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Saturday, 3 December 2016

What does the bible realy have ro say about homosexuality and same sex marriage ???

All Christians should read this and take note. In reading this article you will see that to enter into same sex marriage is to enter into wickedness before God. To enter into wickedness before God draws Gods holy wrath upon you. No one wants Gods wrath so turn and run from this wickedness. 


A totalitarian dictatorship where same sex ,marriage equality equal rights for homosexuality are mandatory ans forced upon us

Going to Cuba is like going into a time machine and heading back to the 1950's

Castto dies and Cuba is like a time machine back to the 1950

Going to Havanna is just going back 60 years into A time machine. it looks like a movie set from Hollywood or Fox studios but it is not. This is very real. 

Cuba was a pure socialist State under a tyrant of a spcialost/cultural Marxist dictatorship. Far worst is cumming under the Homosexual cultural Marxist or Political Correctness Totalitarian system as part of  Agenda 2030 and the coming New world order (Totalitarian Tolerance System)

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Why do we need anti hate speech laws and Villificaton laws when we have other legislation that fu─║lfils the same purpose

This and ptjer such legislation (Sich as Amti Homosexual Vilification amendment legislation 1993 NSW Australia) can easily be misused. Surely
There is enough protection under the criminal code within the legislative framework to protect us from unwanted violemce amd harassment without having to revert to Civil laws. I BELIEVE THIS is not for protection but to stifle those that want to speak out on sensitive issues "such as same sex marriage" marriage and take away our freedom of speech and expression. 

I give my life to rid us Of these from this form of law

Written and Published by John Christopher sunol 


Persecution of Christians is coming worldwide - same sex marriage totalitarian state under Political correctness (Cultural Marxism)

This is notonly in America but also in Australia as well

This is coming every where and in countries like America amd Australia it will come in the form of so called "Hate crimes" umder "Anti Discriminaiton / Villification legislation and so-called Anti Hate legislation under the Anti Discrimination act

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

could Donald Trump be the Anti-christ Christ in waiting

I find  this article has something about it and it would be interesting to take note of for all. There has been alot of talk over this subject in the past and alot of conjecture but as we get closer to the times things become more realistic

Donald Trump certainly has the right Characteristics of the Anti - Christ: is not THE he could be  A Anti Christ 

Satan comes as a theif in the night But Christ comes to give life and give it abundantly. This the way the Anti Christ will arrive As a theif in the night

Written and Published by John christopher sunol 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Eu is collapsing

I am not to surprised to hear od this since Brexit Vote in Britain 
Leaving the EU. 2016 has been an enormous year in modern History amd I feel that a ome  world order more commonly known as the New world order (which is seen as a conspiracy theory by some) is about ro emerge with the Collapse of Europe as it has been for over 40 years.

This is  the start of major changes in the world

Written and Published by John christopher sunol 

Direct TV  shows 



Russia and america looking for ways to stop the Syrian war

I f eel the only way  to end this war is for the United Nations to move in with a  force  and take over by force setting  up a United Nations until it can get back on it's feet  

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Message for Donald Trump: This is a great video that all should listen to, especialy Donald Trump

What do you feel after watching this video

For all to watch and make their own mind up

Writtem and published by John Christopher Sunol 

A new totalitarianism is coming and I beleive this could be the Anti Christ

This will be far worst than ever known before in the history of mankind will herald in the  return of Jesus Christ. 

I beleive that the Apocalypse of Revelation is close to being upon us and the Anti - Christ - Beast - 666 or what you want to call it is coming in the form of Cultural Marxism or Political Correctness and this has been overlooked by the church for many years up to now. 

You will never beleive who theAnti Christ is, and He is here !! (another interpretation on the Anti Christ)

You will mever beleive who the Anti Christ is and He is here !!!

I just took this from Google Alerts, I feel it is interesting to see others interpretations of a much spoken off topic but we must just take it at that.

Written and Published by  John Christopher Sunol 

I delete all adverse comments without warning

John Christopher Sunol

I am plainly not sorry for any thing I write and I am so defiant  that I will not stop writing on my blog regrpardless  what anybody wants

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

SA apology to homosexuals not needed and I see this as a ???

