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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Aethism is living in La La land, God is real, very real, very real, beleive you , me as I came near to death back on the 7/7/78 in a Motor Vechile accident

God is real very real, we can not dospute that and what I put on the blog and You Tubes explain this. People like the John M and the Derby Swede who attack me only the fall guys of Satan himself to shut me up. So is the atheist society as they are all living in a delisive state to beleive their is NO God. Satan wants uss to beleive this lie but I am allowed to livs after a  very close shave with death back in 1978 to tell the whole world that lifw after death is more real than life when we are living now

The Atheist  beleif in No God is  deception from the pits of Hell and all Atheist are in for  one huge shock to sse how wrong they are after they die


Written by John Christopher Sunol
13.25 Sunday June 5th 2016

My comments

These are messages to those internet trolls
Derby Sweden and John M who put me onto the atheist foundation as a weapon to get me offline

Second messages to the above internet trolls
Derby Sweden and John M

Orions next launch on June 9 2016 for the new spacecraft

THIS is the next test flight for the future spacecraft that is coming. I beleive it will be in full use in the coming up Agenda 2030 times and the changes the world is going through at the present moment. The Orion will be more advanced in 2030 than what it is now. 

This space craft is going to be the mainstay of NASA which is the main US space agency. The orion has taken over from the space shuttle which was retired in 2010. 
Written by John Christopher Sunol
19.06 Saturday June 4 2016

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The space race is back on

Friday, 3 June 2016

Mission to Mars by 2024 for one organisation private.

Mission to Mars by 2024 for one private company, followed in 2025 by Space X is part of the new space race since the old one last happened in the 1960's, race to the Moon

the coming one world agenda 2030 is a focal point in world history that will also incorporate Man on Mars, one dreamed of in Man on Mars in the past science fiction, and now reality. Films on Martian adventures were all science fiction in the 1950's 60's and 70's with television series like My favorite Martian  I Remember watching as a child, I loved these shows on television which was black and white during thie period in the 1960's.
Then the famous novel by HG Wells as far back as 1897 started off the fascination with Mars, War of the worlds.

Now in the 21st century it will become reality and no more fantasy. We will actualy travel to Mars by 2030.


Posted by John Christopher Sunol 
10.47 Saturday June 4th 2016

My comments

Stern message to the Derpy Swede and John M

Stern message to the 
Derpy Swede, John M 
any others that want to be big mouths on my you tubes online

Listen to this video  and listen good

You are all big mouths and gutless cowards who can not and will not stop me now or ever.I even refuse to acknowledge I villify or done anything wrong, it is all a total lie and a set up with me in courts:I will accept nothing else !!!

Also this the sort of 'shit' that the Derpy Swede and John M get themselves involved in, is full of lies and defamatory attacks. 

That is all I want to say to you pair of Gooney birds

I will just finish off with this buster: If you want war then bring it on but  do not expect me to give in as that just will not happen !!! Understand me NOW !!!

Written by John Christopher Sunol
21.12 Friday June 3rd 2016

My comments


John M and The Derpy Swede who ordered me to stop uploading what they deemed as hateful You Tubes 

Well then Derpy Swede and also John M this is my answer to you pair of Goons, 
I oppose both of you and tell you this, 
It just will not happen (for me to stop making so called hate videos - which I will not even acknowledge as hate speech) I will upload them on You Tube, in total degiance what bith You and John M want me to do. For me to stop at yhe word of internet thugs like you trwo, it is just not going to happen !!!

1. You have No chance of Stopping me 
2. It just ain't going to happen so forget it buster and go back to sleep and stay away from me. With this threat you give me I do the opposite and go full scale at the up my uploading of You Tube's in total defiance and complete contempt of you two internet thugs: 
(I state this to both the Derpy Swede, John M and anyone else who joins in this episode)

"If you want war, then you have got it"
Now !!!
Now !!! I say "let the war begin"

Now let me say this to both the "Derpy Swede" and  "John M" iF you pair of online Mouths want war: then you have got it "let the online Flame war begin"

I beleive I am being persecuted by those who took me to court and I intend to stand fast as thise liars who accuse me of villifications will loose, Trolls like the "Derpy Swede" "John M" and others I refuse to fall in line with and I will not stop making You Tibes, I have a ,essage to get out and by all power within me I will stand hard in face of these people

Note to all who read this: I intend to dedicate the rest of my life to getti g repealed the Antivilificatii  and discrimation laws as they are open to corrupt abuse lie which is done to me. 

