Monday, 17 August 2015

I managed to get a job interview this afternoon: Read this blog entry to see ??? I got the job, Praise the Lord ???

I have an interview at 14.00 in newcastle this afternoon for a job raising funds for a well known Charity organizastion. 

I will not say which organization untill after the interview is over and I add to this blog entry the results of such an interview. 

I am getting plenty of interviews so that this proves the people who are taking me to court are based on lies and as far as I am concerned, they can go and jump (or go to hell). I am not intimidated by those liars
Who took me to court based on lies as thet are only
liars and trouble makers. 

Unless I become well known as a idiot to all which will have to be done by propaganda and lies via the media I will carrying on doing what I am doing as I do not need to be quite. 

Not everyone knows of my cases and I can melt into the crowds without being recongised easily. To prove this point I am getting  as many interviews like this that I want and I will do this untill something stop me. 

Then I promise those taking me to court I will fight back regardless what they want or think

I am NOT to be  known like someone like  that Australian Man  (David Hicks) 
  who was caught in Aphganistan by the Us forces and thouwn in prison in Cuba (Gauntauno Bay Military Prison)  who had world wide media publicity,
He is from south Australia
so I can not and will not be stopped

If this interview fails - so be it as a next will come

this interview did not fail and I will be working starting next week, 
24th August 2014

I managed to get this job and I start next week working in shopping malls 
All around Newcastle selling small items and collecting money as a donation for a very worthy charity 

I will not say which Charity it is I am working for online untill all know but when i start I will be working in public and possibly the media to start with. 

I do not need that but you all will find out eventualy as I  will be in public wearing the badges of the charity  

So to my enemies watch wait and see but there is not a damn thing you can do

You are all powerless to effect me 

I will say no more but just start and prove you all wrong 

This shows I can be sucessful in gaining interviews even though I have the idiots who attacked me over unrealted things and have a pure hatred to me who tell lies. 

God can defeat those who tell lies about me villifying and set me up and frame me. I tell those who done such I am fight back all the way and this shows that if I move myself nothing can or will stop me

And I managed to geet the job
Praise God for that

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

!!! !!! !!!  !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

Date and time of posting - 18/8/15 - 11.00

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