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I am a happy little homopobe living in my life of joy !!!

John Christopher Sunol



 I am a happy little Homophobe
Living in my joy
I would like to help other people find the same place to fullfill all their desires as well being like me,
 a happy little Homophobe living in their joy !!!

Read this: It explains in a simple way what I am trying to say, I agree 100% with this blog entry put on line by others

I have been accused of allot of things 
which I am NOT 


one thing I am happy of being accused of is 


Homophobia can have  many meanings but the context of which I am looking at 
the meaning of this word 


as if this is the designation of a person who rejects homosexuality and calls 
same sex marriage wickedness before God

then so be it let God rule my life 

Not homosexuality or Sin

I am proud to say that I am homopobic

I do not say NO TO HOMOPHOBIA rather I say YES to homopbobia 
and wish to see the whole world changed to be designated homopobic
as that is a great thing in todays philosphical thinking of equality and equal rights. 

as I feel that is is a great accusations to be as it is to reject what the bible calls 



I am cheecky enought and not afraid to reject this- same sex marriage and homosexuality

 as it is going to destroy the world by its deliberate dissobediance to Gods Holy Ways of living
is blasfoumy in itself is wickedness that evolves out of the wicked portreyal of a Marriage in Gods Holy order.
Marriage was designated for one woman to leave her mother and father and be joined 
to her husband for life - where as to raise a family and become a couple Genises 2:24
so if you are called homopobe as you reject same sex marriage on it being wickedness 
before God and an evil abreviation of the bible, then so be it. 
I am proud to be called a homopobe it is an honour to me

This is a mock up from the homosexual sites on what they perceive a homophobic to be

I state i am all of these things and proud to be so !!!

this is one of a number of reasons 

why I am a happy little Homophobe - those that call me this tell lies 
manipulate the law to suit themselves. 

My definition of homophobia is: 

My comments on these articles

I am happy to be a homophobe as that is what I am
I will live in my joy of being a homophovbe.
Encourage others also to come under the stame name 
be labelled a homopobe

There is nothing to fear from being called homopophobic. Homophobe is a word which has 
a dictionary meaning of "fear of same sex relations"

God calls this sin and Gods tells us all to walk away from sin and accept His righteousness, 

Whether it be tommorrow or in 100 years time, we all will meet God and find out 
the truth about homophobia.

there is also other thoughts on the beast of revelations, 

It would be just the same if this came to Australia, i would be defiant like those
good people in the United states as this is PURE WICKEDNESS BEFORE GOD

put into legislation and God would bless me for being defiant

After going through this blog entry and the links to explain 
the real agenda in the same sex marriage issue ??

You to can be a happy little Homophobe like me
and also reject the wickedness of same sex marriage
and the Marriage equality organizations. 

If you wish to contact me: 

I do not beleive that John M is one person, it is a Psuedo name which a number of people are using to attack me with - this is what the comments on my videos are from a John M - this also goes for those under the name of Beanie Hynes adn Mr Shiny Pants - all of whome write adverse comments on me not related to my videos - I lost control of being able to delete these comments - which come from Stalkers who want to destroy me -  but untill I get this control and I am able to delete these comments - please ignore all adverse comments on me as I am constantly under attack by troble makers and cyber thugs due to the controversity of my messages and personal hates to me by those on a political bias

Please take note all: I have adverse comments on a number of my you tubes, this is only people attacking me and none of this is true - I lost control of being able to delete these comments but when I regain control these adverse comments will all be deleted emediatly

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

I wish to state that if anyone things that anything I write villifies or 
harasses anyone then that is not what I mean to do. It is not right 
and I am not taking ownership of any such statements. 

This blog is NOT to harrass, villify or do anyother thing that is illegal,
 If that is in the mind of the reader it is certainaly not of my intention. 

This blog is primarily to inform the world over agenda 21 and the
 issues I talk on I give my own interpretations all through the blog and 
do not state that all must beleive this. This is my beleifs and it is up
 to your own choice to follow me or not,.


John Christopher Sunol

Pope Pushes Malthusian 

Elite Agenda In Historic Ca

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