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Satanic OTO Child RAPISTS threaten DEATH IN PRISON after using ACT Tribunal & VCAT against unconstitutional kidnap victims Vivianne Legg & Dyson Devine

The Pedo Satanists are at it again...

 The ACT Human Rights commission has chosen John Sunol in NSW and the satanic pedophile cult who has sued every anti-pedophilia organization worth their salt to be the first case of Religious Vilification in ACT's legal history. They only got the law last year and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board puppet of the great boylover, who in turn is a puppet of PIAC.ASN.AU that works pro-bono for the O.T.O. religion of child sex when it's director isn't attending sleepover events for 13 year old boys.... Anyway the ADB tweeted how wonderful these new laws were after previously tweeting how they are unneeded in NSW and a load of crap.

Jedi Knights don't need protection from free speech? AND the RELIGION OF GAY BABY RAPE AND BOY MURDER FROM THE WORLDS MOST INFAMOUS SATANIST ALISTAIR CROWLEY DOES???? How many Times has John Sunol been sued as a mentally handicapped donkey (acquired brain injury) who therefore can't defend himself in court with no legal representation by the GREAT BOYSEXLOVER and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board??? (80 times) I see a pattern here. The ACT needs it's new case law, and regardless of the risks on taking on this case, with the NSW Supreme Court ruling they don't have jurisdiction and the O.T.O. being what it is - a Satanic pedophile cult - letting the satanists pick on a poor mentally handicapped man for what a political refugee wrote outside Australia's jurisdiction. (

American bloggers have been saying for some time Alistair Crowley OTO and his NSW judiciary minions lead the right to normalize PEDOPHILIA AND SEX WITH CHILDREN!

The law is so new it's even on the front page of their website.

I told John Sunol not to comply with the earlier postal threats from David Bottrill Australian Federal Government Immigration Employee and head of the religion of gay child sex and boy murder the OTO. I am the joint publisher of this blog owned by Google. John Sunol is not responsible for what I write outside of Australian Jurisdiction. My typing goes from VN to Google Servers in CA. Australia has no carriage of service jurisdiction. John Complied and Bottrill sued anyway. God help him now.

Previous blog posts on the saga and just how deep it goes... (How David Bottrill and the OTO Dark Satanic Pedophile Cult Rules Us) (How Legg and Devine were illegally kidnapped and thrown in jail without a day in court by a satanic pedophile cult working with a homosexual staffed "human rights commission" with links to case law) (Putin Talks about the west being ruled by Satanic Pedophile cults) (Whilst investigating a gay judge linked to the great boylover, found head of the OTO's pro bono legal firm at 13 year old boy sleep over learn Latin events) How the NSW Police and Victorian Police will have to pay millions of dollars for doing an unlawful illegal extradition for a law that doesn't exist in NSW in an unconstitutional extradition of Vivivanne Legg And Dyson Devine to go to jail (but not to court) for religious vilification of David Bottrill's satanic cult who's "founder" Alister Crowley calls himself THE BEAST 666 as his title. The illegal extradition has been confirmed to be an unconstitutional act by The NSW Supreme Court of Appeals - Bernard Gaynor and Tess Corbett vs the GREAT BOYLOVER Feb 3rd. ( Some history of the OTO and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board praising a gay football team - just like the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras 94.9 gay FM live coverage last Saturday praised the gay football team Melbourne Chargers for doing "a good job this year in Nashville" where half their team was detained on gay dads son sex charges in a FBI sting operation. If it's a good job missing the first day of events for being arrested on child sex charges, I'd hate to see what a poor showing was)


Christians expose the details of a child being raped 1800 times by Followers of Alister Crowley - the "founder" (according to David Bottril) of the O.T.O.
Look at internet celebrities holding the OTO's most famous books saying children must be killed for Baphomet (Satan). The First words in the documentary is JAY Z RAPES CHILDREN because he follows the OTO teachings that instruct him to do so.

They wouldn't be doing this legal action if they didn't have the inside scoop of the GREAT CHILD ANAL BOY SEX LOVER going to the high court of Australia to Challenge Bernard Gaynor's decision they don't have jurisdiction.

