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Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Counter Coup begins as Islamic Radicals take over Turkey

This is very serious as the United States uses Turkey to base it war planes in the fight against Islamic State. I beleove the coup leaders knew what they were doing and they were the one factor keeping Turkey in Line. Turkey is the cross roads from East to West and is the bridging gap between Europe and the Middle East. It is oc critical importance in this war we are in and if this radical head of Government gets power and Turkey becomes hard line radical Islamist, that is to the worst and we have major ptoblems on our hands.

Only time will tell how this situation works out.

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Written bynJohn Christopher Sunol
8.10 on Sunday July 17 2016

My comments

Turkey had a counter coup when the first one failed, Islamic radicals then won.

Turkey has a bloody coup which is defeated

Turkey had a failed coup / Islamist take over
This was a attempt to take over Turkey and the Islamist President is blaming America for this. Whether or not America was involved (and I doubt it) this will create serious problems as Turkey is a member of NATO and a very important ally to the West in this part of the world (thr moddle east)
Want take over Islamist of Turkey / failed coup heralds RatingsPage.aspx
Islamic state claims to have responsibility for both Nice attack in France and also the fighting in Turkey

Islamic state does not want only France and Turkey; they want the whole world so we have a big fight on our hands.

This year 2016 will become a very significant year. Just after the deaths in

The world is getting prepared for massive changes both sociologically, philosophically, economically and political.  

's Islamist  are taking over-In which Turkey is a Nato member and could herald Opinions more violence and trouble into Europe.

The coup in Turkey failed this time. This is very significant in world politics and will bring massive changes to Turkey.

We will have to wait and see what happens.

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.45 Saturday July 18th 2016

My comments

Turkey had a coup which failed

Friday, 15 July 2016

Islamic state use criminals to do their dirty work for them

Terror in Nice (truck driver kills 84 - injures 100)
We can never say We Islqmic that state was not behind RatingsPage.aspx. Islwmic state uses these criminals to do their dirty work for them and he was a new recruit to Islam which is very possibe (or very likely) as his name is Mohamad which is sacred islamic name a alot of men In Islam-have. He would have been effected by the spiritualy Islwmic spiritual forces (which I call demons) and done RatingsPage.aspx-In secret for islamic State as after Charlie Hebro and the Paris bombings coming from islamic State islamic state found France realy security concious.

This needs to be investigated by the French authorities and security agents

The journalist who went inside Islamic State and got this for the world put his life at risk and now this has come out he has a Fatwa on his head and Islamic state call him a traitor and will kill him. I see this man as a brave, an and we need now to know what he has done on such a national channel is to let the world know about Islamic state so we know what we are fighting.

Very serious RatingsPage.aspx Is a Johadist later Islamic groups attacted  Turkey which is also a NATO member and pending member or the EU

Combined with crises Anouther  Chins of to of go to war with Phillipines and United states

This is all very serious and looks like world war 3 is only days off

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.19 Saturday July 17th 2016

My comments

Islamic State are using criminals and thugs to do the dirty wokrk for them.

We need to stop big Parades like Gay Pride) as this a terror risk

This event is a big danger to Sydney and the rest of Australia. Nice is a very SOFT TARGET and Islamic state is at war, and wants to make use to thar0 attack like the ones in France. This was an attack driven by radical religious ideology, and those involved in promting terror on religious ideology used a man with Psychologocal problems to do thier work for them. We must fight those involved this to the very end and they are all behind bars. 

We are-In the We start of world war 3 and it must be shelved to take away excellent opportunities for the terrorist to create  terror. 

Imagine if the terrorist done an attack in Sydney 2017 on this event. That would give the terrorist big publicity and create a nightmare.

If we do not want this to happen the authorities need to stop it before this happens

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
At 17.54 on Friday July 15th 2016

My comments

What must be done to ztop more attacks like in Nice - protect the soft targets by stopping big controversial events like Gay Pride Parades

Thursday, 14 July 2016

John Christopher Sunols statement

I wish to make this statement on what is going on in the world today. This is going to keep on happening to the day that Christ returns and to solve this we need to make drastic actions. 

I feel that it would be better if the whole world invaded Syria and put up a government that could be controlled from one place with a governor. Similar to the British Empire or the French and Spanish empires of colonial days. Also the Portuguese and the Dutch / Germans done this to a lesser extent. 

In the mean time I would consider taking the Koran out of the bookshelves as I see this book as a terrorist manual used by radicals to attack the world and do similar things as is going on all over the world today. France, UK, Turkey and many other nations. 

