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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Ex-US Diplomat, warns Hillary Clinton will start Nuclear war with Russia and China

Ex United States Diplomat warns Hillary Clinton will start world war three with Russia and China

Whether that will be Hillary Clinton or not we will wait and see.
This is the American Presidential Election coming up and I feel even if Donald Trump is  elected,  a nuclear war  may still happen. I see problems with both candidates and J feel that all we have to do is wait and see.

The 2016 American President election is history in the making and it will be seen for many years to come as one of the most outstanding American presidential races, and not only on Hillary Clinton being the first woman in the 240 + Years of  the American Presidential Elections. 

However I put this video on the blog post for all to watch and make their own mind up, 
We are living in very challenging times in History and I beleive the return of Jesus Christ is immenent and all the bible tells us to do is keep faith, wait, warch and see

That is the purpose of the making of this blog - to show as events pass in the media to do with Agenda 2030 . This is real and it is  coming  and that is why it is a good thing for all to watch  videos like this one, thus I show it to the world on my blog. 

7.58 Sunday September 18th 2016

My comments 

New army EU forming and will be as poweful as the United States

This is rising and it will become one of the most powweful Militaries since the Ancient Roman Empire. It will come close and even become more powerful than the United States. Whar you will get is powerful Militaries from Colonial countries all join together. I can see why Britain wanted to leave but yer we will wait for this to happen. 

Yes it is needed and useful but a huge thing happening and it is heading towards one country the EU with a number of very powerful states but one joined military of old colonial powers and a whole set of other Kingoms and powers. 

This could be seen by some as the coming of the Beast of Revelations (666) One world  government in a United Europe.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
19.22 Saturday September 17th 2016

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Milo the self declared "Dangerous Faggot" talks about Anti-Discrimination Laws used by lying Lesbians faking hate crimes

Friday, 16 September 2016

I beleive same sex marriage is Political, - not love ???

same sex Marriage comes from the Cultural Marxist line of thought and this is heavily political. We must not let people like Penny Wong, a Devotee to this Politic and others such as her force this upon us. 

All Australians need the right to oppose it at its base level in a Plebiscite. It is NOT LOVE. it is politics as not all people living in a homosexual relationship want this. It is only those from the Activist groups and the Marriage equality groups that are pushing for this and they have a political objective, which comes from the cultural Marxist line of Political thought.

This is Global in the 21st Century as everything is going Global. Not on a nation state base or a Cultural base with one or two cultures involved. CULTURAL MARXISM is Multiculturalism which inclues a whole generation of people from many different cultures and ethnicities linking as one. This was will heavily rely upon Multiculturalism as a ethnicy and sexuality as part of their equal rights basis including equality within Marriage.

This is having a huge influence in western culture today. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
11.23  Saturday September 17th 2016

My comments

I beleive that all have the rights to reject sex marriage (marriage equality)

This group is the group that all churches must reject as they are not democratic and want to force same sex marriage upon all. Same sex marriage IS NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE it is Politics and meant to bring under a one world totalitarian system under Cultural Marxism This does not gives us rights, that is only propaganda hyped through the media, and the  Marriage Equality people. It is part of the environmental sustainability In Agenda 2030 over depopulation - this is part of the real reason of same sex marriage:  for complete control of the people under a collective system more commonly known  as Cultural Marxism which in reality is a modern day term for a  Nanny state where your whole life is controlled by a collective system. 

I wish to add this to this blog as well, if marriage equality is passed, how Long do you think it will be before Churches are forced to marry two men, two woman or others in a homosexual marriage, Also what if Pedophiles want their rights as well, which will come - age limits will drop
In the end run it could come that bestiality could become accepted. 

Same sex marriage is a slippery slide down into the dark unknown and who knows what will come out of it, better be safe than sorry and for everyone to voice their opinion and reject same sex now before it gets off the ground or we might be sorry if we have to look back at this from in the future. 

If I could go back to 1900 (even to the 1890's)  and stop the development of nuclear fission - the atomic bomb, then we would not have the nuclear nightmare that could be staring down out throats, who could have known what would happen with a set of scientific theories that was under investigation in the early 20th century, the same with now, who knows what is going to come in the future which we will regret with same sex marriage, It is cultural Marxist (from the Frankfurt school of social thought) and very political, it is not love and makes no sense in relationships. 

Let us reject it now before it is TO LATE. 


The media today is pushing this as a human right when in reality same sex marriage marriage is nothing to do with love or any kind of human rights.

