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Saturday, 30 January 2016

The CIA (American have discovered) that islamic state has over 200,000 highly trained organized fighters


this is not suprissing, as islamic state is an ideology where each fighter has been brain washed into the beleif that they are fighting the good Jihad for Muhummad to get into Allahs Kingdom. They also are brainshed that they all want to die in battle so this gives them direct entry into Paradise. and receive 72 virgins in heaven as a reward for comitting a Jihad dealth in a Jihad for Muhummad to help him win the battle in a fight. They are all deluded to think this ??? 

Their enemies or the side that I know to be fighting for the truth the Americans, Europeans and others do not beleive this and are not as zealous for this fight as  much as the 200,000 + of foreign fighters and Ex Army members from Iraq and Syria that are fighting with Islamic state. 

We need to change the beleif system to win this or this could become unwinnable. The closes thing in Hisgtory to this was the Japanese Kamakazee fighters who died in battle flying their planes into allied ships in world war 2 but this goes one step futher and more intense even that in world war 2. 

The CIA in American was putting a figure of only 31,400 on Islamic state but when they come up with 200,000 + that is more than 8 times the original figure. 

This is very very serious and we must look at destroying Islamic state above all else or it will destroy us. 

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