This is not needed and a rel blight upon Australia as a whole as we could see a larger number of civil suit cases and villification cases wanting money as some scammer wouldmsee this as a gret vwnue to stel money from pwople who doo not agree through the courts, the worst thing is Thenvictorin Government is going to give a similar apology is being made in Victoria. Next NSW. WA, Tasmania, Qld and Act will follow suit and if Same sex marriage is normalises we could see Vexatious law suits happen everywhere all the time as people will use this by fraud to steal money from others

I see this as opening the flood gates to civil suits and over loading the courts of both Victoria and South Australia Overloading the courts in SA and Victoria with vexatious littligation on a large scale to get money off a civil suit and villification/antidisrimination
This is bad and we must get up and speak against this. There is no need to apologize to the homosexual Lobby as this is opening the doors to scamster's to abuse the courts big time. 

Burns vs Sunol is one major example

Note: I see this as a major financial, legal and most of all a Vexatious littigant honey pot. The courts will be packed with Vesatious lawsuits that they will be to busy feeding the scamsters own interests that millions of tax,payers dollars will be wasted on Frivoulous law suits and these public apologies qill be the ,ain reasons for this happening. We ,ust fight the Homosexual Rights Lobby and do our best to keep people free to oppose same sex marriage

Published and written by John Christopher Sunol 

I had my taxi lisence taken away from me due to liars who told lies that i villify and set me up

I drove Cabs successfully between 2002 and 2012 and only lost it due to liars who set me up on a political campaign against me. I just will never accept responsibly neither will I stop writing or change as :

  1. I do not vilify and never have 
  2. I was set up and refuse to take responsibility
  3. I will obtain working in public again as I am free to go where I like and do what those who took me to court hate. Spread the truth and they will never stop me. 
  4. Not every Beanie Hynes, John M or Derby Swede
they are all liars and trouble makers which I refuse to accept anything else. 

I class all of my past cases a scam job by trouble makers and activists telling lies, I just will not accept the outcome of these cases as anything but Perjury of the legal systems

To add a littleextra, Those that caused me to loose my taxi authority were co,pletely vexasious and told lies to Politicians to direct lobby for me to loose this authory 

This man taking me to court all of the time "Garry Burns" is a complletely vexasious littigant (He is diretly responsible for me loosing my taxi authority by the lies he produced to authorities.

Written and published by John Christopher Sunol

Big message to Beanie Hynes
Bring it on and I will make sure that you do not succeed buster

South Australian Government gives a formal apology to the homosexual people

This is very

This is very dangerous and not needed (why Apologize to the LGBTI community, it is very dangerous and sisadvantageous such an apology) This is the start of political xoppression of
 Those bible believing Church people like myself to find ourselves under alot of pressure if we do not Accept homosexuality. The homosexual community will next want compensation, they 4will  want the government to stop homosexuality being called sin, they will want a change to force churches to pay tax unless they change their doctrines and accept homosexuality as another way of life, call it discrimination to call a homosexual sin, then who knows where this goes but we are spiraling down a very dark Tunnel and it could easily eventuate that Gay marriage will not only come to Australia but all Marriage celebrants are forced to Marry Gay and lesbian people or loose their marriage celebrant licences and fined big money. 

People like myself will be labelled homophobic and denied  services, ostracized  and eventual jailed for speaking out against LGBT rights which includes Same sex marriage .

This will not stop, the Homosexual rights lobby  will push for all states within Australia to put a formal apology (Along similar lines to the apology of the first peoples) and upon receiving this apology they will not only push for same sex marriage but full recognition and try to make it discrimination for a religious organisation  with its religious doctrine to even call homosexuality sin. 

I see this sliding down a slippery slope into a intolerant society for those who reject homosexuality based on their beliefs from a religious perceptive and this is heading quickly in a very ugly, intolerant and totalitarian disaster based on sexuality if we go down the path we are heading right now.

Now it is two states South Australia and Victoria next it will be NSW, Tasmania, Queensland,  NT and Western Australia and then the Federal government. 
The Homosexual lobby and Marriage Equality groups are not interested in an apology, they want to use this  to sue for big money from Anti Homosexual religious groups and force their lifestyles upon All as part off their Political correctness and Cultural Marxist AGENDA

Written and published by John Christopher