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My statement on Homopobia - with an alternative definiton on homophobia



These are my officials statements on Homophobia

My statements on Homophobia

To my readers, here are some thoughts arising from my studies and research on an important issue.

It is an issue at the present time    all over the pages of the Australian newspapers
It is “same sex marriage”.

Anyone who disagrees with it is branded a “homophobe" by the gay lobby groups and their followers. 

"This is what happened to me for me to be called homophobic"


This is the question I am thinking about today. 

I will talk about homophobia later in this post. But first, a word about “same sex Marriage”

“Same-sex marriage ‘is a revolutionary social change for Australia –( and the whole world at that as well. It is the social norm or becoming so in the 21st century”

It is very confusing to most ordinary people that I associate with. They have always defined and understood marriage as being between a man and a women.

The idea that “same sex Marriage” actually makes sense (which is does not to many ordinary people) comes out of Western Universities from Feminist and Homosexual “gender theory “academics. 

Gender theory is an attack on the normal male-female gender. It is put out for political purposes. To create confusion so that resistance to feminist  and homosexual aims is broken down.

‘”same-sex marriage” is a product and outcome of gender theory.

“”same sex marriage” is simply the removal of gender from marriage.

This to man of us, is like removing blue from the sky. We remove gender from Marriage we attack language. There are linguistical consequences.

For example the words “husband” and wife and “”father”” will become prohibited words under the law. That is because they will be described as discriminatory words.
They will eventually disappear from the English language

These words will be replaced by gender-neutral words like “spouse”, “partner”” and “parent”

Gender theory is to confuse many ordinary people into accepting the absurd idea that gender is not important in marriage.

The laws of the land in Australia define marriage as being between a man and a woman, also the laws of the bible define such as Australia is based on Cristian heritage from the beginning of white settlement 227 years ago

Present attributes to Marriage in Australia

Therefore at the present time, in Australia marriage is only between a man and a woman – not from the same Genetic code (Mother son, Daughter father, brother sister   or down to 2nd cousins)

This is true whether the gay rights groups like it or not.


The homosexual lobby want to change the law in Australia

Gender theory is pseudo-science created by radical lesbian feminists and militant homosexual activists mostly in Western Universities.

There people are very clever and highly academic in the fields of sociology, psychology, political science, and the social sciences – most of these activists have also studied law at Post Graduate level from Western Universities looking at administration law on anti-discrimination.

They are highly qualified with high I.Q. and with Ph.Ds. and Masters level studies behind them. But they have a brain that work’s differently that 95% of the population.

Their brain has a psychosexual condition covered by the legal term ‘’homosexual”

Great and gifted people can have a brain with this characteristic, for example, Justice Kirby, formerly of the High Court in Australia.

Gender theory is created purely for propaganda purposes to “normalize” homosexual activist in the wider community, in line with the aims and objectives of the gay and lesbian rights lobby and their militant activists, mostly in the Western World.

This propaganda has been very effective especially on young people, through the power of repetition on social media and T.V.

The president of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board is behind the infliction of gender theory onto our society.

The president, Mr Stepan Kerkyasharian, in a letter to the Attorney Generals Department in Canberra dated January 31, 2012, said this

Any definition should insure that is include variation in sex characteristics, and people who are neither wholly male or female”

And this

“In this way, people who are intersex, androgynous, and other individuals who do not fit into the current binary approach of defining sex would be afforded protection under the anti-discrimination law.

This proves that the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales is not objective and neutral when it comes to administrating the laws to “homosexual vilification”,

As you can see here, the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board is putting out blatant gender theory propaganda that is probably generated by persons in his staff

Let’s us be realistic, Gender is a binary thing!!! And it has been made this way by nature. !!!

A man is a man, who knows he is a man and likes being a man marries a woman, the opposite sex as that is natural,

A woman who is a woman, knows she is a woman, and likes being a woman, marries a man – opposite sex as she knows also that is a natural thing to do. This is the reasons that some homosexuals hate, because their own personal nature has robbed them of the instinct that gives them the opportunity or prospect to grown up and have a family of their own.

