Saturday, 11 June 2016

My PC desk top is off line again with another virus

This has happened again as someone is sending me virus. This is war and it does not concern me as I am going to purchase another updated Norton again and re-boot the computer again. In the meantime I will defy this person who wants me off line and I will use both my tablet and the local libary. This is only a short set back.

Yet see this !!! 

I am determined to show these internet thugs that they can not and will not win over me.!!! 

I declare all out internet war with the Femenist left wing Cultural Marxism and I am not going to get off line. I am going to defy completely those trolls telling me that I will get off line. 

As an answer to this message from this Trolls and Goons I mentioned above, I am going to do more you tube videos and write more blogs ever than before in total defiance to Derby Swede (who ever this is), John M (who ever this is), Bernie Hynes (who ever this is) Martha (who ever she is) and any other  Troll or Goon who wants to see me off line and/of backs any of these three goons (Trolls).

I am a fighter and will always fight back. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
23.12 Saturday June 11th 2016

My Comments

Stern message to
  1. Deby Swede
  2. John M 
  3. Berny Hynes
  4. Martha 
  5. Any other person like the four idiots who attack me on my You Tubes

Federal Goverments legislation passes to block Internet web sites in Australia:

I am personaly worried about this new coming legislation as it can be used for both good and bad. 

1. Yes it will stop piracy and porn sites that are noticable and give a way for people to complain and I can tell you this will be done.  
2. I can and will be used corruptly by people who want to silence people from speaking out online. I could be one for an example that could be blocked and I ask the question how do we qualify whome the goverenment bans and blocks and what is the content. 

If the content is pornography, defamation/slanderous material and or something inciting violence, YES I GO ALONG WITH THIS FULLY AND TOTALY and the people who are proven to be found accountable need to be put in front of the courts and sentenced.

If someone like Islamic state or other terrorist that are out to harm the country, are a national security risk and a danger to the national secutiry, yes they are the ones that should be blocked and hunted down by the appropriate authorities to be put before the courts


this is as far as you should go as this can also be used like the Gary who is taking me to court to shut me and other people up, who only speak out against issues on a political or acade,ic basis,  or to silence political activists (Jouralist like Eddwin Snowdin ect) and block their line of communications. These issues need to be addressed and this new legislasion on shutting down web sites or blocking them only used to stop criminal acts like terrorism and incitement to violence, or pure defamation. 

Not villification issues or anti discrimination issues as this is not needed. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.04 Saturday June 11th 2016

My comments  
Safe Schools program is also on control and those in Cultural Marxism do not want people like me online and want control

Feds Charge American in Iraq After He joined the Islamic State

This right and he needs to go to a prison to be locked up for as long as it takes to nock out Islamic state, This is war and during war you are classed a traitor and jailed for treason if you join the enemy. 

Getting back to world war 2, if anyone joined the AXIS powers during world war 11 -  Japanese, Italians or Germans from 1939-45 they would have been put in a prison camp as an enemy combatant and seen as a national security risk. The same today with Islamic state, We are at war with the Islamic state and should have the same rights to lock up anyone seen working with the enemy against national security. We should be classed a national security risk and locked up until the end of the conflict and Islamic state is taken out. 

This should be done via the Federal court system with the Federal national police and security in the country that they come from, USA - Britain - Australia or some other country at war against Islamic state. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol
18.51 Saturday June 11th 2016

My comments

Prisoner of war Camps for all Islamic state fighters and prison for all traitors going to fight for the Islamic State when captured.

(if a person knows that if they fight with Islamic state they are in the class of a national security risk and will find themselves locked up indefinitely until Islamic state is defeated, then they take that risk of being captured " if not killed in the battle that they are heading to in the meantime" and thrown in prison in full knowledge, that is the correct thing doing, They can blame no one but themselves for criminally fighting with the enemy of man kind, Islamic radicals like IS and other affiliated groups illegally in a war.

