Saturday, 15 October 2016

Distance of Galaxies is humongous

The actual size of the Universe is so massive it is on the Miraculous and you can not beleive this. It is real and so much so this is theworlds greatest mystery on how this formed. This is proof beond reasoable doubt there is a God and he works on the miraculous. Above all understanding oof the human mind andinto the realm of Miracles. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
14.32 Sunday October 16th 2016

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Americas so called hate preachers as targetted by the LGBD GROUPS

This article is showing you where the troubles are today and how Anti Cultural Marxist people like myself are being sidelined and stereotyped by the real hate preachers The LGBT activist groups. THESE ACTIVIST GROUPS AND THERE IS A NUMBER OF THEM UNDER THE COVER OF Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism Political Correct speach 

I have to agree with Donald Trump over these issues as I see These groups as the real instigators of hate speech and taking away our rights of free speech and freedom of beleifs far more than Fred phelps ever was as this man was an independent Baptist and Calvanist which is slightly different to me theologically. I am from an evangelical Christian Pentecostal follower, which differs slightly in theological interpretations of the sciptures that the Reformed Calvinist line of thought. As for sin and homosexuality is sin in no untold matters and I am not willing to debate this issue, thus same sex marriage is wickedness before God. I on the same page in beleif as Westory Baptist Church and the Calvanist tradition on the Anger and fury at God over deliberate sinful actions which can be interpereted as wickedness before God

Please note i I have been accused of both anti LGBT AND MUSLIM hate myself (in the NSW court system and by the Gay rights lobby/Marriage Eqaulity groups) - much like Fred Phelps and westbory Baptist Church in the United States was - (Second reference to attacks upon me) - and it came out all over the internet and social media 
(Including the ABC)  and (Marriage Equality) "groups" 

This is all part of a political agenda pushed by the Cultural Marxist Agitators to create a New World Order

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.31 Sunday October 16 2016

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Talk on Banning Catholics if they do not conform to Political correctness 

Present your body as a livind sacrafise to God
Reject wickedness and put on the armour of righteousness 

Friday, 14 October 2016

with a clear set of goals and attainable objectives: I CAN GET ANYWHERE I WANT AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME

This is the way to win and I will defeat my enemies, They can not stop me from:

  1.  Gaining meaningful employment
  2.  Fighting the cultural Marxist and feminist left wing over stopping same sex marriage
  3.  My enemies will always fail in stopping me as I know I am right and refuse to give in
  4. from spreading the message and/or writing to my blog and making you tubes as I refuse to give in and/or stop 


 Most of all I am set in my mind that I know that I am the winner and those taking me to court are all looser and this will never change. 

If I loose once or twice I will not be despondent, lick my woulds get up and come back to fight again another day as I am looking at the long term goal and setting objectives on a short term basis to reach the long term end goad

people only loose because they give up with a little pressure


if we fight the good fight and refuse to give in we will always win

This is my answer to those taking me to the courts and tribunals

Note: I also pass these guiglines and principles for others to follow as well. 
These are Universal principles i  all aspects of life to push yourself ahead, in face of adversity like done to me. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 11.53
Saturday October 15th 2016

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How to set Goals effectively

How to set goals you have in your life

My goals are set to defeat those people taking me to court based on lies and then can and never will stop me as I refuse to give in. 

I know I am wright and they are wrong and we have nothing to compromise over. 

If Allepo os taken back By Assad this could serve as a spring board for the rest of Syrian and Russia could come against the United States and Western World

This is very seious and it is quicky growing out of a local conflict from Syria and the middle east to become much bigger. If this is NOT solved meditatively (which I think it will continue to grow) we could see an all out war between the United States / Eu vs Russia / China and Iran with Islamic state thron in to mess things up and put a third party in (unlike any previous war in the past). 

If we watch what is happening in Syria (especially Aleppo) right at the present moment we can see the world getting set up for this biblical set of prophecies to occur (Where the war becomes all out and Russia/China/Iran fight the USA/EU) =Syria becoming the Global war

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.12 Saturday October 15th 2016

Spent the day at Sunol Vs Burns cases for contempt

I spent the day in Sydney at some cases which solicitors were taking Garry on contempt over the massive amount of abuse he has sone to the vilification law (concerning homosexual vilification law) since 2002 which I was a major part of (with others). 

