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Saturday, 10 December 2016

I am being taken to task by members of the homosexual militant groups of homosexuals

Are all a Unethical attempt by 
I will never accept fault, but that I am being persecuted by members of the Militant Homosexual Lobby's (such as the GLRL) 
That want to set case law so they can Force homosexuality upon all by using hyped up case law  as a oppressive tool to carry out this  campaign.

I can not realy blame Garry Burns as he is realy a Phys-co pathetic man with various  psychotic problems being used by These Militant groups to unethically set their case law for Them

I will fight on to stop this case is being unethical set for the benefit of all Good Christian people and the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob through the power of Jesus Christ. I can not stop or give in but wage a spiritual war As Joshua was told to on the heathen tribes when he crossed over the Jordan River

We have two major enemies today, one as bad as the other but one (Radical Jihadist Islam) Very violent and oppressive which is fighting for total domination of the earth. 

Both of these groups are very oppressive but the latter Homosexual Militants
are very insideous and just as agile as the Islamic Militants but a lot more coercive and just as oppressive as that of Radical Islam

Both of these groups want a totalitarian control of the world and both of the groups are just as oppressive as each other.

I am openly defiant  to the Militant Homosexual groups where I will fight these groups for the rest of my life knowing this will be defeated by God 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunols 

Homosexual militant groups are very oppressive

Homosexual Militant Groups

Homosexual Militants want a totalitarian homosexual state

This is war, all out war with the homosexual militant groups. All traditional family groups need to be made aware of These militant groups and we must oppose them on mass. write letters and do petitions on these groups. We ,ust directle oppose same sex marriage as this is not love It is POLOTICS, LEFT WING TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

As a nation and a people we must get up and speak for traditional marriage and against the homosexual agenda (Same sex Marriage ect) and against All militant homosexual rights groups and their Affiliates who are pushing for this Homosexual totalitarian dictatorship under Political correctness or Cultural Marxism

This is real not just talk AND NOW IS THE TIME TO GET UP AND OPPOSE SAME SEX MARRIAGE marriage and these Homosexual militant groups pushing for same sex marrage and homosexual totalitarian dictatorship

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

(Please note this is not all homosexuals at all like what will be told, it is defined to members of homosexual militant groups who are active gay and lesbian rights lobbyists only - world wide) 

Friday, 9 December 2016

Some one is stealing my identity and making replies to my you tubes using this stolen identity

Identity theft is a criminal offence which involves stealing anothers identity. Some one is committing this crime on me on my you tube comments. This is  happening where they are fraudulently using my name and photo to make comments to discredit me.  I find out who is stealing my photo and committing this act I will have you charged for this. I will have a talk to the AFP identity over this identity fraud (theft) Crime Police  and get this investigated.

 Also any comments in my name fraudulently made in my name using my photo  is a criminal act which is identity fraud and this will be immediately deleted.

As this is happening and I will close all comments only on applrovable by me if this kind of activity continues on.  

Written and Published by John Christopher Sunol 

this is what is being used on me at the moment, someone is using my own photo and name to write comments to my You Tube channels to discredit me. I am going to have no choice but to leave all comments for my own approval if this does not stop. 

It is a criminal act and identity fraud but the groups i am fighting do not care less, all they want to do is shut me up. That is just not going to happen and I will fight back as I am war with all militant Homosexuals no matter where they are on this earth. 

I declare full scale war with all militant Homosexual groups where eber you are

There is not a lot of these groups but they have power over the world due to their activism and their dedication to their agenda. Most of their adherents are highly educated people from the Middle class to the upper middle. They are activist (lobbyists by nature) and push a left wing Marxist equal rights set  of issues,)

I am an open enemy of all of all of the militant homosexuals no matter where on this globe that they come from, that is NOT the LGBT groups of people, but the very small amount of militant homosexuals whom are all well educated political lobbyist. They are all very evil people and I am their open enemy. 

I declare all out war  with these groups and I am just as dedicated to push an Anti homosexual rights barrow as they are pro same sex rights and I am anti same sex rights.

Written and Published by John Christopher sunol 



The rise of Militant HOMOSEXUALITY

all my own cases are of a Political nature I will not believe that it is vilification or victimisation. This are only excuses to justify for members of the homosexual rights community to justify taking me to court so they can get court orders on me. 

This is the same sort of political stunt that all dictators from the past in what ended up becoming a totalitarian system used to stop people from speaking out against their own revolutionary attempts and highlighting corruption.

