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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Homophobes (Christians that beleive homosexuality = sin) in The United Kingdom forbidden from Adopting Due to homphobic veiws

This is going to be pushed world wide as the end goal of the left wing socialist same sex marriage and homosexual rights agenda approaches closer to fulfilment of the (Homosexual Totalitarian Fascist/Marxist/communist world wide dictatorship comes under the light and takes place)

This happened before under Joseph Stalin in the 

"They manipulate the masses into beleiving lies" eg Eg : the hollocast 1933-45

Total control is  critical which results in total indoctrination off the youth. This Is why the safe schools coalition is formed, 

The same as the  Soviet Youths communist party under stalin and Lenin "Bolshevik Revolution 1917 and the Hitler youth in the 1930"s (1934-1939) whiich is Indoctrination of the future Generations

NB: Let us look at the deceptive way this Indoctrination of youth is played out.

It does not say Christians can not adopt
But sais Homophobes can not adopt
Which rules out any religion that  beleives homosexuality is sin which I class as A LGBT Totalitarianism control

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

North Korea (Half brother of Kin Jon Un) assasinated at airpprt

This is another  James Bond tpe intrigue carrying out in resl life, North Korea is the world's most secretive nation full  of intrege. 

This is playing into the hands of the coming one world dictator 
(New World Order or Agenda 2030) to arrise in the form of a world saviour. 

This assasination could further distaabilise a very dangerous and unstable government which is an Emerging nuclear power could be seen as very dangerous to world stability.


Pave the way for the potential rise of a much more intreging individial in the form of A world dictatorship prophesied many years ago

The Times we are living in are very interesting znd you never know what is just around the corner.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Message to Dogwomble and Rod Swift

This video is a general message to all but I am directing it to these two men knew from over 10-15 years in the past. Now they are back, that is ok but I need to say that I have not changed,  if anything I have only hardened my response as being Anti Gay Marriage and  Anti Homosexual Rights and I do not intend to change 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Friday, 17 February 2017

These are the lies put out by the media on ssame sex Marriage, Let us have a plebiscite to find out the truth

These are the lies and propaganda put out by the media, The only real way we can find out the truth is with a Plebiscite or referendum with one closed multiple choice question


Do you accept same sex Marriage 

circle One



This must go on a nation wide survey to all people from all states and this is the ONLY WAY WE CAN GET AN ACCURATE ANSWER. 

Not one population with one biased question which would be an open question.

Nothing else can we accept and I tell you the results would be very different from these two biased polling results. 

No other way
can we accept a answer on such a controversial topic as it depends upon the question,

Open of closed


 the population surveyed in a questionnaire will bring very different results depending on the target market and the population itself.  

We must all get up and fight the Marriage equality and homosexual lobby (gay and lesbian rights Lobby) and fight to reject same sex marriage as these surveys and pols as given by the media are biased. 

Same sex Marriage is very political and part of a left wing socialist communist/Marxist agenda to take over the world so I have every right to fight this and encourage all to speak out against same sex marriage. 

It can also be seen as a fascist ideology looking for control of the population by unethical propaganda methods similar to what Joseph Goebbels used in the 1930's at the rise of Adolf Hitler

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol

NB: these polls are all biased and this is the reason we need to get a plebiscite to show the real truth and it must be a complete census right across the whole population using only closed questions in the survey to find out the truth. All members of the population surveyed need to be asked the same question.

Yes I do accept same sex marriage 
No I do not support same sex Marriage

Nothing else and only after this can we know a small part of the real truth

Same sex Marriage is to controversial for any other way to be successful in surveys

Kiwi Farms is back attacking me again. My arrest was READ THIS

This is the same group that was attacking me, still online attacking Me with others and behind those who are setting me up. Kiwi farms attack upon me is a carry on from that of Zgeek with Henry coller, a bunch of computer nerds and geeks making fun of people on the internet and creating trouble. This is where all my court and tribunal cases starting from Henry Collier. 

Online trouble makers telling lies that went viral and took an entirely different dimension from when it started out back in 2005 with the first Henry collier case, which was also Fraud and  tomfoolery by a bunch of online trouble makers and shit stirrers, Zgeek and then Kiwi Farms to follow. 

Zgeek was my past enemy and worked with Henry Collier from the beginning  - Zgeek article on John Sunol (now closed)

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

A you tube for all to listen to from a Bernard Gaynor on how corrupt the NSW Anti Discrimination board is

This is Bernard Gaynor from Brisbane speaking on his dealings with the same people I deal with and the same Person, Garry B. Listen to this and you will see why we need to come together as one to get rid of this anti discrimination of homosexuals and vilification law. It is being corruptly used and abused as with  my own personal case. 

This needs to go viral all over Australia and around the world, especially the state I live in NSW as I am in the thick of this. 

Printed and Published by John Christopher Sunol

Cartoonist who compares homosexual rights Advocates, gets a powerful history lesson

the Majority of Australians do NOT SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE. It is a lie to say that they do !!!

Yes I know you lie as the Majority of Australians do NOT SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE, LESS THAN 5% OF Australians fuly support this and at the most around 10% of people would vote yes for
Same-sex-marriage .
It is a lie to believe otherwise which is the properganda Of the marriage equality groups,

Let us have a plebiscite or a referendum with the only question to find out the truth .


Do you support same sex Marriage

one of two answers

Yes / No

circle your answer and we will see what the truth is. Outside a census with a closed question of such is the only way we will find out the truth and you will get a private shock to see how many


This is a scam job as the majority of Australians do not know what they are going into. I am going to make it my business to let them all know and the majority of Christians do NOT SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGE AS SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS WICKEDNESS IN GODS EYES AND WILL BRING TOTAL DESTRUCTION UPON ALL WHO GO DOWN THAT TRACK.


NB: This is the only way we can find out the real truth as there is to much propaganda about this in the media and everywhere.

written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

I go back to a Tribunal hearing on Monday 20th February

On Monday the 20th February 2017 I am going down to Sydney  for a further  hearing of this of vexatious complaints against me, none of which I will accept as anything but a vexatious , frivolous extra complaint thhat has no base in it but a witch hunt to use me as a case law donkey for the homosexual

I have furter hearings coming up on April 19th 2017 where Garry the man taking me is asking for $100,000 in three separate cases which is $300,000

I will say no more but he just will not get that from me.
This has just gone on for to long (since 2011) and it will stop, but I refuse to accept guilt as I do not and never have villified anyone.

This is mass corruption on the side of  The Gay rights Advocates (which are unethical and corrupt) These people want to railroad issues such as same sex marriage narriage onto all.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 


I am a happy little homophobe living in my joy

That is what I am. I see homophobia as more or a virtue than a disdain upon ones life. Homophobia is to fear homosexuality and as homosexuality is sin in Gods eyes it will gain His wrath. Thus homosexual rights are wickedness before God and God detests homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is wickedness before God Which will end up in destruction all need to become homophobic to find Gods forgiveness and love which comes through His shedding of Christs blood on the cross


Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Austin Police Violently arrest Jay walking men

I take this as signs of the timed, it is not only getting violent in America but this is happening all over the world. 

I expect it to get worst before it gets better as we get closer to 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol