Saturday, 17 December 2016

The second coming of Jesus Christ

this blog is dedicated to the second return of Jesus Christ and all things related, especially looking at ridding the world of the Anti Homosexual vilification bill by Clover Moore 1993

I will also look at many other issues related to the coming of Agenda 2030 which is realy part of this coming of Jesus as it is pathing the way for Christs return

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Putin calls for ceasfire as allepo evacuations continue

Putin calls for ceasfire as Allepo evacuations begin

This is horrigic what is going on in Allepo. The 21st century is turning out more violent than the Wars of the 20th century

Times are not getting better and the 1914-18 war was not the war to end all wars but much more horrible things were still to come.

I believe that this is only going to continue on a down hill run untill Jesus Christ returns for a Second Time when we all shall come under His Authority

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Friday, 16 December 2016

What will Trump do about North Korea

We wont know until it happens. We will just have to wait and see. This is going to be very interesting.

I think this is going to be very interesting  to see how Trump reacts to a man like Kim Jon Un of North Korea. I would like to ask the question, what will Trump do when some one like Ki, Jon Un plays silly boys and threatens the world with nuclear weapons ???

It is fairly sure this kind of situation will arrise during his presidency sooner or  later. As the united stated president his decision and reaction will effect the whole world.

These are very serious questions the whole world needs to look at

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

The patriarchs of California (Don Antonio Sunol)

To me this story is very close to my own history.

In this story the young boy Antonio Sunol could have been heading to the then Spanish territory of the Phillipines (as I found out that the surname of Sunol was taken from a Filipino dialect) Antonio  Sunol then jumped ship in what was then Spanish territory  (Mexican) in where San Jose is now (southern end of San Francisco Bay area) which could have been in transit to the  Spanish Colonies in the Philippines. 

Mr Father was born in Freemantle (13th April 1926) and both of his Parents come off a ship from Barcelona in Catolonia, Northern Spain in 1925/26 

Antonio Sunols Story is around 115 years earlier than my own Grandparents story to my grandparents story and my father's birth. 

In those days they would have sailed to Cape town in South Africa and headed towards the then Spanish  territory of the Philippines but first come accross to Western Australia and landed in Freeman  (where Dad was born ) and that is where they settled.

They were from the Catalonia province of Northern Spain with a French background and it is very possible that my Grandfather ancestors could have been related to Don Antonio Sunol in some form or another. This story is to close to my Grandfather to my fathers ancestry to rule out as bearing some form of ancestral relationship by blood. 

That is a mystery  yet to be seen but I am very happy to post the link to this story to my blog. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Alleppo is completely destroyed:what next ???

I FEEL that Putin and Trump could sign a peace agreement to stop fighting in Syria. This could head up a New world order  Actually Putin wants  a new world order and Donald Trump will help him

This war in Syria could be just the catalyst to bring the new world order on. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 



Thursday, 15 December 2016

Dr George Adidjondro was one of the lecturers I had at the University of Newcastle in sociology and sociology of corruption

This man who is in the articles was one of the lecturers I had in the sociology of corruption who taught me how to fight corruption in an ethical way. He died some years ago with a sickness. 

This is why I will not give in as the people taking me to court are very corrupt and same sex marriage is political which i will fight for the rest of my life, that is only part of the story as once you get the militant homosexuals on your tail, they will keep on attacking you.

I I promise the world that I will never stop of give in the same as Dr George did to free East Timor from a corrupt Indonesian regime of Suharto

Fighting corruption is a hard battle but a battle I must persist in as those taking me to court are political and very corrupt. I will do as this man did with Indonesia in his days against Suharto, never give in and never stop as those taking me to court are cultural Marxist with a political agenda, 

I do not vilify and never will accept tribunal decisions being substantiated against me as I need to expose this to the world.

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol

A Town in the United States (near San Francisco California) with the same Spanish(Catalonian) Surname as me on e-bay. Patriarchs of California

This is NOT me but it comes from the same stock of my fathers people and theitr sncestory and history from the same area. 

What I never knew but was that these people have had connections with CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS 

   Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer sailing for the King of Spain (King Ferdinand of Spain in 1492)

As a child I never knew of my fathers background but that my Grandparents to my father were immigrants from Barcelona Spain (1925/26) and my father grew up in Fremantle W.A.They were both Catolinian with French and Italian connections 

"My mothers Family were Scottish and British immigrants to Australia farmers, dairy cattle"

So none of this surprises me

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 


The biography of the man to be the leader of the world after January 20 2017

This is very real and I see that we are living in a set of History making years to a  similar extent to the years (1900., 1914,1918, 1933, 1945. 1967, 2001, and now 2016/17 ??? "Still to be officially defined) 

Donald Trump is a history making president elect to become president after January 20 2017. 

