Monday, 17 August 2015

Letter I put in, public over frivolous and vexatious complaints by the serial complainter taking me to court all of the time

John Christopher Sunol

This is a copy of a letter I put to the New South Wales Civil and Adminisitrative Tribunal today - Monday August 17 2015. This is over a man who is continualoy putting vexatious false complaints based on lies against me. He is getting these past the Anti Discrimination board which I beleive is done for Political reasoning

I am making this letter public so I put it to my blog for all to see

I wish to say no more over this but it is going public and I have already sent it to some media outlets


Note I have not uploaded the file as yet, I will be scanning and putting it to the cloud on an uploaded file of a scanned letter. 

Tomorrow I am sending it to news paper reporters so that all can see how I am being set up and framed by those abusing the anti villification provisions on homosexuality with the ADB and Ncat

Letter sent in Part (a) on the 17th August 2014

Letter sent in Part (b) on the 17th August 2014


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Date and time of posting - 14/8/15 - 19.00

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