This is why I call myself the Happy little Homopobe and I am pleased to do that in total defiance with what is fastly becoming the norm.

NB: I beleive that al Chrisitians who are true and sincere to the word of God need to take on the Armour of the woed of God and fight for the rights to reject Marriage equality and other issues that come from the Cultural Marxist equality issues. Pray foor the whole church to take on the Spiritual warrior and become as, (Joshua, Caleb and Gideon was in ancient Israel.)

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
At 22.18 Friday September 13th 2016

I agree with Pauline Hanson and back her to the Hilt, One Nation I also agree with Senator Malcombe Roberts over Climate change

This was Pauline Hanson MAIDEN speech for the Parliament on her six year term as a senator. I think this lady is Australia's Margaret Thatcher (who served as leader of Britain's conservative party from 1975-1990 AND British PM 1979-1990) 

Pauline Hanson is the best thing that could be elected in the senate as she will "keep the bastards honest" and act to the Federal parliament similar as what Fred Nile did to the NSW parliament.

Pauline Hanson represents the majority of Australians who do not like Political correctness or Cultural Marxism. The Majority of Australians have no idea where all the issues hat are high on the Political agenda come from and we need people like Pauline Hanson to put a spanner in the works for Cultural Marxist/Feminist not to get through the senate. 

We have  the next six years of Pauline Hanson and what is great her new Senator who is a environmental scientist is going to show the truth about Global warming and Climate change. It is a fraud and not true brought on by the Cultural Marxist minority and Agenda 2030 as a tool to gain control of the world. Global warming does NOT Exist and is all hyped up lies by those who want to gain control of the world. 

Senator Malcolm Roberts from Queensland One Nation Party with Pauline Hanson is very right, Climate change is not happening, we are being manipulated by lies and this is one of the main reasons I beg to differ big times with the Australian Greens who are radicals on climate change Policies and sustainable issues (which also brings in issues taken out of Agenda 2030 - the teachings and conference on Environment sustainability. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
18.46 Friday September 16th 2016

My comments 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

I will be discharged bankrupt in February 2017

Note all that there is only around 4 months for this to come, Once I am discharged bankrupt I can get a job as selling in Insurance, I have been offered already. I just need my discharge papers. Once I am discharged bankrupt I can stand again for politics and that I will do after February 2017. 

It is going to happen as I have nothing to hinder me from this happening. 

Also I own my own home which was brought back in 1984 with money from a payout I had on a compo case and I done the right thing during this time. Put it in a trust fund so that no one can force me to sell. Bankruptcy even told me that I do not have to sell my home as it is in the name of a trust company looking after a trust fund for me. 

So laws could have changed now but this was done all those years ago back in 1984 - 32 years ago) and it has served me perfect. 

Otherwise without a home payed no rent and owning everything I could not do as I am doing now. Write to the net. Only God gave me this as His grace is good and when you are doing His will He will protect you from all evil. 

The evil in my life is the Marriage Equality people and the Gay and lesbian rights Lobby These people are not only a curse in my life but a curse upon all and God has made me a modern day Joshua, Caleb and Gideon to fight this to the very end. like the three warriors of God mentioned above

The whole church needs to become Joshua, Caleb and Gideon and fight the Marriage Equality and the homosexual lobby as they are the modern day Midianites (Canaanites)  Jericho and evil ones of today that the church must fight. 

This same sex marriage is wickedness in Gods eyes and this is so evil that it must be fought by all in the same way as was done in the Old testament with the three heroes of old that I wrote on, Joshua, Caleb and Gideon

When I am discharged bankrupt I will be able to travel and I will be able to do a lot more without having to related to bankrupt trustees and this is only 4 months to wait. i will also get back my passport and I will not need permission to go overseas from bankrupt trustees any more as I have now.  

I can wait 4 months and then get my passport back first from my bankruptcy trustees


Written by John Christopher Sunol
10.52 on Friday September 16th 2016

My comments

I am discharged bankrupt by February 2017 -After this date I can stand for office again

My bankruptcy discharge comes up in February 2017. 

So I only have to wait another 4 months and the world is my ouster. 

One great thing about about me is: that I will never give in if I am right as I know that when you have faith in God nothing can stop you:as long as you are in His will.

Philipians 4:19: He will supply all my needs according to His riches in Gory is what has happened to me on numerous occasions. 

Now my bankruptcy is due to be discharged I will find that I will be better off.

