go down that path

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Could their Be Nazism in America

I state yes, this is very possible as Nazism is a derivite of socialism 

After world War two the Nazi Party was defeated but their former compatriats rose to power in the form of Soviet and Chinese communism (or socialism)

Nazi is one form of left wing socialism that has not gone away but changed coulors and is junst as dictatorial as it ever was but is now in the form of Cultural Marxism or The Frankfurt School of Social thought

This is right through America and I  beleive this philosophy and Political thought process will drive The coming new world order under Agenda 2030 - Blue print for one world government

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

This "" "" "" Runs everything in a build up to the coming Agenda 2030

The Mardi Gras parade last night is just but a whole list of similar events that will be used to herald the coming up New world order untill it comes which at present Planned for sometime in the 2030's 

We must all be ready and waiting for when this arrived so that we are not caught by surprise

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Pedophiles and NSW GLLO Gay child sexers protector police working arm in arm

Friday, 3 March 2017

This is the curse of the earth and it is this that is running the new world order

I have known of this since the 1980's but it is realy coming to light today. 

We need to look into this mans teachings snd prophecies of 20-30 years ago. Then see how they fit into todays situations.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 


Political correctness is Cultural Marxism (which is Comunism)

This is the coming new world ideology, based off a German/Russian Nazi/soviet style left wing ideology of a old Totalitarian dictatorship and system which we fought two world wars to defeat. Now it is coming  Back in the form of equality but in reality this is a big deception. It is empowering itself to takeover the world under a so called new world order run by the elite in the (Illuminati)

Not many people understand the importance and gravity of this situation 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Queenslanders unite to complain about evil homosexual public servant stalkers at the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

Caroline Brown
 PS. Political correctness sucks!
Caroline Brown Hello NSW Anti-Discrimination Board,

Word on the street is that you are keeping tabs on Bernie Gaynor's Facebook page to monitor the comments of his followers. Funny that he's in Qld yet you feel it is appropriate to use taxpayers' money to investiga
te activity outside your jurisdiction. 

I wanted to let you know that as a 'whitey' I constantly feel discriminated against everytime I have the apparent audacity to question something or someone belonging to a so-called 'minority'. We appear to be living in a time where being Anglo makes you the devil's spawn while blatant discrimination from non-whites is accepted and in some cases, encouraged. If you are really that bored in NSW, I have some screenshots from Facebook I can private message you that you may want to investigate. The hatred displayed in these messages is not from white people (which you may find difficult to believe), but trust me, hatred towards other races and religions is not the sole domain of those evil white descendants of convicts (actually, I'm descended from free settlers but what the hell!)..

Have a blessed day! (Oops! Am I allowed to say that??). Christianity also appears to be on the nose, too, lately and God forbid I should offend anyone with my faith! Let me wish you a non-denominational "Cheerio!"...😀
Peter John Tolmie Wow... a bunch of NSW public servants are stalking conservatives because their political views are different to the ADB. How is that for discrimination ? Please add my name to your stalking list but does Mike Baird agree with what you are doing ? How about Luke Foley ? You are playing a dangerous game, public servants. Please be reminded that is exactly what you are, servants.

On topic, languages.. I love them but the question is why ? Archaic languages generally have no ability to grasp modernization or technology without applying usually an English word and you have corrupted the language. I think it is a money wasting exercise concentrating on 3 languages when there are about 150 or so with more than 100 already extinct. We let go Latin so same should be done for other languages that serve no purpose. Document them and put the money to better use in the various communities in job training skills rather than wasting money on some progressive 'charity' reliant on tax payer funding to achieve absolutely nothing. 

Now if the above was misconstrued in any way as to be discriminatory then I don't care because most of you public servants can only speak one language fluent and you manage to obfuscate that one.

Now stop stalking, that is really weird, odd and queer and when you start stalking citizens in particular from another state like Queensland then you are way out of your public servant duties.

Queenslanders, watch out.

