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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Luke McKee's first report on sexualization of Children witnessed at the Sydney Mardi Gras that Satanic OTO member/bisexual Kinsey first proposed 60 years ago

A comment from Luke McKee on what a fraction he witnessed and saved (livestreamer.io linux app) in the Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras last night, as well as talk about his father's persecution by an activist who says those who plead guilty to abusing boys must not be disrespected or vilified because they identified as homosexuals whilst doing the abuse.


http://www.truthnews.com.au/web/radio/story/cultural_marxism_101 - My father's interview about his persecution by a confirmed on letterhead Clover Moore staffer (-2011) and Mardi Gras '78er.

I watched it - well some. What I did see was all disgusting. They stopped zooming in on the crowd early on for obvious reasons, as there was some public nudity or very close to it around lots of children. Something the gays advocate or worse at beatproject.org.au ran by Socialist Alliance Rachel Evans.

The number of young children <6 years old marching along with the "Rainbow Labor" float, the Greens and Clover Moore's outfit was shocking. Clover Moore was crediting herself for allowing gay dads adoptions with a big purple sign saying she legalized that, and not much else.

The most disgusting part was the Inner City Legal Centre (@iclc - Kirby goes to their parties -> http://www.starobserver.com.au/news/local-news/new-south-wales-news/inner-city-legal-centres-30th-birthday-party/32044) being thanked in the live broadcast by the @JOY949 commentators for using their legal skills to help gay parents castrate their boys and turn them into transsexuals by obtaining a court order "which is required for children who are transitioning", thereby condemning them for the rest of their lives to only seek sexual pleasure using the autonomy god did not intend.

Bill I recorded the live webcast using livestreamer in Linux (for the most part - I had an outage for a 1 hour segment.) I can prove I heard that bit (RE @ICLC) and provide you the evidence. Just ask. That claim is not detraction in any way.

Mardi Gras '78er Garry Richard Burns is suing my father for homosexual vilification of Mark Newton and Peter Truong and thereby homosexuals in General. Those two men are published gay activists (http://web.csulb.edu/~d49er/spring99/v6n88-samesex.html) who kidnapped a Russian infant Drake Newton (http://tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos), sharing him around in Australia and 6 other countries in the "Boy Lover Network" before being sentenced to 40 years jail in the USA (look em up on bop.gov inmate finder).

They were on ABC before their arrest and in the gay media after their arrest saying it is homophobic to oppose them getting their child. Have a listen to them on YOUR ABC @ http://archive.org/details/TwoDadsAreBetterThanOne

A lesbian ABC journalist Carol Meldrum-Hanna who has the hyphenated name because her shares her girlfriends Lisa's surname wrote the script for 4corners deliberately omitted the crucial fact they were published gay marriage activists - and was the ABC's sole gatekeeper for this story. Further to that she got Kerry O'Brien at to say these Australian gay marriage activists sexual acts against a Russian 22 month old infant (sodomy - 2 weeks oral) have no bearing on the gay marriage debate to close out the 4corners special: Boy with the Henna Tattoo.

Even if it can be argued homosexuals are not pedophiles, allowing two men of unverifiable sexual orientation (possibly pedophilia) to get children and deprive them of maternal love and breast milk - may be the dream of the gay lobby - but it is also shared by NAMBLA who marched in Gay Parades. In fact founder of the US Gay Rights Movment Harry Hay marched in gay pride marches saying "NAMBLA WALKS WITH ME" and attended their meetings. Children in California are forced to sing his praises every Gay History month by State Law - with no religious exemptions.

The most famous Gay Activist In Singapore, Alex Au put up the very same Russian child victim uncensored photo on his blog next to christian pastors, furthering the boy rapists cause to have gay adoption, gay surrogacy, and as the blogger claims decriminalizing sodomy (378A crimes Act) in Singapore. Wordpress (aka accelerate.lgbt/about) and the author refuse to take down the image of the infant rape victim being used as a poster boy for gay marriage, and accused me of hating homosexuals for criticizing pedophile victims being paraded around to further their rapists cause. Alex Au was recently prosecuted for Scandalizing the court in Singapore.