I feel next year 2017 wil be filled with more integer and human activity than even 2016 was. This coming year (2017)  could be one of the defining moments of time in the 21st century.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Man is preparing to go Mars

Another place which could be good for such preparations could be Antartica (south pole)

Mars would have extremely harsh condutions and the most appropriate training needs to be undertaken. The harshest training on earth available. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol  

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

In this coming year 2017, I will be writing to my blog regular and looking for work in the public

In this coming year my new years even resolution is to continue on the way I have been for many years now and to 

1. Find a meaningful  payed job in a public place. This job will be in a place I can contribute to
2. Continue on my anti same sex marriage activist agenda unabated and unstopped no matter what happens. 
3. To build a profile and travel around telling people about my anti same sex marriage as much as I can and carry it to where I go to. 
4. All of this activity will be backed up by my blog and I will continue on with my blog for the whole year out in 2017
I own my own  home, have no rent and just the average bills. No one can take that from me as the home was payed off in full back in 1988 and put into a shelf company with the deeds and trust so it is protected from people who want to take me to court and make me a debtor to them. 

They can not touch my home (even as a judgement debtor) that is protected and I intend to get myself work this coming year so I can save money for retirement which will happen within 10 - 15 years time as I am aged 59 years at the present moment. In 10 - 15 years time I will be 69 - 74 and ready for retirement. I need to save for this and with no rent and owing a home this makes it a ton sight easier. 

In around 10 years owning a home I should be able to save enough for retirement as long it is a secure well payed work

As for that man I owe $55,000 I will apply for a second bankruptcy as he can not get blood out of a stone, and i am NOT GOING TO PAY A PERSON WHO STEALS MONEY BY BEING A CONSTANT LIAR TO AND A VEXATIOUS LITIGATION LIKE HE IS. 

I would rather fight him through the courts untill the courts get tired of him and he is forced to give in. 

I just refuse to not stop.

AS for 2017, I expect it will be not a lot different to what 2016 was but that I might be able to score more work like I did a couple of times in 2016.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Micheal Gorbachev wants a new soviet Uniom Formed

It was Michael Gorbachev that engineered the demise of the old soviet Union and Cold war and Boris Yeltskin as a spport ofMichael Gorbachev was the Russian president at the time of the Soviet Union 

Now Michael Gorbachev has seen how bad the 21st century he wants to go back to the past. You can never go back in the past, you can only design a new future. 

I feel what is coming could be  working on a treaty between Donald Trump the United States President and Vladimir Putin to start a neew world order to bring world peace. 

This could be started jn 2017 as a Trump/Putin attenpt to bring world peace.  

I will  notgo any further and we will have to just wait and see what happens.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

World war three start in Europe in 2017 with an Alien attack

This might sound wako but I hzve heard some wako things that have an element of fact. Whilst I am not willing to take an alien attack as being more than sheer. Nostradamus lived in the 14th Century (1500's) and in his time if they had have known of modern weaponry that is just what would have been said 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I have some more cases coming up in 2017 (Burns vs Sunol)

Garry Burns has just just sent me a further three cases towards me for the coming year 2017. I only received this in the mail yesterday Tuesday December 13th 2016.

  1. Vilification 
  2. Vilification  
  3. Victimization

I will say one thing to this man Garry Burns you are an obsessed liar amd trouble maker with no rights to waste tax payers money taking me to the tribunals over this. 

I refuse to accept that I vilify homosexuals or victimize you and you will never force me to change from this belief or opinion of your Burns Vs Sunol cases, 

I do not know what you think you are looking for as I am bankrupt and applying for a second bankruptcy to cover the $55,000 already claimed. 

You will want more money again and I can  not see the purpose behind this as you have nothing to gain. 

I am not going to stop writing or give in as I do not give into thugs like you who put in false complaints all of the time.

To finish off I refuse to sell my home as that would encourage you to to me more and get others to as well. The home is in the name  of a shelf company and you can not force a sale so have a great day as you will be getting nothing from me except a boot up the butt by the courts and I  will refuse to stop

I will be adding a spreadsheet of all of my 73 complaints from Burns vs Sunol