+VEOHRC DisputeResolution is so proud they jailed a husband and wife breaking the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities they are meant to educate government departments on in $300 dollar a head training courses they even included the great victory of the OTO Child rapist Satanic pedophile cult in their submission to the Federal Government about 18c. Now that document is the only document censored from the front page of their website. They broke the charter to jail a husband and wife for Religious Vilification of a Satanic Child Sex cult without allowing them to have a day in court as per the Victorian Charter of Human Rights And Responsibilities Act 2006 (closest Australia has to a bill of rights).

See a lawyer expose how the Victorian Human Rights Commission willingly broke the Victorian Charter of Human Rights all for a satanic pedophile cult.

You can see where it was here:
But luckily google found a different second copy (different checksum) that has the same text in it 

All evidence of the Great BoySexLover's perjury is going to the high court of Australia! This is going to be a very interesting development.

Here is another victim of David Bottrill the religion of gay child sex who was sued before she even knew what the OTO was..... Ask me for her legal paperwork that she used to defeat the leader of the satanic pedophile cult in court.

Critics of occult group freed
A COUPLE jailed for nine months for contempt of court for refusing to withdraw claims an occult group was killing children were freed yesterday after spending seven weeks in jail.
Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine were jailed for failing to remove allegations that the secretive international society Ordo Templi Orientis was a pedophile ring.

Other claims included members of the group tortured and killed children, drank the children's blood and ate their organs and used naked children as waiters at functions.

OTO told the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal the couple had breached the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

The couple ignored a July VCAT order to remove the comments.
Judge Marilyn Harbison said the claims were still on the website in November when police were forced to bring the couple to the tribunal to face contempt charges. Judge Harbison gave the couple overnight to think about the consequences of their actions.

But instead of returning the next morning they fled to their NSW home until their arrest and jailing for contempt last month.

The couple's lawyer Simon Moglia told the tribunal yesterday the couple had been financially ruined and had fled the tribunal in November because they had realised they had made a mistake by not complying with its order.
Originally published as Critics of occult group freed
This judge that works for the OTO has been involved in some mysterious deaths in NSW and LOVES LETTING GAYS GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER just like NSW JUDGES Like letting Noel Crompton Hall another murderer of women get away with MASS AIDS RAPE as the First Transgender to ever legally use a woman's toilet anywhere in the world.

A CROSS-dressing Victorian P-plater who crashed, killing his girlfriend, has avoided jail after a judge found he would be subjected to bullying in prison.
Jayke Baldwin, 21, was speeding when he lost control of his car at Seville East in February 2009 and hit a tree.
His girlfriend of just two weeks Melissa Neylon was thrown from the car that then fell on her and killed her.
Today, Victorian County Court judge Marilyn Harbison ruled that because of Baldwin's cross-dressing and effeminate presentation he would be bullied in jail.
Judge Harbison said Baldwin was bullied at work and school.
"(There is) a significant danger ... that you will be targeted by prisoners of your own age and subjected to physical attacks, even in the youth unit of prison," she said.
Judge Harbison ordered Baldwin, of Mt Evelyn, be jailed for three years, but wholly suspended the sentence for three years.

I am Luke McKee.

I wrote the content on John Sunol's blog using my google account to directly publish without his approval on the john sunol blog which is JOINTLY controlled by me using my vietnamese internet connection publishing on a server in USA you do not have jurisdiction over.

I hear You want to do the bidding of a satanic pedophile cult that even Wikipedia says worships Baphomet the devil as your first ever religious vilification case?

I also hear that ACT tribunal has no jurisdiction in NSW under the highest law in the land. 

And the last person to try this stunt lost with costs.

I also hear that nobody answers the phones at your human rights commission or the ACT tribunal.

Is John Sunol a resident of the ACT? No. Do you have jurisdiction NO?

Then there is also the case of "legg devine" in (case law website) where a husband and wife were sent to jail without a day in court for this unconstitutional persecution from a religious cult that believes in child sex magic.
They were kidnapped from NSW for an unconstitutional illegal extradition and jailed without a day in court for david botril a resident of Canberra using a court in Victoria where he didn't have standing to lodge a complaint.

I understand the state of Victoria and NSW will have to pay out millions for unlawful kidnapping all for this satanic pedophile cult to these victims of injustice in due course, and yet you want the ACT to pay out and make John Sunol rich for unconstitutional court action?

