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Saturday, 29 August 2015

the new world order and the Christian Church

John Christopher Sunol

New world order and the Christian Church

there will be a form of church involved in this, a Ecamenical religions which is acceptive of all
A large number of Faiful christians will not agree and be on the outer, 

this coming church which will be accpetable to the coming new world order or agenda 21, I will call the apostate church as it will be acceptable to all faiths.

In christnaity Jesus Christ is THE ONLY WAY and this is going to conflict with the new world order Philosophy or agenda 21.

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Globalization, Globalization and Agenda 21 are one in the same

John Christopher Sunol

Globalization and Agenda 21 are two in the same thing

This is arguments on Globalization formed for 2015
for Agenda 21 which ever you want to call it

Globalization is coming world wide, this will come in the name of Agenda 21 or the new world order, they are all in one and the same thing

Read articles and you tubes I put up through this blog and you will soon see

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Peter Crestor sentences to 3 years prison in his absence from Egypt !!!

John Christopher Sunol

Peter Crestor gets three years prison

in Egypt

thiss is to show you how corrupt the court can be when they are run by a Political system or a Islamic idealism. I do not beleive that Peter Crestor is guilty but it was announced today that he is sentenced to 3 years prison and this restricts him to where he can go outsode Australia. 

This sis serious - much like what is happening to me with the Tribunals, they are corrupt as well. 

Peter Crestor has been framed and set up Politicaly. I feel for him as others have been throught similar - even myself I am being set up by those taking me to the trubunals over villification, I will never accept guilt 

Peter is another example or the main example of the corruption of the courts. 

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