In their ivory towers, the feminist and homosexual academics plot and scheme how to destroy this natural relationship between a man and a woman, questioning everybody’s sexuality What they cannot have they want to destroy of others.

A disability pensioner used as a complaint used as a complaint to the Anti-Discrimination Board that I am a covert homosexual.

He accuses his enemies (those who oppose his political agenda) as “kiddie fiddlers’

This is symptomatic of the strategy of attack on gender as a tool for control and oppression of homosexual persons. It is standard practise in the twisted world or homosexual bullying and fascism.

The president if the Anti-Discrimination board is using gender theory as a basis to promote the homosexual agenda for society.

The holy grail of the agenda is “same sex marriage” can, with a little imagination, be interpreted as vilifying homosexuals person’s or groups (such as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby), and therefore after 25 page theoretical and costly judgements from tribunals deemed to be unlawful under the Anti-discrimination law in New South Wales.

Ordinary people like the people I mix with, know homosexuals acts are wrong and against their instinct.

They know homosexual acts are against all religious beliefs, but they have no intellectual defences against this pseudo-science of gender theory.

Gender theory is pushed by this blog’s persecutors, the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales, who use an unemployed mental disability pensioner to put complaints into them against this blog of mine.

They want to shut this blog down purely because of my intellectual position on sexual and gender politics.

So far this person ahs put in 70 complaints in 4 years against this not too-flash blog you are reading now.

These complaints are made to the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales, who appear to keep encouraging him to do so.

Complaints to the Anti-Discrimination Board (all 70 of them)

All of these complaints 69 of them and only one complaint was simply flicked to the Anti-Discrimination Board for external judgement

The one complaint was finally rejected on not being able to be substantiated and of a frivolous and vexatious content (which appeared in June 2015)

What is happening is a “gravy train” of Australian taxpayer’s money being wasted on consultants who occupy the tribunal panels and charge big dollars and hours in legal cognition trying to decide an internet blog comment is or is not homosexual vilification.

It is all business and politics, but under the guise of law!!!

Most people cannot believe that a single blog like the one you are reading now could be taken so seriously by the powers that be.

So far they have wasted millions of dollars of Australia’s tax payer’s money trying to shut down this blog. Why? Is this blog that influential?

The problem for those who are trying to shut down this blog is that I live in Australia, and in Australia under our constitution it is an implied right for all citizens to political discourse.

Discussion on ‘same sex marriage” is political discourse

Therefore discussion on these topics is political, and every person has a right to debate politics.

There is NO definition of homosexuality

We need a Royal Commission into the naturel of homosexuality before we drastically change society by removing gender from marriage at the behest of homosexuals.

It is important that a long and thorough public debates takes place on the issue of “same-sex marriage” before there is any change to Australia’s marriage laws.

These laws re-inforce the obvious semantic and social fact that marriage is only between a man and a woman, and always will be in the minds of ordinary people.

This is despite the fact that the Homosexual rights lobby and affiliated groups want to attack the |English language be changing the meaning of the world marriage.

The debate is only just getting started in Australia, it is in its infancy stage.
This debate needs to be played out over several years before any move is made to irreversibly change the marriage laws.

There is absolutely problems caused with non-heterosexual persons living together for life, but to call this marriage is offensive to 80-90% of the Australian population if they knew what this really meant.

All social risks and repercussions caused by gender from marriage must be properly canvassed, before there is radical change in Australia to our social structure.

Many people find the subject of “same-sex Marriage” as embarrassing.

They just don’t talk about it.

Why is this ?


The word “homophobia” has been used to demonize any person who has a philosophical objected to the removal of gender from marriage in our society

Homophobia is cause by a hard-wired heterosexual disgust with what two homosexual persons might to each other in order to achieve sexual gratification or satisfaction.

You see a normal person has no idea what it is like to be a homosexual

We can imagine what it is like to be blind when we cover our eyes or walk into a pitch black room with no light

What would it be like to be homosexual?