Friday, 10 June 2016

My analysis of the Funderal service of Muhummad Ali - the infamous American boxer from Louisville Kentucky

Muhammad Ali was a great man and a very good fighter, In the beginning he was known as Cassius Marcellus Clay but converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. 

He did some good things in his life, he was a scalawag of a child who uplifted himself as the greatest. He was to become great to the world as he won 3 world champion boxing titles and loved, and worshiped by a large number of people. On his death this was shown at his funeral. 

He was known by all and addressed the United nations on his UN charities and other help he done to the underclass. I see him as a champion of the Cultural Marxist beliefs and those in this are manipulating his story to push and agenda of world government. 

Where I do not see I to I with those who are at the funeral speeches and promoting this man is that he is NOT A GOD and this is the promotion of a form of Islam. Islam differs with different sects as we can see from the wars today but this is part of the coming new world order and I do not see the same way, as it will never work out with a feminist cultural Marxist view point of differences of diversities and multiculturalism as being promoted in Muhammad''s life. Also I noticed to the LGBT groups which bring a message on cultural diversities which I strongly oppose also made themselves seen on the funeral service in the television filming and this shows the deception behind this. 

Muhammad Ali was only a man, NOT A GOD and this service was remembering him as a God for all to follow, then when I took notice to the messages given during his service on the international filming. I can see where the new world order, and the philosophies behind Agenda 2030 are behind this and I can see how this could be used to push a message of Multiculturalism, Equality messages (including Marriage equality) and other such messages to push the coming of the New World Order or Agenda 2030 and people will fail to see the deception behind this message. 

They will become more interested in the life of Muhammad Ali and all want to live up to him, head for this perverted form of Islam which in reality is not real Islam anyway as real Islam is very violent and one God, Ala by his one prophet Muhammad. The use of this on a world wide basis will drive more terrorism as Islamic state, the Taliban, Alchaeida, and even Hezbollah will become enraged

I see a very mixed message in this and a very dangerous one, 

Whilst I believe Muhammad Ali (former Cassius Marcellus Clay) was a sporting hero and trying to help a lot of people in the underclass - he is not a God and we must not worship him and this is offensive to a number of different groups (Evangelical  Pentecostal;Christianity like myself) and even worst than that it will enrage groups like Islamic State and other such real terrorist groups which have a fundamental Islamic Belief system, which  need to carry on the fight against. You are living in La La land and your day dreams if you believe that the following of the messages the came from  death of Muhammad Ali and his philosophical beliefs is going to change these fundamental Islamic groups. 



Published by: John Christopher Sunol 
9.17 Saturday 11th June 2015

Different groups are now getting onto my cases world wide

Different groups are getting onto my case Studies, Burns vs Sunol

This is proof, the case is getting all around the world, a whole lot of different decisions so this is becoming well known and significant in the legal community, as this is one of a number of different sources

These cases are becoming well known among the legal community for this to happen and I have a number of other cases.. as well, This shows you how publicity can spread when it is on a controversial issue in today's philosophical and cultural pattern of the world. 

I state that the Koran and the Mein Kampf are one in essence: they both promote hate and kill innocent people


2rittwn by John Christopher Sunol 
21.02  Friday June 12th 2015

After watching these you tubes I added to this blog entry
You will ask the question: how on the Hell can two different groups come to an Equality within diversity or sharing and having tolerance when  tolerance does not exist between the culture and teachings of the two groups. 

They differ so much in the culture and teachings of different religious, philosophical and cultural teachings from their own groups. 

People who grow up in a culture have that installed in their mind and cognitive system to the stage where they are willing to drop everything else for the teaching they grew up with. 

When a person is taught this, along the lines of:

We are the only way and by all power in us our teaching is right to death: then they are willing to give their lives for there 

as some groups are doing in terrorist campaigns and as the Islamic faith describes as Jihad for their belief systems.

