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Saturday, 13 August 2016

I am out to protect people from same sex marriage and political correct language. To retain the rights to speak against these.

This speech is in reality a Cultural Marxist  viewpoint and is  a curse from the pits of hell  plus a blight upon the church and the people as a whole. It comes  from a Cultural Marxist line of thought on Political correctness which eill lead int a left wing draconian state holds fast to this like that of Nazi Germany under Hitler (1933-1945) and Stalinist Russia (1917-1990 WITH THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL)

Please note all, Hitlers Germany was NOT right wing extreme, it was a left wing Cultural Marxist state which was named the National Socialist workers Party in Government in 1919/1920 National social workers Party was Adolf Hitlers party before it was changed to the Nazi Fascist state of a one Government totalitarian system after 1933 when Adolf Hitler Won office and got into power. 

Joseph Stalin formed the Russian socialist State with Vladimir Lenin after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. 

Both of  these totalitarian states are the for runner of what is known today as Cultural Marxism which has taken over in the 21st century from the prior predominate run philosophy more commonly known as  radical feminism lobbying for woman's rights - now it is homosexual rights under Cultural Marxism that woman have got the rights they were lobbying for. 

Agenda 2030 is going to be the end mark of these philosophies for a one world government which started as far back as 1788 in the French Revolution under Neapolitan Bonaparte (50 years prior to Carl Marx as that is the foundation of Carl Marx Philosophies "Marx and Engels 1848 Communist Manifesto"

There is no freedom and all the marks of a totalitarian State.


Written by John Christopher Sunol
13.23 Sunday August 14th 2016

My comments

Pauline Hanson is the voice of the people and I trust her to speak against Cultural Marxist and Political correct "Bullshit" I will as well and so will others like the Christian democratic Party Fred Nile Group, speak against the advent of the Cultural Marxist Politically correct language and Equal rights garbage (Philosophy).

I would  trust one nation and Pauline Hanson and people like Fred Nile who I support far above people like the "Greens" (who in reality  are all bullshit artists and hold beliefs in issues that belong to fantasy land with no reality in them from the real world)

Same sex Marriage by Kris

I dedicate myself to two different areas, both of the same importance but two different areas. 1 area Cultural Marxism and the other Islamic fundamentalism

Both Cultural Marxism (Political correctness) and Fundamentalism especially relating to fundamentalist Islam) are the curse of the 21st Century

Both of these are curses of the 21st century and I intend to dedicate myself and this blog at exposing both of these and how they related to Agenda 2030. (the United nations Sustainable development Goals) 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
9.17 on Sunday August 14th 2016

My comments

I dedicate myself to work against two different areas, 1. Same sex marriage (cultural Marxist) 2. Islamic state and the control that Fundamentalist groups have over society

  1. JohnChristopher Sunol
I will use all the three above accounts, Plus my You Tube accounts (which has 1,384 You Tubes with over 20,934 views and 33 subscribers) to show the world that I intend to expose and bring up in debate against two areas, I believe both Cultural Marxism and Islamic fundamentalism are evil but they are both different and it is these two evils we need to tackle today. I intend to be one of those who will intend to correct these situations.

(As at the 16th August 2016 You Tube  
  • 20,924
  • 33
I also give permission for anyone in the world to use this as they see fit as I can and will make more up if needed and also take down any hate mail I get with unacceptable attacks. 

Just type John Christopher Sunol into google or any other search engine and you will find me. 

If you are interested in these two topics, Please note I have over 1,375 you tube videos online which has over 20,708 views and around 32 subscribers at the present moment. 

With these statistics which I took of my blog I will attempt to raise arguments to work against both Cultural Marxist - political correct nonsense combined with the need to fight Islamic state to the very end and all other fundamentalist areas of a similar nature. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.27 on Sunday August 14th 2016

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Wyoming Supreme Court to hear arguments on same-sex marriage

Wyoming Supreme Court to hear arguments on same-sex marriage

Persecution of the churches and Christians who are anti - gay and lesbian and see the way I see homosexual marriage as wickedness before God has started. Already a judge in the supreme court has to state why he is anti homosexual to keep his job as same sex marriage has been passed by the supreme court in the states. This is the start of pertsecution and this is only going to get worst before better. 