It is critical that the Syriam crises sis solved and only a large invasion from the EU countries combined with America a4nd Russia can do that successfully. 

It is also critical that our forces are focused on destroying Islamic state and to start doing this ban the Koran or make it only available to Islamic Mosques where deemed suitable at the most. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
14.18 on Friday July 15th 2016

My comments

My own anaysis of the present day terror attacks

What must be done to help stop similar terror attacks like that in France (Nice) that only just happened

Truck Plows into crown at hight speed Killing people (Nice France)

To me this  is a terror attack and is just not tolerated and if the truck driver had a gun the French Police had no choice but to shoot the driver quoted dead. We are at war and I believe that the Koran needs to be banned like the Mein Kampf was during world war 2 as  the terrorist get this from the Koran.

With the Charli Hebdo attacks only toggle a few months later now an attack on Nice, Reviews another City-In France. We are at war and it is critical that the French Government hunts down any accomplice. I suggest ban the Koran and Burn it, book and Hitlers Mein Kampf are on the same wave length or at least withdraw it from sale and demand that the Koran is registered only  to be used for religious instruction by a ordained Islamic Muller or Priest . The Koran and Both the Mein Kampf, Hitlers books are used to justify mass murder - the Prophet Muhammad was much like Adolf Hitler  hell has bent on justifying their mass murder-In the name of good and to bring on the supreme works race

Is an attack  on the whole of France as happened on the national Bastille day-In France. Similar to the July 4th-In the United States Average or 28th January Australia, Australia day. The Terrorist would see this as a soft  target on a national day for all French people so it would have a spiritual and social significance to the French nationality.

This is war and the west must get behind the French and wage a full scale war on Isis and all of those which support this terror group - we need to back the French in fighting this. 

As a conclusion, I wish to back the French over this and I see one of the reasons for the French being a target is that the French were one of the major colonial powers (England, France, Spain and to lesser Portugal, Dutch and German , later on the United states also came-In and colonized the world ne European parts-In)

The French colonies were mostly in Africa and what is today the Islamic world and with the onset of groups like Islamic state they see the French as a main target which has happened in both Paris and now Nice.  

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
9.12 on Friday July 15th 2016

World war 3 close to happening in South China Sea

A war could break at any time and this will be big. The whole of south East Asia could blow up starting with the Philippines and China. 

This is a reality, we are living in history making times and world war 3 is on the horizon if not started already. 

Yes it could happen in the middle east, same in Central Europe with Ukraine but also this tends to lean itself into happening in south east Asia as well with China, the Philippines, Japan and the two Korea's would also come in, if China and America / the Philippines came to conflict which ks very likely with the present situations.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.14 Thursday July 14 2016

World war 3 close to happening in South China Sea

A war could break at any time and this will be big. The whole of south East Asia could blow up starting with the Phillipines and China. 

This is a reality, we are living in history making times and world war 3 is on the horizon if not started already. 

Yes it could happen in the middle east, same in Central Europe with Ukraine but also this tends to lean itself into happening in south east Asia as well with China, the Philippines, Japan and the two Korea's would also come in, if China and America / the Philippines came to conflict which ks very likely with the present situations.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.14 Thursday July 14 2016

My comments

Boris Jonhnson in British Cabinet

This controversial British parliamentarian is given an appointment in the new 
British parliament which is very controversial and I feel that a number of tensions will aeries out of this, BORIS Johnson is the best man for this job as he spearheaded Britain to leave the EU. I will watch this when as it happens as this is a major world decisive action. 

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 Written by John Christopher Sunol 
19.28 Thursday July 14th 2016

My comments

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

High Speed rail between Sydney and Melbourne plans to be built by private company

This has been around for years and I think the next time it will be all around Australia. 

Australia is the 6th Largest country in landmass on the world and their is ample space for future developments Australia is the 6th Largest country in landmass on the world and their is ample space for future developments of this magnitude. High speed rail has been in Europe and Japan for many years so this is not impossible. Australian distances are vast and rise to the need of high speed rail. This train would need to travel at over 350 Kilometers per hour to make this journey in so short a time.  just look at the bullet train which has been in Japan for decades. 

