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Friday, 21 August 2015

Christian Stance and affirmation on homosexuality and same sex Marriage in religious denomination

John Christopher Sunol

I personaly accept the position of the Pentecostal churches (Assemblies of God) 
I do NOT recognise sin in the church I see this as a major failure of the church and Gods blessing leaves his church and it becomes the church of Laocodia as witten in Johns book of the seven churches. 

It becomess wicked if it keeps this going. 
The church must be pure and holy to be the bride of Christ so that when Jesus returns a second time all shall be willing and waiting for this. 

To accept homosexuality as part of the church is to accept the false prophet and this is to accept wickedness which many of the churches are falling into today, 

We are sitting and watching the rise of THE FALSE PROPHET today
 (as predicted in the book of relevations by the Apostle John) 
if this does not prove to the the False phrophet, it certainly is A false phropher and one of the many
but this man is wickedness sis coming and coming quickly

Just look up these links.

My comments - on this article - alternative article

God is looking for a righteous and holy church, the church of Phniladelphia in the book of John on the last seven churches - not the church of Laocodia the Luke warm church or the church at Sardis the wicked churtch which the false phrophet will be. 

Gods word to the world is to stay Holy, right and remain in Him as Christ is coming back to the earch a second time. 

Just as the book of Mathew chapter 25 and the story of the ten virgins, 
5 were waiting and 5 were asleep. 

these are the groups that I support within the christian denominations - Anti same sex marriage

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