This is cultural Marxism in in its fullness come to play where those who do not agree or see the same on issues to do with same sex marriage and homosexuality will be persecuted, Loose jobs in positions of importance like this judge who has to explain to the supreme court. This taking the line of the Russian Revolution in 1917 under Lenin and Stalin - the anti homosexual people will be persecuted same as the Beougous and Capitalist in Russia was when they lost the revolution. 

So this is the reason why those taking me to court are sure of themselves. 

They are not attacking me but God over this the same as those taking this justice of the courts in America to task over his non agree ance with same sex marriage and refusing to marriage a homosexual couple. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
1.07 on Sunday August 14th 2016

My comments

Friday, 12 August 2016

Story on Islamic State where it comes from and w4hy it is so powerful :FROM BBC

The story on the formation of Islamic State

This is the story of wher Islamic State  comes from and why it is such a formadble enemy to the whole world.

I do not beleive it is going to be an easy job to rid the world of this curse.
We need to do a diligent fight untill Islamic Statemiz erradicated from the earth knosing that we are on the side of God and Islamic state is only backed in the xpiritual site by a ragimg Demon more commonly known as Allah and his pedofile chikd molesting false phrophet  the Prophet Muhummad. 

With the use of The Phrophet Muhummads book of Fairy tales more commonly known as the Koran: The Koran id used by thos who worship this war Lord in a similar fasion Adult Hitler used the Mein Kampf from 1933-1945 (end of world war 2) - Please note this I am not from the Islamic faith, never have been and this is my understnanding of the Koran and the Phrophet Muhummad, I do not want to offend any Islamic person who reads this blog as that is not what I mean. Islamic state impounds this beleif as that group is radical it makes me think like that. 

Written by John  Christopher Sunol
14.50 Saturday August 13th 2016

My comments

Islamic state committs attrocities

A man on one of my You Tubes asked why homosexuality is bad, THIS IS MY ANSWER !!!

One man asked on one of my videos: 

Why Homosexuality is bad ?

My answer to his question: 

Homosexuality is sin and all sin against God is bad, eternal seperation from Him and his loving grace. All sin is sin, but some sins can be displayed within areas of human psychology and physiology where it will mess up your mind with deception. 

I will go down to this answer, When a husband lies with his wife in a Married situation it is a spiritual relationship which the spirit of God is active between. So marriage in a non sinful aspect is good and holy, that is ONE MAN, TO ONE WOMAN, NOT FROM THE SAME GENETIC CODES.


this does not mean that  a sinful act is not spiritual, the spirit of God can not and will not be part of a sinful act. With that being the case demonic spirits from the devil masquerade as the spirit of life and come in where God is not.

So in a homosexual sexual act, this is sinful and God is not part of this, but it still draws a spiritual effect. Demons take over and enter into this relationship and both partners in a homosexual relationship are deluded and deceived and oppressed by demons. When they believe that they love one another in a sexual affair they are deluded by demons and heavily oppressed. 

If they allow this to continue they become more so oppressed and eventually possessed. 

 When we go to same sex marriage this goes down one rung further and this is turning a sinful act into a legal relationship thus is wickedness before God. Devils tell lies that a homosexual relationship is a loving relationship and the people that are married into such suddenly become from being oppressed to possessed and are living in wickedness before God

Wickedness before God brings judgement on both your own life and the life of all those around you. 

Same sex marriage today is wickedness before God and the United nations are preparing for the last days spoken of in the book of Mathew chapter 24 and the books of revelations (especially chapter 13)

Cultural Marxism is the devils answer to what God has to say about human rights under Jesus Christ and His love and Grace.  This creeps in as wolves in sheep's clothing until it eventually can take over to pervert the teachings which God gave us all through his prophets and Jesus Christ who died for our sins. It is the enemy that comes into the church when the church is to strong for an external attack. Homosexuality is like a cancer that is spreading through society which eventually will kill all, homosexuality is the cancer of the 21st century and same sex marriage is the fulfillment of this cancer. (wickedness before God) 

So all homosexuals in a gay and lesbian relations are deluded by the devil to believe any of a lie that they are living a loving natural alternative relationship, and those that get married into same sex relationships have omitted wickedness before God and Gods holy wrath shall fall on this. 

