Saturday, 28 May 2016

Gay and lesbian Rights lobby want an apology similiar goven to indigenous peoples

To me this apology made to the homosexuals by the Victotian state Government  is a dicrase both State Wide for Victoria and Nation wide. Why do I have to apologize to the homosexual community on a similar basis as made out to the indigenous people ?

 Sodomy which male homosexuals engage in is not natural and one was a jail able offence in Victoria only a few years ago. It is very correct to outlaw sodomy  when Sodomy is not natural and is performed by a devient sexual explicit minority. Also this can relate to Phedophelia and other such acts, it is bad enought to legalize this but to apologize for past prisonsentances by such people involved in such acts is outrageos and extremely dangerous, including it being moraly wrong. This means the state government could find themselves in law suits and the people involved will also attack those that are against homosexu├álity (like the churches) and seek for money from the people who are anti homosexual in the courts for villification as a result of this public apology.

  I blame the Vicorian Government for this with such a stupid thing in a public apology.

This apology is making thar which was devienr as part of the accepted norm and is both stupid and wrong.

Those that beleive in the biblical answer of homosexuality will come under attack (In 1 Corithians 6:19 it states that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit 1 and he who destroys God temple God will also destroy. This is what homosexuality is doing, destroying Gods temple, and more so the Government has legislated that this is ok:worst of all the Victorian Government has said to thise that they are sorry for outlawing what is sin. This is wickedness before God and this shall being down His Holy wrath).

Blame the Victorian premier as he has brought this on and it is both backed and supported by the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and pushed by those working to bring about Agenda 2030 sustainable treaties.

This apology is a very dangerous thing for the victorian Government to do on such a public basis as now the homosexual rights community (gay lobby) can now sue people for rejecting homosexuality and calling it sin, this is leaving the state of victoria open for the radical elements of the Gay rights lobby to start suing people for jist speaking against them. I see this as part of Agenda 2030.


Written by John Christopher Sunol
6.40 Sunday May 29th 2016

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Friday, 27 May 2016

North Korea could lead to world war 3, or the Asian theater in world war 3

Desperate North Korea could spark WORLD WAR THREE to stave off collapse

This is at a very dangerous time, North Korea is technically still at war with the South, the Korean war of 1950-53 was not one, only a pace treaty was held in an armistice July 27th 1953, it was won by neither side and all these years later (63 years later) this could blow up again with very dire consequences. This was only a ceasefire and no side one this war from 1950-53. 

We need to watch this and its leader is a very dangerous man, He was trained in the west at a University in Switzerland with money his father, Kim Jon Il used which was the money which should have been used to feed the people of North Korea, so this family is very corrupt and very dangerous. This man was also classed a very dangerous man according to his former Swiss Class mates and now he has control of a nation of 25 million, the world most repressive and a nuclear stock of weapons, so this is very relevant and could come out of no where. He could be seen  much like Adolf Hitler and other world dictators or the such. 

With nuclear weapons which I believe that North Korea has anything could erupt and this is only one the frightening scenarios that are at hand in this case. 

The most frightening this with this is China is aligned to north Korea and China's leaders may be more moderate at the moment but after North Korea started a war, this could change in a matter of weeks or months and China is a super power with the world largest Army alongside North Korea and the world larges population over 1.4 billion  in China alone

at 11.23 Saturday May 28th 2016

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Story on is an apology to the Gay Lobby and Gay Rights people worth giving in the case of institutional corruption

I'm reading statement to anti-discrimination board on Scribe. Check it out: 

Link to this statement for the blog 

All should read this scribe link, I knew when it was done as it is giving a real story I want to go viral around the world, The Cultural Marxist people from the modern day equal rights movement will hate this but they can like it or cop it as I am not going to stop using this form of literature to show how bad same sex marriage and ordering an apology to homosexuality from the Victorian government really is.

Why should the Government give an  apology for something that is part of an agenda to bring a world wide totalitarian state under Cultural Marxism when it is not a genetic or a human biological problem. Homosexuality in sin and a behavioral problem brought on by those in peer groups who use Propaganda and lies to tell you about homosexuality over all. 

It is my role in society from now on to the day I die to show this material as I am a victim of internet thugs who want to shut me up. 

I call this as others do Homo fascism - the Gay Lobby - or Cultural Marxism - from the Frankfurt school of social thought


Written by John Christopher Sunol
14.32 on Friday May 27th 2016  

The Victorian Government apologized to the homosexual community for makimg the criminal offence of sodomy: what a Scandal !!!

What a scandal, a real scandal and publicity stunt. You can not apologize in the same way as you would that was done for the Aboriginal as the first inhabitant of Australia. Yes Aboriginals were the first indigenous inhabitants and are deserving of their apology as their culture was the first peoples in Australia (the stolen generations) . They did have many wrongs done to them, including stolen Generations of people and this apology was a genuine sorriness. They are not the same culture as the homosexuals an to do  the same with homosexuality (as was done with the Indigenous people, and by that I mean reconsecration of their homosexuality as we recognize the first peoples of Australia, is wickedness before God. If we recognize wickedness in this way we  surely will bring His almighty wrath upon all whom do such.

