Saturday, 11 April 2015

the John Christopher Sunol You Tube channel

John - Christopher - Sunol

The John Christopher Sunol You Tube Channel

this is my old You Tube channel. I had all my You Tubes on it, 168 of them but most of them were taken down by hackers who got into my You Tube and told lies to get it taken down. 

I made this yes, but in anger at Zgeek attacking me online 
I realised that this was not wise so I deleted this you tube. 
These internet thugs on zgeek attacked me by taking a copy of this and telling lies with it to show how I was a spammer and a trouble maker when in reality I was genuine about this group. 
They are a bunch of internet thugs and spammers who tell big lies so I will take these people on again and they will not stop me.

I tell these hackers that I am putting this back on line as soon as i get a web cam and I will do it myself this time

I fight back these trouble makers and never give in. I had you tubes on different social issues and put things in it which people did not like. They kept a couple of You tubes like this one which I made a mistake and took it down but the hackers kept it to use against me

I will put it back on line to show what these hackers are just trouble makers.

The same as my taxi authority, I done nothing wrong never will accept it and blame people who told lies over me for doing this. I am not taking responsibility and will happily put this material back on line in total defiance to the people who do not want me to. 

The war is on it is not off

My comments, 

I feel that I had very important information to put online and this is coming back whether those who told lies about me like it or not. They can like it or lump it as I am not stopping due to what others tell me to do - they can go and jump if they want me to take notice !!!

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