This will be a tourist grab for Australia and this is quite possible. (Also I can envision this going right around Australia and one of the next journeys could be to replace the Indian Pacific with high speed rail - Sydney to Perth) 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
15.40 Thursday July 14th 2016

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

I have been accused of villification based on,lies from others comitt purjery for Political purposes

This is all a lie, I never did this
This ia all lies by the people who took me to court

I can not and never will accept this. It is all based on a lie. I state I never did villify and will not accept this. Those that took me did this for both financial gain to themselves and on the larger scale for Political gain to set case law to strengthen the Anti Discimination / Villification law.

Can not and I never will accept any of these accusations. False They are all straight-Out set plain lies to make me look what I am not to tne Public. A obsessed psychopath out to fulfill my fantasies . I WHAT IS THIS am not and it is what the  Homosexual lobbyn (by by by by Gay Rights Lobby and the the the the Equality Marriage groups)  do to those who oppose their agenda-In areas such as same dating only marriage. I am just not going to accept these attacks as anything but propaganda purported by very evil people.

Who do Those, do to those who oppose their Political agenda.  To me  And set me up, I will accept nothing else clauses clauses clauses  -  Especially when it is connected to homosexual rights

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.07 Wednesday July 13th 2016

Land Mark decisions to be handed down over China and the Spratley Islands

This is very serious, this could spiral out of control if it all goes wrong and we must take notice to that. 

We have another stage for world war three in our hands and this would involve many other local to Asia as well as other places if this goes wrong

Just let us wait and see the outcome

International's decision THE's Court was handed down. It was that China had no-legal-basis-to-claim the Spratley Islands. This is creating a climate for war as China will not accept the international court and leaves doors open for conflict.

This could turn out ugly if it carries on to much more and does not settle down.

This decision went in favor of the Philippines but China will not accept it and this can create big problems which if allowed to go to far could end up in war.

This war could get very ugly and blow in the whole region of East Asia. 

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
19.45 on Teusday July 12th 2016

My comments

Monday, 11 July 2016

Court house shootings in the United States

This was a prisoner being transferred to court by the Police, he grabbed a police gun and then ran a riot. This is why in Australia they are using the net and web cams from inside a prison to charge violent offenders now and that makes a lot of sense. 

It saves this kind of activity happening as dangerous criminals face justice from within a top security prison, and they do not need to be transported to a court. Modern technology and a web cam does the same job with a lot more security.

This is more of the unprecedented times we are living in. Things are getting worst and not better and this will happen on increasing state until Jesus Christ returns.

This came off ABC 24 television this morning and this latest shooting happened in Michigan USA. America is a very big country, and this was over a 1,000 miles away from the texas shootings and the latest Florida night club situation. 

Also the third biggest single country in population is the United States of America.
  1. China over 1.410 billion
  2. India over 1.299 billion
  3. United States of America 324 million
This is the way that population statistics on countries in the world, with such massive populations and the freedom of speech and political thought (as the US is and is a great situation) you will always get major problems, which is unavoidable - not everyone is going to agree with their neighbor and this brings in more problems, which we are seeing as an outcome in the present situations right across America.

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Written by John Christopher Sunol
7.36 Tuesday July 12th 2016

My comments

Looking inside Islamic State

I would have to say that the journalist who go into iSlamic state to find out and research this form of material are the worlds heros. They put their life on the line and face horrors, even more so than a soldier fighting the war as they are going into the enemies camp to get critical information for the world.

We are fighting a war which must be one and these people who get inside information put their lives on the line.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.44 Monday July 11th 2016

My comments

Looking Inside a dangerous death cult called (Islamic State or IS). This is out on a crusade (nominally called Islamic Jihad) to take over the world with doctrines from Hell and Death.

The Journalist who got this report is one of the real hero's of today's fight against extremists - he would have put his life and his families life on the line to go into the Death Cult of Islamic State and gather this information. 

I call I Islamic state from now on a death cult and a enemy to the whole Globe which we must eradicate. 

I have discovered that Same sex Marriage and LGBT groups have their roots bound to a Cult worship OF THIS

The basis RatingsPage.aspx Is same dating only toggle of Marriage, it evolved-Out of the Greek God Dionythis or the Roman God  Bacchus  which had similar functions. Modern day Cult The Dionythis of is made ​​up largely of LGBT people and is where RatingsPage.aspx same dating only toggle Marriage originated from.  This Mythology which is on a Greek Goddess of fertility  - same dating only toggle marriage has a mythological perspective and with the rise of mystic themes directory it is being taken on board by those involved with the coming up Agenda 2030.

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Written by Jo
19.05 Monday July 11th 2015