Then we have your previous cases of David Bottril testifying that Aliser Crowley is the founder of the OTO not Theodore Reuss. That's like a Christian mixing up Moses and Jesus because he likes mass murder and how Moses killed all those who worshiped the sacred gold cow.

Even the guy that wrote the NSW Anti-Discrimination act who did his thesis in Historical young boy sex coverups published here got that right - Here is proof that the OTO's higest level is master of the Hermit Traid XI in gay anal sex black magick made by the overtly pro-gay channel 4 UK.

Then we have David Bottrill stalking me abroad contacting my employer, and his links to "GREAT Boylover", and sending a physical stalker to my workplace the week later (Heidi Hendry).

Then we have the fact his religion is into gay anal sex black magick to open the gates of hell and it's "founder" brags in the margins of it's most holy book that he raped 150 little boys. 
Anyone who says the religion of gay child sex and boy murder must be respected or else is an evil pro-pedophile sack of shit? Is that what you are saying you are?

Recently NCAT ruled Mark Netwon and Peter Truong mass baby rapists must not be vilified by internet users in Vietnam (my dad) and that is creating an international incident involving the Russian embassy making a complaint against Australia in the UN for prosecuting it's own citizens dissent of David Bottril's immigration department doing human trafficking of Russian children giving Gay dads passports without a DNA test as per the law to facilitate that little boy (Drake Newton's) gay dads baby rape in 20 countries.

It is your funeral if proceed with this case. If you have been compromised by David Bottril threatening to rape your kids, then I suggest you go to the proper authorities..

I'll be in touch shortly if you get paid enough there to pick up your phones.


P.S. We have found out that David Bottril's previous impartial witnesses in the last case writes books with confirmed OTO members published by OTO Equinox press and offers courses in witchcraft and OTO magick for students to put on their HECS...

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, Knight, DianaW <> wrote:
Dear Mr Sunol

I refer to my previous correspondence to you below about a complaint received by the ACT Discrimination Commissioner.
We have not received communication from you about the complaint.

Please respond within 7 days of this email. If we do not hear from you by 16 March 2017, we will take no further actiothisn and close the complaint.

Once the complaint is closed, Mr Bottrill may request a referral of the complaint to be heard by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) for determination.

Please feel free to contact me via email or on 02  6205 2030 to discuss further handling of the complaint.

Kind regards

Diana Knight
Senior Conciliator & Review Officer

ACT Human Rights Commission
Level 2, 11 Moore St, Canberra City ACT 2601

From: Knight, DianaW
Sent: Tuesday, 24 January 2017 6:35 PM
Subject: Correspondence from the ACT Human Rights Commission (160809972) [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED, DLM=Sensitive: Personal]
Sensitivity: Confidential

Dear Mr Sunol

Please see attached correspondence in relation to a complaint received by the ACT Discrimination Commissioner.

Kind regards

Diana Knight
Senior Conciliator & Review Officer

ACT Human Rights Commission
Level 2, 11 Moore St, Canberra City ACT 2601

This email, and any attachments, may be confidential and also privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender and delete all copies of this transmission along with any attachments immediately. You should not copy or use it for any purpose, nor disclose its contents to any other person.


Moments after I originally uploaded the above Personal Note, et al, to the Castle, I checked my e-mail and discovered this message below dated May 23, 2008:

"David Bersson seems to be going about the internet and masquerading as you, writing typically grammatically non-sensical garbage in your name in order to defame you."

I replied to the gentleman who sent this information to me and he quickly responded with the posting along with information about a certain problem in Australia of which I was not until this time aware of, to wit:

"A man named Dyson Devine and his partner, Vivienne Legg, believed they were exposing a conspiracy by some O.T.O.-like group calling themselves 'the' O.T.O. involving paedophile parties, drugs, and possibly murder. ..."

