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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Statistics No 32, Saturday 5th December 2015

Time blog entered 22.00 Saturday December 5th 2015 at 22.00 
I am going to do a new set of statistics every 14 days from now on
Next lot of statistics due 19-20th December 2015

Started at 79,205 PV  - 1,614 Posts 
 Saturday 22nd  Aug 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views - 91,914  -  90,663 last entry 24/10/15
Posts - 1,871 -  1,851 Posts last entry 24//10/15

Total for view:   1251 -  views since last entry
= Average of 625 -  views per week

20 = Posts since last entry
62.55 = Vews on average per hit since last entry
31.27 = Sverage views in one week


Started at 125,260 PV  - 3,853 Posts 
 Saturday 22nd  Aug 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views - 127,378 127.361 last entry 24/10/15
Posts - 3,853 - 3,853 last entry 24/10/15
17 - Views since last entry
= Average of 1.21 - hits per day
= Average of 8.5 - hits per week
= Posts since last entry
17= Views on average per hit since last entry


Started at 58,431 PV - 2,643 Posts
Started 22nd August 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views -  60,569 - 59,848 last entry 24/10/15

 Posts - 2,643 - 2,643 since last entry 24/10/16

 721 views for period of statistics
= Average of 51.5hits per day
= Average of 360.5 = hits per week

= Posts since last entry 
 721 = Views on average  per hit since last entry


New start on blog 22nd August 2015
Numbers of hits - 262,899
Originaly taken since 13th March 2013

Start - Total PV: 262,899 taken since 13th March 2013

Start - Total Posts: 7,720 taken since 13th March 2013

 281,367  PV Sunday  November 22nd 2015
7,936 Posts Sunday November 22nd  2015
Average hit per post for whole blog = 35.45

1989 = Hits since last entry
20 = Posts since last entry
Average Hit per post = 99.45

Total amount of hits since start 262,899 = 18,468
Total amount of posts since start 7,723 = 213
Average hits since start of blog = 86.70

Average Views per day over the last 14 days
= 99.45 views per day average over last 14 days


Twitter account: 1,041 followers - started 

Saturday 22nd August 2015
Twitter account: 1,108 followers on 5th December 2015
Total difference: + 67 followers

Facebook account: 79 Freinds - Started

 Saturday 22nd August 2015
Facebook account: 83 Freinds on 5th December 2015
Total difference: +4

Google + account Followers: 85 Followers - started 

22nd Aug 2015 - Started 
Google  + account Views:  125,688 Views - started
 22nd Aug 2015

Time of statistics taken of Google

 followers = Started 22nd August 2015 - 85/125,688 
5th December 2015 - 111 followers
104/135,505 views as of 7th November 2015 
from 22nd November no more google + gives views, just followers

22.30 22nd Aug 2015 - 22nd November 2015(109 days)
total views on Google + (136,735 - 125,688) =  10,687 views
10,687  views from last statistics + 20 followers  = average of 138.79 views per day

Google + account Followers: (85 Followers started on 22nd August 2014 at 22.30 ) 111 Followers on 5th December  2015

Total difference:   + 26 Followers from the 22nd August 2014


This is the statistics before the 
5th December 2015

From this date no more does Google = give a total amount of views and only gives followers. 

Google  + account Views: ( 125,688 Views started on 22nd August 2014  at 22.30136,375 Views on 7th November 2015

Total difference: = 10,687  views  - average of 128.75 views per day over 83 days


this is not an article, it is my new statistics page I will do at Random every couple of days

Started from Saturday 22nd August 2015

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

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Date and time of posting -

5th Dece,ber 2015 - 22.00

an Intpretation of the Mark of the beast

John Christopher Sunol



this mark of the beast was written by John on the Isle of Patmos around 47AD. 
(He died 40 years later around 90AD) 
close on to 2,000 years ago.  It was written in Koinonic Greek of the day which is no
more a language other than academic for those who do language research

There are a number of different interprations

this is but one of them 


an interesting one so I put it online for all to read

My comments - on these articles

one of a number of different interprations on the Mark of the beast
taken from Rev 13:16-17

After going through this blog entry and the links to explain 
the real agenda in the same sex marriage issue ??

You to can be a happy little Homophobe like me
and also reject the wickedness of same sex marriage
and the Marriage equality organizations. 

If you wish to contact me: 

I do not beleive that John M is one person, it is a Psuedo name which a number of people are using to attack me with - this is what the comments on my videos are from a John M - this also goes for those under the name of Beanie Hynes adn Mr Shiny Pants - all of whome write adverse comments on me not related to my videos - I lost control of being able to delete these comments - which come from Stalkers who want to destroy me -  but untill I get this control and I am able to delete these comments - please ignore all adverse comments on me as I am constantly under attack by troble makers and cyber thugs due to the controversity of my messages and personal hates to me by those on a political bias

Please take note all: I have adverse comments on a number of my you tubes, this is only people attacking me and none of this is true - I lost control of being able to delete these comments but when I regain control these adverse comments will all be deleted emediatly

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

I wish to state that if anyone things that anything I write villifies or 
harasses anyone then that is not what I mean to do. It is not right 
and I am not taking ownership of any such statements. 

This blog is NOT to harrass, villify or do anyother thing that is illegal,
 If that is in the mind of the reader it is certainaly not of my intention. 

This blog is primarily to inform the world over agenda 21 and the
 issues I talk on I give my own interpretations all through the blog and 
do not state that all must beleive this. This is my beleifs and it is up
 to your own choice to follow me or not,.


John Christopher Sunol

Pope Pushes Malthusian 

Elite Agenda In Historic Ca

Date and time of posting
Saturday 5th December 2015 - 22.30