Thursday, 20 August 2015

Islamic state is starting to use Chemical weapons: a real concern which the whole world must take note of

this is of a real concern, For this reason we MUST keep up the fight against this terror Group. 
Chemical weapons were first used by the Germans in World was 1 1914-18. World war 2 saw some but they were put down as they can be devestating. 

With Modern Technology and the Mustard Gas of today (A rudimetal form of Chemical weapon Islamic state could get hold of that has been used on the Western front in 1915 WW1)
with the modern chemical weapons of Nerver Gas being so destructive they were put under world conventions never to be used again. Islamic state needs to be taken out as it is not a signature to world treaties from the Geneva convention - Isiss is a terror group that does not even recognise Geneva treaties and Isis can get hold of Modern forms of Chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons relatively quickly if backed into a corner.

islamic state is basicaly formed from a terror group and they will use all 
they do not even recognise human rights or a Geneva convention. 

In todays Chemical stock is is far different from even Vitname or the 1980's and Islamic state has access to the Top of the line weaponary from its use of social media

This is extemely worrying and we must take note to this

Syria has one of the largest stockpiles of Chemical weapons in the world 
Islamic state is nearing the stockpile of Syrian Chemical weapons. 
When Islamic state gets these weapons

all I can say in an overall of this 



this is all out war against Islamic state  - as Syria has one of the biggest arsonals in Chemical weapons in the world and Islamic state is winning and taking over this country the world must join in and move against Islamic state, this is crtical as this newly formed terror organization is waging war on the world and we must fibght it back with everything we have at our hands. 

This is world war 3 so it must be fought and founght untillt he complete destruction of Islomic state is made outright. 

the most worrying thing in this whole set of arguments is
We have Geneva conventions pro-tocols on the use of Chemical weapons (1919 and 1925
Islamic state does not even recognise let along be a signature to any of these protoco.s

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