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Saturday, 3 September 2016

How to survive the coming economic collapse !!!

This is coming at around the time America  and Russia/China go to w war.Read this all, it is an  Academic document I would like ro put online hoping people read it and take note as it will become very useful for survivors of the coming war when they are in times of distress. I will leave it hanging under my name for when these times are upon us

AT 16.27 Sunday September 4th 2016

I will not be stopped no matter what !!!

I will not be stopped no matter what

You Have two chances to stop me from making You Tubes and blogs on news events and end time Prophecies leading up to the return of Jesus Christ 

And that is :

  1. Buckley's (and)
  2. NO chance at all
Besides all that I have written on this blog entry - it is not me writing on this blog, it is the power of God using my head and comminication abilities on social media  to write what He said (God, Jesus Christ) though myself to the world via my bog, and no one is going to stop these messages as they are from God to the world.

Besides thesetwo chances that I out in this blog  entry above you have no chance of stopping me as it is not I who you are opposing but the one whondwells within me and using me as His viice peice

, it  is that I just aint going to  stop !!! 

America in Phrophecy - Mystery Babylon - the heads of Agenda 21 -Fall of America before January 2017 in this video - watch this video (You Tube) it is very important for today

A very important video for all to watch. I listened to it and it makes biblical sense
I will wait and see as things unfold. 

I suggest for all to find time and watch this video, take note and follow the news events as this blog does. 

I am not of the people that produced this but I state that all should watch this as it does have a lot of very important information in it, I do not wish to push it but leave it on my blog for all to see if they wish to. 

I am a christian and I got to a Pentecostal/Evangelical bible teaching church which is not aligned to the people who made this out. I found it on the net but seeing the seriousness of the times as they are today, I feel it is important for all to watch and take into account what is said, as what is being said is very good and can be proven. 

There are a number of different end time interpretation of phrophetic writing from scripture and this is only but one of the interpretations. Insee it interesting and making some sense so I would like to promote this to the world off my blog so that all can view this and make their own judged decision.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
7.00 am Sunday August 4th 2016

My comments.

China and the United States over Spratley Islands one start of world war 3,

world war 3 in biblicaprophecy

Friday, 2 September 2016

Nato gives go signal to attack Russia, Nato and Russia preparing for war: (SAME AS CHINA UNIT STATES)

This (Russia)  is very serious and even closer to a hot war from during the cold war, 1946-1990. THIS Coupled up with China and the Spratley Island this could turn out quite nasty. 

Another reason that this could do that it would cause such of a commotion the United states election could be put on hold and the president of the United States would suddenly be in a war mode unlike anything since the end of world war 2 and the dropping of the Atomic bomb over Japan on August 6 1945. 

This proves we are living in Historic times worst than anytime since the  end of world war 6 August 1945. 

I will focus on this as I beleive this could herald in world wide change unlike another seen in the history of man. We are  living in unprecedented times so we need to wait and see what comes out of this. 
15.30 Saturday September 3rd 2016



I am not guilty of villification at all. I have been set up and Framed with lies by those who took me to court !!!

I'm putting this list online to show the world how the courts and tribunal systems are can be ans are manipulated by corrupt people who habitualy abuse the system (for both personal gain and for other reasons) and I completely back a Politcian like the Liberal Senator Cori Bernardi in his changes to race hate and villification legislation.

This is the section that was used against me corruptly and those that took me told lies to get their cases substantiated. This must stop as I have had over 11 years of this and I will not accept accept the final decisions even though they were sibstantiated by the courts and Tribunals. 

The man who made most of the original complaints ia a man that has Psychological problems and I do not even believe that he should not be allowed to abuse the law so much.

This amount of cases show you why as this man to me is physiologically obsessed in beleiving that he is an anti discrimination campaiger fighting for homosexual rights and Marriage equality - when all he is, is an obsessed liar living in his own fantasies who needs to be assessed by a Physiologist his real reasons for playing this game he has been doing for over 10 years. 

I blame These people as it is THESE PEOPLE that are the perpentrators and it this  evil group  and its backers I focus my anger on and direct my attacks towards. Not the man who initiated these cases as he is only part of the problem. 

To finish off this article, 

I would rather prefer to back THIS rather than THIS as the second THIS represents extreme evil and wickedness before God. THIS eventhough it is quite different from me as a Pentecostal evangelical Christian he is Very Right in what he says concerning what God sais about THESE GROUPS AND ALL AFFILIATED GROUPS.