Even asking that question seems to give discomfort to the minds of normal heterosexual people

It is intrinsically embedded part of their sexuality, heterosexual persons find imaging homosexual acts as disgusting.

This is especially true in relation to acts between two males to the degree such acts were unlawful in the gone by eras and only have become lawful in recent times. Such acts are known to cause disease and take place in public toilets.

A grandmother who had a long and loving marriage told me her response to the idea of kissing a woman on her lips was “yuk”. This indicated to me that heterosexual woman have an aversion to homosexuality.

This disgust has been branded as “homophobia” by the academic homosexual political strategists and activists, well versed in the ideas of Berneys who wrote their instruction manual on propaganda

In the Christian view there is such a thing called shame.
Om the Christians concept of sexuality, there is a concept of sexual morality.

When ordinary (and by ordinary we mean heterosexual) people read reports of homosexual acts and behaviour they this as sexual immorality.

It appeals that a homosexual ideology, the concept of “sexual morality” has no meaning and is laughed at as so old-fashioned.

Bur in Marriage, sexual morality serves as a real purpose when Children are involved No child wants to see their parents sexually promiscuous

As the bible tells us “Flee from sexual immorality, every other sin a person commits is outside the body but the sexual y immoral person sins against his own body
 (1 Corinthians 6:18)

The attack on the heterosexual consciousness by the homosexual propaganda exchanges creates confusion in the minds of many ordinary young people.

It is however a very effective way of shutting down debate by the removal of gender from Marriage.

The pathetic cray of “homophobia” coming from the homosexual lobby groups and their brainwashed fellow-travellers is becoming somewhat of a joke

They (persons of homosexuals characteristics) can not know and experience what the world “homophobia” is about to be redefined

As the saying goes, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.
Homosexual persons cannot, by definition, experience normal and natural homophobia. Normal heterosexuals are not ambient or in any ways confused about their sexuality.

We are not talking about deviations from true heterosexuality as represented by the two tails of the bell curve.

These tails would capture all various atypical psychosexual characteristics the homosexual theoreticians call ‘LGBT+”
At most people in these populations would come to around 3% of the general population

Simply in plain English a heterosexual male knows he wants a woman but is disgusted with a man as a sex partner
A homosexual man does not know what he wants in reality and is often confused.

The word Homophobia

The world homophobia is about to reclaim its true meaning and has nothing to do with hatred or violence – this is only the propaganda designed by the homosexual lobby groups to justify same sex marriage and demonize those who speak out against same sex marriage.

Homophobia is a natural experience of the psychosexual make up of a heterosexual person. It is in effect, and instinctual aversion to sexual advances by a person of the same sex

Homophobia and heterosexuality are, from that perspective, one and the same thing.

The strategy of the homosexual rights lobby to “normalise” homosexual acts can create confusion and harm to heterosexual teenagers as they approach puberty, especially boys

To tell young teenagers that homosexuality is normal in normal cases of the average heterosexual male and talk about homosexuality being normal – they would say “bullshit”

Rather the young male needs compassion and understanding so they may find the right way to live when they feel they are on the wrong planet.

The ‘normalisation” of homosexual acts leads to the primitive notion that
“sex is just “sex”

In other words, homosexual acts are no different in nature that heterosexual acts (the latter being traditionally controlled by society due to their potential procreative consequences)

All this talk of sex in relation to same sex marriage might sound inappropriate, but let me assure you that generations that strive to compare homosexual friendships with normal man-woman love relations are a great threat in the current homosexual political agenda

Catholic Bishops before the Anti Discrimination Board in Tasmania

Now let us go to the story of the Catholic Bishops being hauled up before the 
Anti-Discrimination Board in Tasmania. The complainant says it is hateful to say that homosexual relations are merely friendship’s!

Also in this regard on November 12, 2015 New South Wales openly homosexuals parliamentarian David Sheobridge of the Greens Party was see at a public hearing of the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Burns vs Sunol) "this decision is yet to be deceided in 2016" wherein the panel was trying to decide on a case behind a blogger’s link incited “hatred of homosexuals persons” or not.