After Febuary 2017 when I am discharged bankrupt I intend to stand for Politics in Australia for this purpose

The space race is back on / India now joins a race to Mars

Unlike the last race to the moon in the 1960's which was the 
USSR (or Russia v United States of America) THIS TIME it will be the whole world to go to Mars. This is where India - the worlds second largest country just behind that of China is now joining in. This is Globalization in all ways and a trait of the 21st century. Globalization is coming with Agenda 2030 and the New World Order which will unlike anything from the past in the History of man.

Written by John Christopher Sunol
19.30 Friday June 3rd 2016

My comments

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Statistics No 43 Friday June 3rd 2016, 12.03

Time blog entered 7.00 Friday June 3rd 2016 at 7.00 
I am going to do a new set of statistics not before,
Ì9 14 days from now the when the last lot of statistics were taken
Next lot of statistics not due before 17th - 18th 
June 2016

Started at 79,205 PV  - 1,614 Posts 
 Saturday 22nd  Aug 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views - 139,523  -  133,025 last entry  03/6/16
Posts - 2134 -  2,107 Posts last entry  03/6/16

Total for view:   6,498 -  views since last set of statistical entries
= Average statistics for this blog is 
 3,561.5 -  
views per week

27= Posts since last entry
118.71 = Views on average per hit since last entry


Started at 125,260 PV  - 3,853 Posts 
 Saturday 22nd  Aug 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views - 132 420 131,916 last entry 03/6/16
Posts - 3,853 - 3,853 last entry 03/6/16

504 - Views since last entry
= Average of 18.78 view per day 
= Posts since last entry
7.55= Views on average hits per day taken from this archive blog


Started at 58,431 PV - 2,643 Posts
Started 22nd August 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views -  65,640 - 65,399 last entry 03/6/16

 Posts - 2,643 - 2,643 since last entry 03/6/16

 250 views for period of statistics
= Average of 14.14hits per day for this archived blog

= Posts since last entry 
9.41 = Views on average  per hit since last entry


New start on blog 22nd August 2015
Numbers of hits - 262,899
Originally taken since 13th March 2013

Start - Total PV: 262,899 taken since 13th March 2013

Start - Total Posts: 7,720 taken since 13th March 2013

 322,523  PV  Saturday June 3rd  2016
9,107 Posts Saturday June 3rd  2016
Average hit per post for whole blog = 35.41

Total amount of hits since start 262,899 = 67,451
Total amount of posts since start 7,720 = 1,387

Average hits since start of blog = 48.63
7,252 = Hits since last entry
27 = Posts since last entry

Average Hit per post = 269,899 = 4,010 hits (views) per week.
Overall hits (views) from all three blogs which includes the archives and the present blog that I use now


Twitter account: 1,041 followers - started 

Saturday 22nd August 2015
Twitter account: 1,518 followers on 3rd June 2016
Total difference: + 4477 followers


Your Tweet activity
Your Tweets earned 2,277 impressions over the last 24 

hours - taken on the 2/6/16 - 3/6/16 - 24 hour time period


Facebook account: 79 Friends - Started
 Saturday 22nd August 2015

Friday June 3rd 2016
Facebook account: 138
Total difference: +58

account locked on April 30th 2016 by liars attacking me with false complaints

Google + account Followers: 85 Followers - started 

22nd Aug 2015 - Started 
Google  + account Views:  125,688 Views - started
 22nd Aug 2015

Time of statistics taken of Google

 followers = Started 22nd August 2015
Newly added 13/2/16 - 145,289 views
= 10,122 views since 7th November 2015
104/135,505 views as of 7th November 2015 
Statistics put back on Google +
 As of the 9th April 2016 = 
119 followers / 148,749 views
3rd June 2016 = 123/162,374 
= Average of 2,045 views in the last weeks since I last put online the statistics