It is not possible for all groups to have tolerance for each other like the new world order and cultural Marxist philosophy wants. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

I have got my desk top PC back online

This is to let all know who follow my blog, from this morning I have now been able to get up and running again my desk top PC so I can put most of the major blogs online from home and I have no need to go to the Public Library. 

I will speak on all aspects related to the coming new world order or what is Agenda 2030 now. 

I see the whole globe going through raped social, technological and economic changes in infrastructure right now and my blog will try to explain this to my readers through the use of articles and online we sites.

Now I will be able to go all out on the videos and disseminating the information from home, I will not need to go to the library anymore as I am getting back to where I was before I had my computer put a virus on it to take me off line

I can upload all my viideos from my Galaxy note pad anywhere, shopping centres, McDonalds, Rail stateions of where I like so no one has control to stop me. I also can write to my blog from both my Note Pad computer anywhere I go and I can edit this from my home and write more material. 

So no one can stop me, I will not stop and I have a goal to set, 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
10.31 Friday June 12th 2016

I have got my desk top cleaned up of the virus 
and it is now back online at home. 
I need to tell those attacking me this !!!

I can now work from home and do not need to go to the public library but I will keep on doing so that my IP address can be covered up when I need to put out important messages 
no body is to know who posted them

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lets Smash Cultural Marxism:

This is the truth, it is a one world agenda to bring the world into a Cultural Marxist style dictatorship which will eventually become a one world state worst than any other empire in the history of Man kind. We must smash this right now and I will attack this on modern communication on the web. 

We need to / Smash it both in your own life and reject all left wing Feminist/cultural Marxist at the coming up July 2 Federal election and all other elections. IF WE DO NOT AUSTRALIA IS GOING BY THE WAY OF OTHER COUNTRIES AND WE WILL LOOSE OUR FREEDOM,S THAT WE HOLD NOW to a group of Communist/Stalinist/National socialist worker (which Nazi Germany was from 1933-1944) under a new dictatorship going world wide.

This is on the agenda under the new Feminism or the Cultural Marxism which is only realy a re-hash of the old soviet communist system which came down with the Berlin Wall in 1989. Same sex Marriage and equal opportunities or equal rights are part of this and most people do not know that. I will make it my duty to tell all this regardless of what others want or like. 

I am making this my role in society dedicated to smashing this in both peoples lives and also political influences and will never give in. 

I put articles for all to read and see where this is taking us and we need to rid the world of this before it takes over. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
13.58 pm Thursday June 9th 2016

My comments

We need to smash
 Cultural Marxism/Feminist ideology from both our own personal lives and also I state this is a very dangerous ideology and all in places of power and politics with this need to be thrown out on Poling day

You vote in this years election for Labor could see if same sex Marriage is legalized in Australia next year, 2017

this is the major reason we can NOT VOTE FOR LABOR or THE GREEN PARTY, if same sex marriage is legalized in Australia then Australia is going to the way as the rest of the world and the coming new world order.

It is going to come under Cultural Marxism philosophical view point and this will destroy Australia. 

All Christians with an honest belief in God and their belief is founded on evangelical Christianity or even most genuine people Roman Catholicism it will be a sin for them to vote for labor or the Greens as they will be helping bring this philosophical view point into the world.

If Labor or the Greens get a lot of votes and get in then we have nothing but our-self to blame for bringing on this evil. 

Same sex Marriage will destroy Australia and we are going down the same road as other parts of the world which come from the Western Free Democratic countries. 

This election is a turning point for the whole of Australia to join the New World Order or stay out of this, if you vote Yes for Labor or Green you are voting Yes for same sex marriage: just think that. Members of the labor against same sex marriage have resigned over this issue

I will be doing some poling booth work this federal election for the Christian democratic on both pre polling voting and on the  election day Saturday July 2nd 2016 for the Christian democratic party (Fred Nile Group) and I am going to talk to the public on many different controversial, issues and I will be the Happy little homophobe on this day.

