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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Agenda 21 must be told to all (issues such as same sex marriage ar part of Agenda 21 which is now Agenda 2030)

This is real, it is not a conspiracy theory as some would like you have beleive. This Agenda 21 which was started in the 1992 environmental sustainability conference or earth summit

This is what is driving the same sex Marriage debate and many other areas od a social, philosophical, environmental and Political correctness thinking of today. One in all this is the crux of Political Correctness  or Cultural Marxism

This is where same sex marriage is coming from (Politics and nothing to do with Love) to transform society and breakdown the family Unit to bring in a one world order dictatorial system based from the rise of Facism in Germany in the 1920 and 30's.

This is why I am being taken to court as a homophobe who villifies homosexuals, to shut me up and devaluate me, it has nothing to do 

It is all part of a ploy to destroy what I say by getting cases substantiated that all my writings are deemed as villification and disregarded. Now the man taking me to court is demanding  $50,000 and he is setting me up with further more cases designed to ask for more moneu to destroy me as he is being ised by others to keep this information out of the public arena.

This post needs to go viral and all need to see it as this is reality, not conspriacy theory as some would have you beleive.

8.17 Sunday October 23rd 2016.

My comments 

Note all: I am personaly being taken to court on villificatiom amd being ordered to pay big money (a $49,500 DEBT to those that took me to the Tribunals. They want me to pay, and more is to come as I have other cases in the pipeline against me designed only as punishment to drive me to the wall, as I am determined to carry on regardless.  There 4 more cases in process which will have more fines, above the $49,500 already being claimed against me) 
I keep faith in God that I will be protected and I am putting this out for the whole world to see as this will effect every last man on this globe.

Friday, 21 October 2016

I am the Happy little homophobe living in my joy: Willing to encourage others to live like me

It is a great thing to be classified Homophobic. Contary to popular beleif homophobia is a great attribute to have in your life. To be homopobic IS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY HATE.

To be designated as a homophobe is to reject sin. Homosexuality is sin (and worst of  all same sex marriage is wickedness before God as it is normalizing what is a sinful act to  be seen  in  the light as a Godly union. This is wickedness before and it shall shurely bring down Gods wrath at all  whome enter  into this style of Union. 

So I am willing to publicaly state I do not and can not accept homosexuality as I need to remain the light of the people amd retain Gods blessings and favour and homosexuality keeps us from going into the Lords blessings as we have sin in our lifes. Same sex marriage is wickedness before God and very politcal and this heading down a line of disaster to even recognis same sex marriage as anything other than evil  and comitting wickedness before God. All of those who enter intot this  marriage are oppresses and if you do not come out of this to  ask for  forgiveness you willmbe possessed by demons and living a total lie.

That is all I will state and this is my official explanations concerning these matters. 
I would like to also state that I am ever to willing to encourage others to become homophobic like me and I will revel in encouraging this to as many people that is physically possible 
Written by John Christopher Sunol 
14.41 Saturday October 22nd 2016

My comments 

What a John Abbott sais about the Anti Discrimination Board

A copy of an Email from John Abbot over the Anti Discrimination board
When they lett Garry Burns abuse this on a regular basis like he has with me and others
(I have had over 75 complaints to date) 

I feel that John Abbot is very right in making this statement


The Anti Discrimination Board of NSW (ADB) is a concocted nonsense for reasons that:
1.       It cannot deal with anyone outside being a citizen of NSW;
2.       Anti Discrimination is a Federal matter under section 51 ss. xxvi;
3.       As the Commonwealth has legislated upon discrimination then the States must retire from that field of legislation;
4.       The ADB is bias upon its approach as most if not all personnel are either LGBTIQ or sympathize with them thus any submission from a government department that is tainted by bias cannot be determined by any court.
5.       Any complaint regarding discrimination should be heard by a federal court or a court exercising federal jurisdiction.
Thus, the ADB is a kangaroo court at best or without jurisdiction.

John Abbott
This is strictly my opinion and express it freely for anyone to seek for themselves the true value of constitutional provisions and must not be regarded as legal advise.

NB: from John Christopher Sunol
       I believe the Anti discrimination board can be very            biased in favor of issues learning towards the                    Cultural Marxist/Feminist minority groups and does           not  meet the real meanings of anti discrimination. 
Article entered on this blog by John Christopher Sunol
11.58 Saturday October 22nd 2016

My comments

Attacks in Iraq put you families at risk: Very important breaking news: Saturday october 22nd 2016

A message that was sent do me and I feel needs our support, this is heart breaking to see this happen in the 21st century in our midst, but it is the way the world is going and we have to support those that are victims of this. 

Note; I will regularly put this kind of information and breaking news to my blog as I receive it. 