(Sunol: Same boy's photo in the newspaper links / ABC youtube video above - only uncensored hosted by a gay activist - I am not hosting this image of a child rape victim - a gay activist is - thats where this embedded image is coming from!)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Au (opened the first gay "bathhouse" in Singapore)

Russia responded to this act by Australian Gay Marriage activists by making the anti-gay-pedophile adoption and Grooming laws that even homosexuals who are not pedophiles support. This case really is the cause for Russian democracy making a unanimous 444-0 vote in the Duma


In the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras along with Clover Moore was bondiboys.blogspot.com.au Alex Greenwich MP, who wrote Bob Carr foreign minister to move to kick Russia out of the G20 in Sochi and said more gay activists (like Mark Newtons and Peter Truong?) breed babies and it's homophobic to stop gay adoption. As if one child wasn't enough. Alex Greenwich formally headed Australian Marriage equality - and it was his fellow activists that abused that boy. I have his letter and the response from Bob Carr on file. Alex Greenwich says DEMOCRACY IS HOMOPHOBIC and DEMOCRACY IN RUSSIA MUST BE OPPOSED.

The John Sunol June 25th NCAT decision has ruled it a crime to even link to my youtube channel, because there are comments against gay activists who plead guilty to infant sex. The court has ruled that those who molest children must not be vilified if they identified (on ABC Radio) as homosexual whilst doing those horrible acts to children. The so called "Right Wing commentator" according to Ginger Goreman in her story about it in ABC the Drum who criticized the "gay dads" interviewer @freshchilli (who is doing stories on transsexual pre-teens in school, and saying we need to cure pedophilia with counseling to allow pedophiles to come forwards to be accepted in society, not prosecuted) had his twitter account @rsmccain censored! #FreeStacy.

That Washington times reporter did a story on Garry's associates threatening to come after my father, because they couldn't get me a month before his first lawsuit against my dad began. Pure [Gay]  Mafia tactics to attack peoples family just because you don't like (or have stalked someone since 2009 for critizing special gay police aka facebook.com/policeglbti marching in the Mardi Gras).

 Twitter had their own float in Sydney Mardi Gras! Also a primary sponsor was IVF Australia.

See what he said, and the journalist who interviewed the self-identified "Gay Dads" child abusers asking for photo credits from the SMH here.



There is so much more to the story than this. My father's page on the subject is at http://scribd.com/smokehaze He is not a hater. He made his comments to protect children from a demographic that has been proven from statistics and medical research papers to be have a higher risk factor that ordinary people to children. To see that argument see what my father wrote 2 years ago. The case drags on.

This is normalizing pedophilia by criminalizing dissent against it.

If you break this truth to the world you can be prosecuted. Please hear my father's story on the first link.

Also please listen to the Twenty10.org.au (involved in the Mardi Gars) being exposed as a pedophile "child grooming operation" in Federal Parliament. Twenty 10 has been on my radar since 2007, but that is a another story all together. Garry Burns attempted to force Jeff Kennett to donate $20,000 to the same charity named by George Christensen who participated in the Mardi Gras. That's what - Garry Burns extorts money from politicians to go to a pedophile child grooming operation and I didn't say it first!


Friday, 4 March 2016

Trent Zimmerman sais that he will cross the floor to support Gay Marriage



Trent Zimmerman said that he would cross the floor to support same sex Marriage in the Australian Federal Parliament

I feel that it is a travesty of justice but same sex marriage is going to come in. 
Richard Zimmerman will be seen in the same light as Ted Pickering when he crossed the floor to back Clover Moores homosexual villification laws in 1994 which I have personaly been a casualty of myself. 

 comments - on these article(s)
I see this as a travesty of justice but this will come or could come at any time
In the end Jesus Christ will return and this evil will be no more when Christ returns to the earth. 

Also this man is a traitor for going agza\inst his party - and traitoring the people of Australia for such a thing same sex marrage is evil

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