Next Year after February 2017

I will look at standing for office again and  if I can get hold of the money I might do a trip overseas again like I did back in the 1970's and 80's. 


I will be ramping up this blog and my opposition to issues such at Same sex marriage

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
5.44 Friday September 16 2016

I back Pauline Hansons Speech - i am dead against the Greens

I agree with Pauline Hanson and back her. I am with the Christian Democratic Party Fred Nile group. I am putting a copy of her maiden speech with this blog and I believe that Pauline is a brave woman willing to voice what a lot of people want. That is why she was elected. 

The Greens are Cultural Marxism in their philosophy your subjected to Political correctness  (which I call Political bullshit and something I am dead against. 

At least Pauline Hanson has had precious experience in Politics in the Past and when I voted I voted 1 Fred Nile's Party (the christian democratic Party) and 2 Pauline Hanson (One Nation) putting the Greens at the bottom of the list. 

I see Pauline Hanson speaking for a large chunk of dissolution-ed Australians.
22.12 Thursday September 15th 2016

My comments 

Pauline Hanson MAIDEN speech 

I have a duty under God to lobby for all to outrightly reject same sex marriage

I have a duty under the power of God to lobby for all tp reject same sex marriage. 

Whilst the homosexual minorities are screaming for the right to Marry each other and be recognized by the state. We have a right to out rightly reject homosexuality as it is sin before God and to Marry into sin is to co mitt wickedness before God. 

THIS even though it is quite different from what is being published in the media today, it is in a very minority of peoples views which are all loud mouths, member of the Marriage equality and the homosexual lobby groups who push and political lobby to take away the rights of the majority of people. These groups represent less than 2-5% of the LHBT groups which represent only around 5% of people by census. 

If are going to have same sex marriage then I will lobby both Online and offline for all to have the right to out rightly reject same sex marriage at a Plebiscite. This is a God given right to oppose sinful activities and a compete rejection of wickedness otherwise if we go down the path of same sex marriage we will eventually come to regret going this way big time. 

That is whuyI call myself The happy little homophobe living in my joy. I am loving under the power of God and it is my duty to be the happy little homophobe for the rest of my life and go out to encourage others to live the same life ,e, as being homophobic is a great thing, regardless to the general perception of this term that is being pushed on all by THESE PEOPLE  and others of similar view points from the CULTURAL MARXIST WAYS OF PHILOSPHICAL THOUGHT WAVES (the Frankfurt school of social thought) or more commonly known as Cultural Marxism or Political correctness (in Language and Philosophical thinking)

This is the modern philosophical values and theory of modern Homosexual rights which is big on the agenda today. 

For any religious organization to accept this they have been deceived and lied to by Satan's demons as this is very anti God and had its foundations in Marxism which was the driving Philosophical values that Stalin and Moa accepted from and similar to that from Adolf Hitler and His German socialist workers party Which was to become the NAZISM in the early 1920's 

is the main thrust of The marriage equality debate today.

The same sex marriage Marriage Debate at the moment in Australia comes from the Cultural Marxist  (Frankfurt School if Social thought) line of Philosophical thought or Political correctness and I believe we all must be given the right to reject this (only a Plebiscite will do this as if it is a parliamentary vote this will be railroaded through  denying us real democracy and freedom of speech / BELIEF. 
NB: to all of those that are reading this article. I am not going to change, apologize or even consider accepting fault. I will also pay no money as I am bankrupt. 

Do not even waste your time asking for an apology to me as I refuse to even contemplate changing my opinions to accept fault.

(You can like it, leave it or go and lump it) if you want anything from me, as I am not even willing to consider negotiating with those who  lodged those fraudulent accusarions of villification against me. This is all out with no turning back.

This is my final word on this matter, which I am very adamant about   and I am not even willing to contemplate accepting anything  different. 

That is my final words 

17.34 Thursday September 15th 2016


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

I had someone try to steal $104 from my bank account by Fraud - this is the crime of the 21st century

I had someone try to pay for Norton for their own accounts from my own bank number. I checked and took it to the bank and I mam getting the money back but I have had my card cancelled to make it that this can not be done any more. 

The crime of the 21st century is no more bank robbery or bashing's in the street, It is cyber crime and stealing from bank accounts by online fraud. I am very aware of this and this is why I  keep money safe. 

I will be getting a new card and withdrew some cash to overcome this but I wish to state that agenda 2030 will take this into account

Written by John Christopher Sunol
12.25 Thursday September 15th 2016

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