It is unclear as yet if there is any validity to these claims or if the supposed group in question is in fact a branch of the Caliphate pseudo-o.t.o. or, as this gentleman indicated as a possibility, the S.O.T.O.  For all I know this matter may be entirely fictional.  As I have said, this is the first I have heard of it.  Contrary to popular belief, promoted especially by members of the Caliphate and David Bersson, whose egos are flattered to believe it so, I do not spend an inordinate amount of time thinking or writing about them.  Especially these days, only a small portion of my time and energy is spent on their lies and absurd nonsense ... only so much time and energy as is necessary for the sake of Thelema and the memory of Aleister Crowley and no more.  Therefore it is not unusual for me to not be aware of such matters as this affair down under.  To me it is simply more of the same and a possible validation of things I have been saying for a long time now.
Be that as it may, I visited the web site printed in the message following the copy of the posting the gentleman believed David Bersson is responsible for, i.e.  At the head of the page this was posted: Website Has Been Shut Down Sometime Between November 2007 and January 2008
Below are links to many webpages/Websites providing news and articles about GaiaGuys Vivienne Legg and Dyson Devine

Among the postings is the following.  While it is worth noting that the individual who posted it is listed as "Anonymous" in the beginning, it is still and obviously intentionally misleading, falsely signed "G.M. Kelly".  Perhaps deserved to be shut down for a number of reasons.  For one they never contacted me to verify if indeed I had posted the following message, and one wonders how often sites such as this promote the lies and slanders posted under false names.


Fri, 02/22/2008 - 00:39 — Anonymous
Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg
Dear Misguided Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg
Well, now you're in prison after all your lies. If you happen to get out of prison; you should come to my website where the reading thereof will educate you on the truth on who we are. I am the greatest genius; and leading authority in these matters and no one but myself is qualified to discern between such items. I am the true head of the O.T.O.; being the Inner Head of the Order; and I was very happy to see you two in prison. Now, let that be a lesson to you and if you are caught lying again; you return to prison with an even longer sentence. Bill Morgan has been slandering us of late, as well, and it might very well take another court case with he as the next to go to prison. I have been told by my assistant Mr. William Breeze that Bill Morgan is another dangerous liar. He should be publicly warned that we are a harmless religious group; and his slander will only result in lawyers and court rooms. Since we are NOT Satanists; nor in any way break any laws in any country; I see more slanderers need to be shown the error of their ways. Stand warned; and I, G.M. Kelly will not tolerate you, this imbecile Bill Morgan or anyone else lying about the O.T.O.; and as its Leader will find you and sue you again and again until justice is done in the courts.
Yours Truly,
G.M. Kelly
Head of the O.T.O. world wide

By the dozens of indicators in the above message it should be obvious to anyone that I did not write and post this nonsense.  I do not even know who Bill Morgan is.  If I have ever heard the name I have forgotten it.  And of course Bill Breeze is hardly an associate of any kind.  Furthermore, I have never been interested in becoming a member of any group calling itself the O.T.O.  I would only be interested in the Ordo Templi Orientis if Aleister Crowley were still alive and O.H.O.  Such mad nonsense as "Head of the O.T.O. world wide" and the rest, along with the illiterate nature of the above message falsely posted in my name does indeed seem like the work of David Bersson, who has been desperate for attention lately, i.e., even more desperate than usual.  Click on his name above for the latest nonsense in The Sword of Horus, an extension of the last Personal Note before this one.
Generally I stay away from message boards, blogs, e-groups and the like.  I have never liked the fact that the individuals who own them and supposedly monitor them do not thoroughly authenticate the sources of their postings, and because of this impersonating another individual is all too easy and common on these web sites.  One looks for accurate information, and all too often finds in these chatrooms and such a great deal of misleading misinformation and intentional dysinformation.
For the record, I have only one web site, the Castle of the Silver Star, this web site, and it can be found at:
or by way of the simpler and easier to remember Domain Name:

And the only e-mail address that I possess that I would ever send a message from is  If a message or posting of any kind comes from any other e-mail address, I did not send it.
Such insane and unethical behavior as this false posting to be found at only prove everything I have been saying for years about the individuals who would do such things and those who would eagerly promote their childish nonsense.  I thank them for proving the validity of my statements.

Love is the law, love under will.

  Unfortunately, soon after writing this Personal Note, I received sad news regarding the wife of the late Ken Ward, Frater O.v.N.  I direct you to the end of Ken Ward's Memorial for a few words about the passing of this charming lady.
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