I will do this as a community service


BREAKING: Last night’s attacks in Iraq put our young friends at risk


Caroline Craddock | CitizenGO petitions@citizengo.org Unsubscribe

10:16 AM (59 minutes ago)
to me

Last night, we received the tragic news that our young friends in Iraq are being threatened by ISIS/Daesh at their doorsteps.
We know these children personally, and today our whole team is overwhelmed by fear about what will happen to them. Many of you have sent these children financial aid through your generous donations, or you have signed campaigns for international support to save them. Some of you have even joined us on our trips to Iraq.
Please sign this letter of support and, most importantly, keep these Christians in your prayers. 

Dear John Christopher,

Last night, we received the tragic news that our young friends in Iraq are being threatened by ISIS/Daesh at their doorsteps.
If you’ve been keeping up with our activities over the last few years or months, you know that CitizenGO often sends support to Christian refugees in Kirkuk, Iraq—materially, politically, and through visits from our team.
The children and families who we support managed to escape the Islamic State when the jihadists overran the Nineveh Plain, but today ISIS pounced on them again. Right now, these young Christians are only steps away from those who wish to slaughter all the Christians of Iraq.

One of our friends who is aware of the situation, Rafed Yaldo, just informed us:
"I just received a message over night from one of the female students in Kirkuk asking for prayers. It seems that many ISIS thugs posing as refugees have entered the city of Kirkuk, and there is heavy fighting right outside of the homes where many displaced students live in. In one of the houses that I visited in January, there are about 9 girls who are terrified and in deep panic with no electricity, and their phone dying!!! . . . Please keep them in your prayers. 
This is not an easy situation!!"


Entered and supported by John Christopher Sunol
11.26 Saturday October 22nd 2016

My comments

North Korea fires a fourth nuclear ICBM

This is very worrying  as a rogue nation like North Korea getting Hold of Nuclear Weapons. This is of Major concern to the whole world.

It can be seen as if the dictators of world ( world war 2) had developed nuclear weapons  (in 1943) in the midst of world war two 
If Adolf Hitler / Bendito Mussolini / Heidiki Tojo got hold of thermo  nuclear weapons and missiles.

We would have had a nightmare of a world and the world would have been very different than what it is today.

To Jo of the past. If anything Kim Jon Un comes from the same (or similar) political philosophy - socialism and State control.

What makes it different from the three dictators of world war 2 is nothing but Kim Jon Un can be seen as putting the word into  Total danger. In this case if he is allowed to keep going in development of modern day nuclear weapons we will have no choice but to attack him, go to war with North Korea to take him out as through war safety for the whole world  can come like from 1939-1945..

This is critical and it will happen sooner or later
(World war 3)

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
9.17 Saturday October 22nd 2016

Allowing Kim Jon Yung to have a ICBM with,A Hydrogen we are head as the same if Adolf Hiitler, Benedito Musolini or Heidiki Tojo had acess to this weaponary in 1943 during then height of world war 2

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Donald Trump and Hillory Clintons third and Final Debate

I beleive that this election American Presidential election 2016 will go down in History as one of the greats (as is is so different that all past United States Presidential elections. Hillary Clinton is NOT only the first female to stand for the United States election, she also the first former 1st lady (wife of a former President Bill Clinton 1993-2001.)

Donald Trump   is  getting accusations of missapropriate sctions with woman 
(now a 10th woman is blaming Donald Trump of Groping her back in 1998 - 18 years ago) I am very concerned that false accusations could come out of the woodwork to accuse Donald Trump of things in actual fact  did not happen and these accusations could go back 15-20 years ago and becoming a magnet to many suck false accusations. 

I know this as a fact as I had false accusations from people To cause me to loose my Taxi authority in then pastand be refused a bus authority I was classified an unfot and  not proper person To drive a public vechile (Taxis and Buses) based on lies, false accusations and people committing purgery based on false accusations dliberately to hurt me

This election in America  (2016) is so controversial that false accusations could be  made (Like whappened to me) in my past cases. It is so easy for false accusations to come out against  Trump in a critical time like right now that it is a very difficult thing to sort out the lies designed to hurt Donald Trump from the Genuine complaints all accusations of sexual inappropriateness need to be taken as a possible lie designed to hurt Donald Trumps campaign as American President unless  they have solid evidence behind them that could pass the test for a criminal conviction in a court of law.

I will never accept that I vilified and it is all based on false lies and purgery  by those  whom took  me to court. This is the same with Donald Trump, false accusations could come out of the woodwork supposedly committed  15-20 years ago to hurt him in such a critical time.

