Thursday, 9 April 2015

Will the ICC charge Israel with war crimes

John - Christopher - Sunol

Debate: Will ICC charge Israel with war crimes?

War crimes are being committed today, Yes !!!

but not only Israel !!!

it is on all sides and if you are going to prosecute Israel what about Palestinians ???

What about Iran ???

What about Isis - they cut peoples heads off in front of You Tube and post it online

This needs to be sorted out 


My comments, 

the old saying goes, 

What is good for the Gander is also good for the Goose ???
if we were going to prosecute Israel then so would we need to prosecute others like Iran, like the Palestinian and most of all Isis - as they are far worst than Israel and full of propaganda. 

Israel may be guilty, but more so is groups like Iran, Hezbollah, Palestinians themselves, HAMAS and groups like Isis are as bad if not worst that Nazi war time Germany or Japan 1942-45

We need to chase these others groups and knock them out, do not focus on Israel so much or we are falling foul to the big time propaganda war going on today. 

A thought for the day from John Christopher Sunol

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