I hope this answers your questions ???

all Christians who are faithful to God, this is creeping into the churches in the name of equal rights and political correctness, 

I have just shown you where this comes from and I would like this blog posting spread world wide for me when people see this.



Written by John Christopher Sunol
11.22 on Saturday August 13th 2016

My comments

Some hackers got into my accounts and took my passwords

John christopher Sunol

Some hackers got into my accounts and stole passwords. I changed passwords can not get my you tubes back on,line just yet, but they will wait. 

Imtell thise hackers, if you want war you got it mate, let us being it on all out online flame war. You bunch are not going to stop me. No matter how much you lot want.

People do not like my views on same sex marriage, well my views can not and will not changed and I am going to write this whether the hackers like it or not. If you want an all out online flame war, then be my guest and lets get on with it. 

I tell those hackers, you can not and will not stop me drom going online as that is my dutymundwr God doe rhe whole world. To tell the truth on same sex marriage, I act as a phrophet from God in this modern day arena.

Yours John Sunol

WRITTEN BY John Christopher Sunol
23.19 (Friday August 12th 2016)

Cultural Marxism is a Sham and it is prople from this philosophynthat is attacking me all of the rime, as they beleive in same sex marriage and other related issues which I oppose sternly

These same hackers also got into my You Tube account and I can not upload qny more Yoi Tubes at present (but I will fix that up, and  anyway I have over 1,200 you tubes online anyway and for the meantime I can use them)n

France is still No 1 on the world terror list for Isis - security exports warn taht 2017 will be worst

We are at war, war with Islamic state and other radicals - this can not be helped or stopped so we must fight them back and not until Islamic state and all its affiliates are taken out fully will we get peace.

This to me is the start of world war 3 and to obtain peace we need to fight these groups, similar to in the 1939-45 war with Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
22.23 Friday August 12th 2016

Thursday, 11 August 2016

We must fight for the right to remain homopobic

I strive for this right in my life, I see to be a homopobe is a virtue in life, and a good think. To be a homophobe you are being faithful to go and rejecting sin, and keeping away from the evil of the cultural Marxist agenda.

So I only wish that one day all will become a homopobe as I am and I am proud of this.

I am the happy little homophobe living in my joy and want to encourage all others to become a homophobe like me and proud of that as well. 

I see homosexuality as an unnatural act, I see heterosexuality as the only ordained form of marriage, within a nuclear marriage, I also see same sex marriage as a sinful act that has turned into wickedness before God as it is sin legitimised by the law which is evil. I also see to be a homophobe a virtue in life, as homopobic behaviour is the rejection of the sinful act of homosexuality and the wickedness of samd sex marriage and I wish to see all human beings to be described a homophobe, by those who are pushing wickedness as this shows our faithful before God. I also see if Jesus was on earth today walking the earth as he was 2,000 years ago in flesh, he would be called the greatest homophobe of all by those who act like the religious leaders and pharisees of his day. 

So with all of this it is not a bad thing to be shunned by those who call you a homopobe, it is a joy in Christ as you have the faithfulness to reject sin and wickedness before God. To be a hompobe is to be natural and a well informed normal person who is living in the way we were created to live in. 

Pleas know this all, I am being attacked because of this statement, to those atracking me, if you want  an all out flame war, well then you got it and be my guest, 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
(14.11 Friday August 12th 2016) 

My comments

I think that equal rights is going to take a turn, As a Christian we will have to fight for our rights to reject evil.

                                      Times are changing in a massive way. It may not be to far in the future that we will have to fight for the right to reject sin and wickedness. Same sex marriage is just but one example - we may loose all our rights to speak out against this evil under a cultural marxist shadow, we must get up and fight to keep these rights as we need to keep ahead of the evil coming to the earth.

I will make it my role in life to fight for these rights for everyone to reject evil, starting with same sex marriage.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
12.14 Friday August 12th 2016

My comments

I reserve the right to lobby for people to reject all the cultural Marxist equality issues, - such as same sex marriage ect

I am not calling this the homosexual agenda which includes same sex marriage. I will put the real agenda and those who are pushing this to the forefront of all from the use of my blogs. I reserve the right to speak out against this homosexual agenda and go one step further. I encourage others to do the same as me

I am happy to call myself the Happy Little Homophobe and state that I am proud to be called homophobic. 

