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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Nasa new Orion to test plasma engines and new science - take 39 days to reach Mars - Science fiction now science reality

John - Christopher - Sunol

NASA disclose experiments its biggest  rocket will carry on its 1st  test flight

This new space craft is going to be one milestone in the History of space exploration, this is going to lift up the spirits of human mankind all over the globe and for the next 50 years we are going back to look at space flight. 

What was sci fi is fastly becoming reality

With the introduction of the plasma engine - read this as this article outlays the development and engineering of the plasma engine as it is known in 2015 to show you that Mars is very attainable and a return trip to Mars may be sooner than ever thought of. 

We will also need to mine the Moon for Helium 3 to make Fuel for Mars flights and the Moon will suddenly become a valuable commodity which brings in many other questions. 

We could even end up seeing space wars in reality to fight over the valuable commodities on the Moon - this is very possible in the near future if Jesus christ does not return soon

The whole world needs to see this

My comments

What was once only in the realms of science fiction is now beocming science fact and this is interesting for the whole world to follow. 

It is not looking at wars all of the time but mans development which is just as much in history as wars and violence. 

I will look at both in this blog and other facts including my own situations will be on this blog as well. 

and I tell all zgeekers this message still stands (Please all note - one of these videos I took down due to my realising it was only made in anger at people who were defaming but time, but others who were my enemies deliberately stole it and put it back online to discredit me. I was before and am now genuine, this bunch of zgeekers who attacked me are just as bad as those that took me to court on lies) I am going to try and get back my taxi authority eventually and undo the damage these people done to me by being liars


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this is very interesting as it is not from me, but from others who promote me without my knowledge online

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