I will go through modern History where this happened to all the concussions objectors

1. French Revolution of 1788-1815 (Napoleon Bonaparte and the Bonaparte wars 1796-1815)
2. Russian revolution (Bolshevik Revolution)  Stalin and Lenin in the October Revolution of 1917.
3. The Rise of Fascism (Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels) 1933-45)

Then we can also look at the rise of communism (socialism) in China 1949 _ Moa Sin Tung and the Chinese cultural revolution we can see similarities with that of the rise of Militant Homosexuality and same sex marriage. 

Miitant homosexuality i decare a righteous hoy war upon

The is also seen from the cultural revolution hIn the 1960's

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Answer of my Points of Claim to the Garry who has put another complaint against me.

I am going to put this into Ncat as a points of summary for the coming up hearings on 
Burns vs Sunol on February 20 2017


John Christopher Sunol
16 Queen Street
Waratah West 
NSW 2298
Telephone 0468 309 091
December 9, 2016

The Registrar
NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal 
Administrator for Equal Opportunity Division
Level 10, John Maddison Tower
86-90 Goulburn St 
Sydney 2000
File number 1610644
Gary (a.k.a. Garry) Burns –  Applicant (Unemployed Serial Litigant) 
John Christopher Sunol    -   Respondent (Unemployed / Unrepresented)
My points of claim were communicated to the NCAT member Ms Scahill at the 30 November 2016 Case Conference.
 We will endeavour to submit transcripts of this 30 November 2016 case conference for the benefit of NCAT members who will sit in judgement on February 20, 2017.

The Applicant did not attend this 30 November Case Conference as he was in the Supreme Court of New South Wales at an important class action against him and in which the powers of NCAT to act as a court were in dispute by the Commonwealth of Australia.

 Our points of claim are as follows

This complaint is a continuation of the previous 69 complaints against my blog that any ordinary reasonable person can see are vexatious and ideologically-driven.  Refer Attachment 1 for details of the complaints the Applicant has lodged against my blog.   Without exception, his complaints are always referred to NCAT, for no useful purpose other than to manufacture case-law, using the Respondent as a "useful idiot"

 In any case, there are no grounds for this complaint to be substantiated as either "homosexual vilification" or "homosexual victimisation".  The Applicant's problem appears to be defamation, not vilification.  Therefore the Applicant should legally redress his problem by having Luke McKee charged with criminal defamation in the appropriate court of law. 

NCAT is not a court of law and has no power to judge on matters of defamation.  This conclusion is based on recent developments in the Supreme Court of New South Wales as alluded to in item 3 above. 

We now allege that the Applicant is not a "homosexual" and therefore he has no standing under the Act to lodge "homosexual vilification" complaints.   The evidence can be submitted on 20 February to substantiate this information if necessary. 

I, the Respondent, did NOT publish the statements that are the substance of this misconceived complaint. The statements were published directly by Luke McKee who takes full responsibility for the statements.  It was Luke McKee's public act.  It was not a public act done by me as Luke can publish directly on my blog without me having any idea what he says.  Our agreement is that Luke takes full responsibility for what he says.  Luke  McKee has contacted the Anti-Discrimination Board and asked that this complaint be re-directed against himself, but the Board has refused to talk to him.
It is nonsense that Luke McKee "incited hatred"  or "serious contempt" towards the Applicant "on the ground of homosexuality".   The Applicant claims this is true, without evidence.  As alleged in (d) above, our opinion is that the Applicant is not "homosexual".   Luke McKee was first stalked by the Applicant on September 26, 2009 by the Applicant sending him an unsolicited threatening Facebook message.  A "cyber war" has taken place between the them since, each making threats to the other.  They are both equally obsessed with their political crusade, but on opposite sides of the ideological divide.    

The Applicant has been told by NCAT in the past not to read my blog if it offends him.  Yet he stalks the blog on a daily basis.  That explains the 71 complaints to date.   NCAT can look forward to another complaint that is currently in the pipeline. 

There is no evidence that the Applicant is "shocked, humiliated and angry etc" upon reading the truth.    If anything, his emotions would be those of pleasure that he has found another excuse to put a complaint into the Anti Discrimination Board.   The Applicant is NOT a victim in these proceedings.  The Respondent is the victim.  The Applicant, together with his associates within the Anti Discrimination Board, is the Perpetrator, defying Natural Justice, for  the purpose of exploiting the "homosexual vilification" law to produce complaints on an industrial scale, for ideologically-driven purposes, namely to create onerous case-law.  

In the case of the Applicant personally, though the Board is driven by ideology, he is driven by mercenary purposes (refer Attachment 2 in relation to his attempts to extort $55,000 from me to be paid directly into his bank account). 

The Applicant's standard practise is to put homosexual vilification complaints to the Board for selected targets he finds on the internet, then he offers to withdraw the complaint if the target pays $10,000 into his personal bank account.   Evidence of this practice has already been submitted to NCAT in other proceedings.

