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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Islamic extremists urger fighters and all Muslims to fight a world wide Jihad to an Islamic Califate.

John - Christopher - Sunol

This is further evidenc I beleive world war 3 has started, Isis wants a world wide califate and it you watch you can see it coming. This just shows more evidenc to that face. 

Boko Haram in Nigeria with the forms of Groups that are joining up with Isis on a world wide califate, 

Read this document on Boko Hama and you will see the kind of people that juoin this. 

My comments

More evidence we could be living in the last days ready to start or already started the

 Last 7 years of the great tribunalion. Keep reading this blog and I  will show it to you

 from News articles as they come up off the net with other related issues

Friday, 15 May 2015

My professional profile for work which I obtained today !!! (professional photo)

John - Christopher - Sunol

My new profile phone numbers and work that I can do. 

Please note that I do not want to state who the agent is that is finding work for me at the moment as that may be taken in the wrong way and give my enemies amunition to attack me with. 

This is to show all my followers online that I went down to Sydney today and got a profile photo - which is the one below and I will be contracted out to do work through this agency and the photo below

Hi John  , 

Your photo has now been loaded onto the  "" "" System.

When you receive a text to your mobile phone this is a computer generated message. 
Therefore you cannot ring this number or REPLY with a text (unless asked to). 
Read it through carefully first. 
If you want the job ring the main office number (it will be in the text). 
If we do not hear from you within half an hour you could miss out! 
If you do not or cannot do it please just ignore it. 

My comments

This is great and a start to get back to work in a sense which I want. 

My attackers have failed and I give the praise and glory to God for protecting me from my attackers. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

War in Yemen getting very serious

John - Christopher - Sunol

This war in Yemen is very serious, Yemen is on the Gulf of Aden which is the narror passage that leads the Gulf of Aden to the Red Sea, this passage leads to the Suez Canal and into the Mediteranean at the other end - this is the main rout for all ships to do a quick journey from Europe to South East Asia and other Asian countries and this is critical to keep open

I beleive their is a lot of propaganda and lies going on in this conflict as it is power based over the world resources and transport routes. 

America is onlhy involed= in this to keep the Houti rebels and Iran out of this not for what they say but for the economic sustainability of the whole world, I think that this is very serious and if this conflict is not stopped now it is going to eventualy have an impact upon the whole world due to the Geographic areas of this conflict.

My comments

this could blow into a very nasty and dangerous conflict that could effect the whole world if it is NOT STOPPED EMEDIATLY. They may need a third party like the United states of Europe to step in but

Depuly Leader Killed Islamic state !!!

John - Christopher - Sunol


In all wars people are killed, but this is a King in a game of chess to be killed, 

I do not like killing people but this is war and we have no choice, this man was a very cruel and evil man so there was no choice if he could not be captured and thown in a prison camp, the second best for the likes of this leader is death. 

He killed many people and need to be made accountable for it, now he is dead he will become accountable to God when he meets him at the Great white throne in the afterlife. 

Many people are killed in times of war, this is not unusual and could be expected if this senior man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

He will be replaced but it could make it a little more difficult for Islamic state anyway