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Friday, 21 August 2015

Islmic state demands to be included in 2015 Cricket World Cup

John Christopher Sunol

the world is at war with Islamic state,
How on earth can we put it part of a world event like the world cricket cup

Utterly impossible. 

I call this all propaganda - it is not possible with the attrocities that Islamic state is undertaking. 

If South Africa could not be part of world sporting matches untill the Apartheid era had finished, 
So much more we must concentrate on defeating outright by war Islamic state 
It is ludicrous that this could be even brought up since the evil things this Islamic State is doing. 

Unthinkable to even contemplate accepting Isalmic state as a real entity in such events which focus on world Unity - such as the world cricket tornaments - or any other major sporting match on a world wide feild to say that

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