I can not say to much more on this until the decisions are made and come out into the public.  I done three you tubes on this and all I will say at the moment is on the you tubes I put on this blog posting.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
19.56 Friday October 14th 2016

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Video A

Video B

Video C

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

I have to go to Sydney tommorrow

I do not want to say to much excerpt that I am going to Sydney tomorrow to try and get Garry put on contempt over all these cases and other situations he has done. I will say no more and you will have to wait and see what happens after tomorrows public hearing in Sydney at the Ncat. 

These are civil tribunals and not criminal courts but they can refer to you to criminal prosecution when found for contempt. 

That is all I can and will say for now ???

You will have to wait for a decision to come out to get any more information on this case.


I will stop this nonsense in taking me to court as it is all corrupt and I refuse to accept anything else.  

Written by John Christopher Sunol
13.20 on Thursday October 13th 2016

My comments

I do not have the $49,500 to pay Garry and I will not and can not get it, I am bankrupt

John Christopher Sunol court Cases

Garry has registered a debt for $49,500 (very close to $50,000) for all the cases he has won. I do not recognise this debt and I can not pay as I am bankrupt so he will get nothing. He can not tale my home from me as it is fully payed for back on 1984 with no real morgage but I was lucky as it is in a trust company and he can not get it. So if I have to do a second bankruptcy then so be it but I can not AND WILL NOT PAY THIS MAN AS HE TELLS LIES TO WIN MONEY. 

This is alot of money to thw average person but not much at all when you speak of a mortage and of I ever did sell my house I could pay him and piss him off but I am NOt going to do that. 

I am NOT ZORRY FOR THESE PAST cases and would go through all of this again with pleasure as the point I put to the world on same sex marriGe ect is far more important than a mere $50,000. It is a matter of principle fighting evil and I am willing to take any punishment if it means being  faithful to God and rejecting evil, sin and wickedness. 

An eternity in Glory with Jesus is far more valuable than just a mere $50,000. ($49,500 to be exact) what is going on in the world today is wickedness under the eyes of (especially when I see on ABC morning show this morning, Wednesday October 12th 2015 - two homosexual men living as though they were ,arried and sjowing a 4 year old girl as thier daughter, this makes me angry to see this happening so brazenly at 7.30 am on the ABC breakfast show, 10 years ago this just would not have happened. 

To finish this off this man Garry who brought all of this on told lies in Waverly local court on the 16th August 2011 - purgered himself to get me in trouble, was caught out and fined $4,800 and he is such a brzen liar who purgers himswlf, never paid this. 

I have no choice but to fight this man and as a matter or principle I will jist do that through the court and never give as I know  that I am on the high ground and he is on the low ground 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
20.47 Wednesday October 12th 2016

Part A

Part B

Part C

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Properganda is being used today all of the time by the use of social media and also a form of cyber war

Cyber war is taking over now not only in hackers but also propaganda war, This makes the requirment of future graduates in the Advertising (Marketing), digital communications and information technology an essential requirement with graduates from both the computer sciences and also the social sciences with training in social media essential for our future defense and police forces.

I take today similar as it was in world war 1 from 1914-1918 and especially at the beginnings of this war in 1914-1916 where aircraft were first being used in warfare.  We are going through the same form of pains and arrival of previously unused technology as they did back in those days around 100 years ago. 

As we get closer to leaving to Mars as is coming and with the onset of unknown technology in the Cyber and the quantum physics areas our present day development is on a similar if not greater advancement than 100 year ago. 

written by John Christopher Sunol
15.22 on Wednesday October 12th 2016

My comments
I do not have the $50,000 ($49,500) needed to pay Garry  Part A

Part B

Part C

Why the United states is loosing the Cyber war

Terrorist could lunchn Cyber attack on Australia within three years

This is not only possible but very likely, that is why we need the Cyber forces as an arm of our military and Police forces to head off these attacks. As the years go on it will become more and more critical to employ computer science and computer engineering graduates with Business and marketing/info tech graduates in both our military forces, police and national security agencies to combat these new threats. Cyber warfare is as Air war was in 1914 at the beginnings of 
World war 1 (1914-1918)

