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Saturday, 12 September 2015

To John M and others who want to tell lies about me on my you Tube network

John Christopher Sunol

Note this to all you gooses and fools

I will not stand for this now, I am taking down any such comment emediately without further consideration and carrying on the blog as I do now

You lot do NOT fase me and I am not going to respond to these lies as that is allt hey are is lies

1. I am not a latent homosexual, never have been nor never will be,
I am a happily married man of 58 years of age and I will openly refuse to accept any such lies, it is only an attack on me

2. I am NOT A PEDOPHILE not like those that accuse me, I only have sex with one woman, that is my wife of 25 years since I was married back in 1990. This is also a blatant lie to discredit me put on my You Tubes by a person named John M - and I will not accept such nonsense now or ever. 

3. I start work tommorrow in public and THIS WILL BE KEPT OUT OF THE LOCAL MEDIA as it could effect my job. I am wroking in shopping centers running a sales for an organization. I will be in public and can not afford this

So a message to the John M who wrote comments on my youtube

You are a looser mater, let me say that now and i am not going to give in, you make me more determined to fight you and the others who took me to court based  on lies

That is all I will say for now


I am starting work next week in shopping centres - yes,


I am also going to get back my taxi authority and drive Cabs again as work to go with the other new job I have. 

I have to go back to court to overturn my liscence being taken from me\

It was lies on Political activist which I call trouble makers the only reason I am not driving now


i WILL FIGHT THESE T4ROUBLE MAKERS in the courts and overturn this authority by the use of the court systems.

So I tell all of those that complained about me being a gay hater or a homopbhobe before among others things

Nonthing has changed, i am going to fight you mongrels and I am going to appeal my taxi authority throught the courts.

I will also use this job in the public to show you mob that I 


I have no more to say


let the fun and games begin in the court systems

My complete

 comments - on this article  

I am adamant on this, i will say no more but just act from now on 
this I am going to try and overturn my taxi authority - you just wait watch and see

18th Loard of Statistics, Saturday September 12th 2015

Time blog entered 22.45 Friday 12th Sept 2015

Started at 79,205 PV  - 1,614 Posts 
 Saturday 22nd  Aug 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

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Posts - 1,706 -  1,702 Posts last entry 1219/15

Total for view:   149 -  views since last entry

= Posts since last entry
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Started at 125,260 PV  - 3,853 Posts 
 Saturday 22nd  Aug 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views - 125,752 125,734 last entry 11/9/15
Posts - 3,853 - 3,853 last entry 11/9/15

18- Views since last entry
= Posts since last entry
18= Views on average per hit since last entry

Date Started from Saturday 22nd August 2015
Tim blog entered 00.30 1st September 2015

Started at 58,431 PV - 2,643 Posts
Started 22nd August 2015 - blog started 13/3/13

Views -  58,591 - 58, 577 last entry 11/9/15

 Posts - 2,643 - 2,643 since last entry 11/9/16

 14 views for period of statistics

= Posts since last entry 
 14 = Views on average  per hit since last entry

Start - Total PV: 262,899 taken since 13th March 2013

Start - Total Posts: 7,720 taken since 13th March 2013

 268,357  PV Friday September 12th 2015
7,826 Posts Friday September 12th  2015
Average hit per post for whole blog = 34.29

181 = Hits since last entry
3 = Posts since last entry
Average Hit per post = 60.33

Total amount of hits since start 262,899 = 5,458
Total amount of posts since start 7,723 = 106
Average hits since start = 34.04

Twitter account: 1,041 followers - started 

Saturday 22nd August 2015
Twitter account: 1,043 followers on 12th Sept 2015
Total difference: + 2 follower

Facebook account: 79 Freinds - Started

 Saturday 22nd August 2015
Facebook account: 82 Freinds on 12th Sept 2015
Total difference: + 3

Google + account Followers: 85 Followers - started 

22nd Aug 2015 - Started 
Google  + account Views:  125,688 Views - started
 22nd Aug 2015

Time of statistics taken of Google

 followers = Started 22nd August 2015 - 85/125,688 
8th Sept 2015 - 101/130,352
22.30 22nd Aug 2015 - 8th Sept  2015 (21 days)
total views on Google + (130,557 - 125,688) =  4,869 views
205  views on this day

Google + account Followers: (85 Followers started on 22nd August 2014 at 22.30 ) 101 Followers on 12th Sept 2015

Total difference:   + 16 Followers from the 22nd August 2014

Google  + account Views: ( 125,688 Views started on 22nd August 2014  at 22.30) 130,557 Views on 12th September 2015

Total difference: = 4,869  views  - average of 231.85 views per day over 21 days


this is not an article, it is my new statistics page I will do at Random every couple of days

Started from Saturday 22nd August 2015

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

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Date and time of posting -

12th Sept - 22.45