Saturday, 11 February 2017

Message to Rod Swift over the wickedness of same sex marriage

Message to Rod Swift and Dogwomble over same-sex marriage.

This is my answer so take it or leave it but I am dedicated to spread this:

Somr statisics taken from google blogger on the last two days for Rod and Dogwomble to ponder over

Yesterday in 24 hours, 11.00 am Friday February 10 - 11.00 am Saturday February 11 2017 =1,514 Hits

Then today 11.00am Saturday February 11 2017 - 11.00am Sunday February 12 2015 = 2,104 Hits

Hits now and countries 8.45am 
France =26
Australia = 10
United States = 6 
Germany = 2
Total = 42

Total hits of all since March 28 / 2013
Totals = 333,755 Hits


Also I am in my second bankruptcy from 
23rd December 2016
23rd December 2019

So Mr Burns will not be getting that $55,000 he got awarded to by telling lies and Fraud with Ncat Decision's  since 2011. 

I have not changed my response over these issues to do with homosexual rights, if anything I have only hardened my response and become more determined to push the Anti homosexual Rights message

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

NB: God has set me aside to spread this message world wide online

Also I can not pay that $55,000 to Garry as I have a second bankruptcy and my home (Valued between $600,000 to $800,000) is in a shelf company trust fund and out of reach from the second bankruptcy to Garry. 

I harass no one on the internet Rod

Bullshit to someone else but Iam not willing to accept your bullshit buster

United States Space Fleet

Yes this could be at first like a special forces Marines aligned to the USAF (United States Air Force) and over time get transferred from the Air Force to under its own command. 

Jewels Verne introduced the people of the 19th Century to what was going to become 20th Technology, (Same with Star wars and the 21st century)

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Friday, 10 February 2017

What is going to happe when the next crisis comes, read this please !!! Trump is dangerous !!!

When this happens I would like to see Donald Trump take the back foot and leave this for his secretary of defence to handle General Mattis He was head of Nato Forces in Europe and the most suitable thing is for Donald Trump to step aside and let General Mattis run the show 

Similar as happened after The Japanese bombing of pearl Harbor 7th December 1941 when the Military took over and ran America in times of war.

This could  happen at any time without warning and put the world at war. I ask the question: How will Donald Trump react if and when such happens

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 



This video is a history of my cases and where all my troubles originated from as far back as 
2004-5. It even goes back further to the late 20th century 1990's.

All who follow my blog should listen to this as it is an original video that was made up to attack me with in parody but I  tell some of the history of  this. 

The real history of this trouble goes back to a person named Dog womble from Canberra back in 1997/1998

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Kiwi Farms an updated version of Zgeek

an updated version of

Both groups have been taken down due to, lies shit stirring and online harassment / defamation.

My troubles had a real beginning back in 1998 With a homosexual activist named Tim Kerslake later named Dog-womble after he joined Zgeek this is a long story that goes back some 10 / 20 years.     

Both groups done defamation on me publishing lies. 
It was Zgeek who started this long campaign when their leader (Pirate) and their  web administrator (sasq) appeared in the first of all cases 
And purgered themselves with blatant lies. This started  off and set Precedents  for this whole long list of cases none of which would have been substantiated if Zgeek had not have committed blatant purjury in my first 2005 Collier vs Sunol case  since this time Zgeek no Longer exists  due To a legal suit of the same sort of trouble making with others

The same situation happened With Kiwifarms some years later (2014-2017)

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol

Zgeek stills attacks me as well as corruptly start off all my case studies from the 
2005 Collier vs Sunol case where lies were told to substantiate this case

(dog womble came in before this and dog womble was the very first homosexual trouble maker who set me up with lies back in 1997/98 when I was studying hate crimes as part of my undergraduate degree and took a dislike to me. 

I ended up successfully getting an AVO against Dogqomble in Woolongong court house in 2003 as he was sending me death threats and hate mail all of the time in the days from 1997-2002

Dog womble, (Tim Kerslake) was the start of my many years of problems.)

A link for all to look at - then make your own decision

A link for all to look at then make your own personal interpretation

This is something on anti globalisation for all to look at

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Deleted due to court orders ???

Deleted due to court orders and nail conditions 

Had no choice ???

I agree with Luke but and support him but I have orders case on me and I have no choice

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Rolf Harris earning £1,300 per day from money investmenys, whilst serving custodial sentance

Who feels this is wrong and any large investment should have all interested confiscated and given to groups such as victims of crime or the justice system to help pay incarceration costs.


People who own property to have any money received from the property whilst incarcerated in prison confiscated.

Consider When Alan Bond was imprisoned, a multi millionaire property Tycoon also consider Christopher Scase who was a Millionaire (property Tycoon) gaoled for corruption

Both of these would have been like Rolf Harris with millions in investment whilst sitting in prison earning money whilst locked up in custody 

Well then Britain is like Australia, if you are very wealthy, or own property can receive rent from your property and you are imprisoned, outside court fines and charges this happens and whilst you are serving time.  You can have big money you will benefit, from your incarcaration.

Who feels this is wrong and what can we do about it

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Blog entry removed due to Biail conditions and court orders .