Homosexuality is a behavioral disorder brought on by other members of the peer groups you hang out with, or conditioning brought on by social psychology as believed by others who surround you. It is not  Genetic or Biological like Aboriginality is. 

But the Gay Lobby is stealing its place among those who have discrimination against them and cultural differences like the Aboriginal and indigenous people genuinely do. NOT SO WITH THE HOMOSEXUAL COMMUNITY AS IT IS DEFINED DIFFERENTLY. 

I cannot and never will publicly apologize to the homosexual groups. If I was to apologize that would be wickedness before God, so I am proudly that Happy little homophobe living in my joy !!! And this I will remain defiantly and I am not concerned with Cultural Marxist ideology that is becoming in the main stream as even if they will not tolerate me aI am not concerned over that. I will also en devour to encourage others to have the same attributes as I have over issues to do with homosexuality and same sex marriage in total defiance to the Gay lobby and glrl groups want. 

I  will neither tolerate change, will not change and Gods tolerance level to sin is and wickedness before Him is Zero !!!

I am defiant to the stage where if I am convicted of discrimination, for stating this, then so be it, I will cop the flack but not budge my attitude one little inch !!!

Written by John Christopher Sunol
9.00 on Friday May 26th 2016

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Taliban announced new leader, a radical Mullah Habita─║lah Akjhundzada - 72 virgins for old Taliban leader Killed

New Taliban Leader

A mew leader to the Taliban, this was expected but he will become the next target for US drome strikes again. In this war Muslims want to die at the hands of the Infadel as they are promised by Muhumad to receive 72 virgins as a reward from Allah if they die fighting in Jihad. THIS IS A GREAT LIE AND DECPTION BY SATAN which only gives reason to inflame this war as many of the faithful Islamic people fighting for Taliban want to die in a strong beleif in this deception. Another leader will come along loojing for death due to his decption in beleiving this lie.

ISLAM in doing such is a death Cult

 This war is not going to finish untill surrender and it is in a round table of violence in the meantime. I feel the only way this will stop is for a one world Government and even that will not work out untill Jesus Christ takes over and comes back a second time.

Otherwise it is only a circle of violence, one leader killed, another rises to be killed again. To be the leader of the Taliban is a death sentance - the Taliban leaders beleive that to die is going into paradise for them so they all step out for the leadership so that they can die a Marter in a Jihad, then they go straight to paradise and receive 72 virgins. 

I am afraid this a big delusion put by the Devil big time to these people and if they knew the truth Talban would have no leadership. It becomes an endless killing cycle as when you die you leave for eternity and do not come back to let others to know that it is a fateful decision for eternity if you die fighting for the Taliban

Written by John Christopher Sunol
19.21 on Thursday May 26th 2016

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We are coming to this and this new Taliban leader is one of the ways that will see the rise of the world government

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Who wants to Microchip their children: some parents do !!!

This can be seen as a very dangerous thing to do and it is NOT ONLY because of what is said in the bible concerning the Mark of the beast in Revelations Chapter 13:16-17.

Not only is this fulling prophecy but also taking away the child's autonomy and independence and making them reliant upon the state for all their needs (A Cultural Marxist state coming up under Agenda 2030.)

Everything they buy and sell, everywhere we go to  and and everything we do will end up in a national data base or international archives of computer file and they are going to loose their autonomy to the state. This state will be from a Cultural Marxist philosophical background (or the Frankfurt school of social thought) - " this is Politically correct language or another meaning of Political correctness) 

This as it was under Joseph Stalin after 1917 in Post Bolshevik revolution in Russia, also in Nazi Germany from 1933-1945 under Adolf Hitler and again under Mao Si  Dong in China after the 1948/49 Chinese revolution leaving out some of the nasty unpopular things these men of past done and putting this into a modern 21st century context, 

This will be worst as in the past technology was nothing as it is today and with the technological improvements over time the days gone by have nothing of what today will be like. Unprecedented to say the least and even George Orwell's book 1984 or Alister Huxley's Brave New world can not really comprehend what this will be like. 

I can see this arising today as everywhere I look on the media, books or articles and radio interviews are looking towards the social theory of Cultural Marxist thought (or the Frankfurt School of Social thought). 

We must reject this outright as we do not know the end result which could end up in  nothing but Chaos where even brothers and sisters or parents and children getting married could suddenly go from being shunned upon to an accepted norm of society. It could even go as far as bestiality becoming part of the accepted norm (or humans and animals)

 It has not gone that far yet but who knows what will  happen 20-50 years down the track. That is why I am so anti same sex Marriage which derives out of the Frankfurt School of  social thought (cultural Marxism) as a part of the break down of traditional family values which have been held among people for literally thousands of years. 