Besides the use of Hackers Cyber warfare incorporates massive propaganda and it is one big propaganda machine which requites the use of Marketing Graduates and these Graduates with a focus on Advertising, Public relations and digital communications, with  graduates from the social sciences to counter act with this,  coupled with information technology skills focusing on digital languages and communications.  The world is changing and change is coming rapidly into a new World order which will come under Agenda 2030 which use to be Agenda 21

These new adversaries using t\technology to bring war and terror to the world are all part of the new world order and what Agenda 2030 will represent. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
13.59 on Wednesday October 12th 2016

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Monday, 10 October 2016

I intend to travel around the place meeting people and letting all know of my own opinion on same sex marriage and the coming new world order

I am making it my mission to the world as a Anti Cultural Marxist and an Anti same sex marriage campaigner. I am going to travel everywhere talking to whom I want at any time and anywhere./

I am noknown in the world as this yet so i will make use of this whilst I still can. I have my own home, i have a car and I have plenty of transport at mt fingertips, I also have time on my hands to the innate and rare ability to do this as I have nothing restraining me. With limited debt and I so not meed ro work haed for my living place as I have no real rent I intend to use all of my own resources to take this message to the world where I go and where I am. 

Jesus Christ is God and same sex marriage is wickedness in his eyes and Jesus Christ has promised to protect His people in the wicked world we are living in. We are living in the end times and this is what my blog is on.

Thanking you all for your support, even to my enemies for giving me reason for doing this.

So let the fun begin

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
12.38 on Tuesday October 11th 2016

My comments

I support Pauline Hanson over this issue as most Australians do, 
that is why she is in Politics again and we must realize that. Labor has now joined with the Greens to accept this wickedness so I have no choice but never to vote labor until they reject this nonsense of same sex marriage or at least least most decent Australians have their say.

You will get a shock if you found the results

Now Labor has gone traitor to the majority of Australians and gone Pro homosexual and same sex marriage with the Greens, I now can never vote labor again with my conscience until they drop this on same sex marriage and leave this Cultural Marxist politics where it belongs, Not brought in they are taking away out democracy and right to reject same sex marriage so I reject labor the same as the Greens as I just can not vote for people who accept such wickedness before God or I will be out of Gods will. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

United nations Agenda 2030 is a blue print for the enslavement of all Humanity under Agenda 2030

this agenda 2030  is coming and it will be upon us before we know it, This is the United Nations plans for the coming 15-25 years and beyond. It is not looking good as they talk about environmental sustainability. They are planning for a sustainable world in a number of Economic, Social, Political, Environmental and Philosophical looking for a collective society where all have to rely on the state and in a Orwellian System based of a collective society (Marxist) taking away private wealth and the destruction of the Capitalist Society which we live under in the Western countries today. 

I ask the question ? What do they mean by environmental sustainability. 


This has a far greater meaning and we MUST LOOK AND TAKE NOTE as this is going to effect the whole world. 

It comes as part of Cultural Marxism (a carry on from Feminism) and we need to look into what this Cultural Marxism means for the world,

This is going to effect the lives of every last person on this earth and it is critical that we all look into this before it is to later

My comments

Written by John Christopher Sunol
11.57 on Monday October 10th 2016

We need to all become like Fred Phelps was when he was alive, 
(Fred Phelps when he was alive had the right teachings, (highly biblical as Fred Phelps him was a scholar in theology and law) but he acted in a very wrong way and was not like other christian groups, He was independent baptist (Calvinist)  where other groups might have similar teachings. It was the way that he went about distributing his message to the world which was a little stupid and wrong. 

Not the message.

Now the real problems are occurring those who are the real haters and bad people, 
from the Cultural Marxist (Feminist) groups of people are using Fred Phelps and casting this on all Christians who do not believe what they want. This is a deliberate ploy to destroy the church and this originated from Masonic Teachers at the highest of levels, 

30th Degree and up. 

This is what all Christians and people need to know. It was not that Fred Phelps and Westbo Baptist church were wrong, they were very right. It is that they distributional methods were different and a little big deliberately misinterpreted by the enemy to all man. 

The cultural Marxist (Feminist Movements) that bring in the equality legislation and sustainability treaties as propaganda to take over society. 

determined to oppose the evil of Cultural Marxism and its sustainability agenda (same sex Marriage)