The panel will note that the Applicant wants to be awarded more money paid by myself into his back account a result of NCAT "substantiating" this complaint (C2016/0478).  This is evidence of his continuing mercenary motivation.  There is nothing in "the public interest" in what he does.  This litany of complaints is in fact the opposite of the public interest. It is a waste of taxpayers money, that achieves little, apart from creating case-law.    My blog is going stronger than ever, and I have every right to speak on political matters of Public Interest.      

There is much evidence of the Applicant's behaviour in the 500 emails sent to Luke McKee's inbox from the Applicant's inbox on April 26, 2016.  How or why this was done remains a mystery.  The Applicant should initiate a police investigation into this occurrence if he has nothing to hide. 

As stated to Ms Scahill in the 30 November at the Case Conference, this complaint follows the normal pattern of ideologically-driven politics.  NCAT interpret every complaint referred to them by the President of the Anti Discrimination Board  as a message from the President that he wants the complaint substantiated.   The President would not refer any complaint that his staff want dismissed by NCAT.   The Board are quite capable of dismissing a complaint themselves.   NCAT, by their track record, will automatically substantiate any complaint referred to them by the President, for political reasons. 

In summary, my points of claim revolve around four primary factors that have a bearing on this matter:

Misconceived litigation
Vexatious litigation
Mercenary motivation of the Applicant
Political litigation

We shall be calling three (3) witnesses to substantiate the four factors claimed above. 

Misconceived litigation.

Luke McKee the author of the writing about which the Applicant complains to the Board, shall be called as a witness.  Attached please find an Application for Audio-Visual Link.    

Vexatious litigation and mercenary motivation. 

Gary (a.k.a. Garry) Burns, the Applicant.  Attached please find Application for Summons to be issued, and Summons. 

 Political litigation. 

David Shoebridge, member of the New South Wales Legislative Council and member of The Greens political party.   Mr Shoebridge is working to legislatively deepen and strengthen homosexual vilification law.   Mr Shoebridge it is alleged works with the Applicant and he accompanied the Applicant to the Burns v Sunol public hearing that took place on November 12, 2015.

The Respondent seeks the following Orders:
That this complaint be dismissed
That the Anti Discrimination Board pay the Respondent damages by way of compensation for vexatious and ideologically-driven complaints since the beginning of 2011  
That the Applicant from this time forth be disqualified for lodging any further complaints 
Such further Order or Orders as the Tribunal may determine. 



This is my points of claim for the coming up hearings on February 20/2017 

This is what same sex Marriage is alll About !!!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Homosexual totalitarian dictatorship (All Christian Churches all over the world should take note)

Hate to say but I can see a Homosexual totalitarian dictatorship coming. If we look aeound everywhere now we can See this rising 

Published by and written by John Christopher Sunol 

Equal Opportunity and tolelrance legislation in Victoria, Gansard

In different ways this Victorian legislation is somewhat similar to the NSW Anti discrimination  bill and the 1993 Anti Vilification act which makes it illegal to vilify someone on their sexuality. 

That is the act I see being abused in the NSW parliament and this is the Victoria equivalent to it. 

These forms of legislation are always a problem as they can be missuses a lot by political activist who are the member of a political lobby group. 

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

On Febuary 20 2017 we have another case Burns vs Sunol

I will fight this and dight this hard throught the Tribunal system. I was away from home preparing for this coming up case yesterday.

I agree with this couple but we are fighting Political activists over a political correctness platform on same sex marriage

These People use the courts and tribunals as a weapon, not for which they were designed for, toobtain justice and facilitate conciliation. I am one example of this

Written  and Published by John christopher sunol 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

BREAKING: Dutch-American Vietnamese Gay couple (identified as such) filmed sodomizing a 2 year old boy and shared the gayby baby rape video

I ""  told me about this today... so here we go.

This is breaking today December 7th. Another day another gayby baby gets it seems. I've lost count of how many of these news stories just like this get sent my way over the years.



UPDATE: Added research and comments are available here:
He's part of a bigger pedophile ring by the looks of things...

I will not write too much I will just cut and paste. I'm busy working on my 18C submission exposing @VEOHRC and @AUGL_OTO satanic gay pedophile cults.

Before I give my exclusive research linking these child rapists to homosexuality and satanic gay pedophile cults, here's the first mainstream news article about this that admits the boy rapists are admitted hommosexuals that the @nodiscrim ADB argues must be respected and never vilified not matter what they do to little boys because that's against the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 - Amended by Crypto-Lesbian Lord Mayor Of Sydney Clover "No" Moore in 1993.