The sentence to be decided from memory “ there is no such thing known as genuine sex for homosexuals’ it is only mutual masturbation”

The whole propaganda slogan “Equal love” is therefore coming under critical review.

What sort of love does homosexual persons experience? Is it the same as Heterosexual love that all the love songs sing about?

Homosexual persons listen to all the straight love sons as put out in the media and tapes, \Straight man-woman love songs on the radio or iTunes, this is very cruel if they begin to realize that, due to their sexual “orientation”, they will never be able to dream of that full package of husband wand wife, mother and father.

Marriage is a fundamental right given to most but not all heterosexual persons. This is because nature, its drive for survival, puts equal mean and woman on this earth precisely to sustain, opposite-sex pair-bonding.

“Homophobia” is demonized by the homosexual propaganda merchants as the cause of teenage suicide, THIS IS NONSENSE AND ONLY PROPAGANDA PUT OUT BY THE GAY RIGHTS LOBBY TO PUSH AN AGENDA. 

Another view tells us that when a person’s life is robbed of a sense of identity, a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose and direction, they are at risk of suicide. This is a spiritual problem but in the secular world a psychiatrist would given a depressed gay teenager psychotropic drugs and these can be fatal.

There must be more public debate on the nature of homosexuality.

The most self-righteous complainant against “homophobia” to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board is supporting a “Beat Project” where homosexual males can perform their disgusting acts in public toilets unperturbed by the constabulary of the NSW Police Force.

Some of these men will become “Gay Dads” if marriage and adoption laws are changed in accordance with the desires of political activists like Rodney Croome.

This is the debate that the Anti-Discrimination Boards of New South Wales and Tasmania are desperately trying to shut down, because once the cat gets out of the bag on this issue it will make ordinary members of the public wary of same sex marriage, especially two male friends who claim to be homosexual –and are looking to adopt children.


The world “homophobia” was developed by militant homosexual activist around the year 1969. Before that the word did not exist.

They use the word to mean:

“a fear  of or a antipathy towards homosexuals and homosexuality”

The use of the world to try and create shame in homosexual persons
They want to redefine the meaning of the world marriage, so therefore, we will redefine the meaning of the word homophobia

The new and correct meaning of the world “homophobia will be
“a hetrosexual’s normal and natural aversion to homosexual acts”

I also wish to say that in the EU (Italy) they are debating where or not for homophobia deemed to be a criminal offense worth of jail time and if this comes to Australia, then we have a homosexual dictatorship nightmare for most heterosexual people.

Homophobia cannot be separated from heterosexuality under this correct definition of the word

Aversion to homosexual acts is completely different to aversion to homosexual persons.

True Christians do not have any aversions to any persons, but they have an aversion to sin as sin is defiance to God and in their beliefs this brings disastrous consequences for one’s life.

A true Christian can separate a person’s acts from the person themselves – thus show forgiveness

A true Christian does NOT hate

Homophobia is nature’s way of protection system especially in heterosexual boys that makes them resist being molested by other males

Homophobia is nature’s way of ensuring survival.

It means the majority of the human population will not waste energy seeking sexual gratification from a person of the same sex , for they have created homophobes by nature/

They have an intrinsic aversion of homosexual acts because they have been born heterosexual (as all are bone this way, it is a lie that some are born homosexuals by the homosexual lobby purported to fool people as a deliberate strategy)

Aversion to human excrement is a natural experience by most normal human beings.

Our instinct is to bury and it is healthy

Based on the new and correct meaning of the word “homophobia”, every heterosexual
 person is homophobic.

To finish off this essay I will put this statement as an official statement

"In light of what was said" 
I am a homophobic Bigot and I am proud of it
and one more statement
I intend to encourage others to take on the same attributes, I pray that one day the whole world will also become a homophobic bigot as put by those that I oppose openly (Note: The world Homophobic Bigot does not exist in the English language - it is a made up word and use of liguistical attempt of using the English  language  as a propaganda took by the Gay an lesbian rights Lobby to lobby for same sex marriage and change peoples attitudes) like myself but in reality and logical sense - this will not happen as we have main enemies in the world, which are known to be the GLRL groups and associates. 