It is often said that ' Cultural Marxism is a Uniting theory for right wingers who love to play 'VICTIM' but in reality this is a left wing theory and a modern day concept of Stalinist/Nazis creeping into western society, with a total totalitarianism in its sights, and using political correctness and gay and lesbian rights to obtain such a goal. 

Its goals are of a collective society as opposed to individualism in capitalism which we are told by all that we are under now. Individual rights will go and collective thought and control will come under Cultural Marxism, just as both Stalin and Hitler did in the 1920's and 30's. (Hitler came from the German workers socialist parties "or" named Nazi to hid its real colors, )

In real essence both Hitler and Stalin were the historical heads of the one philosophy in different from. Socialism which is in the beginnings of Marxism and communism - this is also adopted by the church of Satan as a political philosophy to push its agenda. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
9.16 Friday August 12th 2016

Went to watch a film on Cultural Marxism and how it is a designed take over of the world

Went to a woman's place with other CDP members (and other people) to watch this film. It was excellent showing people why it is critical that we must reject Cultural Marxism and their left wing equal rights. I intend to work directly against the socialist equal right agenda and I will use films like this for information regarding these theories. 

After seeing this film I have made it my duty and role to lobby for all to be able to speak out against and reject the Cultural Marxist thought of equal rights, especially looking at same sex marriage and homosexual rights. 

We are NOT all equal in society, God made us that way, we all have different gifts and roles within society (I would rather follow a Sociological way of the sociologist Emily Durkheim (or Talcott Parsons) in his role theory (where all people have different roles to play in society) than that of Carl Marx which is in reality a false leading that leads to totalitarianism. 

This shows me that I am dead right against the Gay and lesbian agenda.. I do not vilify just show people that we have the God given right to reject the left wing socialist agenda (known as Cultural Marxism) and speak against same sex marriage and I cherish this right. That is why I call myself the Happy little homphobe living in my joy. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
22.33 Thursday August 11th 2016

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A very important you tube video on the Frankfurt School of social thought (Cultural Marxist Thought)

This is an important interview on cultural Marxism. It gives an outright explanation on where Cultural Marxism comes from and where Political correctness comes from. 

This is  what is on the main agenda today.

A very important video on You Tube for all and every pastor, church leader and anyone involved in children's minister to watch.


I tend to learn more towards Emily Durkheim and his social theories or Talcott Parsons and reject outright the Marxist line of Economic and Political thinking. 


Written By John Christopher Sunol
7.59 Thursday August 11th 2016

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

An Indian Guru predicts that world war 3 will fought over a cow

 I do not predict such, there is to many predictions and world war 3 is on the whole worlds mind. This makes the whole world interested in this subject and when it is like that you are sure to get some weird predictions with people hoping for notoriety or some sort of financial gain

OVER 75% of Indians are from the Hindu set of beliefs and a cow is a sacred animal in some quarters of Hinduism. This prediction from this Hindu sects beliefs on a cow being a sacred animal is talking the role of the sacred object in peoples mind.

 This shows that in one sense, world war 3 will come from both reasons of religious  beliefs in the sacred fighting and so fighting for positions of religious power base.

This beleif of world war 3 being fought over a cow is more symbolic than actually realistic along the lines of the symbolism that comes of a cow in some Hindu traditions.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 15.29 on Wednesday August 10th 2016

My Comments

ABS (Australian Beaurea Statistics) Web site hacked into by hackers (Chinese)

This is very serious, if this is china it comes close to being a declaration of war. With the conclict breing in the South China sea, and with the other hahcing attemps that China had on United States CIA and other military sites, I see this as a declarations of war.  

This could come as a result of Australia backing the US, Japan and the Philippines over the China Sea and could head off  a coming hot war with the shooting of guns and Military conflict.

I see this as Cyber war as the ABS website was attacked three times thus to force the taking down of the census website by the ABS.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
7.41 Wednesday August 10th 2016