Child Torture Videos Lead to Three Arrests

This post is distracting me from something I'm meant to be putting more effort into so it's a rush job. Deal with it!

The Vietnamese Facebook community wants to slowly cut this gay couple into little peaces for what they did to little south East Asian boys. Who ARE THEY? My wife is telling me how evil these people are, and it seems one of them traces back to a pro-pedophile scum bag who did a hit piece on me when I was on Korea. It's a small world isn't it?

Remember the gay cop who arrested me in American now a registered gay child sex offender was also interested in Cambodian boys. See Christopher Kent Bowersox, and the videos about him on youtube.com/hojuruku (popular videos section) and see here for the Cambodian connection.

A little more info:


".....Further review found conversations between the screen names "cbowersox" and "zdasher18" containing multiple references to the raping, injuring and killing children.

At one point, the two discussed a way to have sex with a child. Screen name "zdasher18" wrote, "I know it can't happen here, it's got to be somewhere else with a bought kid or something. We'd definitely get caught if we did it here." To which "cbowersox" responded, "Cambodia ... Thailand ... Mexico ... deep deep Mexico."

The pair also talked about committing murder/suicide if they should be discovered by law enforcement.......

These men in South East Asia identified as homosexual before their arrest. Gender theory says if you identify as gay you are gay. Yet more foreign western and Vietnamese gay couples like Mark Newton and Peter Truong that the NSW ADB of child sex love say it's a crime to link to (search "abcplugspedos" on austlii.edu.au case law database) this http://tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos a video made by a lesbian reporter where the ABC praises sorry for praising these "gay dads" baby rapists here: http://archive.org/details/TwoDadsAreBetterThanOne because the comments trigger gay people that don't like one of their own being criticized no matter what they did to that infant.

BREAKING at 8 PM 4 hours ago the Vietnamese police just got the Vietnamese guy, after the Cambodian Police put up a 50k award. If the public got him first he'd be taken to a back of a shipping container by now and the video would still be rolling.

BREAKING BREAKING. AS I WRITE THIS VIETNAMESE POLICE AT 23:30 Vietnamese Time - HE ADOPTED / ACCESSED 3 BABIES through Cambodian adoption agency - and may have been involved in recuriting Vietnamese women to make gayby babies as the ABC TV wants for everyone. This sounds like the @NewLifeIVF operation my anti-pedophile crew have stalked and kicked out of Thailand and Nepal. We found their founder coming to Vietnam to recruit Vietnamese women to take HIV+ semen to make gay babies. Yes they admit that HIV+ men can use cheap ASIAN surrogates who doesn't even know the sperm comes from a gay man let alone a gay man with AIDS.
http://likehay.com/da-bat-duoc-nghi-can-bao-hanh-tre-em-o-campuchia.html - WOW The Police work quick here. They have 48 gay couple together share their love as they torture a 2 year old boy videos caught in the Vietnamese gay man's phone as he was taken into custody tonight. You'd wish the Australian police would be this forthcoming eh?

Twitter and google are actively covering up their social media history because they identified as homosexual and did gay rights activism according to my sources.

Recommendations of the infant rapist from LinkedIn. The Joe McPerson I think whose mates is guy who did the pro-child pedophilia hit-piece on me in Korea for exposing the Jeju international English camp physical and sexual abuse on KBS national news (see my youtube channel)
Wow a mate of his is the CNN guy who interviewed Obama in HANOI IS LINKEDIN FRIENDS WITH THESE PEDOPHILES
You never know.....
But this is 3 degrees of seperation so it's probably nothing.

UPDATE: The pedophile is going to Korea and checking into Korean hotels for some reason....

He's also involved in a satanic dress up party and writing books about abused little boys published on Amazon.com

He's also been organizing satanic OTO style children's elf dress up parties and running a book store for all things lord of the rings.

This is the pedo's child recruiting elf party website he runs with his sister. This wreaks of a whole family into sadistic satanic OTO child abuse.

And here's him with his Vietnam boyfriend that also raped the boys with him:

Here's the trailer for the children's satanic dress up party he runs with 25,000 kid or men who dress up like kids going every year.

