Tuesday, 21 April 2015

World war 3 on Islamic state: Name the book Defhying Isis : a Video in this for the whole world to see: We must fight Isis to the very end

A book asking for all to defy this death cult both online and offline where ever you go

There is a You Tube video in this message which I think the whole world needs to see.

We are in the end days on an apocalyptic sense and Isis is the curse upon the earth which must be fought by everyone until wiped out. 

We can NOT negotiate with thugs and murders like this that commit such atrocities in the view of the world as this cult.

1799-1815 Neapolitan Bonaparte was fought by the world and only defeated at the battle of Waterloo because of His world wide Ambition for a one world government and it was Lord Horatio Nelson who finally was part of the setting up of a  defeat of this man (the battle of Trafalgar  1805 which started to see the defeat of Nepolian) - then at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.- It was finally the Duke of Wellington a British early hero who was part of the defeat of Nepolian

then let us go past the first world war (the Great war) a second attempt for a one world government, some 110 years later from the first attempt. 

Then I will make mention of the war that started atomic weapons and saw atrocities like that are happening with Isis, world war 11 1939-45 Nazi Germany and Tojo's Japan. The first use of atomic weapons had to take place on Japan on August 6 1945 to finish this off. 

Today we are at war against a world arch enemy Isil, Isis, Islamic state or what you want to call it, it is all the same and its recruitment methods are extremely effective which is to bring a major social change to the world It was is just as much online as off line and very modern 

We must fight this death cult tot he very last drop of blood and we need as many people to get online like I am and fight this group of internet thugs and criminals. 

This is just as much an information war like the former major wars were in the world but today the information war is much more lethal as we are living in different times than

1) of Neapolitan 1799-1815
2) of world war 1 the great war 1914-1918
3) world war 2, 1939-1945

Now we are in the 21st century I believe the end times are here and Isis is the world enemy, with the same goals as the first three wars but a major difference in technology and times, far more frightening and far more deadly.

I wish to let all members of Isis Islamic state or what every you want to call yourself, I will build myself into becoming your nightmare online I will continue to use my computer, my knowledge and brains and my enthusiasm to speak out against your groups online to put my part into fighting this third world war - as I believe it to be - I will do the online in information sharing with groups as I get this information. 

I have nothing else to say to you bunch of thugs but let get to it and the fight is on

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