The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) is watching you. It’s observing you. And it’s not happy with you at all.
Actually, it’s not just Queenslanders that the New South Wales Thought Police are monitoring. With the backing of the New South Wales government, it’s observing people all over Australia, no doubt, in an attempt to find any hint of heresy. In fact, their operations may well be global.

But don’t just take my word for it.
This is from a letter that I recently received from the Acting President of the New South Wales ADB, whingeing about many things, including:
“The disproportionate amount of time and resources required of ADB staff in reading, reviewing and responding to … the widespread public criticism of the ADB by you and your social media followers … are an unreasonable impost on the public resources allocated to the ADB to carry out its statutory functions.”
Now, I’m not sure why the ADB is allocating public resources to monitor the views of people who follow me on social media. But I do agree entirely that such a use of public resources is unreasonable.
In fact, now that the ADB has seemingly admitted to using taxpayer funds to visit my Facebook page (which I operate from Queensland), read the comments there and even respond to them, I think it would be entirely reasonable for the New South Wales parliament to hold an inquiry into the creepy conduct of the ADB.
Why is the ADB monitoring my social media followers?
Why is it responding to their comments?
And how, exactly, is it ‘responding’ to these comments?
It’s a very important question. I have not seen a single instance of an ADB response to any comment that I, or any of my social media followers, have made. And that means any response has been made by an unofficial ADB social media account.
It could well be that the New South Wales Thought Police are operating secret accounts to try and drum up complaints.
Don’t be surprised if that is the case. It’s happened before. <The Great Boylover> complainant extraordinaire, has admitted trying to leave comments under a fake name on my website.
And in Canada, the Thought Police there came unstuck in a big way when it was revealed that the Canadian Hatefinder-General, as he was appropriately named by Mark Steyn, spent his time drudging up complaints using numerous fake aliases.
So don’t be surprised if the New South Wales ADB is stupid enough to do the same thing.
To paraphrase an old saying: the same old, tired and clapped-out bureaucrats are committing the same old, tired and clapped-out attacks on freedom. And we’ll keep defeating them in the same old, tired way too. There is every reason to believe that the ADB will meet its Waterloo later this year.
The good news is that the ADB’s admissions in writing don’t help it at all. But they are rather useful for me.
For instance, the New South Wales ADB has no statutory power to utilise public resources to monitor political commentary in Queensland.
However, it does have a statutory role to investigate complaints. And it should investigate complaints fairly, justly and in a procedurally-correct manner, regardless of political debate.
However, at the precise moment that the ADB has accepted complaint number 32 against me from a self-described serial litigant who has also incited others to complain so that he could profit from my financial detriment, the ADB has gone off the deep end about the criticism that it receives for things like its support of homosexual marriage and its frequent consultations with the Sydney Beat Project.
It all sounds rather like the ADB is not only biased against conservative views, but is commencing a malicious investigation into me as well.
Finally, if you are interested in interacting socially with the ADB, its Facebook account is here and its Twitter account is here. Send it my love…

I can see the day coming when the internet is regulated by a world Authority:

There is pro's con's for this but i think that it is inevible to happen and by The time thay Agenda 2030 co,es the internet could very well be regulated

This cluld be go control the spread of information Much similar to current journalist and media regulations

But by 1996 After the Port Arthur massacre with Martin Bryant fire Arms are near impossible to obtain with very strict gun control. 

I feel that internet regulations could go the same way as guns and have very tight restriction on what is posted.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

A cashless society is coming to the whole world !!!


The Down falls upon this are: a number of reasons, the biggest of all being that every one can loose their freedom and rely upon the state. If you don't agree and get out of sink with the state you can Not buy or sell without someone knowing as all eftpos is a electronic footprint of all you buy and sell


The banks will push Push This due to the millions of dollars extra that they will make on service charges. On every purchase where when cash is used to purchase they miss out on a lucrative endless supply of money, which is received in up to 2% on the use of credit/debit cards as a service charge - that is 
$0.02 on ever $1 or $0.20 on every $10.00 in bank charges on every purchase which they do not get with the use of cash?

With the millions of transactions daily this would be very lucrative for the banks to want to push for cashless society as when you purchase with cash the banks miss out on this.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol