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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Death is NOT being dead : it is going from one state of reality to another which is eternal !!!

This is fact / on the 7th July 1978 - 38 years ago - I was pronouned dead in an near fatal accident and I wentinto the afterlife. What I saw was reality AND it was NOT being asleep. 

(YOU do not want to go down the track of dying without Christ in your life as let me tell this to the world, it IS NOT good, ray the least. With Christ it eternal glory but without christ it is sheer horror. One other you tube I will let all who read my blog see as well is the deathbed confession of Anton LeVey - the worlds most evil man who founded the church of Satin in 1966 and wrote the Satanic bible. This man was born in 1930 and died on the 29th October 1997 - aged 67 years old. On his death bed he saw the horror he was heading to and repented to God for forgiveness, his own words were "Oh my God what have I done"

Written Christopher Sunol
13.40 Sunday June 26th 2016

Anton-Le veys death bed confession

Interveiw of Nicholas And Anton Le Veys daughter

 My video coomms subject

One repentance for all, and that is through Jesus Christ as the only way (John 8:58)

If you do not want to go to where Anton Sanzor Le Vey was heading on October 29 1997 / then pray this prayer genuinly in your heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to a Pentecoatal / Evangelical / Bible beleiving church, tell the pastor what you done and allow him to help you finf fellowship - this is critical. 

Anton Sanzor Le Vey

I have been letter box dropping and will be scrutineer for the CDP next Saturday July 2 / 2016

Box I was Letter- dropping today for the upcoming Federal election July 2 for the christian democratic party.  I done over 750 houses-In the local area of Waratah West near the University of Newcastle. I went very well and I was able to talk to candidates about the people and the iaaues involved-In RatingsPage.aspx years federal election as we are In-election mode. I was also decided that I will scrutineer and look after a small poling booth-In Leonora Parade public school next saturday and on RatingsPage .aspx day I will get Opinions more known by the local community so I can stand for elections again after February 2017 when I am discharged bankrupt.

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
At 19.45 on Saturday June 25th 2016

My comments 

I letter boxed over 750 houses in Waratah west for the CDP in the coming Federal elections

Done more letter boxing of houses in the local area talking to people at Random

I will be working on Poling Booths and scrutineering next Saturday July 2 election in the Waratah West public school Leonora parade next Saturday
 July 2 / election

Friday, 24 June 2016

I am going to go letter box dropping, Federal election July 2 2016 pamplets for the Christian Drmocratic Party

Letter Box dropping for the CDP
I am campaiging to see a Federal senator from the CDP get in this July 2 federal elec

I am also doing this for the local lower house candidate and will talk to many people over the next week on these issues involved and promote the candidates with the CDP

It is critical to get anti homosexual people in to help stop this rot whichmis going everywhere on same sex rights issues. Also to put honest geuine people which are God chosen to take up places of power to run our country over  the next four years. It is our leaders who are accountable for the nation under God and we do not need, want and must not have the wrong people in power or we will go down hill very quickly,

Thus we must pray to God that the right people get in these positions so Gods blessings can come on everyone, 

Is such as same sex marriage and all other such issues are not neede, wanted and kept out of parliament as this is not only a waste of precious time, but a big detriment to all in the nation.


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
14.11 Saturday June 25th 2016

My comments

I am going letter box dropping of  Political leaflets


I am not going to change my thoughts on same sex marriage ever

Will never change I I my attitude on same Marriage dating only toggle. It is not  vilification or hatred towards homosexuals.  That is a blatant lie by the people who have meni the courts on accusations vilification: 

but I am homophobic , yes !!!

