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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Pre - Tib rapture - the false phrophet arrising and christian churches could be forced to accept homosexuality

John Christopher Sunol

Pre- Trib rapture

this is very real and the whole world should listen to this man, He is the sort of preacher I follow as I agree with him 100% over these issues of the end times

This is a sermon on end times taken from online

My beleif on the rapture is pre-trib to mid trib out of the three areas of intpreations.|

1. Pre Trib 
2. Mid Trib
3. Post Trib

Christian Churches could be forced to accept homosexuality

this is coming and I can see it coming from my other posts.
We are in the times of the end and agenda 21 is near, or the new world order, 

Many things of this nature is being forced onto the church

Listen to this tape from this entry and you see the way I think

My comments on this Christian churches forced to accept homosexuality

I beleive this is the end times persecution coming on the church, Go through it but stay faithful to God and you will come out as white as snow

this is happening now 

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