That is all I will say over this and any other is in my videos made up concerning this view. 


Written by John Christopher Sunol 
13.28 on Thursday June 9th 2016

LGBT - Groups are very evil and I will fight these groups in the courts to the day I die

These issues to do with equal rights and same sex marriage are at the head of Cultural  Marxism or the present world wide Political Agenda to control the world. Cultural Marxism is a modern form of Communist (Marxist) theoretical underpinning to push for the  State control of every persons thought and using  social equal rights  policy (Radical feminist philosophical value system) to push an agenda. This agenda is for eventual world control using a Marxist theory of State control in opposition to individuality and individual beliefs. 

This style of indoctrination in society goes as far back as Neapolitan Bonaparte and the philosopher behind Neapolitan which was Adam Weishaupt  (1748-1830) Then Carl Marx took this on after he was asked to which came out as part of his 1848 Marxist Manifesto (Marx and Engels Manifesto) which was to become the communist manifesto with Lenin and Stalin in the Russian Revolution of 1917. 

I have already been taken to court a number of times over this philosophical 
Debate and I have been framed with lies by Political activist using the court systems to set Political precedents. 

I intend to fight this for the rest of my life and never will give as I know how evil the LGBT groups and the affiliates come are under the Cultural Marxist philosophy. I know where this coming from and I know any I am being taken to court to shut me up and I will fight this for the rest of my life to the day I die. I will never apologize for something g that is morally and ethically wrong. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.26 Thursday June 9th 2016

My comments

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Got home, email had to go back to Sydney early Wedenesday June 8 2016

Had to go back down to Syaney early in the morning of Wednesday 
June 8 th 2016 - to do urgent business  relating to my cases of Sunol vs Burns 
Coming up 26th July 2016

I had to go down to pick up more CD's of court transcripts to be used in court and I am going to transcribe them

I spent the rest of the day in Sydney walking around meeting people at Random to get myself known 

(I will say this once more:I am not going to let anyone stop me from speaking to people at Random, taking my taxi authority  by telling lies to the Ministry of transport i  2013 has gained nothing. I am more determined than ever to get the message of what I speak on  out and I will do this whether those taking me to court like it or not. 

Written by John Sunol 
11.31 Wednesday May 8th 2016

My comments 

On my trip  to Sydney Wednesday June 8th 2016

Day in Sydney for direction Hearings Teusday June 7th 2016 (Ncat Sydney Courts)

This is a list of videos and you tubes made from this day, Tuesday June 7th 2016.

All entries made on this day

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
8.41 on Teusday June 7th 2016

My comments

In George St Sydney before going to the directions hearing.

Jusr came out of the directions hearing at Ncat  today

Monday, 6 June 2016

There is a stupidity of a court order apology/which is NOT genuine (any apology from me to Garry Burns will not be genuine and only a forced apology through the courts

It is a total waste of time for a court apology if the person does not want to apologize. 

This can be seen as a total waste ot tax payers money and if the defamation, villification or hate speech is real and proven in a court of law other penalties open to the courts are better served. 

To apologize you must be sincere or make no apology and the court has other options to open to them to punish such a person if they continue on with unethical or illegal/criminal acts. 

Any apology by any person who does not want to apologize made due to an order by a court is fruitless and a complete waste of time: as seen in my cases from this link. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol at 12.23 
On Teusday 7th June 2016

My comments

A total waste of time for courts to order an apology from a unwilling person,

Major big rain and storms accross the whole of Easterjn Australia

This is out of the natural weather patterns but today we are living in extroadenary times right now. THESE times righy now Re un precedented in history.  I beleive these times are unprecedented in History and show a major Climate change world wide

This is happening on a very large scale in theae unprecedwnted times. 

NB: I will continue to write on my blog and you tube regardless of what others want. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol
Monday June 6  2016

Natural Catastrophies east coast Australia

My comments 

Case conference in Sydney 7th June 2016