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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Forced bankruptcies to take control of society: Is one way of Agenda 21 getting control

John Christopher Sunol

this is one method that those under agenda 21 will use to gain social control of all who is on earth. 
By accusing them of villification on false accounts, making up false charges and setting people up who speak out against this coming agenda and sending them bankrupt

One a person is bankrupt they can loose their identity and if you go bankrupt you can not stand for Politics, borrow Money or take on some forms of work - so this is a way of social control on all to gain a power advantage over people. 

My comments - on this article 

All should listen with interest as it could come upon you at any time

where all my you tubes when made up go onto at first

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22/8/15 - 3.40am

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