Monday, 11 May 2015

I intend to appeal my taxi authority and my bus authority I was refused - this appeal is starting right now

John - Christopher - Sunol

I lost my taxi authority and refused a bus authority by fraud. It was not my fault it


others with a political reasoning to do this and i will never take responsiblity

this whol case was based on false complaints put in against me by those who did not

 like me and I am taking this back to court over the coming months. Just wait and see

I will neve accept fault, i will never take responsobility for this and i will neveR 

apologize to Burns or anyone for villificatiton as I do not villify, I was set up and 


I will accept nothing else 

so we all need to watch what is going to happen in the future as this is going to pass 

that I will be taking this back to the courts to re-gain my taxi and bus authority

I wish to say no more for now except this




Burns vs Sunol and Collier vs Sunol
plus sunol vs Ministry of infrastructure and transport over false complaints in taxi driving
Cases I had on Villification and other related 

and non related matters
this is also going to be an on-line list of the attacks I had on myself so all can see that if they get adverse material over me I am under serious on-line attack all of the time for writing controversial. 

More on the lies that was told and caused me to loose so many cases including my taxi authority
It is just that I know to much and others want to shut me up ???

Then Henry Collier passed away with sickness

  • 12. Burns v Sunol [2014] NSWCATAD 62 (14 May 2014)
  • 13. Burns v Sunol [2014] NSWCATAD 63 (14 May 2014)
  • 14Burns v Sunol [2014] NSWCATAD 61 (14 May 2014)

  • 16. Burns v Sunol [2014] NSWCATAD 192 (10 November 2014)

  • MORE TO BE added to before it is FINISHED

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