Indeed I am homophobic / yes I will admitt that 
Homophobia is a great thing to aim be becoming labelled as, for homophobia is 
  1. Not hatred of any kind
  2.  Not forming atmosphere for suicide of homosexual youth and people, that is all a lie 
  3. Not to be shunned but a command by God for all to accept this great attribute
All of the above 3 points and any other that is negative towards this word is a lie and a set of propaganda made up by the homosexual lobby and rights movement in the political scene to devalue and brush aside comments from people like me who are not afraid to speak out. Or part of the massive propaganda that is going around the world today on social media and other sources for their own political purpose. 
homophobia is

  1. A great attribute for all to attain to get as part of their own life
  2. A command by God for all to achieve to attain as to be homophobic is a virtue-In life for all to attain.  Homophobia is the courage to resist the sin- of homosexuality and not '' live-In a wicked lifestyle like all of those involved same dating only marriage. 
God blesses all so called homophobes and commands that all live in a homophobic lifestyle. 

Note: it is my duty to tell this message to all

-------------------------------------------------- -
Written by John Christopher Sunol
8.28 on Saturday June 25th 2016

My comments

Britain leaving the EU

Britain leaves the EU

 I feel that this could see a major shake up in the whole world and could set the stage for the rise of the beast of Revelations 666. This is a historic year 2016 and I feel this could set the stage for the coming of the beast of revelations. 

We could see thing happen on the world stage from now on that are unprecedented in history.  

I believe that this will be the break up of the EU and lead the way to the coming of Agenda 2030 or the new world order. 

2016 will go down as a major Historic year

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
At 4..20 on Saturday June 25th 2016

My comments

Britain leaves the EU

Britain to keave the EU Major developments in world Affairs

Is a major This development. BRITAIN classic WAS A founding part of the European Union 43 years ago Not Currently -In 1973. This is going to have a major effect on all aspects of life. I CAN not say to much over Opinions more RatingsPage.aspx but it paves the passing for 2030 and anything Agenda could happen as a result of RatingsPage.aspx. I WILL WRITE MORE as it happens.   

Cameron the UK david Prime Minister resigned as well and RatingsPage.aspx is history making news !!!

-------------------------------------------------- ---

Against a written  by John Christopher Sunol 
At 17.05 on Friday June 24th 2016

My comments

Thursday, 23 June 2016

I will be letter box dropping tommorrow and standding on the pre-politing booths again on Saturday Afternoon

Will be letter- I dropping box-In the Local Waratah Waratah West area and tomorrow meeting people-In the streets over the Federal election to help the Local Christian Democratic Party candidate and on Saturday afternoon standing on the Pre-Polling booths again. 

I also went to the ocal branch meeting on Friday June 24 to get ready to dompoling booth work to help the Christian Democratic Party get a Senetor elected.

This is to get myself known for after February 2017 when I am discharged bankrupt so I can stand again for politics. 



Written by John Christopher Sunol 
2202 on Thursday June 23rd 2016


At the local branch meeting at 13.00 24/6/16

Stop homophobia:I say yes to homophobia: it is great to ve called a homophobe

( I am the happy little  homophobe  Reviews Reviews living-In my Joy)

Homophobia  (IS NOT)
  1. A hate crime - a hate crime is a criminal offence (homophobia is not) 
  2. Violence against homosexuals - Violence against homosexuals is a criminal offence (homophobia is not) 
  3. Discrimination Or  Vilification - Discrimination are Civil Torts of law (homophobia is not) 
  4. Something that should be made criminal and shunned by all - homophobia is only a word made up out of nothing by homosexual activist to push an agenda
  5. Creates the Something That situation for disturbed homosexual youth-In Reviews Reviews living their guilt to receive receive commit suicide as some would have you  believe - is to create such a hate crime and a criminal offence (or bordering a criminal offence) homophobia is not
  6. Something to be shunned by all so that we need to go out and promote to stop homophobia - homophobia is something that we should be proud of as it shows how are distaste to unnatural habits are and part of normal life (in the context the homosexual activists are putting this in pushing their political agenda) 

Homophobia  (but is) 

  1. A natural re-action for those looking at something repugnant as homosexuality to any normal person with heterosexual feelings, this is repugnant to all normal human beings such as sexual attraction to the same kind is something that is unnatural and gross.
  2. Something which is a great attribute to have and we must all strive to become homophobic
  4. We all must strive to become homophobic and take on all of these attributes within ourselves.
  5. Becoming willing to oppose all homosexuality as it is very gross
As a conclusion to this article

