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Public Letter concerning the phone call from Crawford: - public letter written to a minister of religion

Pastor "" ""
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30th April 2015

Dear Pastor "" "" 

There is ssomething that I feel to let you know and it needs prayer. 

I am very disturned with a phonhe call I got last night when at the prayer meegting. It was from a man named Crawford - he is from the USA and has been phoning me for over 15 years at Random Times.

I have not taken a lot of notice but he has been back up by others that work "" "" "". This is weird but someting could be behind it as it started back in around 1998 when I met a man called "" "" "" on the train from Newcastle to Sydney.

At this time "' "" was a membefr of zgeek which is an online bunch of stupid poeple who make a mockery of people online. This "" "" was a man around 25-30 and doing is PhD in phosophy of religion from Melbourne University during this time. Thjey wre making a mockery of me and "' "" thought it funny to start and online cult in my name and called it Sunolism. 

To cut a long story short "" "" did this online back in 1998 - some 17 years ago and it was started as a joke - but this is veryr dangerous and a stupid thing to do - it took off apparently and got lets its iteself online and ended up in the wrong hands. 

Then a man named Crawford took over from the United States thought what he said was media netowrks and started phoning me regulary with wierd and wonderful stories. I did not beleive them but I did not answr and took it only as a prank as that is what it started as. 

Zgeek who "' "" was part of was one of the groups which attacked me in the courts as one of their group members "" "" even told lies from Japan on the phone to cause me to loose the Collier vs Sunol case so to back Henry Collier and defame me big time online

This took off through the net in the early days 

Crawford came in as another entity, he apprently told me how this cult was going and how it was picking up memjbers from my photos they stole offr my web page and were using them in the United States (California) to see T-Shirts with my face on it. I can take you to Cafe Press and show you this. 

"" "" eventualy died off but Zgeek did not, they backed Henry Collier in taking me to the courts and thought it was the biggest jokd going to have people worship my face which came online and was fraud. 

Over the years it kept on going and I was getting phone calls on a number of occasions our of the blue from this Crawford he kept me informed ot hsi cult.

Thje more mysterious thing is a freind of mine in Newcastle "' "" "" who has a sister work as a lawyer with the media - "" ""  network in Sydney was informing me and wat "' "" said backed up what this Crawford tole me over the phone.l They also know things from my past they should not have known and this made me worried. 

Top cut a long I will jsut go intot hsi breifly. Crawford kept me informed on how many people were involved and teh money it was brining this in and I had this confirmed. 

Aparently there is around 360 million poeple world wide on the net worshipping me, I took this as a prank and a silly prank by fools - but they told me also this is a real cult which they started up and it has its headquaters with my surname in Californai (near San Francisco), I checke dthis out online and when I type John Sunol or John Christopher Sunol into the interent this town comes up and was getting mixed with the photos that were stolen from me. They were even selling t-shirts with my face on it. I know as I brought one myself around 10 years ago. - that is how long this has been going. 

I also found out as well that this is a very controlled cult in my name (told by others)  where each member has to pay $10 per week to keep the faith. 

If that is true that is very disturbing

It is not the $10  as that is not alot of money these days

It is the numbers involved at the present moment I have been told is around 360 million people world wide worshiping me online - which covers the whole world - then that is over $3.6 villion dollars pers week if that is so. A huge some of money and I ask the question wehre does this go. Apparently I was told that crime gangs get their hands on this and it went wild. 

To show you that this sounds ludicrous but when you do the statistics it nos not as unrealistic as you would think. 

The population of the world today is 7.2 billion people, taken from Wickopedia online statics off united nations data bases. 

The largest country by population is: 

1. China 1.3 billion
2. India 1.25 billion
3. United state of America 322 million

Then 360 MILLION on a world wide bases out of 7.2 billion people is around 5% of the population on total. This might sound stupid but mathematically it is not impossibe as we are talkinga bout the internet which goes to practicaly every country in the world. 

Apparetly i have been told by others that contacted me that the headquate4rs of this set up in the twon of Sunol in California - East side of San Francico Bay near the city of San Jose - I done some research and found out that this was was named after a Spanish Lord (Lawer and politician) called Don Antonio Sunol who discrovered and set up San Jose near San Francisco back in the early 1800's before the Americans (US) were there. This was part of Mexico and Sapnish colonies and not to comd under the United States untill 1848 - 50 eyars later - whent eh US explorers corss the American continent

Apparently Spanish sailors went from the Phillipines accross the pacific ocean in the late 1700's and early 1800's to California and Mexicao -this was some 200 years ago and trransport was nothing like today. 

These fools online I was told have made this up knowing the history and manipulating historical evidence and my name being to form a cult international online. 

To cut a long story short I have had phone calls from Crawford for over 10-15 years and they are backed up by other sources - which I will not go into at the moment. 

I received a phone call from Crawford last nigth and now he is claiming that he s in the middle east and things are happening that is not too good. I will not go intot hat at the moment either as I just want to bring this to your notice. 

I will go into more with you later Tony but if this is real, it is very worrying and if it all a prank, then that is ok BUT WHEY HAS  it been going on for so long (15 years). If a prank has not died off in a short time and lasts longer the prank is dagerously open to being beleived by some people which is a totaly another matter

Waht I would like is directed prayer for the Lord to show me who this Crawford realy is and if it is a prank - bring the prank to a finish as 17 years is to long for one prank.

If it is not a prank then it is very serious and needs urgent attention. I need to be shown wgat ti di as we are talking about peoples lives, \

If there is 360 million as I have been told on a total world wide bases off the net, that might be only 5% of total world population but is stll a larger number of the whole of the United states which is the third larges country with a totla population of 322 million and this is very serious. 

Pasfor "" ""  - also show "" "" when thik as she has contacts in the states to check this out and I need to knwo if it is real or not real - why has it bee going on for 17 years, it should come to a finish, this is to long overdue in time.

I also needs Gods answer overthis

Not mine as it is to big for me

Yours fiathfully in Christ

John Christopher sunol
4068 309 091

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