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Friday, 10 April 2015

Palistinians rule out fighting Islamic state in their refugee camps - this is very dangerous thing - Islamic state is the curse of the earth

John - Christopher - Sunol

this is very dangerous and a critical mistake, the Palestinians are good people but led astray for the hatred being fermented towards the jews.

Islamic state are very evil people and they will take over and attack Israel - they will also put all the Palestinians into bondage and they will regret not fighting Islamic state. 

This is a very serious thing to do as we are at all out war against Islamic state and we must fight it or it will take us over

My comments, 

People make mistakes but in a case like this it is critical, Palestinians will live to regret this as we must fight islamic state and back Israel, the US and the rest of the world, this group is only a bunch of thugs

The reason being that Palestinians are all sunni Islam and so is Islamic state but Islamic state want a caliphate all over the world and want to force Sharia law on all so Islamic state must be fought to the very last. Islamic state wants Sharia law on all in its own caliphate and it will take over Palestine and that is very dangerous and worrying. We must fight this all out and back Israel to stop this from ever happening. 

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