I say that it is healthy and natural to be homophobic and with the propaganda put out today by the homosexual rights lobbyist this is the making up of a new world to dis-value all those who speak out against the agenda being pushed by the homosexual community . Strategy is working RatingsPage.aspx (just as Hitler used the strategy to speak on the Arian race-In pre-war Germany 1933-39 and bring a large amount of German people on side refrigerators to show the Jewish race as the nemesis of the community and they needed to be exterminated. 
Written by John Christopher Sunol
1910 on Thursday June 23rd 2016

My comments are

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I will be working on Poling booths for Christian Democractic party and I am dead against same sex marriage on July 2 / 2016 election

Same sex Marriage according to Polls

Not produce vote produce vote Do labour vote produce vote / do not vote produce vote produce vote produce vote Green / do not vote produce vote produce vote produce vote is anyone that Pro Same Sex Marriage or you are supporting wickedness. Gods wrath will come upon you and RatingsPage.aspx will happen-In many different ways / but all-In all you are going to loose his favor in your life and his blessings as you are supporting wickedness before God.

The Wicked down Brings his wrath and justice but the faithfulness He will protect and give them eternal life.  ( Psalm 37Isiah 11; 13 , Romans 10: 12-14 )

If we vote Labor or Green in light with what just has been announced on same sex marriage in the up and coming Federal election July 2 we are voting to legislate wickedness before God and will loose Gods blessings, thus encounter his wrath. 

I stand fast for this set of truths.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
9.14 Thursday June 23rd 2016

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I am now going to promote my agenda everwhere from now on to the day I die

I am going to promote everywhere
This is happening now as I speak

I am going to promote everywhere and use this computer in doing that


Written bt John Christopher Sunol 
15.05 Wednesday june 22nd 2016
7 My comments

I have been taken to court by those whom do not want me to speak out, I am going to fight them back
All the way, if they think I am a fool then thise abusing the systm by taking me to court have one big shock to come to them 

I will say no more


I am now going to promote my agenda everwhere from now on to the day I die

I am going to promote everywhere

I am going to promote everywhere and use this computer in doing that


Written bt John Christopher Sunol 
15.05 Wednesday june 22nd 2016

Trip to sydney on Wednesday June 22 2016 to sign avidavidd

John Christopher Sunol 

In Sydney today to do business and meet people at Random to talk on what is wrong with Agenda 2030 and how wvil same zex marriage is. How it is going to destroy the world and we must openly reject it.

--- --------------------------------------

Written by John Christopher Sunol
9.53 Wednesday June 22nd 2016

My comments

Part b in sydney

Part A in Sydney

At QVB building having coffee and talking to people

Part A



Coming home from Sydney Wednesday June 22 2016

My youtubes are all public for all to see ???

I have a number of different you tubes, I feel I have hackers getting into them and privileging these You Tubes. I do not want this private, I want this for public so every time I see this I am going back into my video manager and changing it myself for the public to see

I have trouble with hackers and trouble makers trying to get me online, I find it as challenge fighting this people and I will never stop nor give in. 

So if you can not get into a video as it has been privatized, do not worry with me being the only administrator I will get in and unlock it at the first available chance

Thanking you for your assistance in this matter

Written by John Christopher Sunol
at 18.28 on Tuesday June 21st 2016

My comments

I will not sell my home to pay Mr Burns for his win of the court cases

This I can not and will not do, My home is in a trust fund but was brought out of my money. It is in this trust fund to protect me from people trying to get it from me. It could be worth over $700,000 and I have very little mortgage less that $80,000 so the rest of the asset is mine in the name of a family trust (Metrom Pty Ltd) so I am not going to sell

If I sold I would get a windfall of cash and that would see those taking me to court dive to get the money tried up. I am NOT GOING TO SELL IT and I am bankrupt anyway which is not effected. 


Anyway back in August 5th 2011 he lost a case where he was ordered to pay my then solicitor his fee for $4,800 as Gary not only purger ed himself with lies and was caught out, he still has not paid that. 

I have a genuine fight with this man and I am not about to give in, on the same level I am not going to stop writing what he hates, against Same sex Marriage and other such issues.

