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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Russia official declares a Nuclear strike on Isis: PLEASE ALL NOTE THIS HAS BEEN ALREADY DELCARED !!!

John Christopher Sunol



Breaking News !!!
Russia official declares a Nuclear strike on Terrority controlled by Isis

this is dramtic and a Major advance in the war in Syria, 
This is the start of a nuclear war in Syria against Isis 
this will be the first time since 1945 when the Americans ended world war 2 against 
Japan that nucleae weapons are used in Anger. 

We MUST KEEP A WATCH on the news. 

President Putin is NOT A MAN to take "nonsense and skulduggery'\'


over this situation this could official signal world war 3 to the whole world. 

This is dramitc

Let us watch, wait and see

this is fastly becoming world war 3 as the whole world
 is getting involved. It is NOT JUST SYRIA alone

America, England, Russia, Australia, the whole Middle East
NOW turkey which is an Islamic country but a member of Nato which
 brings in the whole of Nato

This is far from what it just started as, a Syrian war 
of only a few countries

This is quickly bcoming world war 3

Now with the extra added of nuclear weapons being used by a 
well known Nuclear power

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John Christopher Sunol

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