Monday, 17 August 2015

A same sex marriage Bill is being introduced by a back bencher to the Aust Federal Parliament - today

Thos who want same sex Marriage are pushing this topic, so I will not ever give in untill these people are outrightly stopped. This same sex Marriage is nonsense and all will realize that

I tell those that take me to court on false accusations this is all out full scalw wwar and I am not going to stop now or ever untill I show all that this same sex Marriage is doomed to complete failure and will bring down society

Same sex Marriage is nothing to do with Love: that is a cop our and a ploy by those in the Illuminati to fool the world over this ploy. 

Same sex marriage is part of Agenda 21 or the coming down new world order to break down marriage and incorporate documentation in our consititution which does not belong there to change the real meaning of marriage for all. 

This is the start of the end road for all decent humanity. 

One of the biggest lies is that 68% of people agree, that is a lie as no more than 10% of people want this debauchery

It is my duty to tell all that regardeless of what those who take me to court think or want. 

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