Also he liked this video on his youtube channel, like a good ADB protected satanic OTO gay pedophile he has to attack Christianity, Interestingly enough he follows Alex Jones. (more information see tinyurl.com/adb-oto-satan)

Also he likes to write about people doing gay man bear sex in furies suits
Standing at the coffee machine with your co-workers and bragging about your cool outfit as a Star Wars stormtrooper; not many colleagues will question your weekend behaviour. Some might even be interested in trying it out themselves one day. Nobody will wonder why you so desperately want to hide your face behind a white mask – or in case you are the ultimate Star Wars geek with a Darth Vader costume – behind a black mask.
But I bet not many people will openly announce on the Monday morning at work that they crawled, jumped or only walked around on a costume event like Elfia as a fox, cat or bear in a furry outfit. It is maybe not so much that you hide yourself behind an animal mask; I think it is still the inheritance of the bad press a decade or two ago about furry geeks copulating with each other while wearing their suits.
In 2001 the Vanity Fair published an article about bestiality and plushophilia. I seriously think that the majority of the furry fans never even had heard of this term. Plushophilia refers to a sexual attraction to plush and stuffed animals. To my opinion, it is always possible to find someone with an aberrant sexual behaviour. There even might be someone out there who loves to stick his manly hood in a keyhole (if the law of physics would allow him to perform his desires). But anyway, from that Vanity Fair publication on, western media were only interested in one thing: how did you do it as a furry! I remember the Belgian reality show of Paul Jambers who managed to find two bear furries demonstrating how to have intercourse while wearing a furry suit. The fact that 99% of the furry geeks prefer sex without a sweaty and unhandy suit was not fitting the sensationalism of the media. The 1% got as much airtime as possible. The rest of the furries took shelter in their foxholes and on small conventions, trying to ignore any media attention.
In the course of years, this media hype has slowly extinguished. And the attention is now more focused on the escapism and the development of the furry suits. These suits and especially the face masks display almost a sort of art nowadays. The details are getting better and better.
I am personally always fascinated by the drive of someone who wants to identify him or her with an animal. With all respect but I consider an animal a creature with a lower intelligence than a human being. So why should you identify yourself with a less smart being? Or is it about the pure instincts of the animals and the capacity of living in the present without being bothered by thinking about past and future? The possibility of enjoying the moment without fearing time to come? There is a certain irony in this escapism from intelligence (If my thoughts are pointing in the right direction): you need quite some intelligence and also, empathy to be capable of replacing yourself in the mindset and behaviour of another living being.
I realise as well that wearing an animal suit is a very old tradition in many cultures. The furry movement is just a modern version of these traditional and sometimes trance performances of Indians and Africans wearing animal masks. The religious and magical part of these acts might not be as important anymore but the fascination for the animal kingdom is still alive. Furries will never disappear. The suits might develop. The preference for certain animals might change, but I bet that a century from now, you still will find people loving to shapeshift into an animal. And who knows: maybe you will have to look up twice to discover if this creature in the sky is really a bird or your neighbour flying around in an eagle wingsuit.


The face two new guys arrested for related videos using electric injection child abuse: Use any penalties?

The pervert, pedophile can do this role. New 2-year-old baby that is suspected of sexual abuse, there is nothing to describe another word? That his men did not dare watch this video, horrible.
The face two new guys arrested for related videos using electric injection child abuse: Use any penalties?
Stefan Struik (left) and Nguyen Dung in a video appeared on YouTube. (Source: Cambodia Daily)
Cambodia Daily newspaper quoted deputy police chief Kompong Cham province, Mr Heng Sambath, said three people, including a Dutch citizen and two Cambodians suspected to have participated in torture children. He said the Cambodian people, including Ret Sothy, 28 and Oeu Nat, 25, worked for the Dutch. This character owns a farm in the province of Mondulkiri.
According to him, the farmer was 53 years old and whose name is Ly Heng Cambodia. A photograph of this man's photo that looks quite similar to Stefan Struik, CEO Kamkav General, a company with a farm in the province of Mondulkiri cocoa plantation and a sugar cane farm in Kompong Cham.
Wednesday characters related to the incident, were identified as citizens of Vietnam Nguyen Thanh name, currently on the run. A Facebook page belonging to a user named Dung Thanh show that more photographs of this man is posing inside Struik. In a video on YouTube, said Struik who is his boyfriend.
Mondulkiri police deputy director, Mr So Sovann, confirmed the abuse took place in a farm located in the province and the victim is a child of Cambodians. His parents worked for the Dutch farm owners.
Mr. Sovann said Nguyen is likely to be the man appeared in the video abusing the child and this guy was hiding in Vietnam. He also said that police Cambodia and Vietnam are cooperating to hunt this man.
"The Netherlands is the owner of the farm and Vietnam are man chef he hired," Mr. Sovann said. "They lived on the farm together and the child's mother worked on the farm."
According to him, the child's mother did not know what happened, because on her son no scars or traces show the violence. He also gives the press a police report, the content evaluation of the child likely had been raped. /.
minh Anh