I had to delete this due to police nail conditions and courtorddrs

I agreed wigh it but have had no choice


John Christopher Sunol 

Inteview on my history of the trouble

This video is a history of my cases and where all my troubles originated from as far back as 
2004-5. It even goes back further to the late 20th century 1990's.

All who follow my blog should listen to this as it is an original video that was made up to attack me with in parody but I  tell some of the history of  this. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

the United states already has a space fleet - both Navy and airforce

Secret Evidence that we already have space fleets

I have heard this before but i state just wait watch and see about the truth over these conspiracies theories

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Secret Space fleets

If you want to take me on Rod, Please do !!! but do not tell more lies !!!

this has been going on for years and if he wants to come back at me, let it be again as I will handle this troll when he comes and expose him for what he is, the worlds best liar. 

I wish to warn Rod this: Any Further lies you put on about me, I will put this on my blog showing all that read this who and what people are attacking me from to discredit you. 

I feel it is best you keep quite buster or it is all out with you. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Please do not take notice of Rod Swift.The History of my persecution by members of the homosexual lobby and Rod Swift

This man is the world best liat and has an inbred hatred to me. He uses defamation and whole host of other, He made up a web site back in 2008 with lots of lies and false accusations

Now he is coming back to attack me again I will take him on in full and show all that this man is a hate monger, blatant liar and a very evil man. 

I tell Rod this, if you want to take me on again buster, then do it but I will fight back as you are the trouble, not me and you will not stop me from making out you tubes or writing online

More attacks from the old days (this last video, I made and put online in 2007/8 but within a couple of days realized I made something stupid, so I took this down. A group that was attacking me during this time, zgeek who was attacking me and setting me up during this time, took it off line, stole it and used it against me, even in 2014 in my appeal against the loss of taxi authority and to justify the reasoning for refusing a bus authority, this was used against me. 

Rod Swift was with Zgeek who told lies and set me up 10-15 years ago before the present cases came into the picture.

I made out this You Tube on Zgeek as I was angry with them, but I regretted it (as I done it as a spur of the moment case) took it down within a couple of days, alas to late they took it and used it against me so Rod comes out of this zgeek who are known online trouble makers who set me up and their leader, Pirate back in 2005 appeared in the Collier vs Sunol first case and told lies about me under oath. 

Also there web administrator (Sasq) also had a phone call from South Korea to my first Collier vs Sunol case and also told lies under oath which warped my first case from the start of all of these years of trouble. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Please not all, I have been under attack for well and truly over 12-13 years and even before that around 20 years, but I have not changed one little iota in my stance, I am still as hard line anti same sex marriage as I have been from the outset, just a little wiser and more strategic but no change in me now and I tell Rod, take me on if you like but you are going to change nothing at all. 

Note to finish this off: I definitely do not back Pedophilia, I believe the correct place for all convicted Pedophiles is in a prison cell or custodial care; 
we need prove Pedophilia and in cases like Rold Harriss and other prominent such people, they are easy targets for thieves that do not mind to commit purgery for financial gain and with the cases of Rolf Harris being back 30-40 years ago, why did not this come up earlier and why such a rush for woman to take Rolf to account so long after the crime was so called committed, it makes one question this ???

I need to tell Rod Swift this . No I do not back Phedophelia and I am dead against it ???

Main message to this man over Rolf Harris. No I do not back pedophilia at all. All Pedophiles need to spend time in corrective custody for both their own safety and security for the public and the victims of these heinous crimes, If this is true about Rolf Harris then he is in the right place. 

But I doubt if Rolf Harris realy done what he was accused of as he was very wealthy and a target for fraudsters which I believe these woman accusing him of are quite possibly doing,  seeing the time gone before reporting of this. 

 I have a lot of reservations due to how people act and the time limits. Combined with Rolf Harris Wealth and His earnings he would be a major target for Fraudsters at the present issues of the day being child Pedophilia. 

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol 

Phedofelia among LGBT GROUPS 
there is just as much potential for Pedophiles to get into LGBT groups than heterosexual groups it nor more due to lifestyle and culture

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The world is going through Massive social and Political changes


The change going on today is massive. In the last 50 years more change has been made than the entire 3,0000 - 6'000 years of human recorded history We are going through massive changes and I believe this will end up in the 

This is going to come to a head and we will all know it then 

(Be prepared the chip is getting ready to go onto all peoples body and when it does, if you accept the Mark of the beast "666" you are damned for eternity in everlasting punishment) 

This is reality, this is not fiction or more so conspiracy theory 
(as some will have you believe) 
All must accept Jesus Christ as their only savior or you will be case into the eternal fires of damnation with the Anti Christ - false prophet and all the deceptive spiritual forces that will be in complete abundance in these coming times. 

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

I have had to take down some posts due to court orders

 I have had to delete some post due to court orders and police orders placed upon me

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Cultural Marxism is war on the family

Cultural Marxism and war on the family Cultural Marxism and war on the family

What se are going through at this present moment in History is a major change in familyy values unlike any other knownin the history of mankind..

 Written and Published by john christopher sunol