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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Breaking: The Truck of Peace @nodiscrim & @VEOHRC [********] order be respected strikes Melbourne CBD

As exposed on this blog before it happened:

As I Luke McKee predicted 4 days ago there would be a ***** terrorist attack in Melbourne the same city the Gay ***** Greens organized a Gay Imam Fest - to celebrate those who all moderate Muslims believe must be [punished] for subverting the faith Islam to the faith of the Sodomites, as directed by their holy book.

All these deaths are deaths of Australian's who died for their Greens Party love of Gay Pride that is not compatible with a multicultural society involving Islam. I also exposed Mass Immigration in Sweden is getting the Jews killed in Sweden for the same reason 1 day ago. It's not hard to figure out what is going on here.

I wonder if the Gay **** Greens will have their **** subverting Islam Imam fest, that all moderate Muslims believe must be killed as the Holy Qu'ran says those who subvert Islam by telling the true believers to love [sodomy] must be killed considering how active ISIS now is in Australia.

Guess what - they can't cover it up like the ****** terrorist attack on the Australian Christian Lobby. Even thought the Main stream media isn't saying it, he's saying he's ISIS and drawing attention to himself before the attack

Video's saved should the media and cops attempt another ****** ACL terrorist bomber cover-up I talked about on the radio last Sunday.

Update: The attacker has said on social media he is Islamic. The government says - no we decide who is Islamic and who is not! You are not Islamic if you identify as such:

Final update for this post: CONFIRMED TO BE AN AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT FALSE FLAG ATTACK FOR FINANCIAL GAIN: The complex details on the motive for the false flag and who stands to benefit millions and why they are pedophiles - exposed in GRAPHIC detail on this thread. Archive it before it's censored. Also watch for signs of blue screen recorded footage BEFORE the event really kicked off. Warning, researchers only - it may be all over your head so I'm presenting it in a more graphical format in a post in the next few days exposing the PIAC.ASN.AU / +VEOHRC DisputeResolution ******* links to Jeff Kennett and his beyondblue.net.au charity, pedophiles of course and how millions of dollars will go to pedophiles if this incident is blamed on a man with "mental issues" which is now what is happening in the mainstream media. Watch them call for increase funding for mental health charities over this event and count the millions of dollars that splattering a baby all over the biggest Shopping Centre in Victoria's pavement makes for the Satanic OTOAustralia.org.au controlled operation - beyondblue.net.au.
Similar Research covered by ex-cop friend of ******* here too with lots of comments:

The ongoing research thread - until it's censored, and a new post to write up the developments is shared on this blog: http://8ch.net/pol/res/8840305.html#q8840985

Thanks to my internet search abilities - (time filter) first to watch video above ^^ Saved.

Update: Here is is the Muslim guy that must not be vilified because of his "race" saying Allah Ackbah as he killed Australians

Update: The police say this is not an Islamic Terror Attack at this stage even though they have the terrorist is in custody and say everything is safe now nothing to see here. Nothing is safe until they stop the Greens Gay Sexing Imam Fest in Melbourne!

Holy shit you can see the baby's pram smashed on top of the car as it stuck to it on the NZ News Bulletin below. No metion of the guy saying Allah Ackbah to everyone and playing middle easten music. You are fucken kidding me and if you saying this is not an Islamic attack.

Russian State Media Channel #1 Confirms this is an Muslim Extremist terror attack! Australian media silent:

Update: Australian mainstream news censoring what the guy was yelling out the windows. A source who calls himself "Rainbow" is telling a different story.

This is just like the Gay Terrorist Bombing of the ACL last month, all youtube videos on the topic censored except one from Russia. Surprise surprise...
Where have we seen these terror cover-ups before?

Update: Confirmed - now going on: A rainbow Child Fuck Labor high-level cover-up of a terrorist attack. Rainbow Labor would be destroyed in the next vote not only for Safe Pedo Schools ran by a pedophile from Latrobe University Gary Dowsett who wrote "Boiled Lollies And Band Aids: How Gay men Rape kids", but there massive support of mass immigration. So it's better all these dead people's families not no the truth on why their loved ones were killed. The government can't even say he's Muslim. See for yourself he is.

The greatest activist against Muslims being disrespected in Australia is Sydney's Number #2 Anti-Discrimination Activist , Vice contributor and Anti-Fa KingPin, and South Strathfield School teacher who gave lectures in best child rape and grooming tactics at Ultimo Tafe conference Mr Alex Gollan who got done for child porn of two little boys being forced to gay sex acts with each-other. Allex Golan gave regular talks at Humanrights.gov before being done for his love of infants sex.

You can see more details on the Australian Government Enabled (AHRC) lover of Islam and Infant Sex here on this blog:

THREE people are dead and 20 others, including four children, are injured after a man “deliberately” drove into pedestrians at Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall today.
Police said the man purposely drove the car into pedestrians about 1.30pm, following an earlier stabbing incident in the Melbourne suburb of Windsor.
Acting Police Commander Stewart Bateson confirmed the attack is not a terrorism incident.
‘We believe this is connected to an earlier stabbing in Windsor,” Mr Bateson said.
“We ask the public to avoid the city as it will take a long time to process this scene.”

Live Stream: Melbourne car chase presser
A man dressed only in red underwear was arrested at the Elizabeth St end of the mall.
The mangled wreckage of half a pram is stuck on the bonnet of the car, while what appears to be the other half is further up the mall at a pedestrian crossing on William St.
Stunned witnesses say a mother watch helplessly as the vehicle collided with the pram she was pushing and there were fears a child was seriously injured.
“There was a car that just sped along the footpath and hit people,” a witness told police at the scene.

Footage shows the sedan flying through the famous mall, skidding through a major intersection and mounting a kerb.
“There was a car that just sped along the footpath and hit people,” a witness told police at the scene.
Witnesses ran for their lives, filing into nearby shops and building to avoid the trail of carnage.
“(The car) was going at about 60kmph, and just went boom,” another witness said.
Ambulances and police cars blocked off the Elizabeth St end of the CBD mall and said the situation was “contained”.

TV footage shows a red sedan zoom towards the mall and circle the intersection before mounting the kerb.
A man believed to be the driver was lying on the pavement wearing only a pair of red underpants and white sneakers.
Police were seen drawing a large blue tarpaulin over him.
The driver was detained by police and taken from the scene.
Another person was seen being pulled from the passenger side of the vehicle before being treated by paramedics.
Melbourne car chase suspect before pursuit
Extraordinary video shot from an office building above the scene shows police dragging a man in a white shirt, believed to be the drive, by the legs away from the crumpled red sedan, while the man’s hands appear to be cuffed behind his back.

Another witness said: “I heard a thump and thought they’d hit something. Now I know it was people,” he said.
Former Victorian Police Commissioner Christine Nixon told the ABC the mother who had been pushing the pram asked her where the baby was.
“She kept asking me ‘where’s my baby?’ and I don’t know,” she told the national broadcaster.
Nixon said she was almost hit by the car, which came within one metre of her as it sped through the mall.

The woman who kept saying where's my baby - ... Her baby is definitely dead now as confirmed by further news reports. Gay activists cheer up, yet another baby dies for gay pride and the Greens love of Islamic Gay Imam events. This moral perversion needs to go and so will the terror attacks. God is punishing us all, even the innocent for the perversion that is the Greens party of Australia.
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