[HOT] Subjects brutally tortured boy turned himself in

Major General Ho Sy Tien, Director of the Criminal Police has said today about 20h (7-12), the Criminal Police Department mobilized objects Nguyen Thanh Dung hiding surrendered
Earlier Cambodian side has sent a notification to the Vietnam Embassy cooperation proposals arrest Nguyen Thanh Dung. Cambodian police said that the suspect had fled the country.
Cambodian government proposal to Vietnam if caught, the suspects returned to them for processing under national laws because the case occurred on Cambodian soil.
The suspect is alleged to three counts of trafficking, abuse and child sex buyers. Frame 3 penalty for this crime to 20 years or life imprisonment.
Nguyen Thanh Dung suspect.
According to initial investigation, the Royal Cambodian police said that Stefan Struik (dual citizenship is the United States and the Netherlands) is the mastermind, Nguyen Thanh Dung (An Giang countryside) suspects of 2, 2 object Cambodia is helping power accomplices.
According to Heng Sambath, deputy provincial police chief Kompong Cham (Cambodia), 2 men Ret Cambodia Sothy (28), and Oeu Nat (25 years) working for a rancher in the province of Mondulkiri Dutch name Stefan Struik, along with a man named Nguyen Thanh Dung Vietnam torturing a boy Cambodia and share these images on YouTube.
And he compared Sovann, deputy provincial police chief confirmed Mondulkiri, things happen in the province.Abused the boy in the video have parents working in plantations of Stefan Struik, one of those who participated in violent boy.
Nguyen Thanh Dung is the chef at the plantation, while the boyfriend of Dutch men. The slower the family discovered the child does not know what their children are abused. The child's body does not appear any wounds or scars.
The Cambodian side for whom $ 50,000 prize catch or just for police catch suspects Nguyen Thanh Dung.
Currently, the child is a victim of abuse has been brought to Cambodia Cho Ray hospital for treatment ...
Nghi can Nguyễn Thành Dũng, người bị cảnh sát Campuchia đề nghị Công an Việt Nam phối hợp truy bắt, đã bị bắt giữ.

Nghi can Nguyễn Thành Dũng
Tối 7.12, lãnh đạo của Cục Cảnh sát hình sự (C45) – Bộ Công an xác nhận thông tin đã bắt được nghi can Nguyễn Thành Dũng (34 tuổi, quê An Giang) về hành vi hành hạ trẻ em.
Lãnh đạo C45 cho biết ngay sau khi xác định được nghi can, lãnh đạo đã chỉ đạo tung lực lượng của Phòng 6 và các Cục nghiệp vụ của Bộ Công an, công an các địa phương truy bắt Dũng.
Lúc 20 giờ ngày 7.12,  công an đã bắt được Dũng khi Dũng đang lẩn trốn tại TP.HCM.


Captured suspects child abuse in Cambodia

Nguyen Thanh Dung suspect, who police Cambodia Vietnam proposed Police coordinated the arrest, were arrested.
7.12 pm, the leader of the Criminal Police Department (C45) - Ministry of Public Security confirmed the information captured suspects Nguyen Thanh Dung (34 years old, born in An Giang) on ​​child abuse behavior.
C45 leaders said immediately after the identified suspects, the leader has directed tung's forces and the Bureau Division 6 of the Ministry of Public Security and local police to arrest Dung.
At 20 hours on 7:12, police seized when Dung Dung hiding in HCMC.In addition to the clip was posted on the internet can view the child abuse Dung, the police seized 48 clip tortured other children in Dung phone.
Earlier, C45 said the agency conducted the arrest Nguyen Thanh Dung suspect under arrest proposal for cooperation from the Cambodian police.
Nguyen Thanh Dung and three other suspects were police Cambodia concerning allegations circulating on Facebook video, filmed torturing a naked boy. The video shows a Vietnamese speaker sting repeatedly used stun guns on a baby does not wear clothes, even the baby crying in pain. According to preliminary information, the man appeared in a video baby torturing citizens in Mondulkiri is a Vietnam named "Nguyen Dung" (ie Nguyen Thanh Dung - PV).
The purchasing behavior of children, sexual abuse and purchase children can face penalties of up to 20 frames in prison or life imprisonment.
Vietnamese man wanted over child rape allegations in Cambodia
By VnExpress   December 7, 2016 | 03:40 pm GMT+7

A Dutch man and two Cambodians have been arrested after videos of the brutal assault on a 2-year-old boy were posted on Facebook.

