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Saturday, 25 July 2015

A case study of Burns vs Sunol being taught in Columbia University New York USA

John Christopher Sunol

these precedents that Burns has made in taking me to court is of a world wide signifiance on a global scale

This is Huge, very huge as Columbia University in New York is one of the world most premium Universities in law

I see this with a global significance, my cases have just gone from being on a local and national level to of a global significance. 

This has to stop and those that took me to court to create this must be made accountable for it before the law. 

I can say no more over this as I have court dealings going on.

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Newcastle Council meeting on Teusday night over a Rainbow City

John Christopher Sunol

Rainbow crossing for Beaumont Street

Newcastle City Council meeting on 

Hamilton on Teusday night

This is going to happen on Teusday night and I will go to the council meeting as a member 
of the public to oppose it openly.

This will bring a curse upon this city i live in and will turn Newcastle into a Pink city 
which is
going to destroy the city outright

Article from the Newcastle Herald on rainbow crossing

I see this as a curse coming on Newcastle as Rainbow Crossing repesent the coming new world order which I oppose openly. It also represents same sex marriage which is a curse upon all of society. 

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Date and time of posting - 25/7/15 - 18.00

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The rainbow Symbols coming to Newcastle, Australia: Newcastle Herald Front Page Friday June 24th 2015

John Christopher Sunol

Rainbow Symbol on Same sex Marriage 

In Newcastle NSW (Hamilton

Newcastle is the City I have lived in all of my life, I started at the age of 5 years old in Wangi Wangi and Toronto Lake McQuarie, in 1963 my father moved from Melbourne (Victoria)  where I was born to closer to my mothers parents who lived in the country at a place called Stroud in the Hunter Valley. (near Glouster)

In 1962 for a short time we lived in Toronto near Wangi Wangi in the municaplity of Lake McQuaried and then shifted to Wangi Wangi up on the point where i stayed untill 1988 living with my parents, outside a short time away in as a teenager and young man in the Royal Australian navy where i LIVED in Pert WA for 12 months and another stint of 3 months, Sydney, Melbourne and on a ship (the old aircaraft carrier Melbourne and went to sea on it from 1976-1977 18 moths before discarge. 

I lived from 1963 - 1988 in a place called Wangi Wangi from the age of 5 years of age to the age of 31 years of age. 

Then I brought a house in Waratah West (as I had the cash during this time) and moved to Waratah West near the University where I have been living since 1988 up to right now. I got married in 1990 and my wife came to live with me in Waratah West

I have a couple of court cases where I oppose same sex marriage over a number of different reasons. i also beleive that this is the work of the devil to distrort the whole world as we are in coming into a one world government where same sex marriage is part of the left wing femenist / communist agenda to break the orginal common nuclear family unit so society breaaks doen and a one world government can arrise up to take place. Same Sex is also unnatural and distorted being a ssinfula nd wicked act according to scripture but I am not going into these reasons for now

I have stood for council before in the past a couple of times and I will stand again for council on an anti same sex marriage stance as I beleive that only around 5-10% of people at the very top end swant this, over 90% of people do not want it or are to fightened to step out and oppose this issue. We now have a as we have a couple of small groups - including the Green Party with a political agenda using femenist left wing / Marxists Philosophy to push this issue to break up the social conditions and to bring revolution into society . The main reason this is now in  Newcastle the Labvor Opposition leader "Bill Shorten" hasd come out in support of this and the labor party. With the City of Newcastle being a workers city and so strongly labor it is only following  Labor Policy which is backing same sex marriage and the destruction of society as we know it today. This is done so that they can take over in a one world government - this comes in the form of a new world order or agenda 21 which I am speak on and dedicate this blog to. 

This is in my own back yard right now so I am not going to run. I am going to oppose it big time and put out the message where evver I go or be. 

These are excciting times coming up so I can put a debate against this in full

I am in the process of appealing my taxi authority which I lost due to lies made out by others on a political motive and I will fight this agenda and those from the left wing femenist same sex marriage groups to the day I die and I will get backing by others to do so. 

My comments on
Cash is control and to obtain over peoples needs you need to contain their 
cash flow

The bible talks aboaut No one shall be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the beast
which is a Mans number 666 and this represents money transactions.

Listen to this you tube I put on and take note and this is more real that a large number of people think.



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