So I will not sell for anyone and unless she can get Sheobridge or the Greens to change the law in the NSW parliament to do with assets in trusts that came out of your money, 

It just is not going to happen

I have no more to say over this

Written by John Christopher Sunol
18.00 Tuesday June 21st 2016

My comments

I am not going to change or sell my home due to reasons I do not want theiv's to try and steal money form me

Britain to vote whether to leave the EU or not on Thursday

Thursday June 23rd 2016

this is a critical decision coming this Thursday. If Britain leaves the EU there will be major implications for the world and it could come into the effect of the up and coming AGenda 2030. 

In history there were four Great powers from Europe that colonized the world 

3. France

then the Dutch came in but in a lesser way and so did the Germans. 

If Britain leaves the EU this is going to have enormous consequences for the whole world as Britain is one of the founding members of the EU. I would vote with the yes people, for Britain to leave as Britain being a colonizing power can look after itself


We have other forces to play in this and this is to do with the coming Agenda 2030, so I think that the No, not to leave might win and Britain would stay a this would mess up the future plans of the coming one world government

Written by John Christopher Sunol
17.34 on Tuesday 21st June 2016

My comments

Monday, 20 June 2016

Same sex marriage is evil it is witcraft

Video on the Confession of Anton Le Vey when he was on his death bed in 1997

this is very important for all in the world who contemplate of going into witchcraft, occult worship and into same sex marriage which is related to all of this need to listen to this video. 

This as the-note the Take the-the man, 'S's Anton the-the Le vey , WAS-the-the-their Founder-of Church of Satan the-the in 1966 and the author of its bible. , WAS Replaced by the-the He the-the Another the Very the Evil the-the man, ,, Peter H Gilmore and I Believe This is involved with Freemasonry, Witchcraft, Illuminati's's, New the World the Order and part for for the--Coming--up of Agenda 2030 is the-the blog This the Which  on

Written by John Christopher Sunol
18.21 on Monday June 20th 2016

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Same sex Marriage is very evil

The Witchcraft Rituals and represented by the-Church of Sata has N (the-a one That 's Anton the Le vey Founded the in 1966 and WAS the- Author of the- Satanic Bible for ) and is part for of Their pronominal Practices . After's Anton the Le vey died the in 1997 , Peter H Gilmore Took the over and became the high priest of the church of Satan. If other churches who relate on religious tolerance knew this they would run a mile from this. My Duty is it to Tell the-Whole World This, The New Order the World Will Have Same Sex Marriage as part for of Their Teachings and main Stay the in the-Coming-up Agenda 203 0 when this takes a head role in today  's society.

In the main two other important times in History (Ancient History) laid hold to this practice 

1. 's Roman The Emperor of Nero (54AD - 68AD) Where He Murdered the his Own Wife from the Youth to Marry the his straight male Lover's the in Total Defiance to God, then The the put the-Christians to the Lions and the-Ended-up Going for mad, He Committed Suicide AT RIPE the-Old-age of 31 (AD 68 - Born AD 37)

The SECOND Time 2. WAS Even worse Than of Nero , the-Seleucid Are In, Antioch US Epiphany's Greek / the Syrian Ruler WHO CAME from the-'s Alexander the Great ,, Ruled 75BC - 64BC and a Prototype of the-the Anti Chris tonnes During, Agents of the-the-Time Maccabees, - this man forced the Jews to worship the Greek God Zeus on the Jewish Temple and Tabernacle or be put to death, sat in the Jewish Temple wearing a pigs head as the way to Zeus and Diocletian - the Greek God of fertility and sexual love, had homosexual orgies in the Holy of Holies and homosexuality was a common trait with same sex Marriage.

I need go no further but that is where same sex Marriage comes from and knowing this I will fight this for the rest of my life. Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed His blood to free us from this and it is beyond evil and in the realms of wickedness for us to even consider accepting this. 

Written by John Christopher 
16.17 Monday June 20th 2016

My comments

Homosexuality and same sex marriage is very evil
And it is witchraft