In once sense I would look up to THIS MAN as being a Spokesman for God and His word on sin in todays society and the wickedness of THESE GROUPS AND ALL AFFILIATED GROUPS  
Note: For me to change my way of thinking you have the same chance at putting an eleohant through the eye of an needle

That is one each of these chances as entered below:

  1.  Buckleys - And - 
  2. No chance at all
I am jist not going to accept that I am wrong as it is just not the case 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.41 Saturday September 3rd 2016

Nuclear world war imminent: read this and you will see, Russia, Xhina vs world

This has been spoken of for many years but a big war is going to  happen. This could be sparked off with some small event that estates into a full blown world war 3. (Similar to the assignation of Arch Duke Ferdinand Franz on the 28th June 1914 sparked off world war 1 which lasted until 11th November 1918 and was the worst war modern man had known up to that time.)  This that is happening today could  even spiral out of control and become the worlds first nuclear war where modern technology among nuclear weapons were in all sides of the conflict. 

World war 1 started on the  28th June 1914 with the murder of the Arch Duke  of Austria and I believe will start with a little  spark like world war one which will rage into a fiery furnace. 

Read these articles as I put them on the blog taken from different media sources.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
20.21 Friday September 2nd 2016 

My comments 

76 countries where homosexuality is still illegal

Have a look at these countries and you will see that they are predominately from third world countries and /  of Islamic  countries. This is expected as the modern day sexuality disease is a cancer from Cultural Marxism. The countries shown where homosexuality are predominantly from the Islamic world. 

Cultural Marxist thought and the coming new world order is going to come from the  1st world free world thinking and developed world. As you will noticed the sections of the world where homosexuality is still illegal are the third world countries often on a religious ideology (nominally Islam)  

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
19.09 Friday September 2nd 2016

My comments 

Rights of church schools are being eroded due to homosexual lobby

I believe it is part of the Agenda for the Homosexual rights lobby and affiliated groups to take away our rights of free speech. The above article show you that religious schools in America are under attack. This is going to increase and in Australia if we get same sex marriage it is very likely that the same will happen in this country as well as Australia usually follows the United States in this kind of activity. 

The church not only has a right to expose cultural Marxism but a duty to expose it as what is is, very evil and anti Christian/God. 

I believe it is the duty of every Christian  and person who is not in favor with same sex marriage to lobby to keep it out of our country or we will eventually loose the right of free speech and freedom to reject homosexuality and same sex marriage 


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
17.47 Friday September 2nd 2016

We all have the right to discriminate against sin, that is an order from God This group WANTS TO TAKE THIS RIGHTS FROM US so we must all publically oppose THIS GROUP and its ends goals. It wants to take away our God given rights to oppose what is good  and righteous in Gods eyes ( reject sinful activities and that includes homosexuality among a wholw host of other sins)

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Reasoning why I do both You tubes and blogs online

All explained in the you tube. To inform the wold of the evils of same sex marriage and other such related material in the coming up Agenda 2030

For any more explanation watch the You Tubes on this blog entry

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
14.05 Friday September 2nd 2016

My comments 

Agenda 2030

Fred Phelps was really the good guy, it is that I give the same message but use different methods and strategies. This group and its affiliates were the real hate mongers and tr

ouble makers not Fred Phelps

Persecution of Christians in China

Christians are still persecuted in China, but this persecution in China is no where as server as In the middle east or North Africa

In the middle East and North Africa Christian persecution is realy genocide but in China it is heavy restriction and prison. In this case China is setting  Pastors free as they  want the G20 in there country and they want to keep face with the world. 

In the middle East it is different these Islamic radicals just do not care, we are war anyway. 

Even in the harsh days of the Cultural Revolution in Chibna under Moa Si Tung it was nothing like it today in  the middle East or North Africa.

at 6.03 Friday 2nd September 2016

My comments 

I beleive I am being persecuted myself in Australia by being taken to court, and a  man named Luke McKee in vietnam is also as he found about the rampart corruption in These groups and affiliated rights lobbyists. 

Persecution of Christians in China 


Petition from Cori Bernardi on Free Speech : we need race laws amended with villification laws

I am fighting for freedom of speech and I say that the whole nation needs to sign this if you want freedom to say  as you like with the law, without the race hate legislation, villificatiin legislation and other such is  not used against you. Cori is a Liberal Federal Government Senator who is putting this petition to the federal parliament to change the wording for this racial villification legislation. 

When you have wording in this legislation that is very ambiguous "such as hurt feelings" this is open to abuse by  those who want to push an Agenda. 

Read the site from Cori Bernardi that I have linked above on this, look up Coris own web site and sign this online petition to stop  those "Cultural Mzrxist" thugz and trouble makers fro abusing the race discrimination "and also vilification laws" and keep our  rights free for freedom of speech.

I  back Cori as we do not need this legislation, it is to open for abuse by those left wing Cultural Marxist people who want to stop free speech. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
17.51 Thursday September 1st 2016

My comments

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Iran deploys long range missiles (Russian)

This is very serious as I do not trust Iran from what is going on. If Iran turned on America or Israel and it had Russian long range weapons, we have a major potential crisis on hand. I feel that we may beat Islamic state but if Iran is with Russia we have a number of other very serious problems on hand. Especially if these missiles are nuclear tipped from Russia.

Just let us wait and see.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
16.00 Thursday September 1st 2016