On average
- 4,425 views in the last fortnight
2,212.5 views in the last week


Google + account Hits (125,688 started on 22nd August 2015)
Google + account Followers: (85 Followers started on 22nd 
August 2015 at 22.30 ) 

123 Followers on 3rd June  2016
Total difference:   = + 40 Followers from the 22nd August 2014
162,379 views on 3rd June 2016
= + 36,691 views on google + since 22nd August 2015

New Statistics from  17th March 2016
You Tube statistics taken from You Tube Channel Manager 
on Blogger 

Views on You Tube  - 14,873 - 16,724 on the 3rd June 2016
Amount of You Tubes - 1,038 - 1,157 on the 3rd June 2016
Amount of subscribers - 21 - 25

Difference Views on You Tube = 1,851 - 3rd June 2016
Difference amount of You Tubes = 119 - 3rd June 2016
Difference amount of subscribers = 4 - 3rd June 2016


This is the statistics before the 
5th December 2015

Google  + account Views: ( 125,688 Views started on 22nd August 2015  at 22.30136,375 Views on 7th November 2015

Total difference: = 10,687  views  - average of 128.75 views per day over 83 days


this is not an article, it is my new statistics page I will do at Random every couple of days

Started from Saturday 22nd August 2015

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

!!! !!! !!!  !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

Islamic state could target the Euro 2016 soccer matches

Yes this is very possible, we are at war with Islamic state and it has targeted other soft targets with ease. This needs a lot of security as we are at war with Islamic state. 

This is the way that all terrorist work they work on the vulnerable and easy targets (where unsuspecting crowds gather like football games) to get their end goals which is only havoc an mayhem

This is why we need security at all big soccer matches (or any sport what so ever as we are living  in the age of terrorism and digital technology) 



written by John Christopher Sunol 
at 15.50 on Thursday June 2nd 2016

My comments

I agree with Pauline Hanson and if she has Candidates standing in Newcastle:

I am a Christian democratic Party supporter and have been  for many years. I even stood myself on a number  of occasions in the past for local council and coordinated others campaigns for the CDP and was a Party  member. 

(PLEASE ALL NOTE THIS i will stand for Politics again after Feb 2017 when I am discharged bankrupt)

I heard John Laws talking about Pauline Hanson this morning on his show on the radio and as this election is so important, and both the major parties are sucking up to Green legislation with equal rights and Politically correct speach, the only other person outside the Christian Democratic Party worth my site is Pauline HANSON. I agree with what she is looking for as she will appeal to the average Australian.

The Greens  are with equal rights and that is bad, they have lost all of my confidence and that is what I oppose outright. The Greens are a fruit loop party with some nutty policies and we must NOT VOTE GREEN OR ISSUES LIKE SAME SEX MARRIAGE WITH OTHER ISSUES LIKE UNFAIR TAXATION ON THE VERY WEALTHY WILL COME TO PASS. This will destroy Australia and it is imperative we do not vote Green. I do not agree with Labor either as they are in some of the same boat and the Liberal will follow the crowd. I will not follow the crowd and stand up and fight and I see Pauline Hanson as doing this. 

My first preference goes to Fred Niles people, then to Pauline Hanson and I will fight the Marriage equality groups and the Froot loops that are with the Feminist left Cultural Marxist left wing all the way at the poling booth. Not only fight but try to explain to others WHY WE MUST NOT VOTE THIS WAY SO I WILL BE AS AN ACTIVIST - YES !!! I WILL ADMIT THAT. 

Other parties outside these two are loopy and backing issues such as same sex marriage which everyone must vote against. The Greens are the loopy ones and if we  vote green we are voting for a disaster as these groups are loopy to say the least. 

So this is the way I am going to vote in this July 2 election.

NB: I back both Pauline Hanson and Fred Nile - two different parties but parties that the majority of the Australian want. 

not loud mouth and fruit loop parties like the Greens and other left wing radical groups. 

Both Pauline Hanson and Fred Nile have been attacked similar to the way I have for beind succesfful speaking out against corruption so I back and support both of them and the Greens are the scurge of both Australian and World Politics.


Written by John Christopher Sunol
12.55 on Thursday June 2nd 2016

My comments