Police in Cambodia on Tuesday arrested a Dutch man and two Cambodian men who appeared in disturbing child abuse videos posted on Facebook. They are tracking down a Vietnamese man in connection with the assault.
Officers have taken into custody Stefan Struik, the 53-year-old CEO of Kamkav, a company that owns cocoa plantations and a palm sugar plant in Cambodia. His Cambodian employees, Ret Sothy, 28, and Oeu Nat, 25, were also arrested, while a Vietnamese man named Nguyen Thanh is still at large, the Cambodia Daily reported.
Police said the four were suspected of involvement in the torture and rape of a 2-year-old boy, who appeared naked being abused with an electric prod in videos recently circulated on Facebook.
So Sovann, deputy police chief of Mondolkiri Province, told the Cambodia Daily that the assault occurred on a local plantation owned by Struik. The victim was a Cambodian child whose parents worked for him and lived on the plantation together.
Many of the videos posted on Facebook have been taken down, including a post in which a Vietnamese woman said she felt compelled to share the graphic videos in the hope that the perpetrators would be caught.
One video which remained online until Tuesday evening showed a man using a stun gun on various body parts of the boy as he screams in pain.
The three men were taken into custody after the boy’s parents filed rape charges against them.
A police report said there was strong physical evidence that the boy had been anally raped, the Cambodia Daily said.
Police said Nguyen Thanh, who worked as a chef for Struik, is thought to have fled to Vietnam. Cambodian and Vietnamese police are cooperating to hunt him down.
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Here's the Amazon intro to the self-identified gay pedophile's book! Spooky stuff!

He dedicated this book to his brother who died from AIDS (complications relating to sodomy). Good riddance!
Clearly something is going on with this guys family. Watch him say in court I was gay raped as a child and they taught me to love it's it's not my fault - just like Peter Truong said. History will repeat until we stop the root cause.

I'll have to tell my anti OTO Australia pedophile cult task force about this one to investigate further.
Those who were kicked out of the Rosa's end up going to the OTO, just like Alister Crowley was kicked out of the the Golden Dawn ("founder" of the OTO according to Australian head David Bottril in court transcripts in my posession)
The book promo on amazon:
The last breezes of sunlight touching the red tiles on the temple wall for the last time. For a few minutes, the baby boy on the floor of the courtyard will experience the mysterious ceasefire between day and night for the first time in his life with his own eyes. Thick smoke curls up from a giant copper incense urn. Dozens of burning and burned incense sticks rub each other, stuck in the sand of the pot. The smoke is filling up the small courtyard of the Chinese temple. Next to the urn lies the baby boy, naked, hardly any older than a week or two. Only a deep red silken cloth separates the young life from the bare stone floor. The baby doesn't cry but looks up with his big black –almost angry – eyes, absorbing the twilight as if it’s his last. 
A human shape wrests itself from the smoke and walks slowly towards the child. The smoke doesn’t change course; it looks as if the figure is passing right through it without touching it. Grief and determination seem to struggle for attention in the eyes of the handsome Chinese guy in his late twenties. His body must be the result of hundreds of training hours. The barefoot, muscled man, dressed only in loose white linen trousers, kneels next to the young creature. There is a certain acquiescence to be felt in him; a certain tranquility, but also a certain sadness. He holds his right hand above the baby, who still doesn't make a sound but only stares with almost unnatural concentration at the good-looking face of the man. 
"I know you can see me." He pauses for a moment. "You know who I am, don't you? Somehow you already know." 
His dark eyes cross those of the baby boy. For a moment they are the only ones that matters in the world for each other. He caresses the boy, stroking his hair. But his words seem to contradict his behavior. "I took the lives of others but I don't know if I can take yours." 

Going to hell. Not the most flourishing prospect when it comes to dying. For the Singaporean martial arts champion Zachary Lim there seems however little else to do. But he refuses to accept his fate. Despite all measures of the hell-visor, he managers to escape to earth to settle a few things before he has to get on the subway to hell. An albino angel named Lucy decides to assist. She is fascinated by the fiery Zachary although she is the last one to admit this. She even risks becoming a fallen angel, losing her wings. 
As a sort of afterlife version of Bonnie & Clyde, they both must ensure to stay ahead of their pursuers. Meanwhile Zachary is trying to get in touch with his mother and his girlfriend through the chubby medium Chow. Zachary’s killers however are doing everything to prevent this from happening. A few questions remain: why is Zachary supposed to go to hell and what is his Korean girlfriend up to?


