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Friday, 10 April 2015

Most Americans side with gays in religious freedom disputes -Reuters/Ipsos poll

John - Christopher - Sunol

Most Americans side with gays in religious freedom disputes -Reuters/Ipsos poll

This is not true, the climate changes with the onset of Media and publicity, I have said before and i will say we are in the midst of a massive propaganda war with social media. This is the result by the changing of peoples behaviour and attitudes with the onset of adverse publicity. 

What is being used is the reinforcement theories of negative reinforcement (Operant conditioning) and positive reinforcement and peoples opinion is swaying with the massive propaganda put by the homosexual lobby and those in line with this lobby over certain issues. Peoples opinion sway and move especially when a lot of propaganda and social conditioning is done on the masses

You can not go on one poll or one research and a real consensus is needed to find out the truth on peoples attitude towards religious freedom. This will bring the church into controversial area and bring on agenda 21, I can see this happening with issues like this. 

My comments, 

there is a lot of propaganda going on at the moment and people are being socially conditioned into believing lies, These lies are that same sex marriage is equality and we all need equality. 

Rather than it was only a few years ago the whole world is going into agenda 21 and this is coming quickly. I will never accept this as a genuine change, I state it is propaganda and biased social research with market research done by biased questionnaire to change peoples attitudes. 

If religious freedom is taken from us, so is human rights and a dictatorial regime will soon take over and put the whole population under control, control from the state 

Community attitudes are shifting and shifting quickly and this is through the propaganda acts. In the 1930's Joseph Goebbels changed a whole nation (Germany in the 1930's) to reject and murder a whole nation of people, the Jewish people. He did this with the use of propaganda - the same is happening today with same sex marriage, the people are being conditioned to accept lies. 

To finish this off, I will state this, THIS IS FRAUD Americans are being socially conditions to believe a lie - by the use of propaganda on same sex marriage on a massive case
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