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Saturday, 12 December 2015

All religious exemptions to be removed from State law in Victoria !!! (Greens Policy Agenda)



Proving your article's conclusions was correct. These adoptions exemptions wont last, especially with the more general anti-disicrimination laws being amended to remove all religious exemptions whatsoever.

The Greens want a young gay boy kissing on the playground subculture in every Catholic / Christian School that can't be asked politely to take it somewhere else.

The want to remove all religious exemptions.

I'm suprised section 25 of the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act wasn't targeted too, the section that can make sacking gay teachers legal if they come out and indoctrinate your K-12 children (in a private school).

Here's the draft bill.

And how I was tipped off:

On 10 December 2015 at 13:16, Luke McKee <hojuruku@gmail.com> wrote:
Here is a joke, only it's not a joke.

Two male sodomites walked into a Christian adoption agency and said give us a baby to put in our hose of sodomy sex, don't hate don't discriminate!

That's the case law - OW and OV vs Wesley City Mission's adoption wing in NSW. The case dragged on for 8 years until the court ruled only with Gay Marriage legal could the sodomites demand their rights to free Christian Supplied babies, as the church had the right to discriminate against "unmarried" couples. 

Now also in NSW they have made 60 year old with 16 year old gay boy sex legal, whilst the 60 year old passes on the AIDS virus also legal. Still legal if the 60 year old doesn't tell the 16 year old looking boy he has the AIDS virus.

They are marching in Melbourne last year to make 60 year old gay man + 16 year old boy + surprise AIDS sex legal just like in NSW. If they can march for that they can march for anything including polygamy pedophilia or bestiality. That's what the lowered age of consent laws without exemption for gay teachers and gay police having sex with students (like QLD has) is the greatest achievement of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby.

It's literally a crime to criticize acts of pedophilia according to to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board - but only if the convicted pedophile identifies as gay before their arrest and guilty plea to sodomy 1 of a 22 month old Russian Infant. (the case of Mark Newton and Peter Truong and those accused in case law of linking to "tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos" - and the comments of those on that youtube video exercising free speech to vilifying those gay pedophiles, because @NODISCRIM / @NCATNSW ruled homosexuality is inclusive of pedophilia and to vilify a gay pedophiles like Newton and Truong vilifies all gays as they are one and the same)

On 10 December 2015 at 03:27, CultureWatch <donotreply@wordpress.com> wrote:

Article on the religious exemptions
 in victoria and about them 
being taken away. 

These exemptions are to give the different religions and peoples religious beleifs the rights to exist in a persons or ogranizations freedom of beleif.

This is due to be removed in Victoria which makes this a totlaitarian state under a feminist/Marxist communist style philosophy. We do not get rights to stay to our beleif systms and all have to conform to a common set of values and beleifs 
which some people might dissgree with or even have spirutal beleifs against. 

Just one comment, this is the start of a down hill tride towards a femenist/Marxist/socialist dictatorial system where we have no right of indivicuality and all have to abide to one common line of beleif system as dictated by the state. 

On homophobia - the results of being labelled 
from the Green policies

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