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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Catholic church in a mess over same sex Marriage

Archbishop to skip rally opposing gay marriage

This is not good, it is very bad, this is the homosexual lobby trying to dictate to the Catholic church in how they should maintain their beliefs in the areas of same sex marriage

I am very opposed to this, the Archbishop has every right and as far as I am concerned a duty as a minister of God to reject Same Sex Marriage on his own faith and church teachings

The ones who are stepping out of line and falling into the homosexual agenda which is really part of agenda 21 is the homosexual lobby and the people who want the Pope to dismiss him.

They are not part of the church and have no rights over this. They are very abusive dictatorial and I have every right to get up and speak out against this group s i will online, Off line or where ever I go. 

My comments

I do not like this at all, I can see this as the start of an agenda for the human rights people and the feminist agenda behind agenda 21 to start and tell different religious beliefs on what they can believe and what they can not beleive, this is going to create a number of major problems which we do not need. 

the main issue of this argument is NOT SAME SEX MARRIAGE (even though they are using same sex marriage as a case study to push another point) This is the taking away of one rights to have their own belief systems and the churches autonomy in biblical teachings and other teachings of their religious faith paths which has been sanscrit for hundred of years to a person's faith path. 

Their are groups which are working against us to take this from us so that a group of people who are not part of your faith can use the anti discrimination bill and vilification laws to tell you what you can and can not beliefs.  - this is agenda 21 (New world order) and I will oppose this on all levels. 

Same sex marriage is only a case study being used to push this point so I will focus on this and put it to all I see. 


Friday, 24 April 2015

My home could be worth up to $1,000,000 and I have very little mortgage - only around $60,000

John - Christopher - Sunol

My home could be worth up to $1,000,000
It would sell very quickly due to the positioning I am in - near Newcastle Uni

I have not had it valued at all for over 5 years but the positioning I am in and the easy access to the city - shopping centres, buses and transport are part of the reasoning for the valuation of the property I own and live in. Being within 500 metres of Newcastle University and around
 200-300 meters of a main hospital (the Mater) in Waratah - near buses, near a number of major shopping centres, not on the main road but in a perfect area with my back yard the University of newcastle walking over pleasant parkland. Not on the main road - a very busy road, Queen and Lorna Street Waratah - just down from the University but the extension of Queen Street which is a  side street within 100 metres of a main bus stop in Lorna Street.

 This has transport every 10 minutes and links to rail (Broadmeadow station mainline South to Central coast and Sydney, or Waratah Station before Broadmeadow main line North, to  the city and shopping. This area which I have been fortunate enough to obtain a fully paid property worth a lot of money in is a much sought after area and the house would sell within a day of it going on the market due to the easily rentability of the house, the positioning of the home, the availability of housing in this area and the huge amount of demand of houses for rent in this area being so close to the university of Newcastle. 

My home if put on the market would only last around 1 day and then be sold as I am getting buyers all of the time put advertising pamphlets of houses wanted for sale in my letter box regularly

I am not going to sell for a couple of reasons which are:
1. I will wait for the right time so i can purchase another place and have a home with no rent and no bills.

2. I am bankrupt and i would have to pay off my bankruptcy (nor as if that matter as i own only around $60,000 plus costs and I could get anything up to $1,000,000 for the home

3. Most of all I will not pay Garry one red cent that thief has taken me to court on hyped up false accusations and i just want to fight him in the courts

 4. Also I brought this property for cash back in 1984 - only have a very small mortgage which I am being helped to pay off  around $60,000, due to another set of liars that worked with Henry Collier in the Collier vs sunol cases to set me up and this is the expense of my first legal fees) If I sold it the home would go very quickly due to the easy access and quick access to the University of newcastle and the easy accessibility to everywhere. 

I was very lucky that I put it in a trust fund when I first brought it or that Garry who is taking me to court would have a great time forcing me to sell to pay him the money from the court cases. 

I will not go into that but I received $400,000 back in 1984 and paid $130,000 for a house which has built up the assets of my home


I was fortunate and others and myself had the foresight to put this in the name of a shelf company and trust deed no one can touch this, even I am bankrupt the bankruptcy can not touch it as it is in the name of a family shelf company which is protection. Metrom Pty Ltd has the deeds and the trust account which came out of my own money originally. 

The only way a thief like Garry could get hold of it if he was able to get legislative changes to force all money that I put into a separate entity taken back out of this entity but this is very hard if possible at all and it will not happen. You would need an ect of the NSW parliament with a change in the law to do that so I am protected - this is the law of being able to put all your assets into a shelf company into your own home and that does not effect you when you go bankrupt or have debts from court actions registered against you. Otherwise if this law was changed it would be a different matter for me and I would not be so fortunate.

Ok then I will leave that alone now but i would like to state that when God protects you he does this in many ways and I am protected by the Lord as I know I have done nothing wrong. I do not vilify, never have and in the taxi people told lies to have my authority cancelled which I am taking back to court, this time with a solicitor to over turn what has happened before. 

Others told lies and set me up in the courts and even are the cause of my loss of taxi authority. I will never accept fault as I know that I am not at fault


God can and will protect those who remain faithful to him and work by his will in their lives no matter what the outcome or seriousness of the attacks

My comments

I am not sorry for anything I done by the way of vilification, as I know that I did nothing 
all apologies made in the past I take back as I state they were made whilst under duress by court order.