From Cosplay to Cacao

About me

I am an entrepreneur and investor, born and raised in the Netherlands for more than four decades, but now living in both Cambodia and Vietnam.
In the eighties, I studied law in the Netherlands with a specialization in movie copyrights. I started my career though as a scriptwriter for detective & soap series on Dutch television. After five years I made a career switch. I set up a small chain of four book & game stores and launched a fantasy magazine.
At the start of the new millennium, I introduced a new event concept called Elf Fantasy Fair (later changed into Elfia; more info at http://www.elfia.com). It developed into the most successful fantasy costume event in Europe. To give you an idea of the increasing popularity of self-made costumes (in Asia known as Cosplay), please visit the costume part on our website http://www.elfia.com.
I never thought I would continue writing, but the impact of the deaths of both my beloved father and my eldest brother brought my attention back to my early interests in religion and cults. In the nineties, I was an active member of the Rosicrucians, a western esoteric cross-over between Christianity, Buddhism and even Hinduism. After I was kicked out (too critical), I lost my interest in religion, but I guess that death -as it came closer- forced me somehow to write down my own ideas about the afterlife. And once I started with my first book ‘Ghost on the Run’, I actually couldn’t stop. It had to be a series. I normally have a very optimistic view on life and on the possibilities we as humans beings can create, but now that death was running in the family, I started thinking about the opportunities we as people can maybe also create in the afterlife. ‘Last Terminal’ with its first book ‘Ghost on the Run’ will contain at least six parts and an idea about a second run of six parts is under construction.
The writing actually came to a temporary stop recently because of rapid developments in another field of interest of mine: cacao.
While being in Asia, I got interested in farming. Farming is nowadays still seen as a low-status-profession. Whenever I go to the local Acleda bank in the province in Cambodia, they sometimes have to fill in my profession and when I answer ‘farmer,’ the poor girl behind the counter starts nervously laughing and refuses to take my response seriously. After two attempts I give it up and answer ‘businessman,’ after which the girl can breathe normally again and writes it down. And this happens every time, no exception.
I truly believe farming is a profession that will get much higher rewards in the nearby future than it gets now.
But back to cacao: I wanted to invest in agriculture and start a business in there, but I always want to do something I feel connected to, and I love doing, and cacao is precisely doing that for me. After all, it is these beans (actually ‘nuts’) that are the base of one of the most sensual foods of all time: chocolate.
Right now, my Cambodian company Kamkav owns two plantations of in total 64 hectares.
At the end of 2015, we finalized 45 hectares with an irrigation system, and a planting sequence of 33 cacao seedlings, 15 banana trees and seven avocado trees of which the last two are used as shade trees).
Next year May we will have another 15 hectares finalized as well, and we will help other small-scale farmers to start with cacao.
Because in 2019 we will establish a small chocolate factory right in the middle of our forested province of Mondulkiri, where we will create Kamkav bars and drinks, chocolate from the kingdom of Wonder😉
Stefan Struik


Cambodia? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Date: May 15, 2016

Last night I slept with Dung in a huge king size bed in the luxurious Angkor Wat suite of one of my favorite boutique hotels in Phnom Penh, Prasats.
This morning – while Dung left to Mondulkiri in a Vip taxi van – I am folded up in a mini-van with 22 Cambodians plus luggage, the only transport possibility that was available for my destination. The driver even managed to hang two paintings at the back of the van. Luckily all windows are open, so some fresh air can come in to cool down the heat inside. No aircon and 36 degrees outside. It is what you can call a challenge. Luckily the drive is only three hours to Kampong Cham.
This is how contra dictionary Cambodia can be. So primitive and basic on one hand and so much potential on the other side. And I am struggling between those two. Sometimes sacrificing my luxury living standards to live and work in my home province Mondulkiri, which is also the poorest province of Cambodia.
And now suffering again in the back of this minivan to reach Kampong Cham, where we just rented a small warehouse to store our Cambodian palm sugar.
The latter is a perfect example of the potential of Cambodia. The Palm Sugar is one of those hidden jewels of the kingdom of Wonder (one of the proud titles of Cambodia). This sugar with a low glycemic level is a pure natural sweetener that can be a perfect healthy replacement of table sugar for diabetic patients. The only processing is cooking, stirring and drying, and therefore it remains all its nutrients which makes it much easier for the body to absorb the sugars slowly instead of creating a blood sugar level spike. But getting the palm sugar doesn’t come easy. Cambodia doesn’t give her natural wonders for free. It is quite a struggle and then I am not only talking about being stuffed in a van with 22 other Cambodians. It needs quite a lot of training of the family farmers and a lot of guidance before they are willing and capable of producing a very good quality of unrefined palm sugar with a low moisture level of 3% and a very low acidity while still containing all minerals and nutrients.
But then again it still surprises me why Cambodia is not exporting the palm sugar on a much larger scale. There is a Korean company who export to Korea and a Chinese-Cambodian company exporting to China, but that’s about it. Perhaps it is far more challenging for an insider, for a Cambodian to get excited about the many opportunities this land has to offer. Maybe it is the lack of foreign contacts and the more inward-looking behaviour. Maybe it is just my Dutch explorer- and trader mind who loves opportunities like this, who knows. But one thing is for sure. When it comes to Cambodia, you ain’t seen nothing yet!