Conclusion of this blog entry: To receive the Micro chip in your body is to receive the Mark of the Beast 666 and you will condemn yourself to an eternity without God in pain and suffering, but

Written by John Christopher Sunol
11.27 Thursday May 26th 2016
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cultural Marxism is today Philosophical values and I personalty will work against this, it is very evil.

This is the new wave of Philosophical thought that the world is undertaking, It has sociological ties with that of Marxism (but it has different qualities about the bad parts of Stalinist and Maoism,) 

These thoughts of Marxism first erupted from the Bonaparte French revolution, then after Bonaparte was defeated at the battle of Waterloo on June 18th 1815, it was transferred over to Marx and Engels who wrote their manifesto from Britain in 1848 (Oxford University). It was economic class structure under Marx and class stratification which went into peoples rights of the Hav's and Hav not's. 

This melted into the Feminist movement which was looking for equal rights for woman as woman were pitted with the underclass during the 19th and early 20th centuries and by the 1960's we came to the second wave of woman's rights, (Germain Greer and other such authors and activists) 

By the 1980's and early 90's woman rights were mostly gained in the western world so the next move came, That was that of what was labelled Cultural Marxism which went for rights of sexuality and gay rights. This is what started in the 1980's and was defined as Cultural Marxism so that today there is a major push for gay Marriage, homosexual rights and equality within gender and homosexuality. This is western thought that comes from the Frankfurt school of social thought and has been taught in world universities since the 1990's and early 2000's as one of the main line strategies of political, philosophical and sociological/psychological evidence. 

I draw the line when it comes to homosexuality as this is NOT WRITE, IT IS VERY WRONG AS HOMOSEXUALITY IN MY MIND IS A BEHAVIORAL FACTOR OR SIN. In the eyes of the Cultural Marxist Philosophy, gays and lesbians whose are being put as people without rights in all places and things such as Gay Marriage, equality for homosexuals and all is coming under Cultural Marxists. .They see calling homosexuality as sin discrimination and want to ban this. They are using the Marxist ideology of revolution to bring on social change to the majority to accept the underclass as they call this, or those bound up by traditional and spouses. This is the whole gamete of the change of language and ideology to accept a new age of thinking. 


in religious ideology that is not taken and is wickedness so this is where the two come to create conflict. This arises out of Marxism and is taken by the same principles used as old by those who followed Marx's communist writings and the ideas if revolution. 


written by John Christopher Sunol
15.15 on Wednesday May 25th 2016

Monday, 23 May 2016

Frankfurt school of social thought: modern thought sweeping the world

This school of social thought is the new wave of feminism which is today known as Cultural Marxism.

This is the main philosophy of the 21st Century that is the driving force behind Same sex Marriage, equal rights and other issues of similar. This is a form of communism which leaves out parts which dictators like Joseph Stalin used to control society and make it more plausible, 
but let me tell all who read this, I believe that is a deception, this is not more plausible, it is very deceptive. 

All need to read this and put it in line with the modern sexual revolution and the outing of homosexuality with same sex marriage in thought.

I am very anti this but i feel to concentrate my blog postings on this with reference to Agenda 2030.

Written by:
John Christopher Sunol
7.10 Tuesday, May 24th 2016 

Marxism and homosexuality

This is what is coming today under Agenda 2030, this is a totalitarian system based off a homosexual agenda and radical feminism. Those in charge of this have named this cultural Marxism to give it a academic nice thought but in really it is no different to what Stalinist was in the Bolshevist revolution in 1917 Russia, It is a undemocratic totalitarian system based of the Marxist Philosophical value system changing from social class structure to the feminist philosophy of sexuality. 

I personally believe the beast of revelation will be homosexual or bi sexual and rule with an iron fist under what is becoming known as Cultural Marxism. 

This is in line with the Illuminati who are heading this off


Written by John Christopher Sunol, 
1903 Monday May 23rd 2016


Darkest Secrets of Globalists new world order

This will come out to all in time to come but these secrets originate from the Illuminati and are showing what this realy is, If all knew this they would disregard and run away from the coming new world order, but that is not the case with its controlling parts in the Illuminati being from a secret society satanic cult

It is my duty to expose the coming new world order in full as it really is a tool of oppression as run under the Illuminati - This tool of oppression comes under the heading of 

I am a sworn enemy of cultural Marxism and the Cultural Marxist thought patterns as this is realy the academic name for homosexual rights movements and gay activism. It is brought to the world via the Illuminati and is part of Agenda 2030 whose whole Philosophical background relies on the Cultural Marxist thought which in reality is homosexual rights movement under a Marxist Philosophical background. 

It is my duty to tell the whole world this starting off with the churches who are naturally anti gay rights. 

Written by John Christopher Sunol, 
on Monday 23rd May 2016

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