One more further step into this and I will promote this openly knowingly and where ever I can - THESE PEOPLE ARE THE ENEMIES - AND THIS IS MY ATTITUDE TOWARDS SAME SEX MARRIAGE - HOMOPHOBIA - AND ALL OTHER ISSUES AND GROUPS RELATED TO THIS. 


 Written by John Christopher Sunol

John Christopher Sunol
0468 309 091

My comments on homopbia on you tube
this is where I see homopobia comes from. It is taken from my religious beleifs 
unmderstanding of the Political, sociological and philosophical agenda behind the 
term homopobia and how it is being used today by the left wing lobby groups and same 
sex political lobby groups such as the Marriage equality.or or the Gay and lesbian rights lobby

what comes about from the outcome
of this Policy on homophobia

I agee with the Isreali Man that is being written about in THIS ARTICLE - I homophobia means rejecting same sex marriage and the ultimate homosexuality, then I am willing to be called a homopobhobe, I rejoice in it and am the Happy little Homopobe living in my joy

Often homophobia gets mixed up with fascism. 
Is this a Ploy or is this true

I would like to answer this in pointing out 

What is facism ?

A right win extreme goverment of a system of oppressive dictatorship and totalitarianism
wuch as Beneedito Mussloni from Italy or Adolf Hitler 1934-1945

What is homophobia ?

Homophobia is a fear a fear of those who are living in the sinful lifestyles of homosexuality
and same sex Marriage - thus it is a good fear as it is a fear of doing wrong by God 
and opposing issues which show you absolute discuss. 

My answer

this is one term that the homosexual groups (LGBT groups)  among other groups such as the GLRL like to point out that homopobia is something the whole world should shun and wrongly put homophobia in the same degree as facism. These groups then try to align homophobia with facism

Where homoopobia and facism the two are very different, - they have not a single issue in common
It is all a political ploy by the GLRL and the homosexual activist groups to push an Agenda for homosexual totalitarianism

I accept that I am homophobic and willing to encourage others as well to be homophobic as that is a great issue to attain 


facism is another issue that has no relation to homophobia which the homosexual lobby are corrptly making out for both to be the same. 

Other articles from me on homopobia

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If you wish to contact me: 

I do not beleive that John M is one person, it is a Psuedo name which a number of people are using to attack me with - this is what the comments on my videos are from a John M - this also goes for those under the name of Beanie Hynes adn Mr Shiny Pants - all of whome write adverse comments on me not related to my videos - I lost control of being able to delete these comments - which come from Stalkers who want to destroy me -  but untill I get this control and I am able to delete these comments - please ignore all adverse comments on me as I am constantly under attack by troble makers and cyber thugs due to the controversity of my messages and personal hates to me by those on a political bias

Please take note all: I have adverse comments on a number of my you tubes, this is only people attacking me and none of this is true - I lost control of being able to delete these comments but when I regain control these adverse comments will all be deleted emediatly

same sex Marriage IS NOT a modern concept for the 21st century
The beggings if this date back into Ancient Rome under the Roman Empiror Nero and even further, 300 years before Nero
The Greeco/Assyrian Empiror Antiochus Ephinanese who was the worst Leader to ever rule the earth in the History of Man. 

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

I wish to state that if anyone things that anything I write villifies or 
harasses anyone then that is not what I mean to do. It is not right 
and I am not taking ownership of any such statements. 

This blog is NOT to harrass, villify or do anyother thing that is illegal,
 If that is in the mind of the reader it is certainaly not of my intention. 

This blog is primarily to inform the world over agenda 21 and the
 issues I talk on I give my own interpretations all through the blog and 
do not state that all must beleive this. This is my beleifs and it is up
 to your own choice to follow me or not,.


John Christopher Sunol

Pope Pushes Malthusian 

Elite Agenda In Historic Ca

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