I will be very interested to see the out come of this Historic election. WE ARE living in History making time right now (similar to 2001 with 9/11) This election 0f 2016 will be one of the Historical significant United States Presidential elections in all time (we are wittnessinf what is to be future history as it happens)

We all will know in three weeks time 
(8th November 2016) 
who becomes the next president of the 
United States of America

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
3.11 Friday October 21st 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Statistics (John Christopher Sunol) No 45 - Thursday October 20th 2017

Time blog entered Tuesday August 16th 2016 at 18.08 
I am going to do a new set of statistics. These statistics will go for 1 month, 4 weeks) 

Totals for this 4 weeks = 29,019 views from 180 Posts
Twitter followers = 1,923

You Tubes views = 28,218 as a total

Next lot of statistics on or after 1 month from now on, 
Sunday 20th November  2016

79,205 PV Started At -  1,614 Posts 
 2015 22nd Saturday At -  blog started 13/3/13

Views - 200,833 -   173,464 last entry 20/10/16
Posts - 2,532 -   2,352 Posts last entry 20/10/16

Reviews view for Total Reviews:    27,369  -   views since last entry
Of = Average   6,842.25 -   views per week

180 = Posts since last entry
38.01  = Views on average per hit since last entry


125,260 PV Started At - 3,853  Posts 
 2015 22nd Saturday At -  blog started 13/3/13

Views - 134,684  -  133,967  last entry 16/8/ 16
Posts - 3,853 -  3,853 last entry 18/8/16

717 -  Views  since last entry
= Average of 29.90 view per day 
0  = Posts since last entry
29.90 = Views on average and hits per day since last entry


Started at 58,431 PV - 2,643 Posts
Started 22nd August 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views - 66,444

67,900  - 66,967  last entry 16/8/16
 Posts - 2,643  - 2,643 since last entry 15/6/16

 933  views for period of statistics
Or = Average  31.1 =  an ad ad hits per day

0  = Posts since last entry 
31.10 = Views on average per hit since last entry


New start on blog 22nd August 2015
Numbers of hits - 262,899
Originally  taken since 13th March 2013

Start - Total PV:  262,899  taken since 13th March 2013

Start - Total Posts:  7,720  taken since 13th March 2013

 364,891 PV Tuesday August 16th 2016
10,077 Posts Saturday August 16th ​​2016
Average hit per post for whole blog = 36.12

 29,019 = Hits since last entry
180 = Posts since last entry
(4 weeks ago) 
= On average 7,254.75 hits or views per week

Twitter Account:  1,041 followers - started 

Saturday 22nd August 2015
Twitter account: 1,923 followers on 20th October 2016
Total difference: + 200 followers over this last 34 weeks
+ 980 followers since the start of this blog

Facebook Account:  79  Friends - Started

 Saturday 22nd August 2015
Facebook account: 97
Total difference: +18
Friends  since last 3 weeks blog entry difference = -43 Friends

account locked on April 30th 2016 by liars attacking me with false complaints

Account Followers google +:  85 Followers  -  started 

22nd Aug 2015 - Started 
Account Views google +:   25,688 Views  -  started
 22nd Aug 2015

Time of statistics taken of Google

 Followers =  Started 22nd August 2015
85 / 125,688 
Newly added 23/7/16 - 169,329 views - (difference 15,600 views 
Since last 
Statistics put on Google +
 As of the 23rd July 2016 = 
124 followers / 169,324 views

Started new views which are 
difference from 22nd August 2015
20th October 2016 = 129 / 169,329 = 
= 44 followers / = 15,417 views

 Views put on google + as statistics from 16th August 2016 are 124/20,992

Google + account Hits (125,688 started on 22nd August 2015)
Account Followers google +: (8 5 Followers started on 22nd 
August 2015 at 22.30) 

124  Followers on 23rd July 2016
Total Difference:    =  +  48 Followers from the 
 22nd August 2015
164,166 views on 15th June 2016
+ Views = 34,478 on google +  since 22nd August 2015

New Statistics from 17th March 2016
You Tube statistics taken from You Tube Channel Manager 
on Blogger 

You Tube Views On - 14,873 -  28,218 = 
13,345 views 20th October 2016

Tubes of Amount You - 1,038 -  1,384 You Tubes 
August 16th 2016
Subscribers Amount Of - 21 -   33 subscribers
16th 2016

You Difference on Views Tube =  13,345
Amount of Difference You Tubes =  346
Difference  amount of subscribers =  12


This is the statistics before the 
5th December 2015

Account Views google +: (  125,688 Views started on 22nd August 2015 at 22.30 136,375 Views on 7th November 2015

Total Difference: =  10.687   v iews   -  average of 128.75  views per day over 83 days


this is not an article, it is my new statistics page I will do at Random every couple of days

Started from Saturday 22nd August 2015