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Saturday, 12 March 2016

sign this petition to Mr Peter Dutton, MP, Minister for immigration and Border Protection over Persecuted Christians



Sign this Petition to give Religious Minorities special assistant in Syria and other Middle East countries seeking Assylum

A genocide is happening around the world

Specifcally,the genocie of Christians is happening around the world. At the hands of Islamic militants. 

To that end, in an extroadinary show of internal consensus, the Eu Parliament just voted to declare as genocide, the murderous patten of killing Chrsitians and other religious minorities in the Syrian Conflict and in Iraq, 

But, in a suprising policy U-turn, The Liberal Government, under Malcombe Turnbull, have decided not to give the Chrsitians and other religious minorities (as disctinct from the Muslim majority) special assistance in seeking assylum in Australia

Australia has committedto accwepting g12,000 new refugees from the Syrian conflict, the police gtoes against common sense, as these persecuted Christians, and otehr minorities, are the most in need of assistance. 

AS many reports have confirmed, proportionately speaking, Christians are about 2.5-3 times more likely to be refugees in the Syrian conflic that tgheir normal proportion of the Syrian Population would dictate. Indeed the regular Christian population of Syria is 10%, which amounts to about 2 Million people out of the total population of the country. But right now, there are reportedd to be about 1.3 Million Christian refugees from the conflict, out of the total refugee population if about 4 million. 

In plain English, what this means is that Christrians and other religous minorities are bearing teh brunt of this brutal program. 

However.as a;sp re[prted, Christians are also less likely to avail to the officialo UN refugee camps, they are afraid of being attacked by some of their hardline Muslims (often, Sunni) neighbours. 

Christians simply don't feel safe in the UN camps. And moreover, they do not feel safe where they come from, otherwise they wouldn't be seeking refuge. They are minorities in places where Chrsitians have been forced, by IS, to leave under threat, to pay the Jizya, Tax (aspecial, punitive tax imposed on non-Muslims for their difference in religous beleifs), or convert to Isalm. 

this is totaly unacceptable

And the Australian governemnt should give special assistance to Christian and other religious minorities where intake of refugees from the Syrian conflict is concerened, simply because that is where the need is greatest. 

The Endevour Forum Petition asks theTurnbull Government to reinstate the policy of the Abbott Adminstration, which would give Christians and other special minorities assylum in Australia

Thankyou for signing

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Christian and otehr religious-minority refugees deserve special treatment

For teh attemtion of Mr Peter Dutton MP-Minister for immigration and Border Protection

We, the undersigned, beleive that persecuted Christians and other relgiious minorities, who are refugees in the Syrian Conflict, are engitled to special assistance in asylum seeking in Australia, in particular, they deserve to treated as such, especialoy where intake is concerned. 

There are four reasons why they deserve special status.

  • 1) there is growing international concensus that Christians and other religious minorities (like the Yazdis) in the Middle East have been the target of Genocide by the so-called Isalmic State, The EU Parliament just recently voted to redognise this geneocide as an actural, legal phenomenon, and we beleive that the Australian Governemtns response to this crise3s should reflect that growing concensus
  • 2) Proportianly, Christians and other religious minorities (in comparison with Muslim Majority) are the most persecuted populations in the Syrian conflice, thereby requireing the most assistance and protection
  • 3) The Christian and other minorities should be able to worship as they see fit, without fear of reprisal and without paying and unjust taqx for so-called "infacels". Australia can provide such a safe haven for Christian refugees in particular. 
  • and 4) Christians and other religious minorities will not need to be monitored for radicalization after being accepted into the country. 
Giving persecuted Chrsitians and otehr minorities special assistance wswathe position of the Liberal Governeemtn under Tony Abbott's leadership. For the aforementioned reasons we beelive thaqt was the best postion to adopt. And, therefore, we would urge Malcom Turnbulls's administration to return to his predecessors policy. 

By wishing to give assistance to persecuted Chrsitians and otehr religious minorities, we are not promoting bigotry or hatred. Rather, we are simply indentifying where teh need is greatest, and asking for the Governemnt to repspect this reality in honouring is agreement to accet 12,000 new asylum seekings from the Syrian conflict

Thankyou for your consideration

Barnabas Fund

Another group with petition for the same goal end point

My very own 

I feel that this is critical as the church is under servere persecution in places like Syria, Iraq, Egypt and other Middle east countries, These countries are the birth place of what is christianity but if lelft and no assistance is provided complete anilation of the original christian population will be completed. This is the equivalent to the Jews in world war 2 with the Nazis (Holocaust)  and the Armeinean genocide with the Turks (Ottoman Empire)  

We all need to sign this petition and print it off, or send it to Peter Dutton. 

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